Falling For My Neighbor

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Chapter 11 ~ Love In The Hospital

Waking up in the hospital is so not how I was wanting to spend the night but I know life rarely gives you what you want. I had been hoping to go back to Braxton’s place and wrap my legs around his head before riding him like a cowgirl and wake up deliciously sore. Instead, here I am in a hospital bed hooked up to an IV with a bruised head and a sore behind from fainting in the women’s bathroom.

I don’t tell Braxton why Kate walked into the bathroom and found me passed out on the floor. Shit, I don’t tell anyone. My past is something I never wanted to dig up and I’ll be damned if I let it ruin the new life I’ve started to rebuild for myself.

“Baby? I brought you some food. I figured you might be a little hungry since you threw up at the bar. And here’s some ginger ale to help soothe your stomach if that’s still bothering you.” My sweet as ever Brax walks into the room and scans me up and down as if I could’ve hurt myself again in the 5 minutes he’s been gone.

I move my hands out of the way so he can set the tray down on my lap and look up at him. “Thank you handsome. I am kind of hungry.”

He gives me a small smile that doesn’t reach his eyes and before he can walk away I grab his hand and pull him in for a hug. A hug that I desperately need. I feel his hesitation knowing he doesn’t want to do anything to hurt me more but when I just squeeze him tighter he gives in and gives me a warm and loving hug. You know the kind: when your chest feels tight and you need to take a deep breath and you just feel so right in that moment that you forget all the bullshit surrounding you.

Pulling away, I look into Braxton’s eyes and see the emotions and feelings he has for me in them and I hope that mine reflect the same to him. I smile at him and this time he returns it with a real smile.

“I’m ok babe, nothing to worry about Mr. EMT.” I give him a little wink and he chuckles at my more facial twitch than wink. I’ll get it right someday. I turn my attention to the tray he put in my lap and notice it has fresh apple slices, some toast, a muffin, baked chips and the ginger ale.

“Yeah, there wasn’t much to choose from since it’s so late right now and the cafeteria is closed for the night.” He looks down at the tray and rubs the back of his neck.

“It’s alright, I’m kind of surprised they had anything out at all.” I take a bite of the toast to try and get something bready in my stomach.

He gets a gleam in his eye as he says, “Actually, nothing was out. I had to bribe one of the older ladies that works here to get what I did.” I laugh when I hear this. “Ha! What’d you do? Say you’d take her on a night she’d never forget if she got you some toast?”

He looks down and seems to get a little shy. I’m pretty sure his cheeks pink up a tiny bit too. “No, nothing like that. I just told her my wife was in here and I needed to get her something to eat so she’d feel better.”

My heart stops then restarts beating in double time. Imagining I was Brax’s wife and having that little fantasy in my own head is one thing. But to hear him say the words himself and even get shy about it is a whole other thing. One I like way too much for how short of a time we’ve been together.

After a moment of silence, Braxton shifts awkwardly on his feet and I realize he might think I’m weirded out by what he said or something. Clearing my throat I tell him, “I bet she was jealous when she heard that you were supposedly married. I know I’d be if I was her.”

He looks up at me and steps over to sit on the edge of the hospital bed by my hip. Taking my hand and running his thumb over my ring finger sends shivers down my spine. “I know we haven’t been together for very long and normal people don’t even bring up things like marriage this soon but I want you to know very clearly where I want things to go with us. I would love nothing more than to spend the rest of my nights with you by my side and waking up to your beautiful eyes and smile every morning. I want you to know that it may not be now or very soon but eventually I WILL get on one knee and ask you to be my forever because you are someone I’m not willing to be without in my life now that I know what it’s like to have you and to love you.”

You can imagine how well I’m holding up by the end of his little speech, which is not very well. Tears are spilling down my cheeks and I’m sniffling like a mad woman. Not only do I realize the depth of Braxton’s feelings for me but he just told me he loves me and I can’t help but tell him how I feel too.

“Braxton, from the moment we’ve met I’ve felt this connection, this pull to be by you and to stay by your side. You make me feel safe, you make me feel treasured and worshipped. I’m so incredibly blessed to have found not someone like you, but you because there is no one on this Earth that could ever be like you. You’re one in a million, the only man for me and I intend to stay by your side for as long as you’ll have me. Forever with you will never be long enough.”

By the end of this, both of us are holding each other and tearing up. Him tearing up, me ugly crying because let's face it, I can’t NOT ugly cry after all of this. Feeling drowsy from the night and all the emotions, I pull Braxton onto the bed with me and we fall asleep in each other's arms. Before I drift off, I hear him whisper in my ear that he loves me and I smile before telling him that I love him more.

It’s kind of funny. Out of all the places to tell each other I love you, I never would have expected it to be in a hospital. Ha.

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