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Joy and James have been best friends since childhood. They completed their high school together, completed university together, and now work together. She was that typical nerdy good girl, topper of the class, always obedient, and who never breaks a rule. James was completely polar apart, that typical heartthrob, party fellow. Joy has a crush on James from childhood. But James being an idiot never noticed Joy, apart from his best friend. However, when the manager of their team started to show interest in her, James feels something he never feels before for Joy.

Tomorrow, was an annual ball of their company. It was a lunch break when all colleagues were discussing about upcoming events.

Like always Joy was in line waiting for their lunch. When James heard gossip going on at their table.

" I heard the team manager is going to ask Joy for tomorrow's ball as a date," One of their friends, Sam announced excitedly.

"What!!! Really, I think Joy is going to accept his proposal, and also, I think she has a crush on the manager." Said another friend Jenny excitedly.

James feels possessive for Joy. His blood boils thinking about Joy and that idiot manager together. He scoffed and said.

" What is so special about him?? You guys have made a fan club for that nerd or something " But in his mind, he was comparing himself with that manager.

"Are you blind James, he is intelligent, smart, and sweet. Also hot, have you seen that arms and that muscles. I will tell you one secret, the girl always fantasized about fucking a nerdy guy with glasses. Research says the shyer they are in the morning the wilder they are at night. For Joy's taste, she will definitely go for this simple, intelligent, and nerdy manager " Poppy said dreamily. The mere thought of Joy and some other man in bed outrage James.

Their discussion halted by Joy's interruption.

"What are you guys talking about???" Joy asked. She returned with only James' lunch.

" About you and..." Sam was cut off by James.

"Where is your lunch Joy???" He asked knitting his eyebrows.

" Steve needs some help, so I have to go," She said. Did she call that idiot Steve? James was burning with jealousy. He was going to stop her when...

" Did you just call the manager with his name??? Sam shouted.

" Ok guys I have to go bye" Joy replied and James didn't miss the red-tinted cheeks of Joy. And that was enough for James, he was seeing red.


The working hour was over. It was time to go home, James was waiting for Joy for fifteen minutes. He was anxious so he called her. First, two calls were blank she rejected his call. Then finally she answered.

" I am waiting. Where are you" He said in annoyance.

"Dude it's me, Joy is in the changing room." A man said and he knew that voice.

"What are you doing with her??? And why you have her cell phone" he said defensively.

"I don't have to clarify anything, especially to you." The manager answered. James was going to answer back when he heard on another side

"Joy you are looking gorgeous, red suits you"

"Are you sure? Uhmm I can change into something." James gritted his teeth, he wished to punch that nerdy idiot.

"Oh no, you really look lovely. Joy, James is on the call he was asking if it is ok I will drop you in your apartment, he has some other work. I think he is busy with his tomorrow's date??" In the last line, he lowers his voice. That fucker I can hear from you. NO!! Joy I didn't, you asshole. Damn, I will deal with you. James was murdering that geek in his mind thousands of times. When Joy replied.

"Hey, James. It's ok, you can leave, I will come with Steve." STEVE!!!


In the mall, Joy was with the Manager. They were having lunch. When as a gift for helping him, he insisted on buying her a dress. She tried to refuse but he was so adamant. She knew the manager was trying to woo her. But she always has a crush on James but he never treated her like a woman, for him she was just best friend. When James called her she was in a changing room. She wanted to prove to James she can also be a beautiful and sexy woman in this ball. But when he told him he was going to his tomorrow's date, her heart twisted in pain and defeat. James was always like this when he needed help he comes to Joy but whenever he met other women he ditched her. She was used to it but still, it stings her. So, when the manager shows interest in her, she was a little bit excited and curious about how it feels. He was the first guy who was showing interest in her. At the age of 26, she was a virgin, heck!!! She has never been properly kissed.

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