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A collection of short erotica stories that explore sexuality and healthy relationships.

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Apartment 1

"Noooo, no, no, no, no, not again! Fuck!"

Tessa cursed while trying to turn on the broken stove. How many times did she have to call the damn maintenance guy for him to fix the connection properly?

She got home from work that friday hoping she could relax and catch up with her favourite show over dinner. But no, now she had to call Crouching Crack Richard to come over and look at his asscrack while he "fixed" her stove. Fuck!

Tessa was irritated to say the least. She picked up her phone and dialed the building's maintenance number. After a few rings Richard picked up and told her he would be there in a few minutes.

She didn't wanna greet him on her pajamas so she kept her office attire on, which as usual consisted in a black pencil skirt and a white blouse among other things. Although she did set her curly hair loose.

A few minutes later she heard a knock on the door and she rushed to open it while checking her emails. She opened it without even looking through the peephole nor paying much attention.

"Hey Richard, it's the stove again." She said in a deflated tone.

"Sorry, Richard got a call from the fifth floor and send me here instead. I'm Diego, the new guy." A man spoke in a sexy husky voice.

Tessa's eyes snapped to him and her jaw almost dropped to the floor. Diego was a tall and muscular latino in his thirties. His brown messy hair reached his shoulders and he had a stubble that covered his sharp jawline. The black shirt hugged his chiseled chest and he wore a pair of low grey cargo pants.

Diego cleared his throat and Tessa realized she was staring. And how not? A fucking Aztec God was in her home to fix the stove. Suddenly the friday had gotten interesting.

"Please, come in. I'm sorry. I was expecting Crouching Cra- I mean Richard! Richard! So... you caught me a little off guard. I'm Tessa." She extended her hand for him to shake.

Amused at her slip of the tongue, Diego arched a brow and firmly shook her hand grinning. His hand was rough and calloused and send shivers down her spine just imagining how they would feel on her body.

She opened the door wider for him and when he entered and made his way to the kitchen holding his toolbox Tessa couldn't help but check out his firm behind. She liked her men with a nice ass where she could sank her nails while being fucked rough. She could feel her pussy getting wet just from imagining that stud inside of her.

She poured herself a glass of wine and sat at a bar stool contemplating the view Diego provided. He was leaning over the stove, the muscles from his back flexing and his ass up in the air. Tessa rubbed her legs together while taking sip after sip of her wine.

When he turned around she realized he had been speaking to her. Tearing her eyes from his body she focused on his face.

"I'm sorry. What did you say?"

He chuckled when he caught her staring for the second time. "I asked how many times did Richard came to fix it." He repeated while leaning on the stove again.

"Oh... I think he came by three times. Although the third one he mostly recommended me to get a new stove."

"I think I know what the problem is. If you give me a few minutes I can get it fixed and you won't have to worry about it again." Somehow Tessa now wished his attempt at repairing the stove ended up being unsuccessful so she could call him back again, but he seemed confident about it.

Half an hour later and the stove was working as if she had purchased it the day before. Evidently, the guy knew how to work with his hands. Tessa wanted to put that into a test with her own body. The fact that the bottle of wine was almost empty was increasing the warmth spreading through her body.

She decided to take off her blouse since she had a strap top beneath. The white fabric contrasted with her dark skin and when she looked up at him she noticed he was checking out her cleavage.

Quickly diverting his gaze, Diego cleared his throat and cleaned his hands with a rag.

"Well, I'm all done here." He said lingering on his place.

"The microwave!" Tessa blurted out not wanting the man to leave yet.

"What's up with the microwave?"

"It's uhmmm... It makes a weird noise." She internally congratulated herself for being so witty.

Diego pressed some buttons bringing the machine to life but of course there was nothing wrong with it since she had lied.

"You have to... it only happens when you... Here let me show you." Tessa moved to his side. She was just inches apart from him and she could smell his spicy scent. She pushed some buttons but again the microwave worked fine. "Huh, I swear it was making weird noises yesterday." She said faking confusion.

She looked him in the eyes and caught him staring down to her cleavage once more.

"You see something you like?" She asked flirtatiously.

"I could ask you the same thing. You've been checking me out since the moment you opened that door." He shot back. Oh boy. Game on.

Tessa bit her lower lip and run a finger through his chest. He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her close until their chests were touching and he leaned down grazing her lips.

"You are playing with fire you know?"

"Good. I wanna get burned."

In a sudden move, Diego twisted her around and pressed his front against her back, grinding his groin on her big ass. Tessa was just his type. Wild hair, dark skin and tall. Big tits and a wasp waist that suddenly turned into wide killer hips that swayed when she walked.

Tessa purred like a cat at the feeling of his thick cock and couldn't wait to have it between her legs. Diego pulled her top down with force freeing her small breasts and pinched her nipples while biting her shoulder. She let out a deep moan.

"When I'm done with you, you'll have a sore throat from all the moaning and a sore pussy from all the fucking." Tessa grinned dazedly at his words, she loved dirty talk.

He was pressing her against the kitchen counter and let one of his hands follow the curvature of her body until he found the zip of the pencil skirt on one side. He slowly unzipped it and it pooled at her feet, leaving her in nothing but a black thong.

"I wanna fuck that big ass so hard baby." He groaned and slapped her from behind. The act sent jolts of pleasure to her core and she couldn't help but grind against him.

With one of his big hands on her back, he pushed her until her torso was laying flat over the kitchen counter with her ass propped up in the air.

Diego hooked a finger in her thong, but instead of pulling it down he stretched it making it rub painfully over her clit. He then let it go. Tessa whimpered in surprise when it smacked against her dripping pussy.

Crouching behind her, Diego pulled her thong to a side and let his tongue roam free over her slit, tasting the citric juices of her pussy. Tessa shuddered and writhed at the contact so he grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide forcing her to keep still.

Diego began tasting and teasing her. His experienced tongue drawing intricate shapes over her clit while his fingers caressed her folds. He sucked and licked her dark pussy forcing wet sounds to echo in the room along with her desperate moans. Tessa could feel the tingling sensation build up on her lower abdomen and when two of his big fingers sank inside of her she clenched to them as if her life depended on it.

He fucked her with his fingers while nibbling his bud and Tessa was sure she would explode in any moment. His fingers twisted inside of her grazing her inner walls and when she was ready to let herself go, her nails leaving half-moon shape marks in her palms, Diego stopped all of a sudden. Tessa whimpered and writhed in frustration until she heard him unzip his pants and from the corner of her eyes he saw him step out of them along with his briefs.

No matter how much she tried she couldn't get a glimpse of his cock which was driving her crazy but she then felt his member press on her entrance. Diego was holding his cock with one hand while he parted her ass cheeks with the other and forced just the head of his cock inside of her. Every time, Tessa would moan and beg him to fuck her and it was taking all his willpower not to do so. He wanted to tease her until she was completely desperate.

"Please Diego, please, please, fuck me already."

He just chuckled which fueled her frustration and desire even more. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to his chest so his lips were right next to her ear.

"Not yet."

He wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her off the ground carrying her to the living room. She placed her down in front of the ottoman and in a swift movement he turned her around, pulled her top over her head and pushed her down by the shoulders until she was sitting in nothing but her thong, her face right in front of his groin.

Tessa's eyes opened wide in shock as soon as she saw his size. He was hung like a horse. His thick veiny cock reaching up to his navel. She looked between his shaft and his eyes and he smiled wickedly, which made her wet even more if possible.

Diego pulled his shirt off standing in all his naked glory. His broad sculpted chest was covered in a thin layer of hair that narrowed over his abs making it the living definition of a happy trail.

"I want you to choke on my cock." He said while holding his shaft with one hand, the tip pressing against her lips. His desire was her command and without a second thought she parted her full lips letting him guide himself inside of her mouth until the head of his cock reached the back of her throat.

He grunted and when he sense her gag, slowly pulled out of her mouth. She took in a deep breath and licked her lips seductively looking into his eyes which fueled his desire even more. He run his fingers through her curly hair until he managed to grab all of it in a tight ponytail in his fist.

"Open up. I'm gonna fuck your mouth now."

She placed her hands on his muscled thighs and opened her mouth wide sticking her tongue out as well. Once again he guided himself into her and began thrusting inside of her fast. His pace was desperate but controlled. Tessa could only stay still while his manhood violently ravaged her mouth. Saliva was dripping to the floor from where their bodies united. The room was filled with wet choking sounds and grunts.

He suddenly pulled out with a ragging breath. Tessa cleaned her chin with the back of her hand and Diego grabbed her by the jaw, forcing her to stand up in front of him. He then kissed her with passion as if praising her for her good behaviour.

Without breaking the grip on her jaw nor the kiss, he walked to the couch.

"I want you on your knees with your hands on the back of the couch." She climbed and did as instructed. Diego stood behind her and placed one of his feet up on the couch as well. Their cores aligned. His left hand gripped the back of her neck, forcing her to bend down. His right hand grabbed his cock and teased her entrance.

"Do you want me to fuck you Tessa?"

"Yes please. I want your cock inside of me."

"How do you want me to fuck you?"

"Hard please." She begged. "I want you to pound me without mercy."

He let out a loud groan and in a swift movement penetrated her until he was balls deep inside. Tessa screamed from the sudden intrusion and her whole body shivered in delight.

He began fucking her. Hard and fast just how she wanted and she couldn't help but moan every time he thrusted inside of her and whimper whenever he pulled out.

Soon, his hands traveled to her slender waist and griped her with a force that surely would leave bruises in the morning. He pressed her down making her body arc and her ass prop up. That way he had an spectacular view of how his cock pounded inside of her mercilessly and her ass rippled each time his balls smacked against her clit.

"Yes... yes... yes... harder please. Fuck me harder."

She wanted more and he would deliver. He hammered into her like a wild beast. All the veins of his body ready to explode when he felt her pussy clenching his cock. He had to bite his tongue in order not to come on the spot. He certainly wasn't over with her.

Tessa spasmed on the couch and she came undone. All her muscles contracting uncontrollably and her moans coming out broken.

Just when she felt her body start to relax, Diego flipped her on the couch. He moved her as if she were a rag doll until her head rested on the arm of the couch and plunged himself back inside of her. In this position she had an amazing view of the stud fucking her.

A thin layer of sweat covered his slightly hairy chest. His jaw clenched forcefully and his eyes stared down at her with lust and determination.

He grabbed her by her ankles and parted her extended legs open so he could nest between them and began hammering into her once again. His bone hips smacked against her skin and all his muscles rippled. Her breasts bounced with every thrust and her hands involuntarily travelled to his firm ass, groping him and accompanying his movements.

"I'm close baby." He grunted.

"Cum inside of me. Please. I want you to fill me up." She pleaded desperately.

His body had taken over and no matter how reckless it was, he was surely not going to pull out. His stamina was wearing off, but a last frenzy of desire washed over him and he pounded inside of her with sheer force at an absurdly fast pace.

Tessa screamed and when his thrusts became erratic she sank her nails into his ass eliciting a deep grunt from his chest which ended up in him spurting inside of her in harsh spasms. The depths he was reaching inside of her and the feeling of his semen filling her made her cum once again.

His muscles gave out and he fell on top of her convulsing body. They were gasping for air next to each others ears, feeling their warm breaths on their necks. When they felt their bodies relax and slowly recuperate, Diego trapped Tessa's lips in a passionate kiss. He inhaled her scent and so did she.

When he broke the kiss he still hovered over her contemplating how beautiful and sexy she was.

"I was thinking..." She started off sheepishly avoiding his intense gaze. "Maybe the stove will break again tomorrow."

"Again?" He asked confused that she was bringing up that topic in that moment.

"Yeah, I'd said around eight."

"Oh." Realization hit him and he chuckled. "Yeah, yeah. Stoves usually break at that time. I also need to check that weird noise that microwave of yours makes, I could come back on monday for that too."

Tessa smiled and run her fingers through his chest until she could grab him by the neck and pulled him down for another kiss.

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