Hidden Desires

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A short about seduction and orgasm torture

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Chapter 1

Start writing here…Being a housekeeper sucked, and she hated it, but it paid the bills. Cleaning up after people wasn’t her idea of a good time. At least she did it for wealthy people in the city though, and not some motel somewhere. That’s what she told herself to get through the days. Some of her clients were nice, and tipped well, so it wasn’t that bad.

She only had one more place and her day would be over. She could go home and curl up on the couch with some tea and her new book. Her cab pulled up to her last building, and she crawled out. The door man knew her and opened the door, smiling brightly. She nodded her thanks as she walked by, smiling back.
She rode the elevator to the top floor, her final client of the day was also her wealthiest. A high powered stock broker. He lived alone, and rarely had much for her to do, so she saved him for last. She had only ever seen him twice, during her initial interview, and once in passing when he was rushing off to an appointment somewhere in the city.
She exited the elevator, and walked up to the door, pulling her keys out of her bag and unlocking it. She shut the door behind her and walked into the kitchen, setting her purse on the counter.
“Hello? Who’s there?” A voice called from the back of the apartment.
“Oh, sorry Mr. Snyder, I didn’t know you were here. I can come back later to clean if you’d like?” She called back.
The bathroom door opened, and steam poured out. Out walked Mr. Snyder, a towel wrapped around his waist, his hair wet and clinging to his head. He was a tall man, a little over six feet, and he was surprisingly athletic. His dark hair and goatee were streaked with gray. He looked at her for a moment, then shook his head.
“You’re already here, theres no sense in you leaving and coming back. Let me get dressed and I’ll stay out of your way.” He said, turning around and walking back to his room.
She watched him go, and the urge to peek through his door crept over her. She had thought he was attractive before, but seeing him shirtless had confirmed her suspicions. She crept to his door, which stood slightly open and looked inside. He was pulling on a pair of black boxer briefs, and as he turned around, she could see his outline against the tight fabric.
She stared intently at him as he pulled his pants on, buttoning them. He looked up and noticed her staring.
“I’m almost done, I’ll be right out.” He said, reaching for the shirt on the bed.
Her mouth moved without her brain telling it to “You dont need to get dressed on my account” she said.
She immediately flushed red, and took a step back from the door. She chewed on her thumb nail, a nervous tick she had never been able to get rid of. She closed her eyes tight and shook her head.
“I’m sorry, that was inappropriate. I dont know why I said it” she stammered.
His door opened, and he stepped out, his shirt still open, affording her the view of his masculine form. She stared for a moment, then snapped her eyes up to his face, blushing again. He smiled at her, then laughed. She liked his laugh. Liked the way his eyes crinkled up in the corners when he smiled.
“You’re kinda cute when you blush” he said, brushing past her and walking towards the kitchen.
She watched him walk away, then turned and walked into his room, going about her job like normal. She made the bed, and picked up his laundry. As she walked out of his room, a laundry basket on her hip, she noticed a door open. She had never been in that room, he kept it locked. She set the basket down, and peeked inside.
A table sat in the middle of the room. The table had a leather strap at all four corners, with heavy metal clasps. She pushed the door open a little further and stepped inside the room, walking up to the table. The straps were soft, and well used by the look of them. She looked up to the walls and saw artwork hanging there. Erotic art. Imagines of women in different levels of ecstasy.
“What are doing in here?” He asked from behind her, a slight edge to his tone.
“I’m sorry,” she said, spinning to face him, “I...I saw the door open, and thought you might need something done in here.” She lied.
She looked around the room at the artwork, and the table. “What is this?” She asked
“A room that I shouldn’t have opened while you were here.” He replied, opening the door farther and gesturing for her to walk out.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pry” she said as she walked by him.
He shut the door behind him and locked it again. “Its fine, curiosity gets the better of all of us eventually” he said, spinning his keys in his hand and dropping them into his pocket.
She looked at him for a moment, then turned and continued her work. She thought about the table as she worked. What did he use it for? Was he a serial killer? Had she stumbled into his secret sex dungeon? She finished the bathroom and walked back to the kitchen.
He stood, leaned against the counter, reading the financial section of the newspaper.
“I know you told me I shouldn’t have seen it, but I did. What do you use that table for? You’re not a serial killer, are you?” She asked.
He dropped the paper and turned to her, looking her in the eye.
“Do I look like a serial killer?” He asked, in a clam, steady tone.
She gulped “Well...no. But they always say it’s the ones you least expect” she replied, looking down nervously.
He burst out laughing. It filled the room and echoed off the walls. She looked up at him and watched as his strong shoulders shook with amusement. He settled down after a moment, and looked at her.
“No, I’m not a serial killer. That’s a room I use when I entertain.” He said.
“You strap all your guests to a table?” She asked
“Only if they like that sort of thing.”
“So...its your secret sex dungeon?”
“Well, in a way, I suppose”
“You like beating people for kicks?” She asked, getting defensive
“No, nothing like that. Quite the opposite actually.” He responded, chuckling again.
“Why the hell would you need to strap some one down if you weren’t beating them?”
“Its not important. Just know that no one is being hurt” he said, turning back to his paper.
She looked at him, suddenly very interested. What was he doing to people? She had to know. She decided to press him further when she was done with her work. She hurried through the house, finishing up the last few tasks and sending the laundry down to be cleaned. When she walked back into the apartment, he was sitting at his computer, numbers scrolling across his screen.
She walked over and leaned against his desk. She looked down at him and waited. He turned to her after a moment
“Yes?” He asked
“I need to know what its for.” She stated looking him in the eye
He breathed in deeply, pushed himself away from the desk, and stood up. He looked at her and shook his head.
“No. You dont.” He said.
She stepped up close to him, looking up at his face, “What did you mean when you said it’s the opposite of beating someone?” She asked
“Drop it” he said turning away.
She reached out and grabbed his hand, pulling him back to face her. “Come on, you have to tell me. Please!?” She pleaded
“Gah...orgasm torture. I force women to orgasm. I strap them down and make them cum.” He said in a forceful whisper.
She looked up at him. She hadn’t ever heard of that. Imagines floated through her head. She didn’t know how that was even possible. Her curiosity was piqued again, and she wanted to know more.
“How?” She asked
“I’m not going to explain it, Google it or something” he said, pulling his hand from hers and walking away.
She walked over to her purse and pulled out her phone. Five minutes later, she walked up to him.
“So...um...I Googled it.” She started playing with her hair as she spoke, and raised her eyes to his “I want to try it.” She said.
“I’m sure you can find someone on the internet that will help you” he said.
“No, I dont want to find someone on the internet. I want you to do it.” She said, reaching out and touching his stomach. She left her hand there as she looked up at him again. “Please?” She begged.
“No” he said simply.
Before he could turn away, she grabbed at him again. She pulled him close and started rubbing him over his pants.
“Please? It’s been a while since I’ve been with anyone. That table looked pretty dusty, so I know it’s been a while since anyone has used it. Let me.”
He closed his eyes as she started rubbing him. He hadn’t been touched for a while, she was right about that. She stood up on her toes and kissed his chin, then his neck.
“Please?” She asked again.
He inhaled deeply, then opened his eyes. She saw a spark there. Lust danced in that spark and she knew she was about to get her way. He bent down and kissed her lips, taking her chin in his hand as he did. Her heart jumped into her throat as their lips met, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He stood up straight, lifting her easily into the air and walked towards the room.
He fumbled the keys out of his pocket as he held her aloft and pushed the door open. He walked to the table and set her down, breaking the kiss and pulling away.
“Strip.” He said.
Her heart hammered in her chest as she stood up and took off her clothes. She watched his hands as the unbuttoned his shirt. He tossed it aside and walked over to her.
“Lay down” he told her
She did
He walked to the corners of the table securing her hands and feet. He checked the bonds, making sure they weren’t too tight. She watched as he walked around, her breathing quickening with anticipation. He turned and walked to a trunk that she hadn’t seen earlier, opening it and pulling stuff out.
She saw the Hitachi in his hand, and she felt herself growing more aroused. He returned to the table and looked down at her. He began running his hands over her body, caressing her gently. Massaging her breasts, stooping to suck on her nipples. His hand slid down the length of her body, and he started rubbing her. He moaned when he felt how wet she was. She moaned when he slipped a finger into her.
She relaxed into his touch and began to grind herself against his hand. Another finger slid into her, and she moaned again, grinding harder. He started rubbing her faster, and more forcefully. She could feel an orgasm growing already. Her hips rolled, pressing her clit hard into his palm and bringing her closer to the edge.
He pulled his mouth from her breast and whispered in her ear
“Cum for me baby” he said simply, and she did.
Those four words sent her over the edge and waves of pleasure washed over her. Her body tensed, pulling against her bonds as she called out in ecstasy. He pulled his fingers out of her and picked up the Hitachi. She heard as it buzzed to life, felt it touch her throbbing clit lightly and begin to tease her. She moaned at its touch, her first orgasm still rolling through her.
He turned up the speed, and touched her again, lighter this time, teasing her more. His hand found her breast and he started pinching her nipple as he teased her swollen clit. She rocked her hips, as the vibe teased her, and she felt another orgasm building already. Without warning, he pressed the vibe down hard onto her clit. She screamed at the sudden stimulation, and her hips bucked, pulling her ass off the table as she tried to pull away. Her next orgasm crashed over her, and it was all she could do to suck in a breath. She felt her juices dripping out of her. He pulled the Hitachi away from her, and her ass splashed back onto the table.
She began to catch her breath, and the Hitachi returned. Pressing hard into her. She screamed again, fighting against the straps. Her voice cracked as she screamed again, another orgasm taking control of her body. She shook uncontrollably, her whole body ached up off the table every muscle in her tensed at once.
“Oh my fucking God!” She yelled, her voice cracked again.
He kept the Hitachi pressed hard against her. She started whimpering, trying in earnest to get away from it
“Please, it hurts, please” she begged, as she fought to get away.
He pulled the toy away from her, and stroked the hair out of her face. She opend her eyes and looked up at him. He looked back at her and smiled.
“I want you inside me” she said, staring into his eyes.
The lust flickered back to life in those eyes, and he climbed atop the table. Pressing against her as he began to kiss her again. He reached down and undid his pants, shoving them down, out of the way.
Her back arched as he entered her. She felt herself stretching around him. He moved gently. Long, slow thrusts. He kissed her as he moved inside her and she moaned into his mouth. She moved her hips up to meet him, and he moaned as he felt her wet lips brushing against him.
He reached over her head and unfastened the straps on her hands. She threw her arms around him, pulling him closer into the kiss, feeling his body on hers. They moved in unison, and another orgasm took her. She whimpered as her body quivered. He moved slowly, keeping her surfing the waves of pleasure as the crashed over he body.
As her orgasm faded, he withdrew himself from her. She looked up at him as he unfastened her legs. She sat up, and he reached out to her, pulling her to the edge of the table. He entered her again, drawing another moan from her as he lifted her into the air. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he began to drive his hips up.
Her arms settled around his neck as her head fell back. He grunted as he thrust into her. She could hear herself moaning as she lost herself in the moment, she flexed her muscles on him and he moaned, his legs going weak for a moment. She looked at him and smiled as the locked eyes.
He walked over to the wall, and pinned her there. She kept her legs wrapped around him, pulling him deeper. She squeezed him tighter and felt him begin to tense up.
“I’m gonna cum” he grunted.
He began to thrust harder, pounding into her now. She bounced up with each thrust, and another orgasm started in her.
“Cum with me daddy!” She screamed as it took control.
Her legs locked around his waist, pulling him deep inside. He let out a gasp ash she felt him throbbing inside her, felt his load blast into her. She pulled him tight against her, flexing around him again and milking him. He continued to push into her, as he pumped her full. She kissed him again, as their orgasms faded away.
He walked back to the table and set her down on it, pulling himself out of her. She felt his seed dripping out of her as she lay back on the table, too weak to move. She lay there for a while, catching her breath and smiling.
When she had recovered, she propped herself up on her elbows and looked at him. He was sitting in a chair, staring at her.
“Thank you for showing me” she said.
He chuckled, stood up, and walked over to her. He kissed her forehead, and caressed her cheek. In the living room, his phone started ringing. He ran out and answered it. She could hear him talking, but couldn’t make out what he was saying. A moment later, he returned.
“I hate to cut this short, but I’ve got to go.” He explained.
He kissed her again, wiped himself down with a towel, dressed, and walked out the door. She heard the front door shut as he left the apartment. She breathed deeply and pushed herself to her feet. Her legs were weak, and she had to lead against the table for support.
She made her way to the shower, and cleaned herself up. She got dressed herself, and cleaned up the mess they had made in the love chamber. She decided that’s what she would call it. She walked out of the apartment and out onto the street, hailing a cab. This was one experience that she would never forget, and one she hoped to repeat soon.

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