Falling For My Neighbor

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Chapter 10 ~Blast From The Past

It’s been about 2 hours since Oliver almost went full Hulk mode on the loser from before and let me tell you, it’s been 2 hours of hilarity. The guy could be a comedian with how he has us all clutching our sides in laughter. I really like the way he’s treating Kate the most, though.

Any time she’s gotten up to use the restroom with me, because us girls just don’t go alone, he’s also stood up and has helped her from her chair. I would have thought the move would be a little too “helping the elderly” but every chance he’s had, he’s kissed her hand or has put a hot alpha male possessive hand on her lower back. The guy is hooked on her already and it’s so great to see her enjoying herself with someone who seems like an awesome guy.

“Are you having a good night baby?” Braxton leans over to whisper in my ear, his hand holding mine in my lap. I turn my head towards him and give him a short but sweet kiss. Nodding my head, I smile and say, “Yeah, I am. I’m glad this all worked out and that those two seem to be hitting it off. She deserves someone who will treat her right and make her happy, just like how you make me happy.”

A soft smile lights up Braxton’s face and his other hands slides into my hair as he brings my face to his again for a longer kiss. By the time we part, my face is flushed, from something other than my drinks and I hear clapping coming from Kate and Oliver. Without looking away from me, Braxton lets go of my hand and raises it to flip off our friends.

I laugh at him and give him a quick peck before I suggest we all head to the dance floor. The band just started a bout of slow songs and Kate instantly agrees. I think she’s just dying for an excuse to get closer to Oliver. He smiles wide and gets up to lead her to the dance floor, his arm wrapping around her waist and resting his hand low on her hip.

I stand from my seat and Braxton does the same, settling his hand on my hip and walking out to the dance floor a little bit away from our friends. He spins me slowly in a circle before placing my arms around his neck and his hands on my waist, pulling me in close so that the space between us is nonexistent.

As we sway back and forth, I rest my head on his chest and feel him rest his head on top of mine. I let my mind wander and imagine as if this was our wedding night and how amazing it would be to have someone like my Brax forever. I feel him press a kiss to my hair and the sweet gesture makes me smile and my heart flutter.

Opening my eyes to tell him how much he means to me already, I feel the blood drain from my face as I catch a glance at a woman who looks way too much like someone from my past. A past that I am determined to keep far away from and never revisit.

I don’t notice that I’ve stopped swaying until Braxton gives me a tiny shake to get my attention. “Baby, what’s wrong? Are you alright?” He lifts a hand to my cheek and I feel tears sting my eyes. I have to get myself together before he asks more questions.

I can feel myself start to close up and the instinct to flee is almost too much, but somehow I pull it together enough to excuse myself to the restroom. I don’t wait for a reply and I feel horrible for just leaving Braxton like that out on the dance floor but I couldn’t just stand there any longer and not break down.

The rising in my stomach and the tingling sensation at the base of my neck has me pushing my way into the bathroom and into the first stall I see where I empty my stomach. After I’m sure I can’t do more than dry heave, I flush the toilet and go to wash my face and hands in the sink. Keeping my eyes closed, I feel next to the sink where the paper towels were and hear someone say, “Here you go.”

“Thank you so much. Sorry about that.” I dab the water from my face and when I open my eyes I come face to face with someone I had hoped to never see again. “What are you doing here??”

Smirking with a well manicured hand on her petite hip is Cassandra, the girl who my ex-fiance cheated on me with. The snake must have slithered her way in while I was giving an offering to the porcelain goddess.

I can’t handle seeing her right now, right ever. I didn’t move all the way here just to be followed by my ugly past, even though that seems to be exactly what is happening. I just hear my blood rushing in my ears and feel my heart going a mile a minute. Her lips are curled up as if she smells a rat, which if she did just means she’s smelling herself because that’s exactly what she is: a dirty, filthy rat.

My vision is starting to get all spotty and I know it’s just a matter of time before I’m taking a unintentioned nap, so I try to take a wobbly step towards the door when her arm shoots out to stop me. Only thing is that not only does she stop me, but now I’m falling backwards. The last thing I think before I go black is that at least I won’t have another facial bruise.

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