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Joy was getting ready the dress was little revealing for her taste but today she wanted to come out of her comfort zone and try something different. It was a red backless dress with a deep V which shows her little cleavage, with a slit on her one thigh. When she tried this dress at the mall, she feels beautiful. The red matte lipstick was the final touch. She feels confident and sexy. She was matching her heels when the doorbell ring. She was a little nervous If Steve will like it or not???

Steve was standing outside of Joy's apartment. He knew Joy was easy prey. She has those die for curves and that luscious tit it always distracts him in her tight buttoned shirt. He always wanted to fuck her but he knew this type of girl, can only fall for those stupid sweet little, romantic gestures. So here he was with white lilies. When the door opened, His breath was stuck in the throat, she was looking ravishing. He wanted to rip that dress. His cock was so hard by thinking of ramming it hard in her sweet little pussy. Those red lips he badly wanted them wrapped around his cock.

"Relax Steve not now but tonight," he promised himself.

"You look gorgeous, Joy" he switched in his gentleman mode, taking her hand and dropping a kiss on her palm. He smiles from inside when he saw her blushing. He opened the gates of the car like a gentleman.

Joy was always uncomfortable with compliments. When Steve compliments her, curiosity to know about James' reaction rises heat and color in her cheeks.

Steve was planning about how and where he will take Joy, yesterday when he saw that red dress, he already fantasized about Joy and him in the changing room... her against the wall... his cock destroying his pussy... his hand in her mouth. Joy begging for more and harder... Joy in her knees gagging by his cock. The mere thought was so hot that just thinking of it he almost cums in his pants. He wanted to taste those tempting lips yesterday. That's why he lied about James. But when he drops her in her apartment that night jerk James was waiting for Joy. He wanted to punch that guy for ruing his perfect chance. In the office, all ladies worshiped the floor where he walked. As Joy stepped outside his car he came running towards them.

" Sorry guys for disturbing but Joy, I lost my apartment key" James was anything but sorry that time. He didn't miss that cocky smirk he showed him when Joy was busy.

After that wishing a simple good night he took his leave.

But not tonight. He will imprint those white creamy skin with his marks. He will fill her all holes with his cum. Just wait for tonight!!!

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