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Masters of Sin

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Target : Lillian " Lilly " Grace Walsh Age :22 Height 5'1 Eye Color: Emerald Green Job : PA at Haggard and Kline Law Firm for Jones Haggard Family: None Mother &Father Died in Accident Four Years Ago Friends : Abigail Jones , Hannah Lawson all Best Friends Relationship Status : Single Target Reason : Get Access to Computers to find out how Dirty Jones Haggard is and if he is involved with two murders Job for :McNally and Associates Security Firm Lead : Liam McNally Owner of Above Firm and BDSM Club Sins Back Up : Carson McNally brother of Liam ,Tech Guru Greyson Hernandez ,Surveillance Tech and Weapons Manager Ian McKay , Weapons and Surveillance Adam Blackstock Weapons Surveillance & Tech all Members of Firm &Club Sins All Former Navy Seals When Abby suggested that We all go to Club Sin a private BDSM Club that she had been going to for a few years I thought she was crazy and as I sit here in the Club with a two short dress on watching what she called Scene a man who she Refers to as A Dom was Taking what look like a Ping Pong Paddle to a Woman's Ass When he looked up and around his eyes landed on me a Smirk came across his face I quickly turn my attention back to my glass of wine and to Abby and Hannah

Erotica / Romance
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" It's been three weeks since the unexplained Deaths of Judge Andre Andrews and Sergeant Dave Benson now we have been Requested to Look into this ,What do we Know " Liam Asked his team All Former Navy Seals the same team that has been through hell and back together

" We know that both had dealings with Haggard and Kline Law Firm they were getting ready to go to trial on a Case that Benson was working on involving the Garcia Drug Cartel , Haggard is the lead Lawyer on the case for the State which from the grape vine he's in with Garcia and he just hired a very Sexy New PA named Lilian see your reports for info on her and a picture " Carson McNally explains

Lillian " Lilly " Grace Walsh

Age :22

Height 5'1

Eye Color: Emerald Green

Hair Color:Black

Job : PA at Haggard and Kline Law Firm for Jones Haggard

Family: None Mother &Father Died in Accident Four Years Ago

Friends : Abigail Jones , Hannah Lawson all Best Friends

Relationship Status : Single

Target Reason : Get Access to Computers to find out how Dirty Jones Haggard is and if he is involved with two murders

"So is she the Target if so I'll be happy to get her in bed " Ian McKay asked


" Ouch what the hell " Ian Says

" Knock it off " Carson says as he smirks at Ian

" It's not like you didn't think it " Ian grumbles under his breath

" As of now it's only going to be me going in as a potential client " Liam says then adds

" Carson you worm your way into their computers , Ian you set up cameras around Ms Davis's place and in the offices , Both Greyson and Adam you two work her gain her friendship both are you moving in next door to her "

" Fine I will help her with her fashion because from what I have seen in some of the photos she dresses down and frumpy " Greyson says

" I'll work on her through food who can resist food " Adam says with a grin

" Okay everyone has their assignments within the case now let's move on to the next item of business " Liam said

" Lilly put the Dress on it's not to short " Hannah yells through the bedroom door

" No it's too short and too tight "

" It isn't its supposed to be form fitting " Hannah yells again as she bangs on the door


" Bout time you got the door unlocked " Hannah said as both her and Abby Walk into Lilly's room

" Now Lilly I see you haven't even gotten dressed or showered now get in the bathroom and do so I want you showered and shaved NOW" Abby says with that tone

" Fine " Lilly growls out as she storms to the bathroom

Fifteen minutes later Lilly is standing in her strapless black lace bra and black lace boy short panties in her room

" Sit down I will do your hair " Abby says as she points to the chair

Lilly sits down and lets Abby work her magic on her unruly black hair

Abby blow dries it then takes a flat iron to it making it smooth

Hannah works on Lilly's Make up bringing out Lilly's Emerald Green Eyes with a Lilac color on them

Both step back and take a look At their handy work

" Lilly you are even more beautiful " both said

" Only because you two played make up Lilly " she replied as she looks down at her hands in her lap

Abby lifts her chin up by cupping it

" Don't Lilly you are beautiful even with out make up on Don't let that bastard in your head "

" Give us ten minutes and we will all be leaving for Sin you put your dress on , shoes are beside the bed to wear " Abby said as they both walked out the bedroom

Lilly sat in the chair looking in the mirror at her self

She did look good then she got up and went to the bed getting the dress she picked it up shook her head but unzipped the back stepped in and pulled it up sliding her arms in the sleeves

She could zip it half way up , slipping on the heels she went in search of help

" Can one of you zip me the rest of the way" she asked

" Sure" Hannah said


" There you go"

The girls left the apartment and headed in Hannah's BMW to the Club once there she pulled up to where the Valet would park the car

Getting out with out flashing everybody was a challenge in the dress it was already sliding up in the back so Lilly pulled it down when she got out

Abby handed the keys over and linked arms with Lilly and Hannah

" Hello Ms Abby , Ms Hannah who do we have here " the man at the door asked he was about 6' built like a Bull and looked mean like one too

" Trey this is Lilly she will be joining us for the night she will need a Yellow Band " Abby said

"Yes Ma'am " he responded

" Let me see your wrist " he said

Lilly presented her wrist and Trey wrapped the band around her wrist

" Okay what's up with the band" Lilly asked

" Well You know that Club Sin is a BDSM Club right"

" yeah I do "

" Well all the new people that come in wear a Yellow band so that the regulars and Members know that you are not to be touched unless you say so it's to keep you safe" Abby said

The doors to the elevator open and Abby ushers then to it then it takes them up to the fifth floor

When the doors open again Lilly sees a room with scantly cladded people in various stages of dress some were totally nude

She took in the room

" Now this is the main area to mingle and maybe watch a scene or two but to the left and right are different rooms that have a theme to them each room has a window to watch from the outside if the blinds are open and if the door is open you can go in and watch or even join in but always ask " Abby said to Lilly who was still trying to wrap her mind around the whole Thing

As the night went on I found myself watching a What Abby called a Scene

Now the "Dom" had on Leathers and no shirt showing his gorgeous torso off I couldn't help but stare at him

He had what looked like a Ping Pong Paddle in his hand the Woman was laying over a bench with her Bare Ass in the Air

When he looked up and around his eyes landed on me a Smirk came across his face I quickly turn my attention back to my glass of wine and to Abby and Hannah

A short time later I had to use the restroom Abby pointes to where they were and I went to it

Walking in I see it's a locker room too I guess they change here

Using the bathroom then washing my hands I leave as I come out of the locker/bathroom I run into a wall , A Human wall and fall backwards I brace for impact but never comes

Muscular arms come around me pulling me into them

I inhale

Oh god he smells so damn good

" Thank you " a deep Irish Accent says

I realize I said it out loud

Looking up to see his Blue Eyes staring down at me I feel a blush creep up on me

" Sorry I didn't mean to run into you "

" It's Fine Little One just be more careful " he says as he slowly lets go of me

" You are the one that was using the ping pong paddle " I say

" Yes I was Little One" He replied as his eyes took in my body

Instead of feeling a little grossed out I felt warm

" I need to get back to my friends " I say as I move to go around him

When I pass him he grabs my arm

" Little One I didn't tell you that you could leave" he said with the same tone Abby uses but this one was deeper and much more sexier

" Look I'm not a I think Abby calls it a Submissive I'm just here because Abby wanted me to live a little so if you don't mind " I say as I take back my arm and start to walk away

" Little One Stop " he growls

I stop something about the tone

Hearing he walk around me standing in front of me

He lifts my chin to meet his gaze

"I will let you off this time but next time you Sass me I will take you over my knee and spank that ass twenty times Now What is your Name "

" None of your business " I say as I pull away from him and walk around him heading to Abby and Hannah

" Abby I want to go home Now " I say to her

" But we "

" Abigail either take me home or I will call a cab to get me " I tell her

" But I , What happened " She asked

" Nothing so what is it going to be " I say

The guy she was with kept giving me a look

" Master " she says as she looks at him

" Give her your keys I will take you home " he says

" Okay I will be right back " Abby says as she leaves me standing there with the guy

" Why are you leaving " he asked

" This isn't my thing and some of us have to work tomorrow even if it's Saturday and I should have the day off " I say to him

"Oh , Where do you work "

" I work for a Law Firm as A PA if you must know " I say watching Abby walk back

" Here " she says as she puts the keys in my hand

" Thank you and I will be leaving now "

The weekend passed and now it's Monday and I am sitting at my Desk Waiting for Mr Haggards next appointment

The doors to the section of offices open and the Blonde from Reception is walking in with

Holy shit that's the guy from Friday night I look down at the calendar to see what his name is

William O'Riley

Hmmm he did have accent

" Lilly, This is William O'Riley he says he has an appointment with Mr Haggard "

" Yes he does I will take it from here" I replied to her

She just sneers at me but smiles brightly at Mr O'Riley

" Mr O'Riley follow me " I say as I walk towards the hallway to the conference room

When I arrived Mr Haggard was already in there

" Mr Haggard your 3 pm appointment is Here , Mr O'Riley " I tell him

Before I left the room I made sure They had everything they needed then headed back to my desk

Working on one of the files for a case I hear the conference room door open and footsteps coming back down the hallway

" Lilly , can you please print the retainer agreement for Mr O' Riley so he can review and sign if he chooses to do so please have him write a check for the fee of 1,000 dollars "

" Yes Mr Haggard " I replied

" Lilly I wish you would call me By my Name Jones or Jo " He says giving me a stern look then turning his attention back to Mr O'Riley

Mr Haggard leaves as I hand Mr O'Riley the paper

Sitting back down at my desk letting him read over the paper I work on the file

" So Lilly does your boss you know you visited a "

" Look Mr O'Riley what I do on my personal time is no body's business but mine so either sign the paper or get out " I growl at him

Watching his facial expression change his jaw hardened

" Little One watch that tone with me I will not think twice to put you over my knee and spank that ass just like I said on Friday night " He growls as he closes the distant between us

I scoot back in my chair and stand up

" I don't think so "

Before I knew it he had picked me up over his shoulder and was walking down the hallway then into a room licking the door then putting me back down

My feet touched the floor and I scrambled to move he caught my wrists pulling me to him

He took us over the couch he sat down pulling me down and over his legs he lifted my skirt pulling it up over my hips exposing my ass

" Theses need to go and from Now on No Panties , I will give you 25 , count each one "

His hand cups my ass squeezing it


" Fuck stop it that hurts "

" Lilly that's not what I told you to do now Count "

" One "

He continued to smack my ass

By the time I got to 25 I was a blubbering mess but had this weird feeling floating across my skin it was warm and I could feel that I was wet between my legs

His finger slides down my ass to my pussy

" I bet if I slide my finger inside you it's going to be so wet "

He does I feel my walls clinch his finger he begins to move it in and out

I let out a moan

" Yes Little One let me hear how this makes you feel"

He works my pussy with one finger then adds another

" So tight" he says as he pulls them out

I whimper in response

" Oh Little One Do you want me to keep playing " he asked

I shake my head yes

"Words "

" Yes I Do " I said to him not caring that I didn't know him that well

He sinks his fingers back into me


Curling fingers up he goes across something that lights the fire even higher I buck against his fingers

" That's right Little One Ride my fingers " he Growls

Bucking more into his hand

His fingers swirl across that spot inside my pussy and I cum hard

Still swirling across that spot as I ride the wave of my first orgasm I feel my body relax

" Mmmm delicious, I can't wait to taste it even more"

Looking up to see him licking his fingers

He moves me to the couch

" Stay put " he says as he goes to door leaves and comes back in with a towel

I noticed he has a bulge in his pants Damn

He gently wipes me then helps me stand up pulls my skirt down to where it belongs

" Little One I want you at the Club Friday night as my guest I will have an outfit for you in the locker room to change into and Little One there is no room for discussion You will be there or I will come get you and punish you and you are not going to enjoy it"

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