What Mama Don't Know

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Elijah is living with his mom, who he loves above all else but it's something going on right in her own home that could possibly cause him to lose the love. Can he keep this secret from his mom or will she find out what her son really has been doing.

Erotica / Romance
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Surprise Son!

I remember the shit, the day it happened. I fucked up, got caught up and now I'm dealing with the consequences. It was the first time I actually decided to let my homeboy fuck. And in walks this nigga, catching me on all four with dick being pushed all inside me. We were so into that I couldn't even tell you how long Jacob was standing there watching me be used as a bitch. I had no idea how long he witness me squirming, running and pleading with Christian to go easy. All I knew was that at that moment I felt that my life couldn't get any worse; little did I know.

When I did look up, connecting eyes with Jacob I instinctively pulled off Christians dick, never losing sight of Jacobs face. It read pure shock. Even as I pushed him back from my doorway slamming the door as hard as I could locking it. “FUCKKKKK!!!!” I yelled punching the wall. “Man why the fuck you ain't stop man! You ain't see that nigga standing there watching us.” Christian looked at me crazy hands in the air shrugging his shoulders. “I ain't see him man you know I would of stopped.” The smirk on his face told me different but fuck him right now is how I felt.

What the fuck was I going to do. This nigga might tell somebody, I can't have this shit getting out in the streets. Making a hasty decision I ran over to my bed reaching under my pillow grabbing my gun. Christian jump off the bed grabbing my wrist as I reached for the door handle. “What the fuck you doing?” “I'm bout to kill this nigga, what you mean?” “Kill him nigga?” I ain't mix up no words. Christian just stared at me for a couple seconds, “See bro that your issue right there, you quick to shoot a nigga instead of thinking things out.” I sucked my teeth, “So I'm supposed to wait for him to run and go tell the whole city.” I asked. “Man he ain't go say shit, lets just go finished what we started. Just chill Elijah.”

He would say some shit like that, he wasn't the one caught with his back arched with a bunch of dick stabbing it. Regardless I listened to him and went back over to the bed, sliding my gun back under my pillow as he slid back in me. I moaned a little, gripping the edge of the bed as his head squeezed past my threshold. I could hear him gasp then cuss, if only he knew that pain he was throwing in me. That dick hurt but I couldn't back down now. I ain't want him to think I was soft or some punk or something so I gritted my teeth and let my boy handle me. Minutes later he was laying on my back growling that he was cumming. Yet all I could think about is Jacob standing in my doorway just watching me be used as a pussy. “You alright?” Christian asked, kissing me on the side of the face. “Yeah I'm straight.” I told him as I laid there trying to regain myself; he kinda went in towards the end, had my legs feeling like cooked spaghetti.

“You sure?” He asked. “Yeah man, I'm good.” “So why you still laying there.” He joked and I couldn't help but laugh too. “I fucked the shit out you nigga, stop putting on an act.” “Whatever nigga. That shit wasn't nothing.” I told him blatantly lying. “So why you holding your ass?” I immediately stuck my middle finger up at him then pointed towards the window. “Leave me nigga.” I told Christian

That was then, this is now….

“This ass just keeps getting better.” Jacob said gripping my ass cheeks and thrusting between them. “I didn't think it was possible.” He confessed in-between breaths. Is what filled my mind as I chilled back, stretched out, hands behind my head staring down at my dick as it disappeared into Jacareis’ mouth. The shit I did with Jacob was on my mind but I was here with Jaceri.

It never ceased to amaze me that this dude could fit it all in, his lips reaching down to the cut pubic hairs surrounding my meat, eventually my eyes rolled back and body tensed up as Jacarei worked his magic mouth up and down in my lap.

“Ughhh shit!” I yelled out releasing every ounce of my being into this receivers mouth.

Jacarei slurp it all up, jacking and sucking on my dick until I was shivering begging him to stop. I pushed his head back as he started smiling, I watched as Jacarei slipped off the bed and bent over to pick up his boxers; that's when he noticed it. A tear, streaming down Jacareis’ face. Quickly I jumped up and step to him.

“What's wrong? Why are you crying?” He asked

He quickly wiped his tears away. “No reason I'm cool.” With that said I didn't ask anymore questions; I simply kissed him on the forehead then walked back over to my bed. Jacarei finished putting on his clothes before he walked over to the bed, pecking his lips on mines before heading for the window, knowing he couldn't be seen walking out my front door.

As he climbed out a memory shot through his head from earlier in the day. “Look at that gay ass nigga!” Eric yelled as Jacarei walked up towards the store. He ignored them and his crew as he kept on his way. Maurice laughed while he threw a stick at him; Elijah laughed and watched his friends berate Jacarei.

“Let me ask you something.” Jacarei said before Elijah could close the window. “What's up?” Elijah responded. “Why you let your boys do me like that earlier today, why you ain't say nothing?” “What was I supposed to say?” I asked. “Nothing, nothing at all.” Jacarei said walking off from the window. I took a deep breath and closed his window.

I knew I was wrong, I felt the shit in my heart but knew it was nothing I could do short of exposing myself if I would have said something to my boys. 'Carei just go have to understand that.’ I thought to myself.

Right as I was getting comfortable under my blanket, right as I picked my Netflix movie, it was a knock on my bedroom door, I knew who it was, like clockwork every time. “Come in.” I yelled. The knob turned and the door opened, in steps Christian. Shocked I jump out of bed. “Nigga! What you doing here! When did you get out!?” I said overly excited, I had to calm myself down. “Tonight, damn how you been? You ain't come see a nigga or write or nothing.” I sucked my teeth, “You know that ain't my style.” “Yeah I see.” He laughed. I walked over to my bed and sat down on the corner, he stood up against the wall. “Sorry about your mom.” Was the first thing I said. “He looked away. “It's cool you know shit happens.” “Yeah but not losing ya mom is one them. “True.” Christian said softly then there was an awkward silence until I asked him “What you go do, I see some new people in ya mom house, where you go stay.” He smiled then said “here.” I looked around my room, “Here where?” “Here in this house. I got my probation officer to talk to your mom, she said it was ok long as I find a job. My cousin got me a construction job where he at so I'm good.”

My heart skipped over itself, “Here?” “Yea E, here. Ya mom fixed the next room over for me.” My brothers old room, it had been 3 years since my big brother got killed in a drive by a couple of blocks away. I'm surprised my mom let him move in there. “That's good though, where your shit, you moved it in?” “What shit I ain't got nothing. All my shit from my momma house gone. I have no idea where it's at.” “So what you go put on? You got money?” “Nah. And I don't know.” I walked over to my dresser and found him a tank top and boxers, “Here go take a shower and shit.” He took the closed then walked off, saying “Thanks.” Before heading out my room.

I laid back on my bed, blown by the fact that he was going to be living here. I wondered if he still remembered the shit we use to do. Or if he still did the shit. I eventually got up and walked through the house, only to find out that no one was there, so I retreated to my room to climb in my bed and under my covers. I started to play movie, a comedy when my door opened up. It was Christian again this time but naked with a towel covering his dick. “Where the towels at?” He asked. I laid there speechless, “E nigga where the towels.” I snapped out of it. “They in the closet by the bathroom.” “Can you come show me?” I gave him this crazy ass look but got up, shit the closet wasn't hard to find; it was literally right next to the bathroom. He followed behind me as I walked down the hall. I opened up the hall closet then pull out a towel. “Here you go Chris.” He smiles then steps in the bathroom, dropping the shirt on the floor, then turns to me as he dries off. I stand there for a minute before I walk off. I go back to my room, but he follows, this time with the tank top and boxers on I gave him. He stands in front my TV to ask me, “What you watching?” “Bro nothing! With you standing in front of my shit.” “My bad E, my bad.” Christian says climbing into my bed.

I looked over my shoulder at him as I was curled up. “Don't be on that prison shit.” I laughed. “What prison shit? Oh you mean that prison shit I was on when I was in you before I got locked up?” I didn't say shit. He had me stuck right there. “Nothing to say bro.” I shook my head ‘no’ then I felt his hand go across my ass. My dick got rock hard. I mean hard, I wanted that nigga up in me badddd. But I didn't want to get some shit started with him living here. I didn't want no problems. Especially with Jacob. He hand disappeared, then I felt something hard and long pressed against my ass, then a finger tugging at my boxer briefs. I didn't make a move or say a word. Soon my boxers were sitting perched under my ass. And his hand exploring every inch of it.

I felt him pull away then moments later I felt his two fingers appear between my ass cheeks, wet with spit. Still I said nothing, even as he shifted then turned to his side, cuddling up under me. “This the prison shit you talking about?” He whispered, “Or this?” He taunted while he pushed inside me. My mouth opened wide and a grasp managed to escape my throat but I was determined not to make a sound as he gripped my hip with one hand and stroked in then out of me. “Damn I waited forever to get back in you nigga, that one time wasn't enough. Ughhhh uh shit.” He said as he let loose his juice inside of a nigga. “My first thought was, “I hope he clean, then my next thought was Jacob, I wonder would he be able to tell the difference. Christian laid up in me for awhile just holding me and talking. Telling him how much he missed being free and shit. I couldn't relate, I was free and had been. I just kept staring at the door waiting for that knock. I eventually dozed off.

The next morning I awoke, I looked over my shoulder to see Jacob laying there sleep. “My heart leaped out my chest! Where the fuck was Christian and did Jacob see him in my bed. My heart was pounding and there were so many questions and no answers. What am I supposed to do?

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