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A billionaire philanderer CEO who is a womanizer in nature, and a firm, novel, resolute secretary who wants to earn just a little more. What happens when Jaehyun find his secretary as the apple of his eye but seemingly out of his league? He does the unusual.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1| S E R E N D I P I T Y


(English) (n) the chance occurrence of events in a beneficial way

For most people, evenings are usually spent with their family, friends, special person, or just by themselves alone, in a fancy dinner or a simple supper. But for Jaehyun, evenings are usually spent with his flavor of the day.

“Baby, give me more. Go deeper inside of me,” the unknown woman on the bed moaned as he thrusted inside of her with much deliberately force, sweat dripping from his body, increasing the sexual tension filling the air.

“You want more?” Jaehyun asked, breathing hard as he abruptly flipped the woman with her back facing his front. “Can’t get enough of me, can you?”

A playful smirk shaped his lips when he started pumping inside of her fast, hard, and deep just when she was about to say something, making the woman scream with ecstasy. He grabbed onto her shoulders and began thrusting erratically, chasing his orgasm, and not a moment after he finally reached his peak, just a fraction late from the woman, whose legs were shaking from the orgasm she just had.

Falling on the bed, the woman crawled on top of him and layed her head on his chest as he try to gain back some energy after his “evening exercise”.

Jaehyun’s eyes searched for his phone when it rang to the dismay of his flavor of day, who started planting sensual kisses along his neck, which he rolled his eyes at. Fumbling with his pants, he eventually got his phone from the pocket and swiped it up.

“Baby, just forget about that. Come here,” the woman whined, but unfortunately, was blatantly ignored as he stood up from the bed and checked his phone.

Jaehyun was very peculiar in terms of the ringing of his phone. He did not have any social media apps on it; hence only important messages reach him, and the notification he just got was definitely one of them, if not the most.

“Dear Mr. Jung,

Attached herewith are the maps you have requested. I have also uploaded them on google drive, just for good measures. Shapefiles of the maps are in “shp” folder in case you will need them.

Have a nice day ahead, Sir.

Very truly yours,

Kim Eunae”

Jaehyun looked at his wristwatch and shook his head as a knowing smile crept his lips. “This girl is really something,” he muttered to himself as he composed his reply.

“Hi Ms. Kim,

Glad to receive them an hour before your deadline, as usual. Great job. Will look into them later.

With gratitude,

Jung Jaehyun”

To say he was fond of this employee would have been an understatement. Jaehyun adored how punctual this employee of his was and how they share the same characteristic of being a perfectionist. Her outputs have always met his standards, even surpassing those most of the time, and at one point, he was amazed as to how detailed and how diligent she was in terms of her work, even though she was juggling it together with her studies.

Jaehyun saw her resume by accident, but hired her by choice, to say the truth. His secretary misplaced her resume; instead of having it delivered to the HR department, it got accidentally mixed up with business proposals he was to sign that day. Interested with her background, he hired her even though she was on the other side of the earth because her written qualifications piqued his interest—has a background in making maps and graduated from a field that was a mix of soft and hard sciences; something his company really needed.

But maybe the most that caught his attention was, at a very young age, she had already finished university and just after six months from graduating, she was already ready to pursue her master’s degree. For him, that screamed something: passion.

Passion on what? He did not know, but he was sure it was passion that drove her to learn something new, something more in-depth, and it has been almost two years and he was still curious and eager to find it out.

A hand on his crotch brought him back to reality, realizing that he was still inside the VIP Room of his friend’s bar.

“Baby,” the woman purred, bringing her hand up and down on his dick as she trailed wet kissing along his neck down to his chest. “Do you want to play with me once more?”

A smirk crawled back to his lips as he held the woman’s hands. Tilting her chin with his other hand, he brought his head down, near enough for his breath to fan her lips, before giving her a sly smirk.

“No,” he said, as he pried her hands off of him and began putting on his clothes. The woman laughed, flirty as he remarked it, and strode towards him, swaying her hips.

“Come on baby, I know you want some more of this,” she teased, biting her lower lip and caressing her breast in one hand while putting the other on her most private part.

Jaehyun let out a condescending laugh as he picked up his tie, “I don’t do women twice, and honey,” he started, as he opened the door and looked back at her, “you’re not even good, you’re just like everyone else I had banged; mediocre.”

A high heeled shoe met the door with a loud bang with Jaehyun swiftly evading the sharp weapon.

“How dare you! Just a while ago you were screaming for me, you asshole!” The woman yelled, anger oozing from her veins, and Jaehyun could not stop himself from letting out a mocking laugh.

Fixing his tie, he stepped out and gave her one last look, “you were the one screaming for my name to give you more. That,” he pointed at her still quivering legs, “explains everything, don’t you think so?”

And with that, he left and walked towards the elevator leaving the woman with a blush of embarrassment painting her cheeks.

“Women,” Jaehyun mumbled, as he took the elevator with a wide triumphant smirk.

This was his everyday routine: stressing himself at work and relieving all of them by night on a bed with a woman. It was his way of coping up with the stress he got from his business, and maybe, just maybe, from the painful past that keeps on haunting him. For Jaehyun, women, except for his older sister, were nothing special to take over his life. They were nothing special to be taken care of. They were all the same. They were not worth it to be loved.

There was only one woman in his list whom he loves, and it was his sister. And Jaehyun has no plans of adding any other woman on that list. He was certain of that.

Jaehyun skimmed the pocket of his pants when his phone buzzed.

“Dear Mr. Jung,

Just in case your secretary failed to inform you, I will be away for two weeks and will not be able to take any job requests as of the moment. Thank you for your consideration. Hope you will have a nice summer.

Very truly yours,

Kim Eunae”

“Kim Eunae, just who are you?” Jaehyun muttered, scrolling the screen of his phone up and down with a wide smile on his face.

“Hi Ms. Kim,

Thank you for reminding me. Hoping you’ll have a nice summer, too.

Congratulations on graduating, by the way. I’ve sent you your graduation bonus to spend this vacation. Have a good one.


Jung Jaehyun”

After sending in his reply, Jaehyun momentarily sighed and smiled once again as he looked down on his phone with a zoomed in image of the sender of the e-mail.

He knew she would be away for two weeks, and it was a request he could not forget, even on top of all the workloads he has as of the moment.

Eunae sent him an e-mail regarding it, saying she was to take a break from work and celebrate her diploma. He did not know why, but he felt proud knowing she has achieved another milestone in her life; maybe because he was her employer, her supervisor, her boss—someone who should be proud of his subordinates’ achievements no matter how small or big they were.

With another buzz, Jaehyun lit up his phone to see an e-mail from his head assistant.

“Greetings Mr. Jung,

The files and needed contracts have now been settled. The location of our next branch is the remaining matter to be undecided. Where do you plan to put up our second main office, sir?


Park Minjae”

Jaehyun stepped out of the elevator upon opening and strode towards the exit of the bar, clutching his phone within his hold. Slipping in his car keys, he settled himself on the car seat before sending in his reply with much deliberate thought and plan.

“Hi Mr. Park,

Seoul, South Korea. Kindly send Ms. Kim Eunae a copy of the contract.


Jung Jaehyun”

Satisfied, he strapped his seatbelt and began driving with a myriad of ideas swirling in his head.

After two years, he was now on track of building a second main office somewhere else on earth, one of the hundreds of branches he already has.

After two years, his business has been prospering more than what he has thought of before when he was just starting from scratch.

After two years, his employee from the other side of the earth whom he has never met in real life but piqued his interest, Kim Eunae, was finally graduating from her master’s degree.

And after two long years, maybe it was time he gets to know the answers behind his curious mind; maybe it was time to see Kim Eunae face to face.

Well that was if she accepts his offer.

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