Lessons Learned

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While the wife is away, the step father will play

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

I threw the last of her suitcases into the cab and shut the trunk, walking around to the side of the car and hugging my wife.
“Be safe, have fun, make some money.” I told her, planting a kiss on her forehead and smacking her ass lightly.
“Dont burn the house down while I’m gone” she replied, kissing me on the cheek and pinching me.
I opened the door for her and told her I loved her as she slid into the seat. She looked up at me and smiled, blowing me a kiss. I shut the door and stepped back, watching the cab drive away. Five days. She’d be fine for five days, and I’d have the house to myself. Well, mostly.
Her daughter would come around probably. She usually did when she got hungry or needed to sleep and none of her boyfriends could supply that for her. I turned and walked back into the house, shutting the door and taking in the silence.
Being lazy for a bit sounded nice, so I plopped down onto the couch and turned on the TV. It wasnt long before I passed out. When I woke up hours later, the sun was setting and the news was on. The weatherman droning on about a snow storm heading our way.
“Ya right,” I said to the weatherman, “if you can predict the weather around here, I’m a monkeys uncle”
I stood up and stretched the sleep out of my bones, then headed for the kitchen. The fridge was bare, and I didn’t feel like cooking anyway. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and ordered some pizza. I decided a shower was a good idea, so I hopped in, figuring that the pizza would be here shortly after I got out.
I opened the bathroom door, steam rolling out into the hallway, and walked into my room to get dressed. I checked my phone, and it said the pizza had been delivered. I walked out into the kitchen, and there sat her daughter, eating my pizza.
“I hope you didn’t eat it all” I said
She looked up at me and rolled her eyes.
“No. I didn’t eat it all.” She retorted, her voice dripping with sarcasm.
She flipped the box open and spun it around for me.
“Happy?” She asked
“When did you get here anyway?” I asked, stepping up to the box and grabbing a slice.
“I was hanging with Dillon when you’re order came through, so I had him drop me off when he dropped off the pizza”
“I thought you were with that John kid, the one that works at the coffee shop?”
“You really don’t pay attention to anything that goes on around here, do you?”
“Should I?” I asked her, as I bit into the pizza.
“God, your such a dick sometimes. I really dont know why my mom stays with you!” She said, getting up and storming off to her room
“Nice to see you too.” I called after her
Her and I haven’t really ever gotten along, it was just her and her mom for a long time before I came along. Now she blames me for stealing her mom and ruining her life. I found it pretty sad, shes really a sweet girl, and shes the spitting image of her mother. Shes a little under average height, dark hair and piercing, bright blue eyes. She had the body of a genetically blessed woman, she didn’t have to work for her curves, they came naturally to her. She would definitely be breaking hearts for years to come.
I settled back down on the couch with my pizza and found a movie to watch. Two hours later, I realized that I hadn’t heard anything from her since she got mad and stomped away. That was odd, usually she would come back out and keep arguing with me when she thought of another point. I walked back to her room and opened the door slightly.
She lay on her side, breathing deeply, clearly asleep. She was curled up in a little ball, and she looked like she was freezing. Those jeans she was wearing were full of holes, showing plenty of skin, and her shirt was little more than a bra. I walked into the room and grabbed a blanket, staring down at her. She really was beautiful. Her mother minus some wear and tear.
I noticed her curves again. Her hips, her ass. The way her chest rose and fell as she breathed. I reached out and brushes the hair out of her face and stared for a moment longer. Then I shook my head, draped the blanket over her and walked out.
Why was I so turned on right now? I wanted to go back in and start playing with her. Feel her bare skin under my hands. Hear her breathing heavily, moaning and asking me for more. Feel myself inside her.
Porn it was then, I needed to get off. It had been a while since her mom and I had done anything, and I hadn’t rubbed one out for a few days. That was probably it. I went into the bathroom and took care of my business, careful to be quiet and not wake her up.
With that handled, I headed to bed. I crawled under the blankets and closed my eyes. Visions of her danced behind my eyelids. Her naked body sprawled out across my bed. Her legs spread wide, her looking at me and beckoning me. I drifted off to sleep imagining myself inside my step daughter.

The next morning, I woke to the wind howling outside, tree limbs smacking the window panes. I got out of bed and looked out the window. The weatherman had been right. It was a straight up blizzard outside. I stumbled into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee, leaning against the counter while it brewed.
As I poured a cup, she came walking out of her room. She stopped at the door and looked out the window.
“Shit” she said.
She turned and walked into the kitchen, stopping and looking up at me.
“Did you cover me up last night?”
“Ya, you looked cold. Coffee?” I asked
“Sure. And thanks” she replied.
“Its just coffee, no need to thank me”
“I meant for covering me up, ass hat” she said, cracking a smile.
“Whatever” I said, handing her a cup and winking at her.
She laughed and accepted the cup. She grabbed a slice of pizza out of the box and dissapeared back into her room. I watched her go. Watched her hips sway as she walked. Had she always looked that good? How was I just now noticing it? I sipped my coffee and wondered.
I shook my head again, trying to clear the thoughts out of it. I got into the freezer and took out something for dinner later, then I hopped onto my computer to do some work. Having something to concentrate on kept my mind off of her.
That is, until she walked into my office wearing sweatpants and an old hoodie that she had cut off just above her bellybutton.
“I’m going to watch a movie, you want to watch with me? I was gonna make some popcorn and curl up on the couch.” She said.
“I could go for some popcorn” I replied, pushing myself away from my desk.
“Cool, you gotta get your own blanket though, I’m not sharing with you.”
“Ya, ya, whatever.” I said, shoving her lightly as she walked out of the room.
I walked into the kitchen and started the popcorn while she set up the movie. We settled in on the couch and just enjoyed the company for a bit. I watched her out of the corner of my eye. All her little mannerisms. When she missed her mouth and some popcorn went down her shirt. Her laugh at a joke on the movie.
I felt myself getting hard under the blanket. She was so sexy. What the hell was wrong with me? I turned my attention back to the movie, which was a bad idea. She had chosen a romance movie, a total chick flick. As I looked back at the screen, a love scene was starting up. The two main characters started going at it. It was totally unrealistic though.
“That’s not how you do that!” I blurted out, my mouth acting without my mind’s consent.
“What would you know?” She asked.
“I’ve got experience on you girly, I’ve been around the block a few times”
“Ok, how do you do it then mr. Experience?”
It was a scene where oral was being performed on the girl, this guy was just moving his head up and down, and shes laying there moaning like it was the best thing ever.
“Fist off, this guys just painting the fence!” I said
“What the hell does that even mean?” She asked, laughing now. She paused the movie, and turned to face me.
“Licking is all well and good, but shes not getting much out of it. Hes not paying any attention to her clit. He might get lucky and hit it every once in a while.”
“That’s how its always been done to me, and I always like it”
“That’s because you don’t know any better. If you had it done the right way, you’d smack the hell out of any guy that did this stupid shit” I said, pointing at the screen.
“It cant be that much better. I love getting oral.”
“You ever came from it?” I asked
“Well...no. Now that you mention it.” She responded, her brow furrowed.
“I rest my case.”
She stared at me for a second, then hit play on the movie, resuming the visual torture. The scene continued with him mounting her in missionary, and just thrusting his hips. I scoffed again. She paused the movie again and looked at me.
“What now?” She asked
“Hes just poking her with it!” I said
“Now you’re just being ridiculous, that feels great.”
“Until you get someone that knows how to work it. Penetration and clit stimulation. I’m really starting to feel bad for you” I said, before I could catch myself.
“You feel bad for me? I feel bad that my mom has to put up with all your extra bullshit” she shot back.
“All my extra bullshit has kept your mom happy for 5 years. How many guys have you gone through?”
She stared at me for a minute, looking like she wanted to say something. Then, she turned back to the TV and pressed play. The scene ended and the movie finished off without any more horrible love scenes. She stood up and stretched out, raising her cut off hoodie dangerously high and almost popping out of it.
“I’m gonna go lay down. Wake me up when dinner is ready” she said, walking back to her room.
I waited for my hardon to calm down, then walked back into my office, settling back into my work. This time though, my mind began to wander back to her. I wanted to have her tits in my hands. Taste her under my tongue. Show her what its supposed to be like when a man goes down on a woman. I started to get hard again. I spun around in my chair and make sure my door was closed.
I reached into my desk drawer and pulled out my headphones, plugging them in and opening up my browser. I just needed to get off again, that would help. I opened up some porn and started scrolling through the site, trying to find a good video. I finally found one that suited me and started stroking myself.
“Oh my god! Are you watching porn!!”
I nearly jumped out of my skin! I slammed my laptop shut and spun around in my chair, completely forgetting that my dick was in my hand. I looked down and realized what I had done. I tried to stuff it back into my pants, but the damage was done.
“No point in trying to say that it’s not what it looks like.” I said, flushing
She looked from me to the laptop, then back to my lap.
“No, theres definitely no denying it” she replied. “You couldn’t wait till tonight when you knew you wouldn’t get caught? You had to do it now?”
“You said you were going to go lay down until dinner was ready! Talking about it earlier got me all fired up, I had to take care of it.”
“Well, did you get your rocks off?”
“No, you busted in here and ruined it.”
“Aww, poor baby, you’re step daughter ruined you’re little fap session.”
I stood up and walked over to her, I’d had enough of her attitude, and I was going to take care of it one way or another. I stopped in front of her and looked down into her eyes.
“Last night when I covered you up, I stood there, looking at you. You looked so beautiful, laying there all curled up. I realized then how much you’ve grown these last few years.” I reached out and brushed her hair behind her ear.
“Earlier, during the movie, I realized how sad it was that you’ve never had a man satisfy you. How often do you actually orgasm during sex?” I asked
She crossed her arms and looked up at me
“Never, I always have to masturbate after.”
“I want to make you cum. I want you to know how sex should feel, not how it feels to be poked by some kid who’s just happy to be there.”
“You. Want to fuck me?! Are you for real right now?”
I reached down and put a hand on her hip.
“I just want you to experience good sex at least once. You’re mom doesn’t need to know. It would be a one time thing, we both get something out of it that we need, and we go on with our lives like it never happened.”
She looked down at the bulge in my pants, reaching out tentatively
“Go ahead, I saw you staring at it when you caught me”
She unbuttoned my pants and pulled my cock out. She started to stroke it, gripping it softly at first, but getting bolder quickly. Soon, she was giving me a full hand job. I pushed her hands off of me, buttoned up my pants and grabbed her hand, leading her back to the bedroom.
I pulled her clothes off of her and laid her down on the bed, kissing her. We lay like that for a while, kissing, my hands rubbing all over her body. I started kissing her neck and she moaned. As I worked my way down on her, her breathing intensified. By the time I got to her pussy, she was drenched, her juices dripping down onto the blanket under her.
I tasted her. She was so sweet. Her taste consumed me and I lost myself in her. Sucking her clit as i gently massaged her young pussy walls with my fingers. Her breathing picked up again, and she began to moan louder. Her hands gripped the back of my head, tangling in my hair as she held me in place. When she started to grind against my face, I knew she was close. I began to flick my tongue over her swollen clit, and she shrieked.
“Dont stop! Please! Dont stop!” She moaned
I had no intention of doing so, I kept my tongue flickering over her clit and started to suck harder. She screamed, and her legs clamped around my head as her orgasm took control of her body. I stopped sucking on her clit and lapped up the juices flowing out of her. As the orgasm faded, her legs relaxed and my head was once again free.
I kissed my way back up to her breasts and started playing with them. Sucking, squeezing, and gently biting on her nipples. I looked at her face and saw her eyes closed, a content smile spread across her face. I grabbed my cock and put the head of it against her. Her eyes flew open and she breathed in sharply as I slid myself into her and began to move.
I thrust in, as deep as I could get, and began to grind myself against her. My hips rolling in slow circles, grinding and thrusting deep inside her. She wrapped her legs around me and dug her nails into my back, breathing heavily and moaning softly. I picked up the pace, and started grinding harder against her. Her legs tightened around me, pulling me deeper still.
“Oh my god, yes” she whispered over and over.
I bent down and began kissing her neck again, and she wrapped her arms tight around me.
“Oh fuck! What ever you do, please dont stop!” She purred in my ear
“I want you to cum for me baby girl” I rumbled in her ear.
I kept thrusting into her and grinding hard on her clit. I could feel her walls starting to tighten up as she neared orgasm, and it threatened to push me over the edge. She was so tight that it was almost painful.
“I’m gonna cum! Dont stop, I’m gonna cum” she begged me
“Cum for me baby. I want to feel you cum on my cock”
“Oh my god! I’m cumming! Ohhhhh” she screamed.
Her legs locked around my waist as her walls clamped down on me cock, driving me over the edge and causing me to cum deep inside her.
“Fuck!” I breathed out, my body spasming as I released my load. Her walls kept gripping me tight, milking my cock and emptying me. I kissed her neck as the last waves of pleasure washed over us. Her limbs fell to the bed as I pulled myself out of her and watched my cum ooze out of her.
I walked into the bathroom and jumped into the shower, finally content. I cleaned myself off, and went to get her. She lay on the bed, passed out. I got dressed, then put a blanket over her so she could lay there filled with my seed. I watched her sleep for a few, the smile never faded from her face.
I walked into the kitchen and started dinner, happy to have helped the girl out.

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