Sex in a Coffee Shop

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Camilla’s coffee shop seems like the perfect personally owned business. The coffee is delicious and the pastries are to die for. However, the coffee shop is also home to an erotic fantasy group at night. They meet to help facilitate each other’s wildest fantasies. Camilla has always enjoyed making others sex dreams come true. She’s never indulged in her own fantasy but when she meets seemingly straight-laced journalist Clark, he might be just what she needs to get the ending she’s been craving.

Rea Holland
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Chapter 1- Camilla’s Coffee Shop

The lights were low in the back room of the coffee shop. The smell of the days brews lingered in the air. A man knelt on the floor, blindfolded with his hands tied in front of him. He was naked, save for his underwear. He was in his mid thirties with a body that was rounding out with age and deep chestnut hair. A woman prowled around him dressed in all black and killer high heels. Even the mask covering her face was black. Her hair was pulled back in a tight knot. She was toying with something in her hand.

“You've been a naughty man haven’t you?” She growled. The man whimpered slightly.

“Yes mistress.”

“Did you think I wouldn’t find out?” She asked, her voice getting angrier. The mans head wiped around as he tried to figure out where she was standing.

“Yes mistress, I mean no mistress.” He was stammering.

“Which one?” There was a sudden crack as the whip in her hand snapped against the floor. A visible shudder went through the man. “I’d hoped you wouldn’t mistress.”

She prowled closer to him, her hips swishing as she drug the whip along the floor behind her. “What’s happens to naughty men who don’t obey their mistress,” she said through gritted teeth. She grabbed his chin, holding his head still even though he couldn’t see her.

The man stilled. “They get punished mistress.”

She smiled evilly. “And do you deserve to be punished?” The man trembled slightly. His breath coming in short pants.

“Yes please mistress.” She stepped back, arms crossed in front of her.


Instantly the man threw himself on the floor. His hands and face were pressed to the hardwood as he bent over. “Please, please punish me mistress. Please, I've done wrong.” The look on her face was pure triumph.

She circled around to behind the man. Almost lazily she flicked the whip so it cut into his back. The man let out a cry of pain which almost instantly turned into a groan of satisfaction. The woman repeated the move four more times. The man was a trembling mess kneeling on the floor. She stilled her whip and ran her hands gently along his back.

“Who do your orgasms belong to?”

“You mistress,” he said breathily.

“Is it ok to jerk off at home?”

He shook his head. “No mistress.”

She began massaging his back. Running her hands along the red marks crisscrossing his back. “You took your punishment well. You may free your cock,” she said gently but solidly. The man scrambled to pull his cock out of underwear with his tied up hands. “Stroke yourself.” She commanded. The man began to run his hand up and down his hard shaft rapidly. “Slowly, tease it a bit. Exactly.” She coached the man on how to hold it. How to stroke it. All were done to her specifications.

The mans breathing picked up as he continued to glide his hand up and down his stiff member. The woman stood in front watching, one hand lazily holding the whip and the other stroking her face. When the man's body began to shake she yelled, “Stop!” His hand stilled on his throbbing penis, begging for release.

She bent down in front of his face. So close he could feel her warm breath on him. “You will keep yourself like this until our next meeting. You will remember who owns your orgasms. You are allowed to touch yourself all you want but never come. What happens if you come?”

“Mistress will be displeased,” he responded in a shaky voice.

“Do you wish to displease me?” She asked icily. He shook his head fervently.

“No mistress.” She cracked her whip hard across the floor.

“Stroke it again!” His hands instantly began the steady pump up his shaft. His face reddened as he tried to contain his release inside, trying to please the mistress. When she felt like he’d had enough she commanded he stop again. He let out a tense breath. She walked briskly up to his side, her heels clicking intensely. Her lips stopped a breath away from his ear. “We are done for today,” she said gently. She removed his blindfold and he turned to take her in, his face full of awe.

“Thank you mistress.”

She helped him stand and removed the ties on his hands. She rubbed his shoulders for a moment. “How are you feeling?”

He glanced away. “Ashamed. Turned on. Happy and disappointed.” He shrugged gently. She gripped his upper arm gently, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

“You did wonderfully Lewis. See you next week?” The man nodded and headed over to his folded clothes in the corner. He dressed quickly and exited. The women in the room turned to a dark corner. “You don’t think I pushed him too hard do you?”

A figure sat forward a bit. Her bronze skin was glowing in the low light and her brown hair was loose in cascading curls framing her oval face and almond shaped eyes. “I don’t know Petra. I think he really needs this.” Petra sighed and walked over to sit down.

“He needs the control that’s for sure. What do you know about the ex wife?”

The second woman shrugged pulling out a notebook. “Apparently she was very domineering but treated him like less of a man. He had a hard time getting it up because of her constant criticism and he found her cheating on him with their neighbor.” She shut the notebook gently. “Pretty fucked up.

Petra nodded, lost in thought. “Aren’t we all.” The two women sat in companionable silence for a moment. “Well, I’ve gotta run. We have day jobs that’ll need attending to.” Petra stood and walked slowly toward a door leading to a small office. “See you tomorrow Camilla,” she called out, disappearing inside.

Camilla heaved a sigh and stood up. She stretched her back gently before collecting her things. She turned off the lights in the back room before making her way through the front of the store and out the door. She locked it behind her. Petra always left from the back, parking right next to the door. Camilla walked the one block to her apartment. Once inside she set everything down on the table. She stripped to her underwear and slid into bed. Another late night and another early morning.

Camilla woke up at 5 am. She got dressed and made her way out the door in 10 Minutes flat. She hoofed it quickly to the coffee shop, opening the doors right at 5:15. Thank god she lived so close. Alex was nowhere to be seen which was normal. That kid was always late. Camilla began prepping. She knew the shop would be full by six, it always was.

5:30 am hit and the bell above the door began to go crazy with the flurry of early morning activity. Five til six a tall lanky black haired teenager slumped in.

“Your late Alex!” Camilla yelled above the rush. He made a noncommittal shrug before joining her behind the counter jumping into the flow seamlessly. The two worked, preparing coffees and the few baked goods they made as well. Neither had to say a word.

They had been working together for two years. Camilla had found Alex on the street. She’d given him a home and a job. He adored her even though he’d never let her know it. About 10 the rush died down and the two grabbed their own cups of coffee, leaning against the counter they sipped.

“Alex, we cant keep doing this dude,” she said calmly over the rim of her coffee. “What happened to the alarm clock I bought you?”

Alex shrugged. “It may have made acquaintance with the wall.” Camilla stared wide eyed. “Oh come on Cami you know I don’t do mornings well!”

That she did know. Anytime she’d tried to wake Alex to finish his senior year it had been like pulling teeth. “Do I need to hire help for the morning then? Alex knew the mornings made more tips. He shook his head hard.

“I’ll do better Cami, I promise.”

Cami smiled at the teen. She really did enjoy Alex and she was sad when he’d finally moved out a few months ago. “Alright, breaks over. Let’s get to work.” She reached out and snapped a towel at him. He maneuvered away from it, setting his empty cup in the sink.

“Slave driver,” he mumbled.

“Free loader,” she called back. The rest of the day flowed as they always did. People rushed in and out, stopping to say hi and meeting friends and colleagues. Cami really enjoyed her coffee shop. It had a very used bookstore feel. There were old paperbacks lining shelves on the wall. Old school board games dotted the tables. Everything was mismatched, or as Cami called it, eclectic. The walls were a deep emerald with bold words painted of her favorite book quotes. Cami felt safe here. The bell jangled and in walked Petra. Her long legs are up the floor as she came to a stop in front of Cami.

She bent down and gave Cami an air kiss to both cheeks. “Hello darling, how’s your day?” Petra has been Camilla’s best friend since childhood. They had grown up together, running around all day coming home muddied and grinning ear to ear. Cami smiled up at her friend.

“Busy as usual. Can’t complain. How are things in corporate world?”

“Abysmal darling.” She shrugged out of her suit coat and draped it along the back of a chair. One long leg lifted to cross over the other revealing a stretch of pale thigh. “Alex, be a dear and get me my latte,” she called out not even looking at him. Alex paled. He fumbled around to get the latte made. Cami chuckled a little.

Alex had had a very obvious crush on Petra from the start. Who could blame him? She was tall, about 5’11. She had blonde hair and ice blue eyes. Her skin was flawlessly pale and her lips were a plump pink. Everyone fell at Petra’s feet. “Here you are Ms. Petra,” he said sliding her latte across the table to her. She didn’t even spare him a glance as she picked up the cup and took a sip. He shuffled away, disappointed.

Petra was used to dominating the room. It really came in handy for her work on the side. “You won’t believe who I saw today,” she said conspiratorially. “I’m only telling you to warn you.”

Cami furrowed her brows. “Warn me?” Petra nodded slowly. “Out with it then.”

Heaving a dramatic sigh Petra said one word. “Damien.” Cami’s face went sheet white. Her hands shook as she stared into Petra’s eyes.

“He won’t come here will he?”

“I’m not sure. I just wanted to warn you he’s back.”

“Why would he be back? I thought he’d stay away after things...fell apart.”

Petra scoffed. “That’s one way to put it. I’m not sure dear but it was him. He was getting into an elevator in my building. I didn’t want to draw attention by yelling at him. Which you know I would.” Cami nodded absently, chewing on her finger nail. Petra reaches out to stop her. “If he comes, you know who to call.” They stared at each other for a moment. Cami nodded gently.

“I’ve got to head back darling, but I’ll see you tonight.” Petra grabbed her suit jacket and headed to the door. She blew a kiss to Alex who flushed brightly. Cami picked up the abandoned cups and put them in the sink. Alex looked over at her.

“Are you ok? You look pale.” Cami nodded.

“I’m fine, just gonna grab something to eat.” She walked back into the small kitchen area they had and leaned against the wall. She closed her eyes, pressing her head against the hard brick. What the hell was her ex fiance doing in town?

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