The Boyfriend Game

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Chapter 12- All Bets Are Off

I woke up with a massive headache and a crashed out Spencer on the couch. My head was still cradled in his lap, a bag of mushy peas on me. I sat up slowly trying to not wake Spence. I walked slowly to the bathroom. After relieving myself I looked in the mirror. And holy shit did I wish I hadn’t. The side of my head was red, I assume from being hit. My eyes were swollen and puffy from my sob fest. I splashed cold water on my face for a minute hoping it would help.

When I exited the bathroom I saw the broken glass in the entry. With a sigh I went to let Rex out before grabbing a broom and dustpan. I began to clean it up when I heard a voice behind me.

“Here let me do it. It was kind of my fault.” Not in the mood to argue I passed the broom over to Spencer and stepped back. He began sweeping in slow circles, trying to make sure he collected all the pieces.

I crossed my arms over my chest as I watched him. “Why did you do it Spence?”

He went still for a moment. “Do what?”

I sighed heavily and rubbed the bridge of my nose with my thumb and index finger. “All of it Spence. Why did you sleep with me? Why did you tell Jax we slept together? Why did you pick a fight with him? I’m just dying for you to shed some light on the situation.” I felt my voice breaking on the last few words. I took a deep breath, I would not cry again.

Spencer continued to clean up the glass. He didn’t make a noise until it was all in the dustpan and he’d walked it to the trash. I followed him to the kitchen, leaning on the island. He turned and did the same. We looked at each other across the space.

“When you kissed me at the concert, it was like something clicked. Like the piece of me I’d been searching for had fallen into place. I wanted you. Wanted to claim you. I guess in my caveman brain that translates into getting you into bed. I won’t apologize for the sex because it was amazing. But I am sorry I put us in this awkward position.”

I stood there, unmoving, waiting for him to answer my other questions. He sighed deeply before looking down at the counter. His face flushed slightly. “I was pissed when I saw Jax here. I knew how you felt about him and it hurt because we’d just shared this amazing night and he was here with you after and it should have been me. My jealousy got the better of me and I wanted to rub it in his face that you had been with me in hopes he’d back off.”

My face remained stoic, calm. I wasn’t giving him any emotion right now. I needed these answers. “And I didn’t realize he’d feel so strongly about my comments that he’d want to fight. I’m truly, truly sorry we caused a scene like that and I’m even more sorry you were hurt. It should have never come to that.” Spencer took a deep breath before looking up at me. “I’m so sorry Sof.”

I dropped my bead into my hands and groaned loudly. “Spencer, it’s like I’ve been dropping into a freaking soap opera or my moms telenovelas. I wasn’t looking to sleep with you. I wasn’t looking to cause a fight between you and Jax. I’m still shocked this all happened in less than 24 hours.” I stopped talking and rested my head against the cool marble counter top.

Spencer walked around and rested his hands on my shoulders. He began rubbing small circles along my back as I rested there, too tired to move. “I just want to know, do I have a chance?” I sighed even deeper.

Standing up straight I shrugged out of Spencer’s touch. “I appreciate you staying with me today after everything happened. I’m fine now. And are my friend. I never should have slept with you and I do regret it. Not just because of Jax but because I compromised our friendship. I love you Spence I’m just not in love with you.”

A disbelieving sound escaped his throat. “And you love Jax then, is that it?” Anger and hurt swirled around in his eyes as he watched me.

“I don’t love Jax, Spencer. I hardly know him. But I do have strong feelings for him. I owe it to him and myself to see where this goes. You are my friend Spence.” I reached out and grabbed his hand in mine. “I don’t want to loose you over some stupid one night stand and a jealous brawl. Can’t we just go back to how we were?” I watched Spencer’s face cloud up. He pulled his hand away from me.

“I can’t Sof.” And with that he strode to the door, shutting it quietly behind him as he left. I swallowed the lump that had developed in my throat. I wasn’t going to cry anymore. I was a big girl and I’d made my decisions.

Squaring my shoulders I found my phone on the counter. I chose Jax’s name quickly, before giving myself a chance to back out. It rang, and rang, and rang.

“Hi you’ve reached Jax. Sorry I can’t come to the phone but leave your name and number or shoot me a text and I’ll get back to you when I can. Thanks.” Beep.

I hesitated for a moment, trying to decide if I should leave a message. I’d come this far, I had to see it through. “Hey Jax, it’s Sofia. I’m sorry for everything that happened today...I’d really like to talk to you.” I sighed. “I know your probably confused about that thing with Spencer. It was stupid. I was mad at you and I let it effect my judgement...just please, call me back.” I hung up the phone, choking on my tears. I wasn’t sure how I’d let things get so messed up.

Taking a deep breath I began to cook myself something. I noticed the bag of peas on the arm of the couch and tossed them in the garbage. Part of me was glad Spencer had stayed but the other part of me wasn’t sure how I felt about anything. I made myself a quick dinner and watched my phone, waiting for Jax to call. He never did.

At the bakery the next day I was dragging. My head was pounding and I was desperately tired. I made sure to only do the easy baked goods today. The only other employee had Monday’s off. Pulling a batch of cinnamon roll from the oven I wiped my forehead with my apron. The bells above the door jingled.

“Hey Sof, I’m here early. I want to hear all about your date Saturday!” I heard Adrienne’s excited voice call back. I groaned softly. I’d forgotten they were coming in today. El was back from her honeymoon and we were all set to meet at the bakery and catch up. I wasn’t sure how to face her and tell her what was happening between me and Jax and Olivia. She was bound to take Olivia’s side, they were sisters. And I did have that unfortunate history of having had sex with her now husband.

Dread settled in the pit of my stomach and I made my way to the bakery counter. One by one I began sliding the cinnamon rolls onto the tray. “Well it was a good date. He took me to see puppies.”

“Awww,” Adrienne gushed, her eyes going wide and watery at the mention of puppies. “How sweet.”

“Yeah, then I took my best friend Spencer to the orchestra concert, effectively crashing Jax’s date with Liv and then I took him home and fucked him, Spencer not Jax. All of which Jax found out when he showed up at my door yesterday morning where the men proceeded to have a brawl. I got punched and kicked them both out and now neither one is talking to me!” I finished that in a huge rush, not pausing to take a breath. “So yeah...there’s that weekend.”

Adrienne’s jaw was basically on the floor, her eyes so big I thought they would pop out. “What. In the actual. Hell.” She finally managed to get out. I set the empty tray down, shrugging my shoulders.

“You crashed Olivia and Jax’s orchestra date.” I nodded guiltily. “Why?”

Tears sprung to my eyes. “Because I’m a jealous idiot. I wanted to make Jax jealous ok? I thought if he saw me with Spencer who is no ogre let me tell you, that he would be angry and decide he wanted me as a girlfriend and not perfect Olivia!” At the end I stamped my foot. I was shocked at how immature I was acting. This wasn’t me. I didn’t chase after people like this or get angry. What was happening to me?

Adrienne’s face fell into sympathy and she came over to wrap me in a hug. I stiffened before hugging her back. She pulled away and looked me in the eyes. “Your falling for Jax. No use denying it, I nodded. “So then why did you sleep with Spencer?”

That was the very question I’d been asking myself since it happened. My face scrunched up in thought. “I’m not sure Adrienne, I was angry at Jax so I kissed Spence. But then when he took me home it was just a whirlwind. He felt so good and I didn’t have any thoughts about it. It was like my brain shut down and my libido took over.”

She looked at me seriously. “Could you have feelings for Spencer?”

I had been thinking about that. Again, I just wasn’t sure what I felt. “He’s always been like a brother. A guy best friend. I’ve never seen him in a sexual way and that night things just escalated so quickly. I felt like I was burning from his touch and I couldn’t stop myself even if I had wanted too and I definitely didn’t want to.” Adrienne pulled me into another hug. Feeling defeated I laid my head on her shoulder.

“I wish I could help you babe, but this is between you and them. What did you say after they fought?”

“I yelled at them both to leave. Jax did, Spencer stayed to help me with my head.” I pulled away and walked over to make myself a cup of coffee. Lots of sugar and cream. I took a big drink, scalding my mouth but I didn’t care. Adrienne sat in a chair crossing one leg over the other.

“I mean having two hot men fight over you doesn’t seem to be the worst thing. You got punched though?!”

“On accident. I jumped in the middle.”

“You sure know how to rile them up Sof.” I laughed lightly and grabbed a pastry for both her and I. She began eating hers while I leaned against the counter. Through the window I saw Liv come walking briskly toward the door.

“Let’s just...not mention this to Liv right now ok? She’s probably still pissed I crashed her date.” Adrienne mimed zipping her lips and throwing away the key. I chuckled and went to grab Liv a coffee.

She breezed through the door and walked right over to me. Very un-Liv like, she pulled me into a hug. I stood there frozen, watching Adrienne over Liv’s shoulder. Neither of us seemed sure what was going on. I had been sure I was going to get an earful about not playing fair.

Liv pulled away and eyed me, a soft look on her face. “How are you Sof?” I gave her a confused look.

“Well, other than a headache I’m fine Liv...why?” A confused look crossed her face too and she drew back.

“I just wanted to make sure your ok and to make sure that this wouldn’t effect our friendship.” Adrienne and I exchanged funny looks.

“To make sure what didn’t effect us Liv?”

She hugged gently. “Well, the fact that Jax has chosen me.” My body felt cold.

“What do you mean Jax has chosen you?”

She took another step back looking between Adrienne and I. “Well, he came over yesterday morning. He made me breakfast and we...” her voice trailed off as she looked at me wide eyed. “He didn’t call you did he?”

I shook my head, my body trembling in anger. “You guys did what Olivia? Because I’m pretty sure the rules, the ones you set might I add, said no sex until someone was declared girlfriend!” My voice climbed higher in anger. “Are you his girlfriend?!”

It was her turn to shake her head. “We...we didn’t put a label on it yet...”

“But you slept with him?!”

“Sof listen I...”

“Did. You. Sleep. With. Him?!” I ground my teeth after each word, my nails digging into my palms.

Liv’s eyes watered as she slowly nodded her head. I felt something inside me break. “Answer me!” I screamed closing my eyes.

“Yes ok! We had sex, is that what you want you fucking drama queen! He picked me ok!” I opened my eyes when I felt a hand touch my arm. It was just Adrienne and she had wrapped herself around my back, holding me tightly.

“Get out!” I yelled. Without hesitation she turned quickly and fled the bakery. She was never one for a confrontation unless it was in the court room. Tears poured down my face when I suddenly realized El had just walked in the door.

“Anyone care to share what is going on?”

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