The Boyfriend Game

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Chapter 5- Friendship

My heart was beating fast. I licked my lips. His eyes flickered to my tongue than back to me. He had a small smirk on his face. He knew what he was doing and how badly I wanted him.

“I would love to invite you in Jax....I just...can’t.” He looked confused.


I heaved a sigh and pulled away from him. I needed some distance to clear my head. “I really like you Jax. I want to see you again. And I just feel like,” I gulped reminding myself of the rules, “I don’t want to rush things.” Jax studied me for a moment. His smile brightened again.

“I really like you too Sof. I get not wanting to rush it. Thanks for coming out with me.” He dropped a light peck on my lips. I instantly wanted to reach out and pull him in for more but I let him go. I had to. He walked to his car and turned to wave at me. I smiled and waved back as he drove away. Cursing Olivia and her damned rules I went inside.

Rex rushes over to great me and I bent down to pet him and rub his ears. Then I went to the backyard to let him out. I pulled out a bottle of water and took a few sips, lost in thought. Once Rex was done we went upstairs. He jumped on my bed and laid down. I stripped down and slipped into an oversized T-shirt. Wiping my face clean I climbed into bed reaching out to pet Rex.

I was frustrated I couldn’t bring Jax inside. All because of some stupid rules Olivia decided we needed to have. Why did she have to like the same guy as me? I tossed and turned in frustration. Rex jumped off the bed and ran out of my room. I laid on my back staring at the ceiling feeling tense and frustrated. My mind wandered back to our date. I smiled a little remembering Jax’s touch. My hand wandered to my breast and I began squeezing it gently.

My other hand trailed down the side of my body, skimming over my tummy until I reached the edge of my panties. Biting my lip I slipped my hand down and found my clit. I began circling it slowly while I continued to grope my breast, pinching and pulling at my nipple. I let out a soft moan. I continued thinking of Jax. His gorgeous dark eyes. The cute dimple on his right cheek when he grinned. The feel of his hard shaft when I’d sat on his lap.

My fingers began flicking my clit furiously as I felt the pressure building. I let go of my breat to dip my other hand into my soaking entrance. I pushed two fingers into it, bending my knees to gain better access. I fingered myself at an easy pace while I continued to work my clit faster and faster. The friction was building and I felt my passage flood as I came with a soft, “oh god Jax.”

I laid there for a moment, post orgasm, and I didn’t feel much better. I still felt empty. I wanted Jax’s hard cock filling me. I wanted to scream his name in his ear while he filled me with his warm cum. Standing up I went to the shower. I stripped and climbed in, continuing to be angry at Olivia and her prudish rules. I could be having sex right now instead of touching myself.

After cleaning up I slipped into a new shirt and laid back in bed. I tried to clear my mind. Right before drifting to sleep I thought, I don’t know how long this is going to work.

The rest of the week flew by. Between the bakery and Rex I tried to keep my mind off Jax. We texted a few times and he’d asked me out for Saturday. I felt awkward talking to my friends about it. I didn’t want them to have to choose between me and Olivia. I knew Olivia had a date on Saturday too.

“Jax is taking me to see an orchestra Saturday,” she gushed at the bakery.

I’d smiled, “That sounds like fun!” She was bouncing in her seat a bit, a happy glow over her face. “I can’t believe I’ve met a man who likes to listen to an orchestra.”

I didn’t tell her about his mom. She’d figure it out on the date. Or maybe not. It wasn’t my business. I was trying so desperately to be normal and not jealous. Jax hadn’t asked either of us to be his girlfriend yet. We were only one date in apiece. Olivia popped the last of her tart in her mouth and flew out the door in a flurry of goodbyes.

“Is it ok for a man to date two women at once?” I asked Adrienne while I wiped off the counter.

Adrienne finished her brownie, shrugging her shoulders. “I mean, he’s just casually dating. Hasn’t made a commitment to either of you. And you haven’t tried to “define the relationship”. I think it’s ok for now.” I sighed. Just then the bell above the door rang and I looked up to see Jax.

“Jax!” I called out loudly, my eyes going wide. Adrienne looked him up and down before turning to me with her mouth wide. Oh my god, she mouthed as Jax walked over to the counter. I saw her watching his butt and then she leaned over to see me. She gave me a big thumbs up before collecting her stuff and heading out the door.

“So this is where you work?” He asked, leaning against the counter.

I nodded with a smile. “Yep. How did you find me?”

“I wasn’t stalking you if that’s what your thinking. This is purely unintentional.”

“I mean after that date last weekend I would think I should be stalking you.” I mentally slapped myself on the head. What a stupid thing to say. Jax let out a short laugh.

“I’m not opposed to a pretty girl stalking me.” We smiled at each other for a minute before he cleared his throat. “So, my office is having a snack day for a staff meeting. I wanted to get a box of some different things to offer. I heard this was the best bakery in town.”

I wiped my sweating hands on my apron. “Absolutely. What would you like?” Jax looked through the cases, picking out a wide variety of baked good to take back to the office.

“It’s a bunch of burly contractors. They’ll have these gone in a minute. I doubt I’ll even get something.” I reached into the case and pulled out a chocolate eclair. I put it in a small take away bag.

“Here, this is just for you.” I set it on top and smiled at him. He put his hand over his heart.

“You are the best.”

I shrugged. “I’ve been told.”

He stared at me for a moment, “We still on for Saturday at 10 right?”

“I wouldn’t miss it. I’ve got to see what crazy thing you come up with next.” He grinned again flashing me that dimple and I clenched my legs to calm the frenzy between my thighs. His smile gets me every time.

“I’ll pick you up.” He grabbed his box and walked backward out the door. I watched him walk away releasing a huge sigh. My stomach was still fluttering. That man had a way of turning me inside out.

Time seemed to move slowly as I began cleaning up the bakery, doing dishes and packing up the days pastries. I loaded them into a big box and carried it out to my car. When the clock hit five I locked up the shop and drove to the community center. When I got there a skinny boy came running over.

“Need help Ms. Sofia?” He asked, licking his lips at the sight of the box.

“Think you can handle it Kevin?” I asked him. He nodded and I handed him a box. He helped me carry them to the rec room. We set the boxes down and I pulled out some napkins. “I guess since you helped you get first dibs.” Kevin smiled eagerly and dove into the box, emerging with an eclair. It reminded me of the eclair I’d given Jax and I felt a small frown tug my lips down. I wasn’t sure what to do about him. And Olivia.

“Hey Sof, I love weekly treat day!” my best friend Spencer said hugging me from behind.

“Only because you get free goodies,” I said with a laugh. Spencer rubbed his slim tummy. His shirt covered washboard abs.

“Gotta keep up my energy otherwise I’ll waste away,” he placed his hand to his head dramatically pretending to swoon all over me. The kids stood around giggling, different chocolates and fillings smearing their faces. “But for real Sof, thanks. The kids really love it,” he said in a quieter tone.

Spencer was the director of the local community center. He coached and worked with at risk youths. We’d met when I first moved to the city. I admired his dedication to the children and their bravery through their tough situations. I had been bringing them weekly leftovers ever since. “So what’s new with you,” Spencer asked. He flipped his long surfer boy blonde hair out of his face.

I clasped my hands behind my back and shifted from foot to foot. “I’m actually kind of seeing someone.” Spencer’s mouth dropped open, pastry still on his tongue.

“Like dating seeing or fucking seeing?”

I punched Spencer in the arm. “Watch your language, there’s kids around! And it’s not all about the sex dude! We aren’t together... but we are going on dates. I’m seeing him Saturday.” Spencer gaped at me for a minute.

“Well, are you happy?”

I sighed. “I would be but Liv is dating him too.”

“Wait what?! This dudes dating both of you and your ok with it?” I shrugged again.

“He doesn’t know we know. It’s only because we are such good friends we figured it out. But I really like him Spence. I think he could” Spencer narrowed his deep blue eyes at me.

“Hey coach, you ready for practice?” A boy yelled from the doorway. Spencer looked over and raised his hand.

“Tell everyone to do five laps and I’ll be in.” He turned back to me. “Listen Sof, I don’t know about Liv but you’ve always been a one to one kind of girl. Him seeing her doesn’t bother you?

I threw my hands up. “Ok it bothers me Spence but god, he’s so amazing. What should I do just walk away?”

Spencer ran his fingers through his hair. His eyes pinned me to the spot. “If it’s not making you happy then it’s not worth it. Look I gotta go buy keep me posted and let’s get together soon ok?” I nodded and smiled. Spence pulled me into a tight hug. I took as deep a breath as I could manage, enjoying the warmth of his embrace. He dropped a kiss on my head before jogging out the door.

I looked around at the kids gathered around eating the pastries I’d brought. I smiled and headed out the door. Tucking my hands in my pockets I walked slowly to my car. I was thinking of Jax and Olivia. I wanted to talk to him about it, figure out what he is thinking but that was against the “rules”. I would just have to wait to see what our date on Saturday turned up.

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