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Masters of Sin

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The whole week went by and I saw Mr O'Riley several times each time he came in he would pause at my desk I would look up to see him standing there

He would smile then walk into Mr Haggards office

On his last visit he left a note on my desk that had detailed instructions for Friday night , he was sending a car to pick me up there would be an outfit In the locker room in locker 45 for me to wear no questions asked I was to be either trimmed or complete smooth he even went as far as to set up an appointment to be waxed on Thursday evening and to have a mani pedi done too

I did go get the mani/pedi and the wax because who doesn't like it when someone else pays for it to be done

Friday Afternoon was creeping by at a snails pace, But the good thing was Mr Haggard had two meetings outside of the office and he didn't need me to come along bad news part was I was running out Of things to do I finished proof reading the work he gave me about twenty minutes ago .

When I glanced up at the clock it said 3:30 and I could leave to head home to get ready

It was now 6:45 the driver will be here at 7 , I had eaten a small dinner as requested and left my hair down slightly curled minimal makeup wearing a Simple Light Grey Swing Dress so that I could easily change

I thought about texting Hannah and Abby and telling them what I was about to go do but There was a Knock at the door I peeped through the peep hole and saw a gentleman dressed in a suite I realize it was The guy from the club that was at the door Trey

Opening the door

" Evening I'm here to pick you up "

" Okay let me grab my purse and phone "

I got both and went out the door closing it hitting the key pad to lock the door, Following Trey to the car he opens the door for me I slide in and he shuts the door then heads around to the front of the car

We leave my place and head to the Club I get lost in my thoughts as we go it wasn't until Trey opens the door that I realized that we had stopped

He offers me his hand and I take it and he leads me in through a different set of doors through a long hallway to a set of Locker rooms

" Inside is your items , change and come out" Trey says to me

I push the doors open and walk in find the locker that i needed

Opening it I pull the bag out and find something that doesn't look like it covers much at all and two different pairs of shoes red high heels or lace up thigh high black leather boots with heels so I went with the boots after I saw how little the " Outfit" covered when I put it on

I gave myself a once over in the mirror and several deep breaths before I went to the door and pushed it open

When I walked out I was overcome with doubt but then I heard that voice deep Irish accent that could soak my panties in seconds

" So Beautiful "

Looking up to see Mr O'Riley in a pair of leathers boots and no shirt

Abs for days

His chest was Lightly covered with hair a trail was from his belly button down to where I don't know but sure would love to find out

" Eyes Up here Darlin " he said his Irish accent coming out as he lifted my chin to meet his gaze

Those Bright Green Eyes held mischief in them

" Sorry " I say to him

" No Need to be sorry Beautiful I quite enjoy a gorgeous woman like yourself checking me out " he says as his thumb brushes my jawline

For some reason I want to lean in to it

" There are several rules for tonight that I need to go over with you " he said

" Okay "

" First thing is I am Either Sir or Master when we are here

Second is you are to stay with me at all times if at anytime you need to use the restroom I will take you to it

Third You need to choose a safe word to use it should be word that you wouldn't associate with Sex if at anytime things get too much use it and we will stop

Fourth is if this is something you want to continue to explore We Will discuss a Contract between us "

" Hannah said most use the traffic light system and what do you mean Contract " I say

" Yes is that what you want to use and I will explain what a contract is once this night is over "

" Yes Master "

I watch a smile come across his face that lit up his eyes

In turned it warms me to see that he was pleased

" Good Little One now for now we will just wander around watching but later we will go to one of the room to play " he says as he offers me his arm I take it

" Alright " I replied

" Liam " a deep voice said

My eyebrow went up

" I see that look Little One I go by Liam instead of William here in the Club and the person who just spoke is my younger brother Carson "

" I'm the more handsome one of the two And you are" Carson asked

Carson was about 6'4 and Liam is 6'6 both had reddish brown hair but Carson had Blue eyes instead Green like Liam's

" I'm Lilly "

" What do you need Carson " Liam asked

" I brought the bracelet for Lilly to wear so that all the other Dom's would know she is with you " Carson said as he twirled it on his finger

" Let me see your left wrist " Liam asked

I offered my wrist to him , he took the bracelet from Carson and hooked it around my wrist then kissed my hand

" Lets go watch " Liam says as he offers me his arm I take it

" Have Fun Kids " he brother hollers as we walk away from him

Liam leads me around to different areas we come upon a Woman Strapped to what looks like an X she is completely naked there is a Man with what I think is a whip but it's too short

" What is going on here" I whispered to him

" Well Delilah is being punished for not listening to her Dom and don't worry this is all consensual they have been together for years Her Dom knows her limits beside if you look you can see her arousal glistening her pussy " he whispered back into my ear his warm breath gliding across my skin

" What does he have in his hand "

" A Flogger watch him use it , Brody is very good at using it and a whip " Liam explains

Watching them I feel the heat pooling between my legs I shift several times hoping any friction would relieve it

" Little One I can smell your sweet arousal are you turned on watching wishing you were the one getting flogged "

" I don't know Master "

" Mmmmm I think you would love it let's move on to the next scene " he says as he puts his arm around my waist and leads me again

We visited several scenes and at this point I'm so horny that I think you could blow on my clit and I would cum

Liam leads me again down a hallway to a room he opened the door

" Go On in Little One , I want you on your knees with them apart palms up on your thighs head down this is the correct way to greet your Dom "

Going in I do as he told me to do the plush carpet was a nice cushion for my legs

Waiting for my next instructions I see the tip of his shoes come into view then walk around me he stands behind me for a moment then moves back in front of me

A finger lifts my chin to meet his gaze

" Now My Little One you did fabulous very natural" he says

" Thank you Master"

He offers me his hand " Please Stand "

Taking his hand I stand up

" I can smell your arousal and I bet if I slip a finger between your legs it would be wet wouldn't it Pet "

I nodded

He stands behind me closely I can feel his body begin to press up against me I feel the softness of his leathers and his hard cock pressing into my ass

His arms come around me a hand lands on my stomach the other lands on my boob he tweaks the nipple which causes me to moan

Then both hands move to my hips grabbing the sides of my thong sliding it down my hips then down my legs

" Step out " he says

I do so

" You will not wear panties any more unless I tell you to do so or when your Monthly Cycle comes and speaking of that are you on Birth Control "

" Why and Yes I am on Birth Control " I asked

" Because I want access to what is mine at all times and when you sign the contract which I know you will that is one of my rules and good it means I don't need to wear a condom after we sign the contract but for your first time I will " He says


He moved around to stand in front of me

" Now my Pet I want to taste you go to the desk sit on the edge of it legs apart I want you open to me "

Walking over to the desk I lean back and scoot up on the desk legs apart

Liam walks over stops directly in front and looks at me

His eyes start at mine then move down my body when they reach my pussy he grins

" Mmm my Pet you are definitely wet for me I bet your soft and willing "

Liam leans in covering me with his warm body his leathers brushing my legs

His lips met mine nipping my bottom lip I open for him

Our tongues battle each other he breaks the kiss then lays kisses down my body

Hands are gripping my hips as a warm tongue swipes up my pussy

" Mmm such sweetness" he says as he goes back to licking me

Leaning back on to my elbows he pulls me to him just a little more until my ass is barley on the desk but I don't fear falling he had a good hold on me

Liam's lips and tongue found my clit I bucked against him and moaned very loudly

Feeling the wave reaching the top he bites down just enough on my clit

I scream his name as I came hard

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