The Boyfriend Game

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Chapter 14- Whiskey Talks

We stood still in the entry way his hand wrapped around my arm, our faces centimeters away from each other. His eyes were unfocused but his stance was solid. Heat worked its way up my arm and warmed my chest at his touch.

I tugged my arm hard, trying to break his grip. He smirked down at me. “I’m not letting go babe.”

“We can talk but I’m getting you some coffee so you sober up and stop reaking like a bar.” Still he didn’t move to let me go. “Let go Jax.”

He pulled me into his chest tightly. One hand held tight around my back and the other stroked my hair. “I’m a real piece of shit you know.” He muttered.

“Yeah I know.”

We continued to stand there like that. His arms wrapped around me. Finally I relaxed against him and hugged him gently. He obviously needed it. “Thank you,” he whispered into my ear. Just as quickly as he had pulled me in he let me go. I stumbled a bit and he smirked at me. “Got any whiskey?” He walked crookedly towards the kitchen.

“Oh no you don’t. Coffee and water for you only buddy.”

He plopped down on a bar stool, dropping his head in his hands. I began the coffee pot and then grabbed a bottle of water. I placed it in front of him. “Drink.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said with a mock salute. He opened the lid and took a big swallow. I stood there, arms crossed watching him.

“What do you want Jax?” I asked calmly. I had been too emotional lately, I had to get myself back under control.

He looked up at me with sad puppy dog eyes. “I want you Sof.” My heart stuttered in my chest but I tried not to show it. I quirked an eyebrow at him.

“So now you’ve had Olivia you’re ready to try me?” My voice sounded snarky and he visibly flinched.

“I knew she’d tell you,” he muttered taking another sip of his water. My coffee pot beeped and I turned around to grab it. I set the cup down in front of him, not offering any cream or sugar. He deserved to drink it black. With a grimace he took a sip. “I didn’t mean to Sof.”

“Oh so you just tripped and your dick slid into her vagina?” The sarcasm in my voice was biting. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“I guess I could ask you the same about Spencer.” His eyes flew open and locked on mine. The two of us stared, neither daring to blink. Finally I glanced away.

You made it clear to me at the orchestra that this,” I gestured between the two of us, “was not important. You didn’t care that I was there with Spence and I’m not going to lie, when Spencer touched me I wanted it. For a while I forgot what you said and how it made me feel. I allowed Spencer to do those things not because he was Spencer but because I was angry at you. Happy?”

I turned and began making my own coffee. I would need it if this was how the conversation was going to go. From the fridge I pulled out my creamer and I grabbed sugar from the cupboard. Turning I found Jax standing right behind me. “I was jealous as hell seeing you there with Spencer. I wanted to punch him right then. If I’d known he was going to sleep with you, I would have.”

He grabbed the creamer and sugar from me, no longer seeming as inebriated as he had earlier. He pressed me back against the counter, his hands resting on my hip. His head dipped and his mouth made contact with the side of my neck. My hands shot up to grab his arms pulling him closer to me. Even though I was pissed at him my body reacted. I wanted his hands on me. He gently sucked on my neck before biting down roughly and then flicking his tongue over the mark to soothe it. I felt excitement building in me.

Sighing heavily I said, “Jax you can’t just fuck one of my best friends and come here expecting to do the same to me literally the next day. Especially when you’re drunk.”

“I’m not drunk,” he mumbled against my neck. He worked his way up my neck to my jaw. He dropped kissed along my jaw line until he reached my ear. His teeth tugged on my ear lobe as one hand moved from my hip to my nipple. He casually flicked my peaked buds and I gasped gently. He chuckled softly. “I knew you would like it.”

My eyes snapped open and I gently pushed him back a step. Instantly my body aches to touch his. “I’m not going to sleep with you,” I said with a breathy sigh. He had felt amazing pressed against me and I was slowly losing my ability to reason with him.

Suddenly I was lifted off my feet and placed on the counter. My legs instantly spread and Jax slid between them, nesting his hardness between my wet center. I gripped his shoulders tightly and found myself pushing against them. “Your words say one thing but,” at this he slipped his fingers up my leg, past my shorts and right up against where I craved him. He gently stroked my folds and I was briefly thankful I didn’t wear underwear to bed. Two of his fingers traced a slow path up and down my folds pushing in ever so slightly each time.

My breathing was erratic and my heart was pounding. I looked into his eyes and watched a smile spread across his face. “After that jackass told me he’d been with you all I could imagine were his hands right here. Did he touch you like this?” Finally his fingers pushed into my slick passage and I cried out, gripping his shoulders as my eyes fell closed.

“Yes,” I whispered. Jax began gently stroking me, his fingers slidding in and out.

“Did he make you cum?” He asked, his voice deadly sounding as it rumbled in my ear. Pleasure rippled over me and I bit my lip, nodding my head.

Jax cursed softly under his breath. “Do you want me to make you cum?” He asked, biting my neck roughly as he pulled my nipple through my shirt. Again I nodded with a whimper, afraid to speak. Jax’s fingers picked up pace and I found my hips flexing against his hand, his palm hitting my clit with each pass.

I felt myself falling over the edge and I cried out Jax’s name as my orgasm soaked his fingers. Slowly he pulled out of me, resting his forehead against mine. “I don’t want anyone to touch you like that Sof. I don’t want anyone else making you feel this way. Just me.”

I sighed again. “Jax, you said it yourself you don’t do relationships. You don’t do serious. This isn’t fair to me.” Roughly Jax shoved away from me, running his other hand through his hair.

“Why can’t we do casual? But just you and me having sex?”

“Jax do you hear yourself? What about Olivia?!” I felt my anger rising and I pushed myself off the counter, my post orgasm euphoria fading. Jax stood there, shoulders tense breathing widely. His eyes were still red and a bit unfocused but they seemed to be clearing.

“What do I have to say Sof? Do you want to hear Olivia was a jealous mistake? Do you want to know the whole time I closed my eyes and imagined it was you?” I looked away from his face, tears gathering, blurring my vision.

“No Jax, I don’t want to know that.” I sighed and rubbed my temples. “I just want to go back about 72 hours and fix this whole mess.”

“Damnit Sofia I think I’m in love with you!”

My whole body froze. A sound between a sob and a laugh fell from my mouth. I looked at Jax incredulously.

“You think Jax?” He looked tired as he rubbed his forehead. I leaned back against the counter, my lip trembling as disbelief washed over me. “When you love someone Jax you should know it.”

He paced to the end of the kitchen. With a sloppy turn he kicked out his foot smashing into the wall with a loud bang.

I felt a sob slip past my lips and I mentally cursed myself for it. I closed my eyes, burying my face in my hands. Then I felt pressure against my stomach and Jax’s arms around my waist. I opened my eyes to see him knealing on the ground, his head resting against me as he held me.

“Please don’t cry. I only want to see you happy.”

I dropped my hands to his head, rubbing gentle circles through his hair. “This is just a nightmare Jax. Olivia and Spencer are mad at me. We are mad at each other. It’s just so much drama and for what? It’s not like we are going to be together.” Jax layed against me completely still.

He pulled his head away from my torso and looked up at me with his chocolate eyes. “Marry me.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Loud cackles fled my body as I fought to double over. Jax held on to me unmoving as he watched my outburst. “What the hell Jax!” I said through my laughter. “No I won’t marry you.”

He looked confused. “Why not?” Again laughter bubbled up in me.

“You don’t do serious but you want to marry me? We have only known each other a few weeks! Gosh you are still drunk. Come one,” I placed my hands under his arms pulling him upright. He obviously helped cause there was no way I could do it alone.

“I’m not drunk,” he muttered. I walked towards the hall closet and pulled out a blanket and some pillows. I set them down on the couch, my hands resting on my hips. “I’m not sleeping here,” he said. He sauntered away. I stood there dumbstruck for a moment before I followed him. He made his way up the stairs, stumbling only a little. The first door led to a bathroom. The second door was my bedroom and he walked over to my bed and collapsed on top.

“Jax, what the hell are you doing?” I crossed my arms as I watched him make himself comfortable on my bed. He held out his arms to me.

“Come here.” My jaw dropped as I continued to stare.

“Get out of my bed Jax.” He grinned.

“That’s the first time I’ve heard that.”

My lips twitched, wanting to smile at him. I fought it keeping the stern look on my face. “I won’t lay there with you.” Quicker than I thought possible for a drunk man he reached up and snatched me around my waist. He pulled my butt against his pelvis and wrapped his arm tightly around me.

“Quit being so stubborn lady.” He buried his face in my neck. We laid there in silence. I felt his body relax and his breathing even out as he fell quickly into sleep. I laid there for a while trying to figure out what to do. Would he even remember most of this in the morning? I really hoped not. I flushed as I thought about how I’d let him finger me in the kitchen.

There wasn’t much I could do about Jax sleeping in my bed. I decided to give up and get some rest. I had a feeling I would need it in the morning if he was still here. This conversation was far from over.

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