Falling For My Neighbor

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Chapter 12 ~ Close Call

Back from the hospital for a total of 2 minutes and Braxton is already starting to sprout feathers and I swear I can hear him cluck as he follows me around my house. It’s not that I don’t appreciate him wanting to take care of me and make sure I’m comfortable, but if this keeps up I might have to send him to the store for something I probably don’t need then lock his loving ass out for a little bit.

“Babe, I know the doctor said that it’s not a concussion and just some bad bruising, but I really think you should call off and stay home from work tomorrow. Just to make sure you recover enough before you have to go and deal with your busy work schedule.”

Braxton helps me, unnecessarily, sit down on the couch before walking to the kitchen and rummaging around in the cabinets for something to cook for dinner. I turn and stretch out on the couch, grabbing the crocheted throw I made and pulling it over me.

“Brax, I can’t take another day off of work. I’ve already taken the two days that I was in the hospital off. I can’t afford to make myself look bad for taking so many days off when I’m still pretty new. It’s unprofessional, Brax.” I yawn after my little speech and turn onto my side since my ass is still really sore from the fall. Before I know it, I’m passing out and what waits for me in my dreams is not a pleasant experience at all.

Gasping awake from a nightmare, I see Braxton holding my shoulders. “Hope it’s ok, everything is alright. Take a deep breath, you’re shaking pretty bad. You scared the shit out of me, babe. One minute I see you sleeping calmly on the couch and the next you’re yelling out my name and crying.”

He pulls me into his arms and holds on tight while running a soothing hand down my back. I take a few deep breaths like he suggested and squeeze my eyes shut just trying to get away from the horrible memories and my fears that I faced in the dream.

“I’m sorry I scared you, it was just a really bad dream. It felt so real, it made me feel like it was reality and this was the dream. It brought up some things from my past that I thought were behind me but I guess I was wrong. Brax, I have something to tell you.”

As I open up about my past, truly open up and tell Braxton what I had left behind, I think about the dream and how it represents exactly what I really feel. That because I had walked in on my fiance sleeping with his sister’s friend, I feel as if I’m not good enough for someone like Braxton and my worst fear of him finding someone else will come true.

In the dream I was forced to go through the humiliation of walking in on my ex and that slut but whereas before I was hurt and embarrassed, this time I was just pissed beyond belief. However, as I walked up to slap the shit out of them both, my ex became Braxton and that shocked me to my core.

Stumbling back, I do the whole basic horror movie bimbo thing and trip over nothing. So there I am, sitting on my ass frozen watching Braxton, the guy I now am in love with, screw Cassandra the skank. Suddenly I find my voice and start to scream at them both. Crying out Braxton’s name as tears run down my cheeks, their figures start to blur and that’s when I wake up with the real Braxton.

After waking up and seeing how concerned Brax is, I know I need to tell him the truth about my past and about what happened in the bathroom that night. When I finish and take my eyes off my hands, where I kept them while talking because I was too chicken shit to look Brax in the eyes as I told my story, I finally look at him and before I know it, he’s pulling me onto his lap and hugging me tight.

“I’m so so sorry you had someone that didn’t appreciate just how amazing you are, but I’m happy because their colossal fuck up brought you here to me.” Moving his head back to look in my eyes he says, “I love you so much Hope and I know you’re scared and that you feel like you’re not enough for me, but honey, you are so much more than I could have ever hoped for. You’re sweet, caring and have one of the best hearts a person could have. You make me feel like the man I want to be when you look into my eyes and you make me want to let you know how much I love you and will always value your presence in my life. I’ve never cheated before and I definitely have no desire to do so with you. I will forever be the one man, the one person in your life that will be unwavering and always present. The one thing that you can count on no matter what.”

After this I’m such a sobbing mess I can’t even talk. My emotions from the dream, Brax’s loving words and my reaction to them just wreak havoc on my mind and body until I’m completely drained. For the second time that day, I find myself falling asleep. Only this time, it’s in the arms of Braxton and as I drift off, all I can feel is a sense of calm washing over me.


“Damn. That was way too close. Just a few more minutes and I would’ve been able to get enough of a DNA sample. More than enough. I didn’t count on that asshole being at her house with her. I could swear he’s supposed to be working today.”, the man in black says into the phone.

His accomplice asks, “What the hell happened? How did you get out?”

“Thankfully the guy walks loud enough that I was able to hear him coming and I managed to slip out the back door before he turned the corner. She started crying and thrashing about, having a nightmare or some shit. I don’t know. All I know is that now was the only chance for us to have gotten a sample undetected. Now we’re going to have to be riskier and do it while she’s at work.”

The man continues to walk down the dark street plotting the innocent woman’s fall from grace. So much is about to go wrong and just when it starts feeling like everything is going right.

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