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You live in the hood and need money? Can't go to the bank because your credit bad? There's someone you can go too, no credit checks, no bank account needed. Get the cash you need but just be sure to make your PAYMENT when due to there is always consequences.

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The Corner Store.

I'm going to be up front and honest with cha, I sell whatever ya need, when eva ya need just have ma cash and we straight. But when ya come to get my shit and that money ain't right, best believe i'll give it to ya. Just have my money the next day without me having to search, because then i'm off in ya ass.

Yesterday I'm on the block, selling my product when I spot this nigga who is avoiding me, walking into the store down the block, he owe me some money for some pills I got for em but hasn't made an attempt to pay me. I leave my corner and walk down to the store as I walk in, he's over in the corner kicking it with some cute chick. When he sees me walking in the store, the nigga ice up. I must admit the shit made me chuckle, when i walked up to him and the female he was kicking it with and said "Excuse me lady, but I need to holla homeboy real quick." She smiled at me and walked between down the aisle. Then came back round grabbed my phone and put her number in it "Call me cutie." she said. I flashed her them golds, now back to business. "Where my money at Cuz?" I asked him "I ain't got it right now Boe." "Why don't u have it? It's been two days, what's the problem." "Man I been trying..." "Look come with me." I started walking towards the back of the store, I look back and he was still standing there. Dreads covering his face, and his pants sagging under right under his ass. I stood there and just looked at him, and he started walking. I found the Men's bathroom and opened the door. "Go in." told him "For what?" He asked "A drug test! What the fuck you think!" I responded. He looked at me crazy "I don't need no fucking drug test." I had to calm myself down before I shot this dumb ass redbone.

"I don't want to discuss my business out in the open, so let's finish in here." So he stepped into the bathroom and I locked the door behind me as I walked in. He turned to me and said "What's up? I ain't got cha money I'll get you your shit when I can, point blank." I started chuckling "Um huh I know, I have faith in you but this is what i'm go do. I'm put you on my payment plan but I need a deposit. Got any cash on you?" I ask him "Yeah Five dollars." ."Ok, that's a start, but you owe me two hundred, so I need at least twenty dollars." "Well bro that's all I got?" "Oh, Ok that cool." So he starts walking to the door, "Hold up, we ain't finish yet." He turns around "What the fuck! Man wait till I leave before you take a piss." "None nigga I need the rest of that deposit before you leave this bathroom." "I...... Don't...... Have...... Any........ More....... Money, Now i'm gone." I walked up to him with my dick in my hand and grabbed his head, then kissed him dead in his mouth, wrapping my fingers in his dreads, slipping my tongue into his mouth, as I stared deep into his light brown eyes. When I felt him kissing me back, After a minutes or some I pulled away and he seemed to be in a daze, "Wow." is all he said until he snapped out and came back into reality. "What the fuck! You gay motherfucker! I'll kill you for that shit, I'm gone nigga! Fuck you and ya money!" He told me. I calmly asked "You ever suck dick before?" He froze and looked at me in pure disguise, pulled out his gun. "Don't you ever in your pussy ass life ask me no shit like that." I quickly stole his cute ass in his shit and he stumble and fell to his knees, and his gun slid across the floor. I walked up on him, pulled my gun out and placed it on his skull and told him "Time to eat nigga." I looked down at him as his face move closer to my dick, he knew he had no choice, he was defeated. He eyes turned red and watered up, as his mouth approached my dick, I push my waist forward shoving my dick against his lips. "Open up." I said poking his lips. I smiled as the tear scaled down from. his eye. His mouth slowly parted and as it did, my head crept in. I got shivers as the warmth of his mouth met the tip of my dick. I closed my eyes and continued to invade his oral cavity. He pulled his head back gagging and shit. I grabbed his head, holding it still and feed his lips my dick. His face frowned up but he knew he had to accept my dick being in his mouth. I moved his head slowly back and forth on my dick, trying to show him how to do it. I let his head go and told him to show me his skills. He just looked up at me with my dick in his mouth, I almost laugh but instead I reached back and slapped the dog shit out of him. Causing my dick to flip out his mouth. In a quickness he grabbed my dick in his hand and his mouth went to work on the head of my dick. I got tingles down my spine, as the soft lips glide across my skin. "God damn nigga, suck that dick nigga."

I moan and squirm as this red nigga gave me that awesome ass head. I mean no teeth ever scraped my dick, he head dreads flung back and forth and his mouth molested my meat, "This must not be your first time, cuz you sucking that shit out my shit." I laughed then I grabbed his head and pulled dick out his mouth. "Stick ya tongue out." I told him, I patted my dick on his tongue, "You like my dick?" I rubbed it on his tongue "You like the taste of my dick?" I rubbed all over his face "I think you like the feel of my dick." I told him. He was on the verge of tears, but I wasn't done yet, I lifted my dick up. "Show my nuts some attention." He pulled his head back but then seen my hand go up. And in a flash i felt his tongue exploring my balls. Oh what a fucking feeling, that was. Stuffing my nuts in his mouth, having him roll them in his jaws was amazing, fa real. I let him taste the dick again. I held his head against the wall, so I could fuck that nigga throat deep. I told him to play with my ass, while I sexed up his throat. That redbone throat was bottomless. I shoved my shit down that throat and twerked all in his shit. Banging that nigga head into the wall, he was taking them blows to the mouth. But my balls started twitching, so I gripped them dreads and had him kneeling in front of me. I was ramming his face into my dick, as hard as I could, "Tighten up that mouth nigga." I yelled as I fucked them lips, "Aww damn bro, damn!" I moaned, I feel my s***t coming, "Tighten that shit up CUZ! Awww! Fuck!" I pulled out busting nut all over his face, then shoved my dick back down his throat so he could swallow the rest. Now the nigga was in tears, with a white frosted face. Not knowing what to do he got up off his knees and washed his face in the sink. I stared at his fat ass being hugged by them stripped boxers. "Are we done man." He asked me sobbing. I looked down at my dick still hard then at his sexy ass. "None nigga not yet."

The nigga glanced in the mirror at my dick, hanging stiff in the air, just swinging. He then looked down in the sink "So what else I got to do, I can't suck no more dick." He said, I walked up on him and slide my dick across his ass. The nigga turned around and threw me into the wall. "HELL FUCK NAW! HELL NAW! MAN FUCK THAT KILL ME!" He screamed "You ain't fucking shit in here" He told me. I bounced back, grabbed him and twisted him around pinning him against the wall, mashing his face against the tile. "None I won't kill you" I reached down grabbing a hep of his ass and boxers, "I'll knock you the fuck out and you'll wake up with a sore ass. Now what you want to do." He was silent, so I made up his mind. I pulled out my gun and put it to his back; "Drop ya pants and ya boxers". At first he didn't move but when I cocked that glock, I guess his mind changed about dying. Because he slowly unbuttoned his pants and let them drop to the floor, the boxer were next. "Bend over and spread ya shit." I told him; Man oh Man that ass looked untouched. "Wiggle that ass nigga, move them cheeks" I walked up, pushing him back up against the wall. I took my finger and slide it down his back until I reach his crack. My finger disappeared between his two fat meat pies and twirled around the center. "You really don't have to do this", he cried "I will get you all your money today" he continued. I rubbed my dick down his thigh and said "Yea i know but he wants too" His body twitched, and jerked as I danced around the mouth of his oh so tight pussy with my one finger. I moved in closer, kissed him on the shoulder, his body jumped; then to the back of his neck. I ran my tongue down the middle of his back following the same path my finger ventured earlier.

"What are you doing?" He asked. "You'll see." I told him. Soon I was slurping on his bussy, this man was moaning loud as fuck, you know my tongue skills tend to do that. He started twirling his ass round and round on my tongue, letting it slithering in that gap, I guess he couldn't help himself. I tell ya I wanted to know the depth of him, I wanted to experience that ass wrapped around me. I tested him out rubbing my finger around his spit covered asshole, then I slowly let it disappear inside him. He started to pull away but the wall wasn't letting him move far. That ass wrapped around my finger like a glove, my dick was aching for that action. Still fingering him I rose up behind him, kissed his neck again, then told him to "relax, this might hurt." He started to cry again "Please don't do this, PLEASE MAN DON'T DO THIS TO ME" With him pinned against the wall I took my penis in hand, and pressed myself on in. He squirmed and jerk trying to get loose, "Ah Fuck Bowe, Please Let me go! Please Please Please, don't!" He screamed as I tried to get my head in but his moving kept making my head slip out. I lost my cool, I punched him in his lower rib, he tensed up. "STOP MAN, PLEASE DON'T" he whimpered, then I pressed that metal on his side, "Don't move. Bend over a bit and arch your back a little."

He did as told and I slowly crunched my head inward, he let out a loud painful sounding "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" and kinda hoped around a bit, I pushed in more, a little more forcefully this time and he yelled even louder. That's when I knew I split his virgin ass open but that's the price you pay. As my dick moved deeper into his bowls, it felt like spandex was wrapping around my shit. He was tight as hell. But I was determined to work that ass out. Once I hit bottom I yanked my shit out ramming it back in his guts, then repeated. I wasted no fucking time working his ass. And that ass quickly opened up for me. I wanted to show this lil nigga I don't play about my money. As I murdered his manhood I could see the tears flow and fall the the floor. As the screams echoed through the bathroom so did the sound of his ass crashing against my pelvis. The way the waves flowed across his marvelous booty meat, combined with the sight of my dick disappearing inside him drove me wild. I grabbed that nigga tight under his arms gripping his neck, just throwing dick inside him recklessly.

I don't know how he managed to take that beating without passing out. But I was loving this, giving him everything I had. Working the lining loose in that ass. " Jack ya shit man I wanna feel you nut bitch" That's when he went to work on his stick. After a couple minutes, he started throwing that ass back, grinding it up against me, moaning crazy. That ass grew tighter and pulsated as he bust all over the dingy bathroom floor. I yanked my meat out, and he collapsed on the floor shaking and shit. I jacked over him until cum flew out all over his body. I looked at his pitiful ass and told him "I want my money today" then I zipped up my pants and walked out the bathroom. There was a bunch of customers standing by the bathroom curious to find out what all that noise was. A long haired woman peered into the bathroom and seen that nigga fucked up on the floor; she let out a loud scream, then passed out. I just laughed and walked out the store. Looking for the next nigga who ole me money.

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