Forced to be Little ( DDLG & ABDL &Kidnap fantasy)

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This book is also, on wattpad. Updates are faster on there. Warning this book contains the following 18+ material DDLG (Daddy dom little girl) , ABDL (Adult baby diaper lover) & kidnapping fetish content and possibly more stuff that makes a lot of people uncomfortable but some seem to like reading. Please be 18+ and be into these things or atleast, not bothered by them to read this story. Zion is a strong independent women with a successful make up comany. She doesn't know what hit her when her new Daddy kidnaps and drugs her in the parking garage on her way home from work. He introduces her to a life of diapers and toys and all things baby. He grooms her into regressing into a a mental state of a unpotty trained toddler. And wants him to call him daddy even though she's in her twenties he will stop at nothing till she's daddys little girl.

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This was originally a short story and this the original prologue. And has been edited on 10/15/19 if you see any error I missed in this chapter point it out please.

Zions POV (Baby girl)

The man who kidnapped me seemed to have strange request. He told me I was to be his "Little Girl" I was thinking to myself what the Hell I was in my twenties. I am nobodys "Little Girl" I was a self sufficient buisness women. Atleast, I used to be I used to sell my own make up line. But after he took me he began "training" me as he called it to be his "Little."

He started off making me do the most humilating thing ever wearing diapers. At first,I started fighting and resisting. But then after time went by of him showing his authority and being persistent I started getting unpotty trained. That's something that I am truely not proud of but It happened.

Next, Daddy started making me do the next, humilating thing and thats drinking out of a baby bottle. If I was good girl he sometimes gave me the privilege of drinking out of a sippy cup. He would often hold me in his lap amd shove the bottle in my mouth making me drink pedisure that stuff was always disgusting even when he treated me and put chocolate or strawberry syrup in it. But eventually, after getting my fair share of spankings I learned to just finish my bottle so I can get my few pieces of candy as a reward.

And he forces me to play with toys but not even the big girl ones. I am talking boring infant level type toys. So I am stuck shaking rattles and toy keys forbl his sick pleasure. And when I am done doing that for however, long he makes me he forces me to take a nap. I hate it he grabs me and rocks me on his lap. And shoves another, bottle in my mouth. And this bottle is always the tallest and he makes me drink it till I vomit. Then if I vomit he forces me to eat what came out because he says I need all my health benefits. Which doesn't make any logical since and it's gross as hell. And usually leaves me crying myself to sleep. And he tucks my into this big wooden pink adult size crib. I absolutely hate pink with a passion. But its not like I have a say in this at all.

And then sometimes good things happen sometimes he takes me outside and pushes me on my swing. The best part is its not a baby swing and he lets me go high if I have been a good girl. And when I am high in the air I feel free. I have time to think about my life before. Images of my business and my friends and family danced in my head like ballerinas. I still had hope that people would find me even though we were far out in the country and there wasn't anyone for miles. But atleast, daddy taught me how to ride my horse he got for me. I named the horse Jules and Jules has become my best friend since living with my kidnapper. I think Jules feels the same way.

When he's not home he usually chains me to my crib. I don't like it to be honest it feels like he doesn't trust me. And that hurts I don't know why. I mean after he's been seeing my my body and changing me making me wear baby clothes for adults. And completely changing who I was making me dependent of him to the point I can't leave. The least he could do was leave me unchained maybe lock the door instead. But I suppose a baby like me has no say in such matters.

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