The Boyfriend Game

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Chapter 8- A Night of Mistakes

I don’t know what came over me. My body felt like it was on fire and I couldn’t stop fidgeting. I wasn’t sure why I had kissed Spencer like that. I had panicked when I’d seen Jax looking at us. And after our conversation a part of me wanted him to feel jealous. But I hadn’t realized how kissing Spencer would make me feel. My center had lightened up and I was instantly aroused.

For his part he didn’t say anything the whole way back to my house. He drove in quiet while I fidgeted in the passenger seat. When we arrived at my house I waited for him to come let me out. Once the door opened I slid out of the car.

“Look Spence I...” my back slammed against the car as Spencer’s hard body pressed against me and his lips locked into mine. I instantly closed my eyes and my arms wound around his neck. His hands held my hips in a tight grip while he pushing into me, trapping me between his body and the car.

His kiss was sweet and demanding at the same time and I felt myself melting as my folds slickness with want. I didn’t even have time to process that this was Spencer. My best friend, practically another brother to me. But god he felt so good. My hands slid down his shoulders, gripping his arms and pulling him closer to me. I ran my tongue gently along his lips and he eagerly parted. Our tongues tangled together as our bodies tried to become one. He pulled away abruptly.

“Don’t think, let’s go.” He grabbed my hand and drug me to the front door. I giggled as I pulled out my keys and opened the door. Spence stood behind me kissing my neck, his hands holding my hips keeping my backside flush to his growing erection. We stumbled into the house and he nipped my ear between his teeth.

My breath stuttered in my chest as I felt my cheeks flush. My hands wound up behind me to grip his neck and pull him closer to me. I ground my ass against the hardened line in his pants. He groaned softly into my ear. I didn’t think about the fact that Spencer was my best friend and this was undoubtably a bad idea. His hands came up the caress my breasts and all thoughts of stopping flew out the window.

I turned to him, his eyes hooded with desire as I reached up and pulled his face to mine. We stumbled backwards until I reached the stairs. I tripped backward when my foot hit the first step and I fell back onto them. Spencer followed me, never breaking our kiss even though I squeaked into his mouth in surprise. He easily caught himself on the stairs before the weight of him fell completely on me. My hands found the opening of his suit and I peeled the jacket off him.

Our hands moved in a flurry over each other, caressing each other everywhere we could reach. Neither of us said a word. I knew if we did the spell would be broken. I pulled my dress up past my thighs then pulled my soaking underwear down as Spencer unbuckled his belt hurriedly and freed his throbbing member. I bit my lip at the sight of him and felt my core tremble, wanting him to fill me so desperately.

Spencer pulled my arm causing me to stand. Then he quickly spun me around so I was bent over, ass in the air, my hands holding me up on the stairs. “This ok?” He asked gruffly. I nodded hard, biting my lip. Without a second thought he surged forward and filled my dripping passage. I gasped roughly. “Oh god,” he murmured. He began to move gently in and out. I pushed my ass closer to him with each thrust, urging him to move faster and go deeper. One of his hands held my waist as the other reached under my arm to fondle my breast through my dress. Anxious to feel his touch on my skin I used one hand to free my breast. He groaned in my ear. His fingers massaged my breast, tweaking my nipple once in a while. I felt my gasps and moans growing as Spencer kept up the faster pace. He smashed into me and the sound of flesh on flesh filled the air along with our mingled moans.

I felt my insides tightening as I hurtled toward the edge. From the sound of it Spencer wasn’t far behind. Using one hand to continue supporting myself against the stairs I slid the other one to my folds and rubbed my clit. Almost instantly I fell apart screaming, my pussy squeezing Spencer as he filled me sending him over the edge. Our breaths filled the room as we leaned there, still locked together.

My face felt hot as my mind began to catch up with what just happened. I can’t believe I had sex with my best friend. The friend I’d had for years and had never crossed any sexual line with. Slowly I felt Spencer withdrawal from me. I stood and readjusted my dress to cover myself again. Spencer’s hand wrapped around my arm and spun me towards him. I buried my face in his chest fighting the overwhelming sense of shame. Now things would awkward. I’d just ruined my best friendship with my slutty behavior and need to win. Tears prickled against my eyes. I was glad Spencer couldn’t see them. He stroked my hair gently, his hand trailing lightly up and down my back.

“I know what your going to say,” his voice rough, “that was probably a mistake.”

I nodded once against his chest. He dropped a kiss on my head and pulled back. His hands gripped my chins forcing my face up to his. I kept my eyes down, afraid to see the feelings I was having reflected on his face. “Sof,” he said so softly. My eyes flickered up to his. He had a relaxed easy grin on his face. Without another word he dropped a sweet kiss on my lips. Shock filled me for a moment before I closed my eyes and savored the kiss.

His lips moved gently against mine, exploring. Our lips moved in rhythm until our tongues met softly. I tasted Spencer. I’d been in such a hurry earlier I hadn’t properly enjoyed kissing him. I felt myself relaxing against him as he deepened our kiss. One of his hands slid around my waist anchoring me to him while the other slipped around my neck holding me in place so he could continue feasting on my mouth. He nipped at my lips then flicked his tongue over to sooth the sharp bites. When he finally pulled away my lips felt swollen.

Grabbing my hand he pulled me up the stairs after him and I followed, my eyes wide. When we reached my room he pulled me to him again. Slowly he dropped kisses down my neckline and across the swell of my breast. Already I felt my breath quickening. He continued his slow kisses seemingly feeling unhurried. My excitement mounted again. He stopped to suck hard on the sweet spot on my neck.

I rubbed myself against him and he chuckled softly. “Patience. This time we are going slow.” My foggy brain slowly registered what he said. I pulled back, placing my hand between us.

“Spence, that was a mistake. We were caught up in the act...” I trailed off, avoiding his eyes. “I don’t want to ruin this.” I felt his heat against me as he stepped closer. Without a word he bent over and captured my lips again. I released a soft sigh as his hands pulled my dress from my shoulders. I stepped out of it as he instantly set to pulling my underwear down. Once I was free of those he stepped back to examine my naked form.

“God Sof, your so beautiful.

I felt a flush creep over me as I tried to hide myself with my hands. He furrowed his brow. He reached up and pulled my hands down to my sides as he began to caress me. My breathing became stuttered as his hands trailed fire over my body, avoiding the area I was so desperate for him to touch.

I wiggled slightly and with a soft laugh Spencer pushed me backwards causing me to sprawl out on the bed. “Spence!” I huffed. He stood above me slowly undressing. I felt my mouth go dry as I watched his abs ripple when he pulled his shirt off. His tanned skin glowed in my semi dark room. The gel that had been holding his longish blonde hair back had loosened causing it to stick up in funny angles. His blue eyes kept me rooted to the spot as he pulled his pants and boxers down.

Involuntarily I licked my lips as my eyes zeroed in on his stiffening cock. He growled softly as he grabbed my foot and pulled me to the edge of the bed. “What are you...oh god!” He’d knelt down at the edge of my bed and his tongue captured my clit. He began rotating his tongue around my still sensitive bud and I instantly shook underneath him.

My hands clutched the bed covers as I fought the urge to fist his hair. My moans began filling the room as Spencer devoured me. Suddenly his fingers pressed into my entrance causing my hips to buck hard. I pushed myself down on his fingers as he settled into a smooth in and out rhythm that matched the movements of his tongue. Unable to resist I reached down to grab his hair, stiff with gel. My hands held him buried between my thighs and I crashed over the edge coming all over Spencer’s face and fingers with a harsh cry, “Oh Spencer!”

Spencer gently kissed along my thighs as my breathing slowly began to even out. Then he stood and I saw his hard cock glistening with his precum. I slid back up my bed as Spencer crawled over me. Once I was far enough up my legs wrapped around his torso. I could feel him pressing against my waiting entrance and I looked up into his eyes. He was watching me, a soft smile on his face. “Don’t feel bad about this Sof, it won’t change anything between us.”

I desperately hoped he was right. I couldn’t imagine not having Spencer in my life. Biting my lip I nodded. “I know.” I didn’t but I tried to sound sure. Like I wasn’t positive we’d made a huge mistake in sleeping together.

Spencer eased into me inch by inch. I groaned, my eyes closing as my back arched off the bed. He filled me completely and he felt amazing. His hands held me in place as he continued his slow and steady pace in and out. “Faster Spence,” I begged trying to use my legs to urge him forward.

He laughed gently. “No can do. It’s slow and steady this time.” I pouted up at him, fluttering my eyelashes.

“I need it,” I said pleadingly. Above me he shook his head. He continued his own easy pace. No matter how I tried to hurry him he kept the speed just the way he wanted it. He bent down and gently captured my nipple in his mouth. My back arched up again urging him on. His tongue spun lazy circles until his teeth tightened around my nipple and he tugged slightly. My moan became guttural. Sensing I liked this he switched to the other breast and this time his tug was harder. He switched back and forth between nipples as his cock continued to slowly fill me.

I felt my core tightened as my orgasm built. I continued to moan softly, his name rolling off my tongue. He released my nipple and straighten up. He ground himself into me, using one hand to steady my hip and the other to flick my clit softly. Suddenly I was clenching around him and screaming out my release as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over me. With a curse Spencer came too and collapsed next to me.

My body felt tingly and tired. I rolled over, curling into his side as his hand traced light circles over my back. There was so much I wanted to say but I didn’t know where to begin. Instead I sunk into sleep with a slight smile on my lips.

I awoke the next morning to the light streaming into my windows and falling over my eyes. I stretched, feeling a delicious ache between my thighs. Suddenly remembering the night before I sat up abruptly. I glanced around the room and there was no sign of Spencer. I scooted off the bed and saw only my dress on the floor.

“I guess he left,” I said out loud, feeling silly and a bit dissapointed. I walked to my bathroom and after going to the restroom started the shower. As I began to wash I felt the stickiness between my legs and thanked heavens I was on birth control. I didn’t want to pull an El. I washed off and climbed out. As I dried off I looked in the mirror to see a dark hickey on my neck.

The memories of last night rushed back and I felt my face get hot. I couldnt believe I’d let Spencer do those things. I couldn’t believe I let it go so far. Feeling shame wash over me I dressed quickly. Then the doorbell rang. With a huff I ran down the stairs and threw open the door.

I felt my eyes go wide. “Hey beautiful, I was hoping we could hang out today.” Jax stood there with his hands tucked into his jean pockets and a grin on his face.

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