Primal Urges

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A vampire and a human have a night of passion

Erotica / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

The sun sank behind the city’s skyline, casting long shadows and settling into full dark. Street lights flickered to life as people rushed about the streets, hurrying to get home to their families after another day of work. I didn’t have that problem. The night time was my time, and this city was my playground. I strolled down the street, breathing deep, smelling the blood coursing through every vein around me. My mouth began to water, and I ran my tongue over my teeth.
Being a vampire has its perks. All the people scurrying around, working, worrying about how they’ll pay the bills. All I had to do was eat a couple of people and take whatever money they had. That pays the rent. I basically get paid to eat. It’s a great life. The immortality thing isn’t bad either.
I made my way to the red light district. I hadn’t eaten there for a while, and the hookers walking the streets usually had a pretty good amount of cash. I rounded the corner and spotted a group of scantily clad women standing on a corner. It was still early, so I decided to get off the street and watch them for a few.
Scaling walls easily is another perk, it comes with the supernatural strength. I just jump up, sink my fingers into the wall, and repeat the process. Ten stories in as many seconds, and I had a perfect vantage point from which to stalk my prey.
Two hours, and twenty John’s later, I had my first target of the evening in mind. She was a leggy woman, almost six feet tall. She wore a skin tight red miniskirt and a black top that left little to the imagination. She had left and returned with ten of the twenty guys that her little group had serviced so far. I stepped up to the side of the building and dropped down into the alley, landing lightly and straightened my coat.
I walked back out onto the street and made my way to their corner. They all turned and looked at me as I walked up, smiling and twirling their hair. One even winked at me and grabbed my hand as I stepped up to the group. I spun her around, looking her over as I did, hearing her heart speed up.
“Good evening ladies” I said, looking around the group.
“Hey handsome.” The girl in my arm cooed.
She was a little blonde, very cute. Nice breasts that filled out her torn “poison” shirt very nicely. An ass to die for. If this was simply about getting laid, she would be my first choice. But I was hungry, and I wanted to get paid.
“How are you lovely ladies doing tonight?” I asked, looking into the eyes of my target.
She blushed and looked down, fidgeting with her skirt as she did
“We’re great, how are you doing stud?” The little blonde said, grabbing me through my pants.
Her eyes widened and she purred when she felt me. I looked down at her and smiled, winking.
“I’m doing wonderful, thanks for asking hun.” I replied, brushing a stray strand of hair behind her ear. I turned to my girl and stared at her again, letting a bit of my hunger show in my eyes.
She flushed red again as I stepped towards her, shrugging off the blonde.
“What do you say you and I take a walk sweetie?” I asked her, holding out my arm for her to grab.
She smiled big, and laced her arm through mine “I’d love to” she mumbled through her grin.
We started walking down the street, and she began talking to me. Small talk mostly and after I had her, I quit listening. This would be over soon, and I knew she wouldn’t be enough to fill me up. I could smell the taint of heroin in her blood too, which meant I was going to get heartburn. Yes, vampires can get heartburn.
We rounded a corner and walked under a bridge, a nice secluded spot that she had probably brought many guys too before. This would be her last view of this world.
“Ok, so its fifty for head, one fifty for sex. Two hundred for anal” she said, suddenly all business.
She looked up at me as she grabbed the front of my pants and began to undo them.
“Well, I’m partial to anal” I said as she pulled my member free of my pants.
She looked down and gulped.
“I dont know if that will fit” she said giggling, apprehensively “How about we just fuck and I cut you a deal? Seventy-five for sex, hows that sound?”
“Ok, that sounds fair to me.” I responded, guiding her towards the wall. “Can I kiss your neck while I do it? That really gets me going.”
“As long as you dont try to put that fucking thing in my ass, you can do whatever you want hunny.”
I laughed as I began to kiss her neck. She turned her head to the side and let out a sigh.
I growled as I sank my teeth into her, covering her mouth to silence her scream. She began to fight against me, trying to hit me or kick me. I clamped my free arm over her flailing limbs and lifted her clear of the ground. I drank and drank, sucking ever last drop out of her. Her legs began to slow, and her fighting grew weaker as she was drained.
I laid her down on the ground when I was done, and began searching her. She had hidden the money in her sock, classic spot really. I pulled a knife from my pocket, and made it look like a normal murder. I couldn’t have the cops thinking us vamps actually existed.
Once that business was through, I picked up her lifeless body and dumped her behind some garbage cans.
With my first meal out of the way, I decided to head to the park. With luck, I could find a deer. They were rare, and not as tasty as humans, but there was a lot more blood for the taking.
I made my way through the city, entering tha park about an hour later. Maybe one day, I’d eat a drug dealer or someone that had enough money for me to get a car. I took in a deep breath, trying to catch a whiff of what was in the park. Humans, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, even a snake. It was there though, it was faint, but it was there. A deer. Jackpot.
I moved further into the park, following my nose. About twenty minutes later, I spotted it. She was about fifty feet away, and had no clue I was there. I crept to within pouncing distance and jumped. She let out a startled bleating noise as I took her down. I picker her up and moved off into some trees, and out of the clearing.
The deer struggled with me as I put her down in the little grove of trees. I grabbed her head and pulled her neck up to my mouth, biting hard and feeling the hot blood squirt out into my mouth. The blood wasnt as sweet as human, but it wasnt bad.
I sat there and drank for a while, just enjoying the night, and looking up at the stars.
I finished her off and burped, laughing to myself as it echoed through the trees. A stick broke behind me, and I jumped up, spinning. A woman stared back at me.
She was average height, maybe a bit over five and a half feet tall. She had curly brown hair, tied up in a tail that hung down to just below her shoulders. She was built like a runner, all slender, toned muscle. She was really quite lovely, standing there in her black yoga pants and matching sports bra.
The fact that her face had gone a ghostly white did little to detract from her beauty.
“Wha...what...what happened to the deer?” She asked, staring at me wide eyed
I could feel blood running down my chin, and I realized that I probably looked horrible.
“I ate her” I replied calmly, wiping my mouth on a bandana I pulled out of my pocket.
“You...are her?” She asked, confusion clear in her tone.
“Yep, you ever had deer blood? It’s not quite as good as a person, but it gets the job done”
She laughed nervously
“What are you, a vampire or something?” She mocked
“Yes” I replied.
I moved to her before she could respond, and she stumbled back, falling on her ass. I squatted down over her and looked at her.
“Holy shit, you’re real!” She breathed, looking up at me wide eyed.
“As real as you”
“ to eat me now?” She asked, clearly scared.
I looked down at her. Really, I should, just to keep her quiet. But I was full, I couldn’t drink another drop. I stood up and thought for a second. Then I extended my arm, offering her my hand.
“Not tonight, maybe some other time.” I said, helping her to her feet.
She brushed herself off, and I noticed her curves. The way her ass bounced as she brushed it off. Now that I was close to her, I could see how much her sports bra struggled to contain her breasts. I saw every muscle ripple in her exposed stomach. Her toned legs as she bent to get a leaf out of her shoe lace.
With my hunger satiated, I had another primal need that I wanted to fulfill too.
“Just like that, you’re gonna let me go?” She asked, looking up at me.
I met her eyes and held them. I smiled.
“Yep, I’m gonna swear you to secrecy though.” I said, winking.
I moved closer and brushed some hair out of her face, lightly touching her cheek as I did. Her eyes fluttered shut for a second at my touch.
Another perk of being a vampire, we can smell when is craving sex. This woman was so frustrated sexually that she oozed the scent. She wanted it as bad as I did.
“What can I do to make sure you don’t talk, and you keep breathing?” I asked her
Her breathing sped up, her chest rising and falling, straining the bra even more.
“I wont, I swear. Who would believe me anyway?” She sputtered, swallowing hard.
I moved my hand to the back of her neck, caressing her soft skin, feeling goose bumps form at my touch.
“Relax girl, I dont want to hurt you, I’m not going to eat you. Well, I might...” she looked up at me sharply, her breath catching, “but you would enjoy it” I finished.
“What do you mean?” She asked
“I can smell it on you. You need to get laid.”
“Wh..what?! What do you mean?”
“Humans have a smell when they are horny love. Pheromones they give off to let other humans know they are open for business, so to speak.” I explained. “You are dripping with them. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t smell you as soon as you walked into the park”
“That’s crazy! You cant smell if I’m horny!”
“Am I wrong?” I asked, locking eyes with her again.
“ But theres no way you smelled it!”
“I can smell that your getting wet talking to me right now.”
“I am not!” She retorted
“I also know you’re not wearing panties under those yoga pants”
“How could you possibly know that?!”
“Because I can see how wet you’re getting.”
She looked down and flushed red. Embarrassment plain on her face.
“Ok, maybe you’re right.” She conceded.
I laughed and looked down at her. The dark spot on her pants was growing. She was nervous, but aroused.
“Seems like we are both feeling some kind of way, as the kids would say.” I said, sliding my hand down her back and tracing little circles on her spine.
Her eyes closed for a second and she took a shakey breath. A soft moan escaped her lips as I continued to touch her bare skin. She began to relax a little, the tension melting out of her body. She reached out and grabbed at me through my pants. Her eyes opened in surprise and she looked up at me.
“Are you hard right now?” She asked
“Not yet”
“ want to?”
“You promise you wont eat me?”
“Well, you’re going to be my midnight snack, but you’ll survive the night.”
“What do yo...oh...oooohhhhh” she giggled “ok”
“Your place or mine?” I asked.
“I’m only three blocks away. I’ll get us a cab” she said, grabbing my hand and leading me out to the street.
She hailed a taxi and we climbed in. She held my hand the whole ride. I traced different shapes on her thigh and watched the wet spot on her pants grow more still. The cab dropped us off, and she ran inside, nearly yanking my arm out of its socket.
I barely closed the door and she jumped on me, wrapping her arms and legs around me and smashing her mouth into mine. We kissed like that for a few before she started to grind against me. She was beginning to soak my pants through her own. I walked towards the couch and sat down with her on my lap.
She broke the kiss, tearing her bra free and tossing it aside. My hands slid up her body and grabbed her breasts, one in each hand.
“Suck on my nipples” she said
I obliged, taking her right nipple in my mouth and sucking hard, circling it with my tongue. I switched nipples and started pinching the other one. Once her nipples were both standing erect, I stated kissing down her body. Sucking and nibbling here and there, feeling her muscles tense whenever I bit her.
I spun around quickly, dropping her on the couch before she realized I was moving. She let out a little shriek and a giggle as she landed. I grabbed her yoga pants and pulled them off of her toned body. She glistened, her juices dripping out of her.
I put her legs over my shoulders and pulled her hips towards me, bringing her ass to the edge of the couch. Soft kisses on her inner thighs, I worked my way down to her sweet wetness. I kissed her, tasted her on my lips. Slowly licked up her slit, around it inside it. Cleaning up the mess I had caused.
I found her clit and began flicking my tongue over it, before closing my mouth over it and sucking hard. My tongue went to work again, flying over her swollen clit. She moaned softly, her hand falling to the back of my head. I slipped two fingers inside her, and she clamped down on them, squeezing them tightly. I rubbed her walls, curling my fingers up slightly to hit her g-spot. Her moans grew louder, then turned into screams. Her legs began to shake and her grip on my head tightened.
She ground herself against my face as an orgasm flooded through her. She gushed juices out, her walls clamping down so hard that they forced my fingers out of her. Her screams echoed through the house as she came. I continued sucking on her clit until she pushed my head off of her. She lay there, twitching as the final waves of the orgasm washed over her.
“Holy fuck!” she said, when she could finally speak. She laughed as she slid off the couch and got on her knees in front of me.
She looked up at me as she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. She pulled them down, and took me in her hand.
“Holy fuck!” She said again, looking at my member.
“I want your cock so bad” she said looking up into my eyes.
She took it in her mouth. Her tongue working in circles around the head while she sucked. Her hand gripping it tightly, she began to stroke me as she bobbed her head up and down my length. I reached down and held her head as she worked me. Her tongue felt amazing as it fluttered around me.
I pulled her mouth off of me and stood her up, bending over and kissing her lips again. I grabbed her hips and lifted her into the air. She let out a little squeal and another giggle as she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I pulled her far enough away to enter her.
Her head fell back as I penetrated her. Her breathing caught for a moment as she stretched around me.
“Oh my god” she panted, “dont do anything yet.”
I held her like that for a moment, tight against me, my cock throbbing inside her.
“Fuck me. Please, fuck me” she said after some time
I began to move, starting slow. I didn’t want to hurt the poor girl, who knew how long it had been since anyone had been in her. I picked up the pace, lifting her and letting some of her weight fall back as I thrust up into her. Her breathing started to speed up again, and she began to whimper. I started thrusting harder, her whole body shaking from the impact. She let out a shriek and her arms and legs closed so tightly against me that I couldn’t thrust anymore.
Her walls spasming on me, her whole body shaking as she came a second time. She kissed my neck as the second orgasm passed, and I asked her where the bedroom was.
“Let me see if I can walk” she said
I pulled myself out of her and set her down on the floor. Her legs were shakey, but she managed to lead me back to her bedroom.
“Lay down on your stomach” I told her.
She walked over to the bed and did, looking back at me. I got on top of her, straddling her hips and entertaining her from behind. She gasped as I filled her again. I started thrusting hard. It had been a long time since I’d been with anyone, and I was going to make sure this one was worth it.
I grabbed her hips and began to pull her back as I drove my cock into her. We began to inch up the bed towards the headboard. Her moans and screams only grew in volume. I pulled out of her and pulled her back to the edge of the bed.
“Get on all fours for me” I told her
She did, and I slid back into her. I reached up and grabbed her throat as I started pounding into her. I pulled her body back up against me as I choked her. I could feel her pulse, quick and strong as I thrust into her. Her moans came out in strangled gasps as I cut off the blood flow to her brain.
My thrusts gained more power still, driving deep into her. She gripped me tight, and wet slapping sounds filled the room. Her juices ran down her legs and mine alike. I drove myself up into her, keeping her barely conscious.
“!” She said between thrusts.
I kept the same pace until I felt her starting to tighten up on me again. As soon as the orgasm started, I relaxed the grip on her throat, letting the blood flood back into her brain as the wave of endorphins washed over her. Again, juices gushed out of her, soaking the floor, the bed, and both of us. I was forced out of her by her walls closing down.
She lay there in a puddle of sex for a few moments. When she stopped quivering, I flipped her over on her back and pulled her back to the edge of the bed. I entered her again, watching her face as I did. She gasped again, then took in another breath as I crossed her legs in front of me and hugged them against my body.
I started moving, pulling back, and driving myself as deep into her as I could. Each thrust got a little harder and a little faster. Each moment elicited more and louder moans from her. I could feel my orgasm coming. It was building, and it was building fast.
“I’m about to come” I said through clenched teeth, thrusting hard and holding back now
“Come inside me!” She screamed
Two more thrusts and I exploded. I was buried deep inside her as I did. My body twitched as I pumped my load into her. I moaned as I did, bending down and kissing her mouth. I kept thrusting and pumping, emptying years of pent up aggression into her.
I stood up and looked down at myself inside her. My seed spilled out around my cock. I pulled out, and it flooded out of her, making almost as big of a mess as she had made. She lay ther on the bed, my seed and her juices soaking her, with a happy contented smile on her face.
I walked through the house and found the bathroom. I cleaned myself off a bit, then walked out to the living room. I got dressed and walked back to the bedroom. I looked inside to see her sleeping. I walked into the room, kissed her on the forehead, and walked out of the house, locking the door behind me.
I checked my watch. I only had an hour before daybreak.
“Guess I better get a cab” I said to myself as I walked out the door.

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