The Boyfriend Game

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Chapter 7- The Concert

Jax’s POV

“You look stunning,” I told Olivia once she opened the door. Her black dress made her pale skin seem flawless as her blonde hair spilled down her back.

“You don’t look half bad either,” she said with a smile. I slid my arm around her waist and dropped a quick kiss on her head. We headed down to my car and drove toward the convention center. “I’m so glad you invited me to this, I love the orchestra.” I smiled easily. Olivia was a really cool girl. She was so opinionated and passionate and of course she was smart and beautiful.

After my divorce with Giovanna I had avoided women like the plague. With the way things had ended I didn’t want to get tangled up in any relationships ever again.

Finally I began dating again after a year. And by dating I mean going out a few times, having some casual sex and then moving on. It had been working for the past few years. When I’d met Sofia though I had felt a spark. It scared me, I didn’t want to feel anything. Feelings made it hard to keep things casual. I’d met Olivia and decided she would be a fun date too. I felt like a shit for dating two women at once but they didn’t seem to expect anything from me and that was a relief. They were both really great women, both very different.

“Most people don’t care for classical,” I said, thinking back to Sofia and her need for lyrics. I small chuckle escaped me.

“I find it expresses emotions the best. Even better than other types of music.” I nodded softly in agreement.

“My mom taught me to play piano at a young age and I’ve loved it ever since.”

“That’s amazing, you’ll have to play for me sometime!”

“I’m no Chopin or Rachmaninoff.” We both laughed lightly.

Olivia’s hand slid onto my pant leg and I smiled over at her. She smiled back and we rode in companionable silence. One of the things I’d learned about Olivia was that she was ok with silence. We parked at the convention center and made our way in.

The main hall was filled with people dressed to the nines. I rested my hand at the small of Olivia’s back and guided her to the bar. We each ordered a drink and stepped to the side.

“I love seeing everyone a dressed up. It sure beats the inside of the courtroom.”

“I bet. One can only handle so many suits.” We shared a smile. “This is definitely better than the construction sites.” We admired the people while sipping our drinks. Ushers came out and began showing folks to their seats. “Ready to head in?” I asked Olivia. She nodded and I turned to lead her inside.

“Sofia?!” I heard her ask in astonishment. I whipped my head around. Sofia was here? She would see me out with Olivia and know I was dating others. Feeling sheepish I finally laid eyes on Sofia. She looked amazing. Her dress was a deep blue and revealing. I felt my cock stir in my suit pants.

“Hi Liv,” she said cooley, seemingly unsurprised to see me there with her. I gulped.

“Nice to see you Sofia,” I said calmer than I felt. I instantly tucked my hands into my suit pockets. She smiled at me kindly.

“Hi Jax.” We all stood there awkwardly. Suddenly a throat was cleared and I looked over to see a man standing next to Sofia. He was wearing a simple but nice tux and he had his arm around Sofia’s waist. My eyes narrowed. Who was this guy? Luckily Olivia seemed to have the same question.

“Who’s your date Sof?” She asked kindly. I felt myself holding my breath. Please be a brother. He didn’t look like her brother. He was tall and thin with slicked back blonde hair and blue eyes. Lightness to Sofia’s dark. They made a striking couple.

Sofia looked up at the man. “Oh this is my friend Spencer.” She had a soft smile on her face. My gut clenched tight. So he’s a friend. That didn’t matter. I was here with my friend Olivia. I shifted on my feet. “Awesome surprise seeing you two here.”

The man, Spencer, ducked his head down. “It’s time to find our seats Sof.” His voice was smooth and deep. I felt my hands clench into fists inside my pockets.

“Sof would you join me in the bathroom for a moment?” Olivia nodded her head in that direction. Sofia nodded and smiling at me and Spencer she followed Olivia to the bathroom. Spencer and I stood there awkwardly.

“So,” I found myself saying, “how do you know Sofia?” He smiled smuggly at me and I felt my dislike for him intensify.

“Oh we’ve been friends for a long time. I guess you could say we’re best friends.” He shrugged nonchalantly as I felt my blood boiling. Best friends my ass, this guy obviously had other intentions. I made a hmm sound deciding to keep to myself. I stared off in the direction of the bathrooms, willing the girls to come out. “Sof’s told me a bit about you,” Spencer said behind me.

I turned toward him. “All good things I hope.”

“So it would seem. Strange to find you here with another girl on your arm...and Sofia on mine.” He grinned at me.

Fury shot through me. “Sofia isn’t my girlfriend. I can go out with whomever I’d like.” Why was I explaining myself to this asshole?

“It would just seem if you cared for her you’d want to make her your girlfriend. You wouldn’t be dating others.”

“I can care for whoever I feel like. Olivia and Sofia are both great women who I happen to enjoy the company of. That’s it.”

“So you don’t mind me being here with Sofia?” He asked as if he knew it bugged the hell out of me. But I wasn’t a hypocrite. If I was out seeing others than Sofia could do the same. I fought past the knot in my throat.

“No,” it came out low and angry. Spencer smiled easily. Then he waved his arm, looking past my shoulder and I spotted the girls. Thank heavens. Olivia came to a stop at my side, a smile plastered on her face. Sofia didn’t like quite as happy. Olivia’s hand slid into my arm.

“We should head to our seats.” I nodded and headed into the concert hall, fighting the urge to look over my shoulder at Sofia.

Olivia and I found our seats. The lights dimmed and I turned toward her. “I’m sorry if that was odd. It’s just, I want to be honest. I’ve been going out with both you and Sofia. I think you are both terrific women and I’m sorry if my actions have hurt you.” I watched Olivia’s face. She seemed unsurprised by the news and I suspected she already knew what I’d told her.

She smiled brightly at me. “Thanks for your honesty Jax. Actually we’ve both known that you were seeing each of us since the beginning. Sof and I are good friends. We agreed it was ok for both of us to go out with you. We are adults after all and unattached.” She fiddled with her bracelet. I felt shock hearing that they knew and were ok with it.

“Oh...well ok then.” I turned back toward the stage and the lights dimmed. I had a hard time concentrating on the show, a truly rare occurance for me. My eyes kept wandering the darkened concert hall looking for Sophia. When the intermission lights came on I rose from my seat telling Olivia I needed to use the restroom. She nodded but remained seated.

I made my way out to the lobby. I turned to go to the bathroom and spotted Sofia’s dark curls alone at the bar. Here was my chance.

“Olivia told me everything,” I said leaning over her shoulder to speak quietly in her ear. She stiffened and grabbed her drink from the bartender. She turned slightly, looking at me over her shoulder.

“You weren’t quite as sneaky as you thought huh?” I placed my hand on her back and steered her off the a secluded corner.

“I wasn’t trying to be sneaky. I really like you Sof. But I like Olivia too. I didn’t mean to make it seem like a secret but we never spoke of being exclusive. If that’s something your looking for I don’t know if I’m the one for you.” I felt my gut tighten at those words. Losing Sofia would hurt. I would hope we could stay friends.

She studied me for a moment. “Why don’t you do exclusive Jax?”

I sighed. “I told you Sofia, my ex and I had a bad falling out before our divorce. It was hard to get over that and I just realized it’s best to keep things casual.” I shrugged, not even sure I believed my own words anymore. Sofia’s face held a soft, hurt expression. I reached out to her, running my hand down her bare arm. “I really enjoy spending time with you Sof.”

She nodded gently, her eyes staring into mine. “So it’s ok that I’m here with Spencer? That doesn’t upset you?”

I wanted to say yes. Seeing that smug asshole near her, touching her, made my stomach drop. I flexed my jaw before pasting on a calm smile. “Not at all.” She watched me for a moment, taking another sip of her drink.

“Ok then. This has been enlightening but I’m glad we’ve made it clear where we stand.” I felt unsteady on my feet. What did she mean by that? Did that mean she didn’t want to see me anymore? I felt myself break out into a cold sweat.

“Can I see you next week? Maybe go out for dinner? A normal date I promise. Nothing extreme.”

She continued to sip her drink. Then she shrugged her shoulder. “Sure, is like that.” I felt a smile spread across my face.

“Great, I’ll call you ok?” She smiled back and nodded. Feeling some relief I headed toward the bathroom. When I came out I turned to head to my seat but a flash of Sofia’s blue dress caught my eye. I turned toward her, a smile on my face. I took a step in her direction and she leaned in toward Spencer, a smile on her face as she placed a kiss square on his lips. I felt my stomach drop.

I’d known he didn’t just want to be friends. Rage poured through me as I took another step towards the two. Sofia’s arms were up around his neck and his hands were resting gently on her waist, holding her tight to him. My breaths were coming quickly. The lights flashed, signaling intermission was over. I turned on my heel and stormed back to my seat.

Olivia was sitting there on her phone. I plopped down next to her, my arms crossed. “Everything ok?” She asked concerned. I took a deep breath and relaxed my posture. I didn’t want to concern her.

“Yeah just a long line at the bathroom. Ready for the rest of the show? It’s been great.” She nodded enthusiastically.

The show began again and I kept my eyes trained on the stage. I didn’t want to find Sofia to see her canoodling with Spencer. When the show ended I drove Olivia home. She spoke cheerfully about the show. I managed to contribute to the talk even though I really hadn’t paid attention.

At the door she lingered, fiddling with her bracelet. “Would you like to come in for a drink?” She asked. I heaved a sigh.

“Oh I would but I have an early start tomorrow. Work never seems to stop, even on the weekends.” Olivia’s face dropped a bit.

“I completely understand. Thanks for the fun night. Hopefully we can do it again soon.”

“I’ll call you,” I said feeling guilty. I reached out and pulled her close to me. She smiled up at me from under her lashes. I grinned as I dropped my lips to hers. She pressed her body against mine and I ran my tongue along her lips. She parted them and I swept into her mouth deepening the kiss. We stood in the hallway of her apartment kissing.

Finally I pulled away. I shot her another grin. “Thanks for coming. See you soon.” She smiled and waved before turning to go into her apartment. As soon as the door closed I felt a frown tugging my lips down. I climbed into my car and headed to my house. Once inside I stripped out of my suit and laid in bed. I felt bad for lying, I didn’t have a early morning I just wanted to come home.

Seeing Sofia kiss that Spencer had really messed with my head. Yeah Sofia was funny and creative and sexy as hell but so were other women. Why did seeing her all over that guy light up such a fire in me? I tossed and turned. Maybe I had bigger feelings for Sofia then I’d thought. With a sigh I decided to go see her first thing in the morning. With that decision I finally slipped into sleep.

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