The Boyfriend Game

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Chapter 1- Flirting

As the music began everyone stood and turned to face the set of double doors. I knew they would be stunned. El looked beautiful. I glanced over at Zane to see his face light up in awe as she came down the aisle. Tears prickled my eyes as I smiled softly. Their love for each other was so beautiful to witness.

I had known from the day I saw them eyeing each other at the picnic that they were it for each other. They were so in love it clogged the air around them. I’d smirked at the sight of them.

Letting Zane go hadn’t hurt too bad. We were still good friends. The sex had been fantastic so that sucked. But overall he wasn’t The One. I strongly believed that when you found them, you’d know. As I watched the love pass between my two friends I believed it more than ever.

My eyes darted over to the groomsmen. I instantly found the one I was looking for. Jax stood tall, an easy smile on his face as he too watched the happy couple at the alter. I felt heat rising in me as I recalled the night before.

“And here is the best man! Sofia this is Jax. He’ll be walking Olivia down the aisle,” El introduced us quickly. “Thank you both,” she said squeezing our arms as she flitted off to go mingle with more party guests.

“Hey,” I said, holding out my hand. Jax reached out and his warm rough hand enveloped mine. I felt a tingle shoot out from our contact and sizzle throughout my body. My eyes widened.

“Nice to meet you,” he said, his voice deep and smooth like chocolate. I smiled brightly at him taking in his chiseled features. He had straight, short jet black hair and dark eyes to match mine. His button down grey shirt was tucked into black dress pants. The shirt sleeves were rolled up to his elbows exposing his muscular forearms and the dark ink of a tattoo swirling over his tan. My breathing felt ragged as I felt a tug down in my abdomen. Holy hell he was sexy.

“What’s your tattoo?” I asked, letting go of his hand to grab his arm. I spun it around taking in the intricate design.

He smiled easily. “It’s a tribal tattoo from Mexico. I got it a few years ago when I was down there.”

“Why were you in Mexico?”

“Building houses. I’m a contractor and sometimes in the off season I go to build houses for those who can’t afford them.”

“How noble! And do you speak Spanish?”

“Un poquito senorita.” His accent made me grimace a bit. “Not so good eh?”

I chuckled lightly, “Needs just a bit of work. But at least your trying!” I said enthusiastically. “So how do you know Zane?”

“We play soccer together at a local community center. When he came to the states he was missing home so he found our little league. Lucky us cause he’s a great player.”

I laughed easily. “And what kind of player are you?”

“Oh, easily...” he pretended to count on his fingers. “...4th?” His smile was easy and open. I found myself instantly drawn to him, the connection effortless.

“I’m going to guess....” I looked him up and down. “Goalie?”

“What makes you say that?”

“Well, you look very determined, solid, capable of stopping anything that comes your way.”

“Your powers of deduction are astounding.”

“To tell your future it’ll be 30$ or a kiss.” I winked at him suggestively, smiling brightly after. He took a step closer to me. The air between us warmed up about 10 degrees and I felt myself shifting my stance to calm the throbbing between my legs.

“Hmm...only one little kiss and you can tell me the future?”

My mouth had gone dry. I nodded slightly, eyes wide. He closed the distance between us and I could feel the heat from him. He lowered his head until he was a breath away from my lips. With a small smile he closed the gap and my eyes closed as his soft lips rested on mine. It was a light and easy kiss but I felt it through my whole body. I was scared to deepen it for fear I’d jump him in front of a room full of people. When he pulled away after what felt like an eternity I was breathless. I opened my eyes to find him smiling down at me, still mere inches away.

“Best currency I’ve ever used.” I smiled up at him through my lashes. “Now tell me Yoda. What’s in my future?”

“Hmm,” I cocked my hip and tapped my bottom lip with my finger. “Well Jax, I see a very pretty girl in your future.”

“Oh do tell more.”

“She’s fun and flirty and everything you’ve been looking for. Just don’t be afraid to ask her out.” I leaned forward and winked. “She’ll definitely say yes.”

Jax smiled back at me. He leaned in close, opening his mouth when we heard El’s voice announce, “Ok everyone find their seats!” I felt a rush of disappointment as Jax turned away from me. Then he turned back and offered me his arm.

“Shall we milady?”

“We shall my lord.” I slipped my arm through the crook of his elbow and he walked me to my seat.

“Here you are Sofia Munoz. I surely hope to be seeing more of you,” he said with a panty dropping grin. I slid into my seat, clenching my legs together trying to ignore the wetness in my panties. I watched him walk over to his seat, between Olivia and El’s grandmother.

“Thank you all for coming to our rehearsal dinner! We couldn’t be more excited for this special day and are thrilled to be surrounded by such good family and friends,” Zane said followed by a polite round of applause. The food was served and it was delicious. Never one to shy away from food I dug into my plate, even groaning lightly on occasion at the spectacular taste. I was seated next to Zane’s cousin and the groomsman who would be walking me down the aisle. His cousin, Emily, turned to me as we ate.

“So Sofia, how do you know Ella and Zane?” I chocked on my noodles.

How do I explain that I used to sleep with her cousin? “Oh well I met Zane at a park and he saved my dog from being hit by a car. We had coffee and dessert and have been friends ever since.”

She smiled sweetly at me. “How nice.” If only she knew. I went back to my food, prefering it to conversation at the moment. When we were done eating I disappeared to the kitchen. I was in charge of dessert and I wanted to make sure it was perfect. Everyone had individual chocolate lava cakes, but each one had a surprise filling. Some had a chocolate sauce, others a Bavarian cream. Some had strawberry or raspberry jelly. Each was sprinkled with the perfect amount of powdered sugar. I admired my handiwork as I loaded up the trays with the help of the servers. I slipped back into my seat before they began serving them.

I listened as all round me the room filled with ooohh’s and aww’s. A small smile crept across my face as I watched eveyone cut into their desserts. Some even traded for different fillings. The room was abuzz with excitement for my creations. Their satisfaction filled me up with pride. This was what I knew I was good at.

Olivia stood up with her wine glass. She was in a sleek black dress making her pale skin look creamy and flawless. Her golden hair was pulled up into a complicated bun. No matter the occasion Liv was always classy, graceful, elegant. Many times I’d found myself envious of her but also lucky to count her as a friend. “Could everyone please raise their glasses. To Ella and Zane, who had quite the journey to get to the path they are on now.” A slight chuckle rumbled around the room. Most of us were familiar with their story. “I’ve never seen my sister happier than when she is with Zane. They compliment each other, like a true partnership should. I’m thrilled to be apart of this next step in their lives. To Zane and Ella.”

Echoes of “To Zane and Ella” flooded the room. I raised my glass and took a sip. I felt a light frown on my face. Olivia had made their marriage sound like a business arrangement. Where was the talk of their great love? The things they had gone through for each other? She couldn’t really see love like that could she? I glanced over to see Jax whispering in Liv’s ear. She smiled brightly, her skin taking on a beautiful flush. I felt my frown deepen. When the night was over I tried to find Jax again. I wanted to finish where we had left off. I was hoping he’d take me up on my hint and ask me out, but he was nowhere to be found.

Now, standing behind our friends at the alter, Jax’s eyes found mine. He gave me a slow wink and I felt heat rush through my core. The attraction was instant but this felt like more. I was no stranger to physical attraction and I wasn’t a prude about sex. I had let many men into bed with me but it was always fun. Something in me felt a bond to Jax though. Did he feel it too? I reverted my eyes to the bride and groom as they kissed, Zane dipping El elaborately. Once they were off down the aisle we followed along, silly grins on our faces. Their happiness felt contagious.

The bridal party climbed into the limo that was taking us to the reception. Adrienne poured glasses of champagne from the bar and passed them around. “Cheers!” She yelled, downing the drink in one gulp. I smiled and sipped my drink. I’d managed to sit next to Jax.

“Hey handsome, fancy seeing you here,” I said softly. My bare arm brushed againt his suit jacket. Goosebumps broke out across me.

“I was counting on it. We didn’t get to finish our conversation the other night.” Hope fluttered in my belly. “How long do you think before your prediction comes true?” He whispered theatrically.

I liked my lips slowly. “Play your cards right and it’ll be soon.” He smiled and sat back, sipping his champagne. I copied his actions nonchalantly. The other members of the party were talking about the reception.

“I’ll bet it’s beautiful,” Blake, Adrienne’s boyfriend, said.

“They will be shocked. It was hard keeping it all from Ella but I wanted to give her this. I know what she likes and this helped take some of the load off her.”

“All I know is your planning my wedding!” Adrienne said loudly, drinking more champagne. I watched as Blake paled. A small frown crossed my face as I hoped everything was ok with my friends relationship.

We pulled up to the hotel and entered into the ballroom. My mouth dropped open at the space. The lighting was low and set the perfect romantic mood. There were white flowers with blue accents everywhere. The tables and chairs had pops of blue amongst the ivory coloring. Everything was perfect down the the dessert table I had overseen to the wide dance floor and DJ. “Liv this is amazing!” I said flabbergasted. She shrugged, smiling at all of our reactions.

“Now let’s set up to greet guests!” She clapped her hands and we all formed a reception line. I found myself between Jax and the groomsman who had walked me down the aisle, Henry. He was Zane’s cousin and very sweet.

“Are all American weddings like this?” He asked into my ear. I smiled over at him.

“Oh definitely. Some are even more grand.” Henry’s eyes widened. He couldn’t have been more than 20. He was adorably innocent. “I’m just kidding Henry, there are all kinds of American weddings. I’m sure just like in England.” He nodded at me, eyes narrowing.

“Your a tricky one aren’t you.”

I smiled angelically. I turned as guests began to arrive. We helped greet them all, smiling and directing them to their tables. Once everyone had arrived and was seated we found our way to the bridal party table. I was across from Jax, much to my dismay. “I wonder where they are?” Olivia said worriedly.

“Oh knowing Zane, I know exactly where they are,” I said with a grin. Liv rolled her eyes.

“Guess it’s up to me to get this going or we will be here forever!” I looked up to see Jax grinning broadly at me. I smiled back and I had a very good feeling this was going to be a very memorable night.

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