Falling For My Neighbor

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Chapter 6 ~ Day Shift Drama

Inside the entryway of the building is a security desk set up to check-in visitors, scan personnel I.D cards, drop off packages, etc. All that fun stuff. Next to that is a conveyor belt set up besides a metal detector. It reminds me of an airport’s security before boarding the plane.

I walk up to the desk and the guy standing there turns to me. His name tag reads “Cole”. He’s pretty tall with blonde hair and blue eyes, and I can’t help but compare him to the drool inducing man that dropped me off this morning. Cole is definitely not on the same playing field as him and it’s almost cruel to compare him to someone like Braxton. That man is all I can think about. He sets a new level of expectations that’s going to be impossible for anyone to meet, other than himself of course.

“Hi, I start as the new head receptionist today. I had some trouble the other day and ended up having my personnel card stolen. So I need to get a new one.”

Cole smiles and shows off his pearly whites that are a shade of white you can really only get by bleaching your teeth. I have a feeling they’d be about as bright as a flashlight if it were dark in here. They reminded of Ross from FRIENDS when he had bleached his teeth and everyone made fun of him. If he changed his hair and eye color, he’d look just like Ross, so much so that I half expected him to yell out “We were on a break!”.

He nods and says, “Ok, we can get that done for you right here. What’s your name?”

“Hope Reynolds.” I blow out a breath of relief that it’s not a big deal like I had thought it’d be. I really don’t need any issues at work on my first day. He sits down at a small desk with a computer and types in a few things before walking into a room behind the desk. it’s a minute before Cole comes back with a small plastic card in his hands.

“Alright, here’s your new card. Just make sure you don’t lose this one. When you start your shifts you scan it every time you enter the building and scan it every time you leave. It’ll let us know at the end of the day if there’s anyone left inside or who was here in emergency situations. Once you scan your card, you can put any items you have with you on this conveyer belt and walk through the metal detector and your items will go through the scanner up here and be screened. If there’s nothing restricted inside, it’ll meet you on the other side of the metal detector.”

As he talks me through what to do I do each step. It seems like an easy enough task. Once I’m through to the other side, I give a small wave and thank him as I walk off. I make my way to a waist high and long counter that faces the front of the building where clients and the like come through. There are a couple other women seated off to the side at their desks. I look at an empty spot and assume that’s my space. There’s a post-it note on the desk with my name on it, so I put my bag down, take a seat before I start to put away some of the supplies I thought to bring with me.

“Are you Hope?” I turn around and see a woman my age a few steps away from me looking like she felt as though she was intruding. I smile and stand up to shake her hand.

“Hi, yes that’s me. I’m the new head receptionist. It’s nice to meet you.” She instantly lights up and shakes my hand. “I’m Kate. I’m to be an assistant of sorts to you, so please, let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out. Let me give you a quick tour of the place before we chain you to the desk.” She winks before turning around.

I follow her down a hallway and it leads to a small kitchen that has a few appliances and a big fridge. “This is the staff kitchen. Sometimes we get catered food, so this is where that will be. You’ll be in charge of organizing that and letting the guys back here to set it all up for us. If you want to bring a lunch you can put it in the fridge, just make sure you put your name on it. Even that may not be enough but it could help.”

It was obvious there was a story behind that statement, so I ask her what happened. She gives me a dry laugh and rolls her eyes before continuing.

“There were two employees that used to work here but got fired recently. One of them would always eat the other’s lunch and it caused a big problem because she can only eat gluten free and soy based products. Well, she got really fed up with it and just charged the guy. I did not know a 5’3” woman can flat out tackle a grown man, but it happened and someone walking through got caught up in it and got hurt. Needless to say, put your name on your lunch always and if you have special dietary needs, hide it well.”

During her story, she walks me around the other labeled rooms we have access to. Being just receptionists at a medical research company, we aren’t privy to everything that went on in the building. And I guess that’s fine by me. I’m just happy to have found a well enough paying job.

After giving me bits of information about each room, we circle back to where we started. “Ok, so my desk is just across from yours. I’ll bring you some paperwork you can do and give you a copy of the calendar, so you can be mindful of events and conferences and such. The work here isn’t hard, it’s just plentiful, but don’t let me put you off. You’ll see for yourself soon enough and then you can judge it.”

Kate walks to her desk to retrieve the paperwork and calendar. It’s a small stack that will probably take me a few hours to finish. Time flies by, and before I know it, it was already time for me to head out and meet Braxton. After gathering my things, I wave goodbye to Kate and am pleased when she smiles and waves back eagerly. She seems like a pretty nice woman. Maybe I should ask her to get a drink sometime during happy hour.

I think about asking Braxton if he knows of any good bars for us to go to as I walk back to the security desk. I scan my I.D card before putting my bag on the conveyor belt and walk through the metal detector. Grabbing my bag, I’m on my way to the door when I hear someone call my name. Glancing over my shoulder, I see that it’s Cole, the security guard from this morning. Gone is his guard get up and in its place are regular clothes. He jogs over and his eyes trail over me. Oh no. This can’t be good.

“Hey, thanks for waiting.” He flashes me what I assume is what he thinks was a panty dropping grin. “I was on my way to a bar down the street. Why don’t you come grab a drink with me and we can get to know each other a bit more?” He steps a bit closer after saying this.

By the way he said it, I can tell what he expects to happen if I say yes. He would get me drunk and, having had enough of groping me in the bar, would call a cab to take us back to his place where we would have sex. Yeah, that isn’t going to happen today or any other day. I hate when men hit on women they work with, then when they break it off with the girl because she wants more than a hit it and quit it, she’s the one that’s ashamed and embarrassing to work with. Not. Going. To. Happen. Before I can give a snarky response, I hear Braxton’s truck pulling into the lot and shut off.

“Yeah sorry, that sounds…yeah. Well, my boyfriend is here and we have plans at home together. So, bye.” I don’t even let him respond to that as I turn and rush out the door to where Braxton is waiting for me leaning against the truck with his arms crossed over his chest and his legs crossed at the ankle. His once glaring and threatening face lights up at the sight of me and my heart flutters in my chest at the change I seem to bring out in him. He pushes off the truck to meet me halfway before taking me in his arms and kissing me right there in the parking lot. Putting my hands on his chest, I push a little and broke the kiss.

“Take me back to your place? Please?” He smiles and walks me to my side of the vehicle to help me inside and shuts the door. I watch as he walks around to his side and I see him staring down Cole, who’s standing with his arms crossed like a child pouting, just outside the doors to the building. He’s glaring at Braxton and then he stalks off across the lot. Braxton gets inside, starts up the truck and fiddles with the radio. When I hear a Three Days Grace song come on I start to sing along, and he leaves it while looking over at me and smiling. He leans over to kiss my cheek before pulling out of the lot.

Back at his place, we walk into the house and I ask if I can use his shower. I really could have waited until that night, but the conversation with Cole and the way he glared at Braxton makes me feel icky. Braxton smirks at me.

“A gorgeous woman asking if she can get naked and wet in my bathroom? I wouldn’t dare tell you no.” He pulls me up against him and kisses me hard enough to make my head spin and my heart race. God, he’s such an amazing kisser. I’m already wet and about to melt into a puddle. He breaks away and grins down at me and I don’t have to be a mind reader to tell what he so obviously wants. I put my hands on his chest and kiss him lightly once more while feeling my way down to his jeans. Flicking the button open, I break away.

“Why don’t you join me?” Then I race away from him and into the bedroom as fast as I can in heels. I hear him follow close behind me but I don’t look back. I shriek as he grabs me around the waist and hauls me onto the bed. Turning me over so I’m on my back, he grabs me by the thighs. Gently pulling them apart, he settles himself between them and pulls my blouse then bra up and over my head, tossing the clothes away from us.

“Thought you were sneaky, huh?” He teases me with feather light traces across my tits with the pads of his fingers on one hand as his other slides up my skirt and yanks on my thong so hard it rips off my body. I never knew it can be so hot to have clothes ripped off of you but oh my lord, is it ever. He traces along my pussy lips but doesn’t go inside. The anticipation is making me shake and writhe with need. I need to feel him inside me, whether it be fingers or dick.

“Braxton, please don’t tease me, I can’t take it. I need you in me now!” As soon as I get the last word out, he shoves a finger inside and groans at how wet I am. “You’re so fucking wet Hope. Is this for me? Are you soaked for this cock?”

I look up at him and bite my lip and nod. It’s true. He had me so wet from the moment I saw him leaning up against his truck outside of my work. He works another finger inside me and his rhythm picks up while he pinches and rolls a nipple between the fingers of his other hand. He bends over and takes the other nipple in his mouth, drawing out a moan from me that’s low and needy. He uses his tongue to make wet circles around the peak before releasing with a pop and taking in the other one.

“Braxton I’m so close, go faster baby.” I can barely recognize my voice with how thick with desire it is. He picks up his speed and just when I’m ready to come, he pulls out his fingers. Before I can protest, he pulls off my skirt and slams into me. I’m in such a lust induced trance I haven’t even noticed him undoing his jeans and pulling out his dick.

“Braxton! Oh god yes!” I scream his name as he thrusts into me over and over again. He grips my hips and pulls me towards him as he moves to slam into me. I have my hands twisting in the sheets holding on for dear life as my orgasm builds and spills over. I can’t believe how amazing he makes me feel. He comes soon after I do and kisses me with an intensity that squeezes my heart. He shudders as the last of his cum spills into me and he whispers my name against my lips.

Standing up, but pulling me up with him, he slides out of me and holds me steady. He helps me out of my shoes and kicks off his jeans. Taking my hand, he leads me to the shower and we both step inside. We wash each other and press kisses anywhere not covered in soap. He presses against my back as I rinse off and rains kisses on my shoulders and neck. After we step out and dry off, he wraps me in a towel and picks me up in his arms, princess style. (Insert happy inside squeal.) He sets me on the bed and scoots in close. Tossing the sheet over us, we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

We wake up some time later and there are some shadows in the room. It was about 7:30pm. He kisses me and gets up from the bed, walking over to his dresser. Tossing on a pair of boxers and gym shorts, he reaches in and brings me one of his shirts and a pair of shorts. I slide from the bed and remove the towel to toss on the shirt. It comes to mid-thigh on me so I don’t bother with the shorts.

“You know, you’re putting yourself at quite the risk wearing just that shirt. It’s almost like you want to tempt me or something.” I walk over to him smiling and we wrap our arms around each other, grinning like total dorks.

“I mean, if something were to happen, I may be persuaded to not fight it. Especially if it’s as good as the last time. And the time before that.” Braxton leans down to press his lips against my forehead. Sighing, he leans down quickly, picks me up by the legs and all the sudden we’re on the bed again, me giggling with my ass in the air, his shorts on the floor, his cock inside me pumping away. The growling coming from deep in his chest and his mouth sucking on my neck had me over the edge, screaming with release already. Needless to say, it was a while before we ventured out of the room.

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