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Steve announced they reached their destination. He stepped out of the car and walked to another side of the car and opened the door for the Joy. When she placed her leg outside, his hand itched to run his fingers across her milky long legs. He tried to focus his attention on other things, but his throbbing cock had another plan. He badly wanted to take her against that damn car.

Thinking “Tonight Steve” he offers his hand to Joy. She placed her hand shyly on his rough hand.

James was waiting impatiently for Joy, he was continuously tapping his foot and he has lost count of how many times he had run his finger in his hair. Whenever he hears someone’s voice towards the exit, he would thought that was Joy.

Then she enters, leaving him frozen in his place. The red dress was complimenting her pale whitish skin. Her luscious red lip was so inviting, just seeing her he felt a hard twitch in his cock. His steps towards Joy but halted when he noticed the man wrapping his arms around her thin, petite waist. He groaned, his wildly pounding heart and the throbbing southern region was definitely not helping him.

He was busy shooting daggers on that moron’s back when some colleagues pulled him to the bar. He did not know how long he had been sitting there. All his other friends were checking out the girls. Two of his friends left the party to celebrate the different party with some women they met at the party. It was the first time when he was not checking out any woman, and seeing his record, it was shocking for him and his colleagues he has fucked no one yet. It surprised him that no one, not even a single woman, could catch his attention. Then he roamed his eyes around the entire hall, wishing to glimpse that red dress woman. When he didn’t find her anywhere in the entire hall, he frantically searches for that moron. When he didn’t see both of them, he got up from his seat and searches for Joy. What if she in any trouble? His chest tightened just thinking about it. He frantically runs towards the exit.

Seeing what was going on in front of him, he was seeing red, Joy and that glass guy were kissing. He lowered his head in defeat. He turns around and walks towards the exit, disappointedly, but stops when he hears a scream. When he turned around his blood boils seeing the scene in front of him. Sam was trying to free her arm from Steve. He wanted to kill that bastard with his bare hand, and with fast and long strides he reached that place. In one stroke, he ripped Joy from that person’s clutch and took her in his arms. He can hear the wild pounding of Sam’s heart, then he turns around and landed a hard punch straight on his face, and without giving him another chance he grabbed the collar of his bloodstain shirt and drew his face closer to him, throwing a murderous look he said “Joy, we are going home,” And pushed Steve with force causing him fell on the ground.

Spitting blood from his mouth, Steve said, while smirking, “So, the knight in shining armor has arrived. Take that bitch home and fuck her, I have lost interest in her, I thought she was easy to fu…-” But he could not complete his sentence when James landed another punch.

He grabbed Joy’s hands and dragged her towards the exit. After reaching near his car he slammed her back against his car but not so hard, caging her between his arms and car.

“Did you liked his kiss, hmm?” He asked focusing on her smudged lip, while tracing that swollen lip with his warm, large thumb, leaving a tingling sensation.

She shook her head, frustrating already angry James.

“Yes or no,” He asked, nibbling her tinted ear with his lips. His warm breath fans her sensitive, exposed neck, sending shivers in her entire body, causing her nipples to harden.

“No.” she squeaks, already distracted by their proximity.

“Mmm, good,” He said while gazing his stubbles on her neck, leaving her breathless.

A gasp escaped from her lips when he sucked a tender spot of her neck, then he licked that spot to soothe the pain caused by him.

She pressed her delicate hand on his hard chest to push him but the top two opened button offers her direct contact with his slightly hairy and stoned flesh. He hissed with a simple touch which sends a wave of electricity to his already throbbing cock.

Groaning, he rains a little wet kiss on her jaw, slowing moving towards her exposed cleavage.

“Get in the car Joy, my patience in hanging on a thread or else I will take you right there,” James said through greeted teeth, creating a distance between them.

Joy whimpered because of a lack of warmness. Her eyes widened, with her tinted crimson cheeks as she tried to not look at James. Lowering her head, she enters the car with her wobbly leg into the car.

James groaned, he wanted to lay her on his car’s bonnet and ravish her right there, but he could not, at least not here. Banging his car door, he seats in his car and drove, breaking nearly all traffic rules.

As soon as the car stopped, Joey quickly got out of the car, hurried towards her apartment. Whatever happened before has caused her brain to stopped working, she didn’t notice the fast stride of James behind her.

Grabbing her by her waist he turned her around towards him, colliding her back with the front door of her apartment.

“Not so fast, baby.” Saying, he pulled her closer to him, wrapping his arms around her waist until there was no place left between them. It flushed their fronts to each other, friction caused her nipples to harden, which was visible through her thin fiber to James’s predatory eyes. James mouth waters at that delicious sight, which was in front of him. And without wasting another second, he latched on to her left breast, sucking her nipples hard through that thin red fiber, while squeezing it gently. Moaning she arches her back slightly, causing her core to press against his already stiff throbbing cock.

For maintaining her balance she gripped his shoulder tightly.

He grabbed her both ass in his large hand and squishing it he pulled her flush against him, pressing her already wet, dripping core against his twitching hard manhood. He felt the red fiber was a hindrance between his wet watering mouth and her erect nipples, he wanted to shred every piece of fiber which was covering her ravishing body with his bare hand. But both were in front of her apartment, letting out a low growl still sucking her right nipple, he searched for the key, in frustration of not finding a key, his teeth nip her right breast just above the darker part of her nipple.

“Ahhh” She whimpered.

As soon as the door opened, in a swift moment, he pressed her against the door, while closing the door. He slides the cloth off her both shoulder hurridly and again latched on her right breast rolling his tongue around it and kneading her left breast between his thumb and index finger.

Joy didn’t like him fully clothed, she unbuttoned his shirt hastily, breaking his button in the process. Her breath hitched, lust clouded in her eyes when she runs her cold trembling finger on his chest, gently tracing the hair in his abdomen, which get lost in his lower region.

"Mhmm fuck baby.” He let out an animastic growl.

Sliding her hair from her shoulder he moved to her neck.

Her ample breasts were pressed against his slightly hairy toned chest, whenever James moves his hair tickle her nipples sending a wave of pleasure directly into her core. She whimpered, digging her red painted nail into his bare shoulder and wrapping another hand around his neck.

" J-James I-I” She moaned trembling, her legs feel like jelly, she clutched his biceps trying to steady herself.

"Shhh, It’s ok.” He said softly, his hands trailing lightly to her exposed milky thighs, then trailed to her skin of inner thighs. Playing with her thong, slightly touching her entrance and rubbing her already drenching pussy, he teases her.

"J-James pleas...-” She could not even complete her sentence when he ripped that thin material from her body. Circling her sensitive spot with his thumb, which sends a wave of pleasure through her body.

“Yes baby, say my name,” Saying he slowly slid his two warm large fingers over her inviting pussy.

Gasping loudly she closed her eyes, clinging to James she arched her back.

"Look at me!!!” He ordered and increases the pace of his fingers.

With wide eyes and short pants she looked him straight in the eyes, trying to match the pace she moves her hips, then she felt it, like was something building in her stomach. She increased her pace moaning, encouraging James to increase his pace.

"Ahhh.” Then it hit her like the most pleasurable wave slammed into her. She would have fallen if his strong muscular arm would not have caught her in the time.

She was panting, trying to catch her breath when he did something which stuck her breath in her throat.

Looking right straight in her eyes he licked his fingers smirking and said “I’m not done, baby. I have to punish you for kissing that jerk.”

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