New Experiences

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After a rough breakup, a woman answers an add online

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Chapter 1

The add on the website read “You come over, I use you, you leave”. Simple, straightforward, to the point. She liked that. This guy didn’t beat around the bush. She clicked reply and wrote “What time do you want me there?” She attached a photo of herself and hit send.

Her friend had told her about this site after a break up a month or two ago. She had caught her boyfriend cheating on her, and kicked him to the curb. Now that some time had passed, she was ready to move on and feel like a woman again. Her friend had told her about a couple of her, more freaky, experiences from this site, so she decided to give it a shot.
Two days passed before she received a reply. It, too, was short and to the point. One simple question. “Limits?” She thought for a moment. What was she getting into? Sex was fun, but it had always seemed bland to her. Sure, she got off, but she suspected that there was more fun to be had.
“Dont cut me, and dont kill me. Everything else is fair game” she responded. Her heart rate sped up a little as she pressed send. She thought of all the things she had ever been curious about trying, but had been too scared to ask for. Would this be her opportunity to see what they were all like? Thoughts and images raced through her mind, both arousing and frightening her.
The next day, she received a response. Again, it was simple, an address and a time. She stared at the email for what seemed like an eternity. Was she really going to do this? She had no idea who this person was. Was she prepared to surrender her body to a total stranger? She thought about her past experiences, how she would try so hard to make her partners happy. She wouldn’t have to worry about that here. She could be free to just enjoy the experience.
“I’ll be there.” She typed. Her finger hovered over the send button for a moment, a last bit of doubt floating through her mind. She pressed the button and her heart jumped into her throat. That was it, no turning back now. She began to get ready, she only had a couple of hours before what could be the best experience of her life...or the worst mistake she ever made.
Four hours later, she stepped out of her uber. She hadn’t been sure what to wear for the occasion, so she had kept it simple. She wore yoga pants, figuring all men like yoga pants, and an older t-shirt that fit close to her body, showing off a bit of her curves. She figured she wouldn’t be wearing the clothes very long anyway, so why bother with a cute outfit?
Her breathing and heart rate both sped up as she walked up to the door. She found the apartment number on the panel, pressed the button, and waited.
“Ya?” A voice said through the speaker. It was a deep voice, very masculine. She like the sound of it
“Umm...I’m here?” She said, feeling nervous. Butterflies danced in her stomach.
The door buzzed and popped open. She walked into the building and got on the elevator. Her hands started to shake as she ascended, her nerves on edge as she got closer. The elevator dinged as she reached the correct floor, and she jumped at the noise. She giggled to herself as the doors slid open and she stepped out.
His apartment was at the end of the hall, and she walked slowly towards the door. When she finally reached it, she stood in front of it, looking down at her feet for a moment. She mustered up all her courage and reached out, knocking. A moment later the door opened.
He was tall, well over six feet, and he was well built. His shirt showed off his arms and his chest, both heavy with muscle, but not the muscle that was built in a gym. The muscle that was built by working, the practical kind of muscle. She looked down his body, he wore blue jeans that fit him well, and she gulped when she saw the bulge in them. What had she done?
He opened the door wide and held his hand out to the side, inviting her in. She looked up at him and smiled as she walked in, giggling nervously and playing with her hair. He shut the door behind her, and locked it. She followed him into the kitchen and leaned against the counter. He turned to her.
“You need anything before we get started? Water maybe?” He asked.
His voice was even better in person, she thought to herself.
“No, I’m fine. Thank you though.” She said
“Of course, its here if you need it, just ask” he said.
He looked her over, his eyes calculating. She stood nervously, watching his face. He was a good looking guy, why had he resorted to posting on that site? She wondered.
“Shall we get started then?” He asked, gesturing towards another room.
She nodded and followed. The room he led her to looked like any other bedroom, not like the torture dungeon she had been imagining. As soon as he stepped inside the room, his entire demeanor changed. He stood straighter, his shoulders back. His body language leaving no doubt that he was in charge now. He turned to her and looked directly into her eyes.
“Strip” he said. His voice had so much force in it that she didn’t dare protest.
She pulled off her clothes and tossed them to the side, standing there naked, looking up at him. He began to unbutton his shirt as he looked over her naked form. She saw his bulge start to grow out of the corner of her eye.
“Get on your knees” he demanded.
She dropped immediately. Staring up at him as he threw his shirt to the side and began to undo his pants. He removed his pants and stood there, looking down at her, then turned to the dresser and opened a drawer. When he turned back around, she say a black, nylon rope in his hand. He walked around behind her and squatted down. He grabbed her arms in strong hands and pulled them behind her back, binding them at the elbows and again at her wrists.
She watched him as he walked around her, looking down and inspecting her.
“You may call me sir. At no time will you refuse my demands, is that clear?” He began. He reached down and grabbed a handful of hair, pulling her head back and forcing her to look into his eyes.
“Ye...yes” she stammered
“What was that? I didn’t hear you?” He asked, slapping her across the face.
“Yes sir!” She said, turning her eyes back to him. Her heart began to hammer in her chest.
“That’s a good whore” he said, releasing her hair and stepping in front of her. “Now, open your mouth”
She did, and he stuffed himself into it. She gagged as he grabbed her face on either side and began thrusting. Her eyes began to water and she fought the urge to retch. She closed her eyes as she fought, and he slapped her hard again.
“Look at me when I fuck your throat” he growled, thrusting deep and holding her head in place.
She struggled to breathe around his manhood. Panic grew on her face as she ran out of air. Finally, he pulled himself out of her and she gasped in a breath, coughing. Then, he was back, thrusting harder now. She began to salivate heavily, her own spit dripping down her chin as he drove into her mouth again and again.
“Suck it clean bitch” he said, stopping his thrusting, and standing still.
She began sucking and licking him, slurping at his member. She took him as deep as she could, trying to get every drop of her saliva off of him. She looked up at him while she did, holding eye contact. She could feel herself getting wet. She had never been so turned on in her life, and her juices began to drip down her legs.
“That’s a good whore” he said when he was clean.
He reached down and picked her up, lifting her easily into the air. He dropped her onto the bed and stood, looking at her prone form. He began running his hands over her bare back, grabbing and kneading her ass, squeezing her thighs and calves. He claimed atop her, his weight settled over her thighs and she strained to see what he was doing.
“Look at the wall, slut” he yelled.
She snapped her head back around and her body tensed with anticipation. His hands kept roaming over her. He raised one hand and spanked her, the smack echoed in the room and she cried out.
“Shut your whore mouth. Lay there and take it, I dont want to hear anything out of you. Do you understand me?”
“Yes sir” she said, burying her face in the blankets and biting down on them.
He spanked her again, and she fought the urge to cry out. She whimpered into the blankets and kept quiet. His weight eased off of her, and his hands forced her legs open. He continued to massage and spank her. She could feel how wet she was, surely making a mess on his bed. Then she felt his breath on her ass as he began to kiss each cheek. She felt as he spread her cheeks apart and his tongue began to taste her. Probe her. He sucked at the juices dripping out of her.
He began to lick her ass hole. Teasing it with his tongue, she gasped as he put a finger into her vagina. He fingerd her and licked her ass, and she moaned in pleasure. Pushing herself against his face. He spanked her again, harder.
“Hold the fuck still bitch!” He growled.
She stopped moving. His weight shifted as she gasped again as he entered her soaked vagina. He reached up and grabbed her hair again, pulling her head back as he started thrusting hard into her. She whimpered and moaned, her eyes closed.
“Look at me while I fuck you, whore” he demanded.
She opened her eyes and found his, locking gazes with him as he pounded into her. He reached up with is free hand and shoved it into her mouth.
“Suck bitch”
She started sucking on his fingers, gagging on them as he shoved them farther into her mouth. He pulled his hand back out of her mouth and released his grip on her hair. Her head fell back to the bed, but she kept looking back. She watched as he thrust, his abs flexing as he drove his hip forward, slamming into her.
He began playing with her ass again, rubbing it, pressing into it with his saliva covered fingers. She moaned as he inserted a finger and began to move it inside her. His thrusting grew harder, and he forced another finger into her ass, stretching it more.
“You have a really tight ass for a whore.” He joked, spanking her again.
She winced but looked back at him
“Thank you sir” she said though a moan. Waves of pleasure began to wash over her. She hadn’t ever had so much inside her, and she loved the feeling of being full. He thrust deeper, and she could feel him in her stomach. Her legs began to shake as an orgasm creeped up on her.
“I’m gonna cum sir!” She breathed, feeling the orgasm begin to take hold of her. He pulled out of her and walked around to her face. She looked up at him as the orgasm faded away, leaving her feeling unfulfilled.
“Taste yourself on me” he said, grabbing her face and cramming himself in her mouth again.
She began to suck her juices off of him, her tongue working over his shaft and head, feeling him throb inside her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down his length sucking him clean again.
He withdrew himself from her mouth, and slapped her hard across the face again.
“That’s for thinking you could cum without permission. You dont cum unless I tell you to, am I clear?” He scolded
“Yes sir. I’m sorry sir.” She replied.
“That’s a good slut” he said, running his hands through her hair and looking into her eyes.
He walked back and mounted her again. She felt the head of him pressing into her ass. She buried her face in the blankets and bit down hard on them, stifling her scream. He pressed into her, deeper and deeper, stretching her virgin hole out with his girth. He grunted and moaned as he did so, and she grew wetter still hearing his pleasure.
He began to thrust into her, slowly at first. He spit into his hand and rubbed it onto himself as he drew back for another thrust. He picked up power and speed as she began to relax a little more. She moaned as he lifted her hips and reached around, rubbing her swollen clit. He spanked her again while he pounded her virgin hole.
Another orgasm began to build in her and she started to whimper, fighting to hold it back. His thrusting began to speed up and he started breathing heavier, she could feel him start to tense up as his own orgasm built up.
“I cant believe a filthy whore like you is going to make me cum already” he said.
He stopped rubbing her clit and grabbed both ass cheeks, squeezing hard, then slapping them again. He growled as he gripped her hips and drove himself into her harder still. Her body bounced with the impact of his thrusts, and her orgasm grew more intense.
“Cum with me you little whore!” He said, as he reached around and started rubbing her clit again.
Her whole body began to shake as the orgasm took her. She whimpered and moaned, as she felt him tense up and deliver one final, mighty thrust. She felt him explode into her, felt him throbbing as he pumped his load into her. He thrust weakly, milking the last drops into her. The last waves of her own orgasm began to fade away and she sank down into the bed as he pulled out of her.
He lay on the bed next to her for a minute, stroking her back. He removed the ropes from her arms and tossed it into the corner of the room. She smiled when he smacked her ass one more time and left the bed. He walked out of the room, then returned with a bottle of water. He offered it and her clothes to her. She drank it all, then put her clothes back on, watching him do the same. He walked her to the door, and she stepped out into the hall. She turned to ask if she could see him again, but the door closed in her face. She stood there for a moment, then turned and walked towards the elevator, pulling her phone out and getting another uber.


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