The Boyfriend Game

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Bonus Chapter!!!

“This is stupid,” I huffed as I crossed my arms over my chest. “Do we have to do this?” I asked, my lip pouting.

Jax smiled up at me, his hands still as the ribbon fell from his fingers. “This was your idea babe, not mine.”

I sighed as I rubbed my forehead. “Why didn’t you tell me it was a dumb one?”

He smirked at me as he set down the ribbon amongst the chaos. He stood slowly and came to my end of the table, taking my hands in his. “Because none of your ideas are stupid. You wanted personal, hand made wedding favors and damnit that is what we are doing.” I smiled down at him, my eyes welling with tears. I kissed him gently, savoring the feel of his lips against mine. A feeling I never tired of.

Since he’d walked into my new bakery here in sunny California we’d been inseparable. Shortly after our reunion we’d moved in together, to my parents disappointment. My mother begged us to get married before hand but I wouldn’t hear of it. I loved Jax but we needed to reconnect, make up for lost time. And now here we were, just over 7 months together and getting married. They were lucky we were doing a whole big shebang. I’d have been happy marrying him in the courthouse.

“I’ll get my sisters to help,” I said with a smirk, “And my nieces. What’s the point of having a big family if you can’t use them for manual labor?” He laughed before dropping another kiss on my lips.

"Tough problems require creative solutions," he tapped his temple with his finger as he made his way to the fridge and pulled out a beer. I watched him take a deep drink, unable to look away from the man I now saw as perfect. I couldn't believe we were actually getting married. The day he'd proposed I'd been so shocked.

He'd told me we were going out for "field research". That meant he was dragging me to bakeries all across the city. Now, I love a good pastry as much as the next person but by the end my stomach was crying out for a cheeseburger to counter balance the sugar. "Babe, please can we try this one another day?" I'd whined. He'd just smiled at me as he pulled me through the door of a bakery that could almost pass for a coffee shop. It was dimly lit, wood paneled, cute bistro tables everywhere. The place was empty so he'd pulled me right up to the glass case.

"If you could have just one thing in this shop what would it be?" he'd asked.


"Just, pick something," he said, a smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes before taking in the confections lined up in the case. There were rows of cupcakes, brownies, scones, and breads. I took a moment to appreciate the delicacies in front of me and how much work and love went into each. Then my eyes settled on exactly what I wanted.

"That," I said pointing. Jax's smile grew as he moved over to the waiting server and asked her for what I'd pointed at. I made my way to a small table, realizing for the first time that the shop was completely empty. I'd hung my coat on the back of the chair before sitting. He walked over to me, placing the decadent chocolate cupcake right in front of me. "Are you tapping out?" I'd asked playfully.

Jax had just smiled, resting his hands against the back of the chair. Again, rolling my eyes I'd grabbed the fork that was resting on the plate that the cupcake was served on. I cut straight into the middle, already anticipating the perfect chocolatiness, but my fork hit something hard in the center. Frowning slightly, thinking maybe there were nut in it, I pulled it apart and out fell a perfect diamond ring. With a gasp I'd glanced up at Jax to find he wasn't there anymore.

He cleared his throat and I looked down to see him on his knee. He'd grabbed my hand. "Sofia, I don't want to make a long speech. I think we both know how we feel about each other. But just so we are clear, I never want to watch you walk away again. I want to be with you all the time. I want to call you mine. I want to continue to build this life we've started together. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone or anything and it would make me the happiest man on earth if you would agree to marry me."

My eyes had welled up in tears, unable to look away from the sincerity and love in his eyes. I placed my palm against his cheek, leaning slightly closer. "How did you know?" He'd furrowed his eyebrows slightly. "What I would choose."

Then he'd smiled brightly. "You told me on our first date. Favorite dessert, chocolate cake. Classy, timeless, and perfect, just like you."

Without another word I'd kissed him hard, wrapping my arms around his neck, practically sliding out of my chair and into his lap. He tasted like home, our lips perfectly sealed together. He broke away breathing heavily. "Is that a yes?"

I laughed with a nod, a single tear streaming down my face. "It's a hell yes!"

We'd kissed again until the applause from the other side of the window made me pull away. There on the other side of the glass was almost the whole of my family, cheering and applauding, my mother bawling into my dad's shoulder.

"Giving up on the favors already?" he asked, his thumb running along my cheek pulling me from the memory.

"Sorry, I was just remembering how you'd proposed," I smiled up at him and saw his eyes darken.

"Did you get to the part where I brought you home," his voice was low. My body instantly warmed. His hand trailed down my cheek, then neck, until he cupped my breast gently, his thumb rolling back and forth across my nipple. My breath hitched as my mouth dropped open slightly and my back arched into his touch.

"I...uh... didn't get that far yet."

He leaned down, his breath warm against my ear. "I guess I better remind you then." His arms wrapped around me, hauling me out of the chair and up against him. I let out a squeal before he sealed my mouth with one of his earth shattering kisses. I couldn't wait until we said I do.


“You look beautiful,” El gushed as she fanned out my epic train. At first I was against the whole traditional wedding idea but once we’d decided on it I had embraced the stereotype. My wedding dress was fit for a princess.

"This dress is to die for!" gushed Liv, as she adjusted the beaded belt around my waist.

"Just you wait, it'll be you next," Adrienne said, hip bumping Liv with a laugh before handing her a glass of champagne.

Liv rolled her eyes before taking a sip. "I don't think I want to get married. Too much hassle."

"Hey!" El yelled, popping her head out from behind me where she'd been adjusting my veil. "I'll have you know marriage is like a roller coaster, there are ups and downs but it is a fun ride."

"Especially when you're riding a sexy British guy," Adrienne waggled her eyebrows and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Or a devilishly handsome blonde."

Liv's cheeks flushed before she downed the rest of her drink. Adrienne reached over for the bottle and filled it back up. My cheeks already hurt from smiling. I was so glad my friends had been able to make the trip. When I'd left things had been awkward but it was like nothing had changed. And we were all in relationships now.

"It's too early to talk marriage for me. But as for this beauty," she gestured toward me and I couldn't help but strike a pose, "we need to get her down the aisle!" I was giddy with anticipation. I couldn't wait to see Jax face as I walked toward him and to finally get that happily ever after I'd always wanted.

"Before we go, a toast, to the wonderful, beautiful, amazing Sofia. We are so happy you've found exactly what you were looking for." All four of us clinked our glasses together and I took a sip of the drink, enjoying the slight burn a it went down my throat.

"You ready mija?" my father's voice called out. I turned to face my dad as he walked into the room. "Oh my," he said softly, his eyes instantly flooding.

"Don't dad! If you cry, I'll cry!"

He placed his hand over his heart. "Mija, you look absolutely stunning." I reached out and took his hands in mine, my smile shaky as I tried to hold back tears.

"We'll see you out there," El whispered as she gestured to the others to follow her out into the hall. They shut the door, giving me a moment with my dad.

"It's finally here," I breathed. " out there isn't he?"

My dad chuckled softly, squeezing my hands gently. "He'd be a fool to leave you." I laughed too before he added, "Like your brothers would let him anyway." My smile widened as I laughed harder. "You ready for this mija?"

I tucked my arm into his before reaching out to grab my bouquet. "More ready than I've ever been."

We headed out of the room, my friends and 2 of my sisters in front of us. We walked down a long hall, the butterflies in my stomach swarming in anticipation. It was finally here, my day. The day every young girl dreams of. And it was Jax. We stopped short of a set of wooden double doors. My dad took a deep breath. "There's still time to back out," he whispered with a wink.

I smiled at him before resting my head on his shoulder. "Never."

Music behind the doors swelled and I straightened up. Holding my bouquet close to my chest I smiled brightly as the doors swung open and we began our walk down the aisle. The hall was filled with people but I couldn't take my eyes off the man waiting for me at the alter. His eyes were wide with wonder as he took in my dress. My smile widened and very quickly his matched mine. As we neared him he reached out for me, my hand resting in his warm palm, and I knew this was it. I would forever be loved, cherished, safe.

The priest asked my dad who was giving me away but it was all garbled to me. I was lost in Jax's eyes. I noticed the crinkle around the corners, how the color faded the closer to his iris. I saw, what felt like for the first time, the small uptick at the corner of his lip. Then his mouth was opening and he whispered, "Let's do this."

I squeezed his hand tightly before turning to face the priest. Ready to finally be a wife to the only man I've ever loved.

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