The Boyfriend Game

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Chapter 15- Fun and Games

I woke up the next morning to a gentle touch on my lips. Thinking I’d forgotten to put Rex in his kennel I reached out to push him off. Instead I felt an arm and my eyes shot open. A deep chuckle sounded in my ear as I looked into Jax’s eyes.

His thumb was running across my bottom lip. I held my breath as I looked at him. Our bodies were pressed together tightly. His thumbs motion was shooting jolts of pleasure through my body. “Good morning,” he said, his morning voice gravelly.

My eyes flickered from his to his lips. I fought the urge to pull him to me and kiss him hard. As if reading my mind he leaned forward and gave me a soft kiss. Warmth traveled from my lips down my body causing my nipples to peak and my core to melt. His hand ran down my side until he was cupping my ass as our tongues danced around each other. Finally I pulled back slightly.

“No Jax, we need to talk.”

He rolled me to my back, swinging a leg over my waist so I was pinned to the bed. “I thought we talked last night.” I groaned as he leaned down to plant kisses along the tops of my breasts exposed by my shirt.

“You were too drunk to even know what you said.”

He sat up raising an eyebrow at me. “I remember about...90% of what I said.” He went back to kissing my exposed skin, one hand worked its way up my shirt to grasp my breast. I arched my back.

“Oh really, do you remember agreeing to marry me?” He stopped moving. I felt a wide smile spread across my face as he pulled back to look at me. His face was white.

“I...I...What...” he stuttered. I fought the urge to burst out laughing.

“Yeah you asked me to marry you. When do you want to set a date?” He moved off of me like he’d caught fire and finally I burst out laughing. Jax looked confused. “Obviously I said no Jax.” I sat up and leaned against my headboard.

The panic began to flee from his body. “I asked you to marry me?” I nodded, still smiling brightly. “You think that’s funny huh?” I nodded again.

In a flash Jax was on top of me. I laughed loudly as he tickled my sides. “Jax stop,” I cried, “ok mercy, mercy!” He leaned back on his knees smiling brightly. Tears of laughter streamed down my face as I clutched my side.

“I didn’t know you were so ticklish.”

“There’s still a lot you don’t know about me.” He leaned closer, cupping my cheek with his hand.

“But I want to know more Sof.” His eyes softened as he looked at me. “We’ve both made mistakes but there’s something here. I know you feel it too.” I nodded gently. He leaned closer until our lips were almost touching. “I want a relationship with you.”

My eyes went wide in shock. He leaned forward and kissed me gently. I sat there for a moment still in shock before I closed my eyes and kissed him back. My arms wrapped around his neck pulling him closer to me. I broke away, my eyes filled with need and my breathing erratic.

“You mean it? Just me and you? No other casual dating? Like I will be your girlfriend and you will be my boyfriend?” I fired off my questions rapidly. Jax smiles and nodded through them all.

“I want the whole thing babe. I want you and only you and I want to know you only want me.”

I nodded fervently before pulling him back in for a soul searing kiss. His hands began tugging my shirt up. I broke out of the kiss, placing my hand atop his to still him. “Let’s make this interesting.” He raised his eyebrows quizzically.

“Oh baby it’ll be interesting.” He licked his lips as he slid his hand up under my shirt to cup my breasts.

“We’ll get there but how about we each take turns asking each other questions. For each question answered you take off a piece a clothing.”

He grinned, leaning back on my bed. “I think I’m going to like this game. But what happens when we are both naked?”

I shrugged one shoulder. “Then the questions are answered in return for sexual actions.”

His eyes went wide. “Played this game a lot have you.”

“So far this’ll be...” I tapped my chin with my finger. “The first time.”

A broad smile broke out over his face and he rubbed his hands together like a kid at Christmas. “I’ll go first,” he said enthusiastically. I rolled my eyes, leaning back against my headboard. “Why did you name your dog Rex?” I laughed.

“Really? That’s your first question?”

“I thought this was a getting to know you session?”

I sighed. “Yes, ok. So his real name is Tyranosaurus Rex but that seemed like a mouthful. I just call him Rex.” I could see the laughter in his eyes. “What?! I like dinosaurs!” He shrugged and gestures at my body.

“Off with it.” Slowly I wrapped my fingers around the hem of my T-shirt. Inch by inch I lifted it up exposing my skin to the cool air and his hot stare. I didn’t have a bra on. The bulge that had lowered in his pants flaired back to life. “This’ll be a short game,” he muttered.

I smiled. “My turn. Why did you choose contracting?”

“That’s easy. I like working with my hands, building things for people. I’m high school I was a football captain so leading comes naturally to me. Besides, there’s nothing better than having a blank space and creating something beautiful.” His face was open and sincere. His answer was a lot more than I’d been expecting. I gestured at him.

“Off.” He pulled his T-shirt up and over and my mouth watered as I looked at his toned arms and chest, still tanned from the summer.

“You asked about my job so...why baking?”

Because it’s delicious.” We both laughed lightly. “But really, I love the process. I love creating new recipes and seeing what works well and what doesn’t. And there’s nothing better than seeing people enjoy what you’ve made.”

Jax nodded. “Sees we are alike in that we love making stuff for others.”

“And by hand.” Jax chuckled as he scooted closer to me. His fingers hooked into my shorts, tugging them down. I wiggles to help him get them off of me. His fingers trailed up between my legs, stopping to cup my increasingly aching mound. I shivered slightly at his touch.

“You already know how good I am with my hands,” he growled in my ear. I closed my eyes and shook my head, pushing him away gently. Instantly I missed his heat. Desire was pooling inside me and I licked my lips.

“My turn. Have you seen your ex wife since your divorce?”

The lazy expression on his face instantly clouded over. He took a deep breath. “Once.” His large hands ran down his face as he sighed. “Why is this important for you to get to know me?”

I wrapped my arms around him, pressing my naked chest to his while his jeans rubbed my legs. “Because she obviously did a number on you. I wondered if you’d had any closure.”

His arms wrapped around my torso, holding me close. “I saw her coming out of a restaurant about a year after the divorce. She had her baby with her. In that moment I wanted to go to her, to yell at her for what she did and how badly it hurt...but I just couldn’t. Instead I wound up drunk and in someone else’s bed.”

My eyes narrowed as I studied his face. “Sounds familiar.” I looked into his eyes, full of saddness and the past and felt badly for being bitchy. Reaching up I pulled his face to mine kissing him softly. “That must have been really hard. She must have been a really cruel person to do what she did to you.”

He smiled at me, leaning down to kiss my neck. “I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.” He pulled away and stood to take his pants off. I kneeled one the middle of the bed fully naked. He crawled back over to me in just his boxers. An impressive bulge was straining against the material.

“So now to the hard questions it would seem. I honestly want to know why you slept with Spencer.” I sighed reaching up to rub my forehead. I should have seen that coming.

“It just happened Jax, really. I kissed him to make you jealous but the kiss was good. Really good. He made me feel and forget and I needed that. I love Spence, I do. I just don’t feel...” I gestured between us, my hand hitting his hard chest. I reached out and ran my fingers along his muscles. He stayed still as my fingers wandered his broad chest. “When I’m with you it feels...”

Jax’s hands held each side of my head. He pulled me to him, stopping just shy of my lips. “It feels right.” I nodded again. “Your out of clothes babe.” I nodded roughly, anxious to see what he would do. He cocked his head. “Hmm...what should I do to sweet Sofia? Do you have any toys?” I nodded again pointing toward the end table next to my bed.

He leaned over, opening the drawer and whistled. “Looks like there isn’t anything you don’t like Sof.” I felt my face flush. He closed the drawer, holding two things in his hands. One was a glass dildo and the other my bullet. I felt myself leaking over my thighs just looking at them in Jax’s hand. “Lay down.”

I followed his order instantly, laying on my back. Jax laid on his side next to me. He traced a path up my leg, across my belly button, and around each breast with my glass dildo. My breath sharpened in excitement. He drug the toy down the center of my body and rested it right at my entrance. I felt frozen to the bed as I watched his eyes focus on my vagina.

Slowly he rubbed circles with the dildo, pushing it into me, wetting it slowly with my juices. My eyes closed as I fisted the sheets. I fought to keep a soft moan inside my bitting my lip. Jax leaned over, his lips to my ear. “I’m going to fuck you with this babe, and I want to hear every single sound you want to make.”

Letting go of my lip with my teeth I nodded enthusiastically. Jax grinned and continued to slowly push the dildo into my waiting passage. One it was fully in I needed friction. I flexed my hips back and forth trying to create it. Jax withdrew the toy from me suddenly and I whimpered. “I lead. You just lay there. Understood?”

I nodded fast and Jax surged back into me with it and my back arched off the bed. He started with a slow and even pace and I felt my moans growing. As he pushed the dildo in and out of my aching center my excitement coated the glass helping it slide in and out. I fought to stay still as Jax buried the toy into me growing increasingly erratic. “Pinch your nipples,” he said roughly and I instantly did as I was told. Using both hands to massage and pinch my nipples into stiff peaks while Jax drove the dildo in harder and harder. I felt my orgasm building, ready to barrel out when Jax stopped.

My hands stilled as my eyes flew open. He laid there looking at me with a smile, the dildo held loosely in his hand. “Your turn Sof.”

I looked at him wide eyed. “But..but...I’m so close,” I heard myself whine. He kissed my lips gently before turning to set the dildo on my end table.

“I know. I’m withholding your orgasm for asking me such a rude question about my ex.” Anger built up in me and I was about to give him a piece of my mind when one of his fingers slipped into my aching heat, stroking me slowly. “I’m going to hold you here, until we are done with this little game.” I sighed and gripped his arm, pulling myself closer to him.

“What’s your favorite color?”

He chuckled gently against my ear. “Getting desperate are we Sof?” I nodded, flexing my hips against his hand. He slowly inserted another finger. “It’s green.” He pulled his hand out from me, my desire shiny on his fingers. He stood up and pulled his boxers off. I quickly sat up and swung my legs over the edge of the bed. I knelt in front of him, my hands grasping his impressive length.

“Payback is a bitch,” I said as I wrapped my mouth around the head of his cock and sucked him in. He let out a loud groan as his hands caressed my hair. I pulled him in and out of my mouth, sucking hard with every pull. At the tip I would swirl my tongue before plunging back down. Soon I felt him twitching and his breathing hard. I pulled away suddenly, smiling up at him.

He reached down to grab me around my waist and flung me onto the bed. His whole body smothered me and I relished the feeling of his weight on top. “Favorite singer.”

“Bruno Mars,” I answered quickly. With a smile Jax nestled between my legs and I had barely felt his head against my sex when he pushed inside. I cried out in pleasure pain as he stretched me to accommodate him. My eyes opened to see his lazy smile as he began a slow pace in and out of me. My legs wrapped around his waist and my hands gripped his shoulders.

He casually reached above my head and I heard a buzzing sound. He trailed my bullet down the side of my neck, across each nipple, and over my belly button before stopping just above my clit. “So, are you my girlfriend Sofia?” He asked, stilling his body as the bullet buzzed between us

Without hesitating I let out a breathy, “Yes.” He smiled a gorgeous smile, flashing his dimple before moving the bullet to my clit and picking up speed with his thrusts. Instantly I felt pressure building as I fought off my orgasm. The pleasure was just too intense and I clutched Jax’s back, digging my nails in. “I’m going to cum Jax,” I barely managed to moan out.

He kissed me hard, pushing the bullet harder against my clit and I screamed out, “God Jax,” as I came hard on his dick. With a shout I heard him follow me. His weight pushed me down into the bed and I wrapped my arms around him, kissing his shoulder. I’d never felt so amazing and satisfied. Jax lifted up a bit and placed a tender kiss on my mouth. I smiled softly at him. He pulled out of me slowly and made his way to the bathroom. I rolled over and watched his naked butt disappear. With I sigh I flopped backwards on the bed.

Things seemed to be looking up with Jax. Now I had to figure out how to deal with Olivia and Spencer.

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