The Boyfriend Game

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Chapter 4- First Date

“What do you think?” I asked, coming out of the bedroom. I turned sideways to look at my butt.

“Don’t you have anything...sexier?” Adrienne asked, leaning against my counter munching on some chips. I frowned at her.

“I’m not going for sexy! I’m going for fun, girl next door, lighthearted. I want him to like me for me, not just my body.”

Adrienne rolled her eyes. “Ok I’m just saying, I saw the dress Liv was wearing when they went out and holy hell. She had legs for days! If your going to match her in this than you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone.” I turned to look in the mirror. I had on my cute skinny jeans and a pair of strapy sandals. I’d put on a blue flowy top and some earrings. I thought I looked nice.

“I want to be me Adrienne. Besides, we aren’t going out to a fancy dinner place,” I said in a mocking tone. Sitting at the table with Liv while she recounted their date had not been fun.

“Oh and did you know he speaks French! He ordered from the menu in flawless French! It was incredibly sexy and showed his education. He went to boarding school you know,” she had gushed. I had been fighting the temptation to roll my eyes. Liv was my friend though and if this had been any other guy I would have been super happy for her. But it was hard to be happy for her when it was the guy I wanted.

Jax had called me the day before his date with Liv to ask me out. I’d said I’d love to, which was definitely true despite the fact I was a bit confused and upset he was seeing us both. Maybe just showing him who you are will convince him that your the right choice, I’d told myself. But honestly, what did I have to offer? I was a college dropout working in a bakery. Jax has his life all together. What would he need me for?

Shaking myself out of that train of thought I examined myself in the mirror again. “Where are you guys going?”

“He said it was a surprise but it would be fun.”Adrienne looked at the clock.

“Well he does know 9pm is cutting it kind of late for dinner right?” I shot her a mean glance.

“It’s Friday night! We are young. We’re supposed to eat late.” I turned and went back to my closet. Maybe she was right, I needed to change. I began riffling through my clothes. “How about this?” I held up a sparkly silver halter top.

“Are you going clubbing?”

I frowned. I stuck it back and began digging again. “This?” I held out a red high low shirt with cold shoulders. Adrienne nodded fervently.

“Much better! Put on those black skinny jeans too!”

I disappeared into my bedroom and changed into the new outfit. Looking in the mirror I decided to clip part of my hair back and away from my face with a silver butterfly clip. Touching up my makeup I took one last look in the mirror. Not bad! I exited the bedroom, performing a small turn for Adrienne.

“You look awesome! Regardless of where he takes you. It’s casual and chic!” I rolled my eyes with a smile.

“Thanks for your help.”

“Not that I’m taking sides but I’m really rooting for you Sof. You were so good about the whole Zane thing and if you feel good with Jax and think he’s the one then I’m behind you...just don’t tell Liv.” I laughed and gave her a quick hug.

“Better head out, he’ll be here soon.” I began tidying up as she headed out the door. Not even five minutes later there was a soft knock. I paused to straighten out my shirt and hair. My stomach felt all fluttery and I hadn’t even seen him yet. I walked to the door and opened it.

There he stood, looking better than I remembered. His brown eyes were warm and smiling. He had on jeans and a pale green button down. I instantly wanted to rip it off and lick him from neck to naval. No sex Sof, I reprimanded myself harshly. I smiled up at Jax.

“Excuse me sir, I’m waiting for my date.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Well he’s a lucky man indeed. You look gorgeous. Could I persuade you to go out with me instead?” I leaned against the door, resting my head against it.

“Oh I don’t know. My date is awfully handsome. And he seems rather talented. What do you have to offer?”

He leaned in close. I could feel the warmth of his breath near my mouth. “I’m an excellent kisser they say. And I’ve heard it’s the best form of currency.”

I tapped my lip gently as I pretended to think. “I guess I’ll have to be the judge of that.” I reached out, grabbing his neck and pulling his mouth to mine. I instantly melted against his soft lips as his hands circled my waist pulling me closer. Our tongues found each other as my fingers began to toy with the short hairs on the base of his scalp. This felt so right. He felt so right. I wanted to go on kissing him all night. I felt myself melting and my underwear grew damp. I had to stop this before I couldn’t anymore.

“Mmm,” I mumbled pulling away, “I think I’m now thoroughly convinced. Take me away with you.” Jax smiled down at me and walked down the front steps with one arm still wrapped around my waist.

He opened the car door for me very gentleman like. “Such a gentleman, I’m glad I ditched that other guy.” Jax let out a deep laugh. I felt my heart skip a beat and I wanted to do anything to keep hearing that laugh. I slid into the seat, taking deep breaths as Jax walked around the car to the driver side. He slid in with a smile.

“Are you ready for the best surprise ever?”

“Is it a puppy?!” I clapped excitedly.

Jax chuckled. “Ok, date number two. Puppies.”

“Oh so confident there will be a date 2?” He grinned at me before pulling onto the road.

“Absolutely.” I smiled at him. He had to be feeling this too. We were so at ease with one another. It was like I’d known him my whole life. I reached over and began to fiddle with the radio stations. I settled on an alt punk station, bobbing my head in tune to the music. Jax was shaking his head.

“Not a fan huh?” He shrugged.

“I actually prefer classical. I know that seams weird since I’m this awesome macho contractor soccer player. But my mom taught me piano at a young age and would play Bach, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky on an old record player. It was magic.”

I knew I was staring at him but I couldn’t help it. My face was awash in wonder. Never would I have guessed this about him just from his looks. But looks can be deceiving. “That sounds amazing.”

“A classical fan?”

“Absolutely not. I need lyrics I can sing mostly wrong and off key.” We laughed together and it felt natural. We pulled into a parking lot and climbed out. I glanced at the sign. “Planetarium?”

Jax smiled and nodded. He held out his hand to me. “Come on.” Feeling bewildered I took his hand and he led me inside. There was an old man sitting behind the front desk. “Hey Nick. Thanks so much again!” He called out as we walked right by the desk. Nick raised his hand.

“You owe me one!”

“Jax, What are we doing? Isn’t this place closed for the night?” We walked through a dark room and suddenly it was filled with light. All around us was the Milky Way galaxy. My mouth dropped open as I spun around in astonishment. Thousands of lights representing stars and planets twinkled.

“Do you like it?” Jax asked casually, hands tucked into his pockets.

“ did you do this?”

“A man never reveals his secrets.” He winked at me. Then he reached out to grab my hand again pulling me over to our solar system. We walked around laughing and trying to remember the names of each planet.

“I’ve got Pluto!” I yelled standing by the infamous dwarf planet.

“I think that’s Jupiter’s moon.”

I looked at it again. “Nope, definitely Pluto.” He laughed coming over to grab my hand again.

“As much fun as this is wait to you see the real date.” My eyes opened wide.

“This wasn’t even the best part?”

He shook his head and led me out a door. We climbed a huge flight of stairs. At the top was a set of double doors. Jax pushes one open. We were inside a room with a big telescope. The ceiling was domed and looked brass. I noticed in the center of the room a blanket was laid out with a picnic basket. My jaw dropped as I turned to Jax.

“I would have been perfectly fine with pizza and a beer. I think you’ve now ruined me for every other man that comes after.” I turned and looked up at the ceiling. Suddenly I felt Jax’s warm arms wrapping around my. He pressed into my back, his mouth resting by my ear.

“Maybe that’s what I want. For you to be so impressed with me you never think of another guy ever again.” My breathing caught in my throat as one of his hands casually caressed my breast through my top. I felt myself trembling with desire. Before I could react there was a loud rumbling. I spun around in Jax’s arms, burying my head in his shirt.”

“What’s that!?” He laughed, pulling me away a bit.

“Look up,” he said. I followed his gaze up and saw that the brass ceiling had split leaving a clear view of the heavens above us. Again my mouth dropped open.

Jax led me over to the picnic he’d set out. He poured us each a glass of wine before unpacking some meats, cheeses, crackers, and fruit. I helped myself to some while I stared at the open night sky. “This is amazing,” I said softly. “I didn’t even know this existed.”

“It’s an amazing place. I found it by accident. I was jogging a trail and there it was. I came in and old Nick and I hit it off. Been pretty good friends ever since.” I took a sip of my wine.

“Thank you for sharing it with me. I honestly don’t know how you planned this but it’s seriously the best date I’ve ever had.”

Jax smiled and took a drink of his wine. “Dated a lot have you?”

I smiled back at him. “Nothing serious. I like meeting new people. Trying new things isn’t always so bad. Sometimes the company is even decent.” I shrugged reaching for more crackers. “What about you? How is the incredibly sexy contractor soccer player still single at age...31?”

He pretended to be offended. “31! I’ll have you know I am going to be celebrating my second 29th birthday this year.” I laughed loudly, it echoed in the big empty room.

“Older than me.” I grinned at him.

“Hmmm. Let me guess....24.”



I smiled brighter. “No I’m 26. Just wanted to make you feel good after insulting your age.” Jax cracked that big panty dropping smile and I felt my world tilt. God I could really fall for this man. Like really love him. I was half way there already. The rest of the night we sat beneath the stars talking, laughing, drinking. I had never felt more comfortable and more myself. I was glad he’d chosen a very private first date. It helped me get to know him better.

“Favorite dessert? And just know, I’ll be judging you.” Jax looked thoughtful for a moment.

“Chocolate cake.”

I nodded. “Simple, classic, delicious. Not a bad choice.”

“Favorite movie. And I mean of all time. The one you could watch over and over again.”

“Dirty Dancing.”


“The way he teaches her to dance and helps her realize her true self. Priceless.” Jax smiled at me.

I didn’t even realize how close we’d moved to each other. I lifted up my finger to trail it along the buttons of his shirt. His hand came up to my neck and pulled me to him. Our lips met in the softest, featherlight kiss. I sighed against his lips, feeling that instant connection again. I would never get enough of it. How was this our first date and I felt like I’d known him for years?

I shifted myself so I was sitting on him, straddling him. My fingers grabbed the side of his face. I needed him closer, harder. He kissed me harder, his arms pulling me down to his chest. I grinded down against him. I could feel his excitement growing causing mine to skyrocket. We continued to make out like horny teenagers, grinding against each other. Then we heard a cough behind us. We broke apart, both looking at the door to see Nick standing there.

“Time to go lovers. It’s past my bedtime.” Jax smiled at Nick while I felt my face flush to match my shirt. I helped Jax gather the remnants of our picnic and we walked back out to the car hand in hand. He drove me home and I felt a bit dissapointed the night was ending.

When we got to my house Jax parked and walked me to my door. I fiddled with my key, unwilling to say goodnight. Jax ran his thumb along my cheek. “I had fun tonight,” he said in a deep sexy voice.

“Me too. It really was amazing.” I felt my head rest into the palm of his hand. I wanted him so badly. He leaned in and I thought he was going to kiss me. My eyes were half closed when he said, “So are you going to invite me in?”

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