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Xavier King, successful billionaire investor, always has seen his sister Xiomara as the perfect angel. Little does he know that his sister is a college student by day, and an escort by night. Jace Young is Xavier's best friend and has been since grade school. Everything changes one night when Jace has a chance encounter with Xiomara being his escort. Xavier is in for the shock of his life when he finds out what his little sister and his best friend are up to. Will they survive this scandalous ordeal or will everything fall apart? This story is not intended for anyone under the age of 18 as it has sexual themes, adult language, and mature content.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1: No Inhibitions


“Shit, I am so fucking late!” I say as I run around my apartment grabbing my wallet and keys.

“He’s going to kill you, you know that right?” Jayla, my roommate and best friend, says.

“Don’t fucking remind me!” as I put my other shoe on, and head towards the door.

“Bring me back something to eat!” I hear as I run out. “Fat chance of that happening,” I think to myself.

I take a look at the time on my cell phone and realize that I’m already supposed to be at the restaurant. Thankfully, it’s only right around the corner, but I knew how much of a stickler Xavier was for time. I love my brother, I do, however most times I feel that instead of having an older sibling, I feel as though I got a second father. At least with my father, he lets me make my own mistakes; Xavier on the other hand, leave it to him, and he’d wrap me up in bubble wrap, and encase me in glass.

I open the door to enter our favorite diner, already seeing Xavier with a particular scowl that would have any person absolutely terrified to deal with him. Me on the other hand, I knew all I had to do was bat my cognac colored eyes at him, and he was putty in my hands. He was too preoccupied in his thoughts, when I approached the table, because he almost jumped out of his skin when I went to sit down.

“Jesus Xo!”

“My bad Xay, I didn’t mean to startle you. Everything okay?”

“Nothing to worry your head over. Say, where have you been? You know you’re 20 minutes late right?”

I roll my eyes and sigh, “Yes Xay, I DO know how to tell time you know?”

“If you do, then you would know that being late and making someone wait it rude and inconsiderate.”

“Jeez DAD, I’m sorry.”

He gives me this sneering look because I know how much he hates when I say that, and considering that he’s fifteen years older than me, he might as well be. I’d have to say he looks good for his age, but I think it’s the fact of aging altogether.

“Whatever. First you, then Jace. I don’t even know why I even bother with you both.”

“What you mean Jace? Is he always late too?”

I had always had a major crush on Jace Young as far back as I could remember, but never said anything because of Xavier. Plus, Jace seemed way out of me league. I had always heard rumors and stories about him, but we never hung out long enough for me to even ask.

Xavier looks at his Phillip Patek watch and said, “Yes, as a matter of fact, he’s late right now.”

“You didn’t tell me he’d be joining our weekly lunch Xavier.”

“I know Xo, and I’m sorry, but he asked if he could come along, and I couldn’t say no. Two of my favorite people in the same place? Why not?”

“Still Xay, it would’ve been --” I started to say, but then Jace showed up at the table and sat down next to me.

“ ‘It would’ve been’ what Xiomara?” He asked in a deep, raspy tone. There are many traits that are so attractive about this man, but the way he says my name in his voice has to be most sexiest thing to me. I started to feel my clit flitter, and that’s never a good thing.

I roll my eyes, “Nothing Jace. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway because you’re here now.” I teased.

“Careful, Xo, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were becoming soft on me.” He teases as he puts his hand on my knee.

I know he was teasing me, and it always flustered me, but considering I’ve recently gone under some changes in my life that I’ve yet to tell anyone, it didn’t this time. Instead, I took his hand off my knee, and stuck it underneath my dress. Because I don’t like wearing underwear, all he felt my warm skin, and then my clit.

It happened so quick that Jace ended up choking on his own spit, and tried to snatch his hand back, but because my grip on his wrist was tight it wasn’t so easy. I know he didn’t want to make a scene in front of Xavier, so he had no choice but to keep his hand right where I put it.

“Xo, do you know what you want to order already?" Xavier asked as he was looking at the menu. I never understood that since we’ve been coming to this diner for years, and we always ended up getting the same thing.

Right as I began to speak, Jace slipped one of his fingers in me. My plan to tease him was backfiring right in my face. I gasped trying to cover up a cough without being noticeable.

“I think I will get the usual Xay.”

Jace pipes up after me, “You know what Xay, I think I just want some, pie.”

As he was saying his order, I was drinking some water, and full on choked on the emphasis on the word “pie”. He smirked at me, being completely cheeky; however, he just made me wetter. Xavier, still completely oblivious to what’s going on between us puts the menu down and gives Jace a weird look.

“Pie? That’s all you want? I thought you said you were hungry.”

“Oh I am. Ravenous,” Jace said as he eyed me.

Xavier frowned, and said, “Well I have to go use the restroom, excuse me for a moment.”

I let go of Jace’s wrist so that he could move his hand, and instead he starts playing with me, and he says, “I never start what I can’t finish Xo.”

I’m already flustered because my plan backfired, but I decide to take this up a notch. Since he won’t remove his hand, I decide to unzip his pants, and place my hand inside. He gulps hard, and softly moans. He bites his lower lip, and begins to curls his fingers. While this is happening, we look at each other in the eyes, and everything else begins to fades away. I start to feel Jace grow, and am immensely impressed. The moment essentially dissipates when we see Xavier making his way back to the table.

I didn’t want to stop, seeing as Jace kept growing, and I felt as though as I could get him to the finish line. No one could see what we were doing and we could keep going. I opened my legs wider for him to gain easier access. He leaned in and said, “Xiomara, if you don’t stop, I WILL fuck you right here in the diner after Xavier leaves.”

Those words alone made me release a gush, and then he removed his hand, licking each and every finger completely clean. Feeling angry and bereft, I decided to keep to massage his massive cock since he’s left me frustrated. A few more pumps and I feel him get even harder. I move my hand to the head, and he stops me. Xavier sits down, and says, “So Xo, tell me how’s college life treating you?”

I smirk and say, “It’s been riding me pretty hard, but I think I can handle it.”

Jace gives me a look and says, “I KNOW you can handle it. You’re a grown woman now, I’ve got faith in you.”

Looking at Jace, you wouldn’t know that I’m essentially jerking him off underneath the table; he is practically unphased. Our food arrives, and Jace seductively DEVOURS his slice of pie on his fork. He uses his tongue like I’ve never seen before, putting on a show for me; Xavier still completely oblivious as to what’s happening between his best friend and his sister.

“Have you talked to Mom and Dad, Xay?”

“Yeah, they’re going on a cruise next week. Speaking of which, I’ll be going out of town next week for a few weeks. I have to close this business deal or I’m going to have to take a major hit. Say Jace, do you mind looking out for whatever Xiomara needs?”

Innocently, Jace says, “Absolutely!”

“Xavier, you DO realize I’m a grown ass woman, and not some child? I am twenty three years old for Christ sake!” I say a little loudly.

“I do Xiomara. You’re a beautiful woman, and I’d HATE to see if anything happened to you.”

Jace pipes in, “Yeah Xo, you are beautiful and in a city like this, you have to be rather careful. Don’t worry Xay, I’m definitely okay looking after you.”

I look at his plate and see that he only has a few bites of pie left, I pick up the fork and take a bite, “Hey! The last few bites are the best part. You’re gonna pay for that,”. I go to swipe the last part, and he grabs my wrist, and with fork in hand, he forces me to feed him. I take a look at Xavier and he’s responding to emails with a furrowed brow. He puts his phone in his coat pocket and pulls out a couple of twenties.

“Xo, as usual, this was fun. I’m only sorry that this is the last time for a few weeks, BUT Jace assures me that he will keep this going. Please stay out of trouble.”

“Okay DAD, I will,” I say as he slides out of the booth, practically running out of the diner.

Jace turns his attention towards me, and says, “Now, what are we going to do about this Xiomara?” pointing his head in the direction of his hard cock.

“Gee, Jace, I don’t know. The very same thing we’re going to do about this,” I say as I lift my dress to the top of my thighs.

He leans in close to my ear and says in his raspy voice, “Well, first off, I don’t have enough time to deal with THAT but we do have time to deal with mine.”

My face gives a “what the fuck” look and I reply, “Um no Jace, I don’t give without receiving.”

He grabs my hair by the nape and yanks me close to him and says with a growl, “Xiomara, you WILL get on your knees and finish me off.”

Now normally such demands are a turn off to me, but considering that it came from Jace, I felt it was the hottest thing I had ever heard. I slid to my knees, in between his legs, and like a baby bird waiting for its mother to feed it, I opened my wide as he pulled his entire size out of his pants. Jace doesn’t even look around to see if anyone is watching.

“Tongue out Xiomara, and open wide. You do as I say, when I say, AM I CLEAR?

“Well gotdamn.” Talk about gushing.

“I think the answer you’re struggling with is ‘Yes Jace.’ Let me hear it.”

Well when Jace puts it that way, “Yes, Jace.”

He scooches to the edge of the seat with one hand on his cock, and the other hand side of my head, and makes his way into my mouth. Now, I’m not exceptionally experienced in this department, but he eases me into it by going slow. I remember what he tells me and keep my mouth wide open with my tongue completely flat. Around the fifth pass of him going in and out of my mouth, he hits the back of my throat, and I gag. He tightens his grip on my head and looks down at me.

“Xo, you’re going to have to be quiet. You don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to us do you?”

Tears rolling down my face, I tried to answer with either my words or by shaking my head, and I couldn’t do either; so I just wrapped my lips tightly around his fat cock, and sucked hard. He wiped the tears from my face, and resumed. I knew I had much to learn about sucking dick and I figured who else better to teach me? While on my knees, I start to put my hand underneath my dress, and finish myself off. Jace grabs my hand, and sucks on three of the fingers, making it really wet, and then he places it between my legs.

“I want you to play with yourself while you’re finishing me. You already taste sweet, but I want to taste you off your own fingers.”

He keeps thrusting himself in my open mouth, and then as I’m playing with myself, he explodes in my mouth, almost choking me with how much he came. He takes my hand from my dripping cunt and licks the same fingers clean. I swallow all of what he splashed into my mouth and look at him for approval. He takes his thumb and wipes the corner of my mouth and says to me, “You missed a spot.” Then he puts it in my mouth, and I suck it clean.

He places his semi erect dick back into his pants, and helps me off my knees.

“That’ll teach you to tease me Xo; you’ll learn in due time I actually like teases.” He winks at me. He throws down an additional twenty down on top of the two Xavier had already left.

He leans in close to me, and takes a whiff, "Xo, I can smell your sopping cunt from here, and it smells so fucking delicious. I can't wait to taste it directly.”

He places a soft kiss on my neck, slides out of the booth, and leaves. I lean back and exhale, needing to take a breather, “What the fuck just happened?”

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