Falling For My Neighbor

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Chapter 2 ~ Visual Overload

Sitting up with a gasp, everything comes flooding back to me and I immediately look around, still expecting to be lying on the ground in the U-Haul parking lot. But I wasn’t. My face ached where I got hit and I looked at my surroundings. It seemed like I was in a bedroom. A man’s bedroom if the dark blues of the bed and walls were anything to go off of. Oh no. did that psycho come back for me and bring me home with him?? If he so much as looks at me the wrong way I was going to march up to him and cut off his di—.

A knock on the door to my right pulls me from that train of thought and I break out into a cold sweat. Wait a second. What kind of guy kidnaps someone, then knocks on the door before coming in? wouldn’t they just barge in on me? Before I could try coming up with an answer to that, the door slowly opens and someone steps inside. A male someone. A huge male someone that was definitely not the guy that clocked me in the face with a gun. With the room not having much light, I couldn’t really see any distinctive features, just his outline. He must have sensed that I was weary of not being able to see him because he turned and flipped the light switch to the side of the door.

Wow. I'm pretty sure my jaw drops to floor. If that hit to the face had been enough to kill me, I would have thought this was heaven and him some sort of god to welcome me to the afterlife. Not only was he tall and muscular, but he was one of the most gorgeous guys I had ever seen in my life.

Thick eyelashes framed eyes that were a really interesting mix of brown and green. Dark brown hair that came to the bottom of his ears and was styled to the side. His ears were pierced with black studs. He had full lips that looked just right with his face and were completely kissable. Making my way down his body, I could see he had trees and some kind of birds tattooed from his wrist to his elbow on his right arm. His left arm had some part of a tattoo sticking out from under his sleeve, but I couldn’t really see it. The t-shirt he wore showed muscular arms that were thick like the rest of him. Even his thighs that were encased in jeans looked like he could lift some serious weight. Someone did leg day right. He did every kind of workout day right. Realizing I had been staring at him this whole time, my face grew warm as I looked at his face again. He slipped his hands into his front pockets and cleared his throat.

“I’m glad to see you’re awake. I was coming to check up on you.”

Holy shit. Yeah, I died and this was heaven. His voice was deep and made me think of all the naughty things in life. Clearing my throat this time, I replied to him.

“Um, thanks? I don’t mean to be rude and all, but who are you? Where am I? And how did I get here?” I had to force myself to stop talking otherwise I’d be rambling from nerves. I shifted on the bed so my legs were hanging off the side. Looking up at him, I waited to hear what he had to say.

“Right! I’m sorry I didn’t start off with that. I’m Braxton and this is my house. After that asshole hit you and took off, I ran over to check on you. I just moved in, so I was returning the trailer I was using when I saw what happened. I called the police and told them everything I saw. You’ll probably want to go to the station to file a report so the cops can be on the lookout for the guy. This is a shitty situation and you seem like a good person. You didn’t deserve to have this happen to you.”

As he said that last part, the vein in his neck beat wildly, like his heart was racing. And not in a good way. He looked downright pissed.

“I’m sorry if I caused you any inconvenience. I wouldn’t have expected for anyone to do all that you did for a stranger. I really appreciate your help and everything. Although, I still don’t understand why you wouldn’t just call an ambulance or take me to the hospital. I mean, I did get hit in the face with a gun and collapsed to the ground. Shouldn’t I get looked at by a professional? And I still don’t know where we are. It’s not like I know where you live."

He stepped closer, put himself in front of me and squatted down so we were at eye level with each other. His gaze had swept over my face and lingered on my cheek, I was guessing I had a bruise by the feel of it. His eyes held such an intense stare that I parted my lips ever so slightly and darted my tongue out to wet them. When I did, he zeroed in on the movement before moving to look into my eyes. His were mixed with brown and green, it was like looking at a pine forest with some flecks of darker green around the iris. After licking my lips, I noticed they had darken.

“I brought you here because I’m a paramedic (hot). I figured I could save you and your insurance some of the hassle by just looking you over myself (considerate and sweet) and I live on the corner of Hazel Ave and Evergreen Dr. I’m your new neighbor.”

Well, fuck me.

"Neighbor?" I could feel my heart start to race and my go big. I'm in big trouble with a capital "T" if he's my neighbor. He seems my reaction and takes a small step back with his hand up as if I'm a skittish animal.

"I swear I'm not stalking you or anything. I really did just move in and had to return the trailer before 5pm. I had seen you moving some of your things in today and I would've introduced myself but you looked pretty busy. You put on quite the show though."
A smile teased Braxton's lips and I blush bright ass red when I remember what I had been doing earlier while unloading the trailer. I had in headphones and was singing and moving my hips around to the beat of my music. A lot of it were songs that prompted body rolling. Shit...
Despite the fire under my skin, I smile and say, "Well thanks for your help and I do believe when you say you're not stalking me. I'm just going to head on home and get ready for tomorrow. I really appreciate all that you've done me."
I stood up and felt a bit woozy. Reaching out his hand, Braxton grabbed me by the shoulders and steadied me. The action having brought him closer to me and I was hit with the scent of. It was woodsy and pine and masculine and damn was I wanting huff him like glue.
It enveloped me and really did melt my panties off. I would be needing to do laundry tomorrow too. I looked up at him and had to really crane my neck back to see his eyes. He had to have been 6'4". He was looking down at me and I could it there. Curiosity. Concern. And lust. Yeah, I could definitely see that one. I could feel it in my own gaze reflecting back at him. I needed to put some distance between us and fast.
Stepping back, I shook my head to clear it and he dropped his hands to his sides.
"Thanks. Again." If he made it a habit to help women as much as he was helping me, he had to have had a girlfriend here with him.
"No problem. Although, and I'm not trying anything here, I think you should sleep here tonight. I think it'd be good idea for me to be able to check up on you throughout the night in case you have any problems."
As he talked, he went from fidgety to confident. He slipped into some kind professional mode and seemed to really want to make sure I was ok. And, not exactly having medical insurance at the moment, having him help me would keep me from having to pony up the money for a doctor's visit. I'd just have to be cautious in case he turned out to be a pervert. Although, looking at him, I really did believe he was a good person. I usually had really good instincts when it came to people and I hadn't gotten any warning bells from Braxton the whole time I've been here.
However, if there was a girlfriend here, I did NOT need that drama in my life. So I asked him.
"Wouldn't your girlfriend be upset to find another woman sleeping in your house?"
He smirked and said, "I don't think she'll mind, since I don't one."
Then he smiled big and revealed two dimples and I wanted to pounce on him. Did he have to be this hot? Wasn't there some kind of limit? Did the big man up there just drown him in the sexy barrel before his mother pushed him out?? I had to get outta there before I combusted.
"I, um, I guess I'll go get my things from my house. I'll, uh be back in a bit." I dart out the door behind him and glanced around a door leading outside, or a magic portal to swallow me.
"It's down the hall and to the right." I jumped when I hear his voice behind me. Turning around I glared at him.
"You know, you never told me your name." He said crossing his arm over his broad chest.
"It's Hope." I turned and rush down hall and out the door he had indicated. After leaving Braxton's house, I looked around. He was the house to the left of mine, so walked across his lawn and into my house. Thankfully my keys had been in my pocket and not in my purse. I closed the door behind me and went to get ready for the evening next door.
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