Falling For My Neighbor

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Chapter 5 ~ New Beginnings

Note: I changed the tense of the story from past to present. I'll be going back and editing the previous chapters so that they all are set in the present. Enjoy!

I wake up the next morning to throbbing from the bruise on my face and my phone alarm going off in the distance. I turn over, or try to, and realize I’m trapped by a heavy object around my waist and over one of my legs. Turning my head, I can spot black hair over my shoulder and I feel breath on my back. Oh my god! I slept with Braxton! It all comes flashing back to me at once. My face burns bright as I think about how hot the sex had been and how aggressive he was. Speaking of him and sex, I feel his dick pressed against my ass and it makes me want to grind against him while I pant with desire, begging him to stick it back in my pu—

“Good morning, beautiful. I hope you slept ok?” He moves onto his back and stretches out his body. I’m vaguely aware that I’m staring at him when he looks back at me and puts his hand on my thigh. Wait, he had asked me something.

“Yeah I slept alright. I can usually fall asleep wherever pretty easily. I’m not picky, as long as I’m comfortable.” He brings a hand up to brush his knuckles over my cheek, which is still flaming red. He smiles, and it brings out his dimples. I remember my phone and that it had been going off.

“Shit!” I jump out of bed and race to where I last had it. Once I find it, I look at what had set it off. 8 am!! I have an hour to get ready and be at work. It was my first day and I’m going to be late while looking like a hot mess. And my license was in the purse that was stolen yesterday! While I’m having this inner panic attack, I tune into the sound of footsteps coming my way. Braxton, dressed in long basketball shorts, comes into the room and looks at me with a hungry gaze. I totally forgot about the fact that I’m naked. He comes over and puts a hand on my hip while the other cups my face and he kisses me with such passion I almost forget about my mini crisis. Almost. I pull away and tell him what’s going on. He nods as he listens and strokes my hip.

“Ok, no problem. Go get ready and I’ll make a quick breakfast for us. You can use the shower if you need to. When you’re good to go I’ll drive you to work and pick you up. I’m off today, so I don’t have to be anywhere.”

He pats my side and kisses my temple. The action is one of endearment and melts my heart a little more. I push my lips to his in a quick but heart pounding kiss and grab my bag, heading back to the bedroom to get ready. I put a little more sway in my walk than usual and hear him groan as I leave the room. Smiling to myself, I think of what I’ll be coming back to after work.

I’m applying the last of my make-up in his bathroom mirror when he comes in to let me know breakfast is ready. I’m glad I have that bruise covered again. I’m sure he would’ve gotten upset to see it. I thank him for cooking as I try to finish up as fast as I can. I catch sight of him in the mirror, dressed to wreak havoc on my hormones. He’s in a black band shirt and fitted jeans, leaning against the door frame with his arms folded across his chest, staring at me but I can’t tell where he’s looking. Then I realize that in order to get close to the mirror, I had to bend over the sink and I can only imagine what he sees. Me, with my ridiculously long hair freely flowing down my back, in my heels and pencil skirt with a slit up the back, bending over the sink. My tits being pushed up and out of the blouse I have on. I can feel that I won’t be needing any blush this morning since I’ve got the real thing going on.

I meet his gaze in the mirror and raise an eyebrow at him as if to ask if he likes what he sees. His eyes go dark with desire and just as he goes to take a step towards me, I straighten away from the mirror, grab my make-up bag and walk towards him. I walk my fingers up his chest and act as though I’m about to kiss him, but just before our lips touch, I keep walking right on past him and go to the kitchen. I don’t expect to see what I do. He might look like a complete bad-ass on the outside, with his solid build and tattoos, but he’s a complete sweetheart on the inside. He set out two plates with eggs, toast, and orange juice. A white and pink carnation lying next to the plate closest to me. I feel him walk up behind me and put his hands on my waist. I lean back into him and let out a dreamy sigh. If I can swoon, this would definitely be the time for it.

“You don’t have to do all of this. It’s so sweet of you though, Braxton. It might seem like a simple breakfast and nothing special, but no one has ever done anything like this for me before. Thank you.”

I whisper the words because I don’t know if I can completely trust my voice. I can feel the emotion in my throat and I try to swallow that down. If I don’t get a hold of myself, falling for Braxton can very well happen in no time at all.

“I wanted to do something to show you I’m not an asshole and that I’m not just using you. Also, I want to treat you like how you deserve to be treated.”

He kisses the top of my head and, still with his hands on my waist, leads me to the table and pulls out my chair for me. Not having to make food for myself this morning really helped to keep me on track for being on time to work. It was only 8:30 am and the office was only about a 10-minute drive. I was really grateful to him right then. Not only would I have been late and thus making a terrible impression on my first day, but I would have been extra late since I would have needed to call for a cab because of my license being stolen. I would still need to explain to the building’s security that my I.D had been stolen as well.

Braxton takes his seat and digs in. “I really can’t thank you enough for helping me out this morning, not only with feeding me, but with giving me a ride. I’d have been in so much trouble otherwise.”

“Hope, really it’s alright. I’m glad I can help out seeing as it’s because of me that you woke up late this morning. I promise not to keep you up too late tonight. And I really don’t mind giving you a lift to work. I gotta grab some things from the store anyway, but I did want to spend more time with you before you had to leave.”

He winks at me when he refers to last night and what he’s insinuating about tonight. Yet again, my face was a tomato. I have a feeling this will be a frequent occurrence around him. I really like that he is so straightforward with me and doesn’t beat around the bush at all. His honesty is a breath of fresh air and I really look forward to spending more time with him.

“I really like seeing you blush. I would have assumed you were more on the shy side because of that, but after last night, I can see how wrong I was.” Another wink and a full-on shit eating grin. He is wreaking havoc on my heart and making the butterflies in my stomach go at it like there is a rave going on inside me. I can’t really think of anything to say in response to that, so I just stick out my tongue at him like I had lost 14 years and had reverted back to a child. He takes it in stride and laughs before letting me finish my food in comfortable silence.

After we finished up, he took our plates, rinsed them off, and stuck them in the dishwasher. He asks if I have what I need for work and I nod. He reaches for my hand and pulls me through the house and out the side door to the garage. Pressing a button on his key fob and the door slides up and open, revealing a big black pick up. I don’t know much about trucks, or cars in general, but I do know that it was a pretty powerful vehicle. The tires are tall and come up to about my hips. I know one thing: I am not getting in the truck on my own. He starts to move towards the passenger side, tugging me along.

“Yeah, um. I don’t know if I can get in there. This is a really big truck and, as you can see, I’m pretty short, even with heels on.” This was true. I was only about 5 ’2 and with comfortable heels it only made me about 5’5. Not too much of an improvement. “No problem. I got you, babe.”

Before I can react to what he said, he opens the door, turns me around, and grabs my hips to lift me inside. He makes sure that I won’t get caught in the door before shutting it and walking around to the driver’s side and hopping in. Starting it up after we’re buckled in, Braxton takes my hand in his and we’re off. It’s about a 10-minute drive from my work, so it shouldn’t take us long at all to get there.

“So, I know that we kind of skipped a lot last night, but I would really like to take you on a date. A real one. I know you said you’re not the type to sleep around and I want to show you that I’m not that type either. I feel the same way about you that you do about me. I wouldn’t have slept with you if I don’t feel anything for you. I don’t know if this is too fast for you, but I do like you and I want to get to know everything there is to know about you.”

He rubs his thumb across my knuckles and glances over at me. I am, once again, surprised at him. So far, he seems way too perfect for words and that usually never turns out to be the case. I clear my throat before I respond to what he’d said.

“I’d love to go out on a date with you, and yeah we might have skipped a lot, but it felt right and not too rushed or anything. I appreciate how honest and up front you’ve been with me. That’s usually not the case, and I love that about you. I’m glad that we seem to be on the same page. It’s a nice change of pace.”

I lean over and kiss him on the cheek. Everything is going so well, and it’s only the second day of knowing him, but I’m already a lot happier than I had been a week ago. He brings my hand to his lips and kisses my knuckles. It’s a sweet gesture and I can really get used to him doing things like this. Staring at our hands, entwined together like it’s always been this way, my heart skips a beat.

Feeling the truck start to slow, I look up to see him pulling into the parking lot of the medical research company I’m starting to work for. He parks and gets out to help me down, which is good because I probably would’ve fallen on my ass without his help. Smoothing out my skirt, I look up at him and am hit again by how gorgeous he is. Even if I ever got used to his presence, this is something I won’t get used to. He slides a hand over my hip and pulls me in for a kiss. His lips are so soft and I can feel the stubble he has as I put my hand on his cheek. When I pull away we smile at each other, keeping our faces close together so that I can still feel his lips only a couple inches from mine.

“Is it too late for me to play hooky and stay home with you all day?” As soon as the words come out, I realize how clingy and childish they might sound. Great. Day one of us being together (if that’s what we are) and I’m making myself seem like I’m still in high school. Braxton doesn’t seem to think so though. His smile just grows and his dimples flash at me.

“I would love to have you to myself for the whole day, but I have a feeling we wouldn’t be doing anything productive. Or fully clothed, for that matter. Plus, this is your first day. We can’t have them thinking you’re a slacker already.” Ugh! Now I really wish I had called in sick. But he does have a point about it being my first day. I guess I’ll just have to wait until I got off. Then I can get him off. Winky face.

“Well, I should probably head inside. Thank you again for giving me a ride. I get off at 4 pm, so I’ll see you then.”

“Have a good day beautiful.”

“Thanks Braxton.” I blow him a kiss as I walk away and into the building. I hear his truck start up and rumble as he pulls out of the lot and takes off down the street.

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