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Sofia has always been a fun free spirit who believes in finding The One , but she definitely doesn’t mind some fun along the way. At her friends wedding she has an instant connection with a groomsman, Jax, and thinks he’s it. Unfortunately, so does one of her best friends. Sofia and Olivia make an odd decision to both pursue Jax until one is declared his girlfriend. But when emotions run high Sofia will have to decide. What does she value more, the love of Jax or the love of her friend?

Erotica / Romance
Rea Holland
4.8 62 reviews
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I bit my lip to hold in the moan as he kissed his way down my neck. He glanced over at my end table. “How about we use something fron there?” He knew I had some interesting likes. I turned to look into his smoldering eyes.

“Yes please,” I said breathily.

He smiled down at me before sauntering over to the end table. Reaching in he pulled something into his hand and hid it from me. With a smile he said, “Take your shirt off.” I immediately began taking off my shirt. My nipples were peaked from the cold and my arousal. He walked back over to me until he was behind me.

His hands wrapped round me and began to twirl around my nipples. I pushed my butt into him so I could thrust my breasts further into his hand. He chuckled softly behind me. “Naughty girl.” Suddenly I felt a sharp pinching on one nipple. I looked down to see a nipple clip dangling from it. My breathing became ragged as I felt my arousal coating my sex.

“Such a dirty girl my sweet Sophia.” I nodded roughly, resting my head on his chest. There was a slight pinch and my other nipples received a clamp as well.

I trailed my hand down my leg and tried to discreetly slip a finger into the wet heat between my legs. A sudden slap landed on my ass. I jumped with a yelp.

“No touching.” He trailed kisses down my neck, circling around me. His hands trailed fire around my rib cage, running up under my boobs. My nipples were heavy with the clamps. He reached up and gently tugged one. I clenched my legs together to releave some of the pressure.

More kisses rained down my torso as he knelt down in front of me. He pushed against my stomach causing me to step back. My back hit the wall and he grabbed one of my legs and threw it over his shoulder. My hands fisted in his hair as his tongue ran up my naked leg. One hand grabbed my butt while the other rested on my hip.

My back arched off the wall when his tongue made one smooth lick up my sensitive and weeping pussy. I cried out at the pleasure. He laughed against my inner leg. “Would you like more Sophia?”

“Oh god yes, please,” I basically begged. He chuckled again, deep and sexy.

“Only because you asked so nicely,” and with that he dipped his tongue into me and I moaned loudly. His tongue dipped in and out of me as I moved my hips, pushing him deeper into me, devouring me.

“Oh, oh, oh god,” I screamed as I came all over his mouth, hips bucking. My fingers were tangled up in his hair and he continued to lap my juices off of me. I let out a deep sigh of satisfaction.

“Oh your not done, Sof.” He pulled my leg off his shoulder and reached up to tweak a nipple again. Instant heat built back up between my legs. He grabbed my hand and led me to my bed. I turned to face him and gave him a sloppy kiss, tasting my orgasm on his tongue. I sat down on the bed and laid back.

“Your turn to strip. It’s not fair I’m the only one naked.”

“Wouldn’t you like me to play with you some more?” He asked with a grin.

“The time for teasing is over otherwise I might have to finish myself off and leave you hanging.”

He stood there for a minute before tugging his shirt off over his head. I watched his toned stomach come into view and licked my lips. With a smirk he tugged his pants down, his boxers with them. He sauntered over to the end table and pulled out a condom. I watched as he rolled it down his length. He climbed onto the bed reaching out to pull at another nipple. I moaned, arching off the bed into the pull. At the same time one of his fingers dipped into my soaking cunt.

He began to alternate tugs while dipping in and out of me. I cried out when he added another finger. I felt myself close to the edge again and I reached up to grab his face. Our tongues clashed while the clamps pulled my nipples and his fingers pumped in and out of me. Again, I came this time all over his fingers.

Suddenly the clamps were gone and blood rushed through my breasts. I gasped as his mouth found my swollen nipple and his throbbing member slid into me. The noises I was making were loud and my breathing accelerated rapidly. I bent both legs and he kneeled in between me pounding rapidly. His arms held my legs in place to keep my from inching across the mattress.

All too soon I felt my third orgasm on the horizon. “I’m going to cum,” I said breathily. I started rubbing my own breasts while he grinned above me, continuing his brutal pace. I thrust my hips up and on a scream I came again. He slowed his pace as I was coming down and I heard his low groan as he filled the barrier between us.

We both were still, our breathing coming in ragged gasps. He stood up and disappeared into the bathroom to dispose of the condom. He laid down next to me and I snuggled into his side.

“Well that was fun,” I said with a little giggle.

“Fun? Guess I wasn’t trying hard enough to torture you.”

I rolled over lazily and smiled up at him. “Well Zane, how about round two?”

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