Desires Through the Lens (Book Two)

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~~~~THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED SECOND BOOK OF DOMINICK AND MOLLY-- FIRST PLACE WINNER IN DECEMBER'S WRITING CONTEST! ~~~~ Molly and Dominick have left their demons in the past and are ready to build a life together, but a blast from Dominick's past threatens to disrupt everything they've been working to build. New and old faces emerge; while some end up with a happy ending, others aren't as fortunate. In an orgasmic story of love and loss, only time will tell if Molly and Dominick can fight through their battles together and come out triumphant.

Erotica / Romance
Lulu Waters
5.0 34 reviews
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Chapter 1


“You can’t seriously be doubting your decision right now, Mol,” Pierre scolded through the phone.

I nibbled on my bottom lip as I stared down at my belongings on the bed that were now back in boxes and my black luggage. Doubting was a strong word. Nervous was more like it. I hadn’t been in Florida for long and I was already moving in with a guy after I quit my job. Yeah, nervous was the right term.

“Earth to Molly,” Pierre shouted. “I’m about five seconds away from leaving work, jumping in my shitty Honda, and driving through rush hour traffic just to slap the stupid out of you.”

I giggled. “I’m not backing out, P. I’m just…”

“Nervous. I get it. You’re moving out of your comfort zone to live with the sexiest guy on the planet who just so happens to be a porn star who fucking worships the ground you walk on. Sounds terrible.” His tone dripped with sarcasm and wasn’t helping me at all.

“That doesn’t bother me anymore, P. I’m just nervous that we’re moving too fast. We hardly know each other and I’m moving in with him?” I chewed on my bottom lip again as I shoved the last of my panties into the bag. “Up until this point, our lives have been crazy!”

I sat on the edge of the bed, recalling everything that’s happened in the last month. We went from basically hating each other on an airplane, running into each other in another country, fighting through our insecurities, and putting who I thought was my family behind bars. Oh, and let’s not forget about my true family. The ones who are basically royalty on the West coast, leaving me with millions of dollars.

Remind me how this is all normal again?

“But that’s why you two are perfect for each other. You both made it through all of that crazy shit and came out still wanting one another. If that’s not a sign then-”

“Pierre,” I cut him off, “I know what you’re saying. I do-”

“Then what the fuck are you so afraid of?” He cut me off in return.

I groaned as I squeezed the bridge of my nose. “I’m afraid that if he gets to know the real me he won’t want me anymore.”

Pierre snorted. “The real you? Who is the real you?”

“The one he doesn’t see when we’re together. I like wearing sweatpants all day long on my days off, eating popcorn until my stomach is about to explode, not applying makeup when I want to run to the grocery store for a chocolate fix. He’s…” I trailed off while thinking about him.

Dominick Woods was Mr. Dreamy. Everything about that man was pure perfection. He literally couldn’t do a single thing to make himself less appealing while I was over here looking like a swamp monster while binge watching Harry Potter all weekend. He doesn’t know that side of me and it terrified me.

“Mol, baby,” Pierre sighed. “That man might be perfect, but you don’t know him either. Maybe you’ll find out that he also likes to wear sweats all day, eating popcorn, and not putting on makeup.”

“Are you mocking me right now, Pierre?” I scolded with a grin on my face before it faded into a scowl. “I have a legit fear and my best friend is making jokes. Nice.”

But I liked his jokes. He always knew how to make me feel better even through the bad. My favorite time was when Dominick surprised me by flying him out to Seattle. I really needed my best friend through that and both of my guys came through for me. I knew my fears might be ridiculous, but they were real to me. Dominick and I had amazing sex; the best I’ve ever had in my life, but besides the bedroom we didn’t know what we liked or didn’t like. We’ve heard each other’s insecurities and overlooked them with love, but was that enough?

“No one’s making fun of you. Well, I am, but I’m allowed to. Now pack your shit up and carry it next door to your Prince Charming.”

I looked over at the clock and saw that it was nearing noon and that was my move out deadline. Noah was less than nice when I called to tell him I quit. He told me I had to leave the residence by noon on Sunday, and here I was, waiting until the last minute.

“What if-”

“No!” Pierre scolded again. “That’s it, I’m coming over.”

“Pierre, you don’t have… hello?” I pulled my phone away and saw that the jerk hung up on me. How dare he?!

I immediately tried to call him back but he wasn’t answering like I knew he wouldn’t. This was a disaster. Why can’t I get my shit together? What the hell am I so afraid of?

Losing Dominick. That’s what I was truly afraid of.

Even through all the ups and downs we went through, I still wanted him with my whole heart. I was just afraid that he wouldn’t want me.

Knowing that Pierre was on his way over, I zipped up my last bag and looked at all of them in front of me. My entire life was literally in two bags and three boxes. Pathetic. After my so-called parents were arrested and convicted, their home was put on the market and nothing in it belonged to me. I didn’t want a single thing from them anyway. I took my own personal belongings and ignored the rest. Now I needed to put that life behind me and create a new one with the hunk next door. It was time.

But when I descended the stairs with what I could carry, I stopped dead in my tracks when Noah stood just inside the front door. I was surprised to see him considering he sounded upset when I last spoke to him.

“Noah, hi.” I set my things down and looked up at him.

His mouth was set in a hard line as his gaze slid over me. It was obvious that he was still upset and his tight jaw only confirmed it.

“I’m just leaving now,” I stated.

I turned toward the living room when he blocked me, slamming his hand on the wall as he glared down at me. I swallowed hard before I stepped back. He made me nervous.

If he wasn’t such a conceited man, he would actually be good looking. His soft eyes, high cheekbones, and a sharp jawline were just a few of his best features.

“What are you doing, Noah?”

My heart sank into my stomach as I tried to hold my ground. If I could stand up to Jason and who I thought was my father, I could stand up to this chump. He might be larger than me, but I wouldn’t go down without a fight.

“Are you sure I can’t talk you into staying?” He asked while he kept his hand on the wall to block me.

I sighed. “We’ve been over this, Noah. I no longer need the job for money. Besides, my boyfriend is starting his own business and he needs all the help I can give him.”

He snorted. “Your boyfriend is starting a porn studio. I’d hardly call that a business.”

If looks could kill, Noah would be dead right now. How dare he say something like that? He doesn’t know a thing.

“If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be out of your house in a moment,” I said through gritted teeth as I held my glare on him.

His eyes slid seductively down my body, making me extremely uncomfortable. Where the hell is Pierre? I already knew Dominick wasn’t able to make it because he was signing a lease on a building for his new studios.

“Things could be great between us if you stay. I mean, I know that sleeping with the boss gets you promotions. Don’t you want a promotion, Molly? Oh wait, you’re already doing that.”

I slapped him. Hard. My hand left a red mark on his cheek and I wasn’t even a little bit sorry. This pompous asshole thought he could say something like that to me? I’d barely worked for the prick and now I was glad to be out from beneath him. He should be fired!

“You’ll regret doing that,” he hissed, which only made me snort.

I doubt it, buddy.


All the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end at the sound of Dominick’s voice. My man came to my rescue again. It’s time to pay, you pompous prick.

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