Falling For My Neighbor

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Chapter 7 ~ Just Another Asshole

“I can’t believe you would play that game. I know it’s just a movie, and even if it were real, they still kill her in the end but come on! It’s just way too scary to risk. Even thinking about it gives me the creeps.” I shiver dramatically and Braxton smirks and rolls his eyes.

It’s about 2 hours later and we’re sitting on his bed eating pizza and talking about the movie Stay Alive while it plays on the T.V. After going for round two and taking another shower, we were starving, so Braxton pulled up an app on his phone and ordered us pizza. Surprisingly enough, we like the same things on our pizza: provolone, cheddar, and banana peppers. I can definitely get behind someone who I don’t have to fight over toppings with. Or rather, let them get behind me, if you know what I mean.

Braxton looks pretty amused watching me wave my hands in the air while talking about Elizabeth Bathory, who is evil incarnate and who the movie was made about. This crazy bitch would kill young, innocent girls and bathe in their blood. Yeah. Talk about a fucked-up existence.

“I definitely would have loved to have been there when they condemned the psycho to that tower. I would’ve suggested they just throw her down a well or some shit.” Braxton really hates when the innocent is abused, especially young girls. I wonder if there’s a story behind this, but I don’t want to be the one to pry and bring it up. He looks at me and watches while I finish a piece of pizza and wipe my hands with a paper towel.

“I want to take you somewhere this weekend.” He says suddenly and grabs my hand to rub his thumb over my knuckles. “I really like you, Hope. I know I’ve only known you for a very short time, but all I can do is think about you and want to spend time with you.”

“Brax, I really like you too. It should be impossible for me to feel this comfortable with you already, but I do. I feel like we might be moving a little too fast, but I can’t honestly say that I mind or that I want us to slow down. I think this can be the beginning of something great.”

As I talk, I can see his eyes shine down at me and can tell that my words affected him in some way. Bringing my hand up to his face and he holds it to his cheek before turning to kiss my palm. I move the pizza box out of the way and crawl into his lap to pull his face to mine and kiss him deeply. He wraps his arms around me and holds me close, making love to my mouth while making me feel safe in his embrace. When he ends the kiss, it’s way too soon. I want so much more with him. I want everything he’s willing to give me and then some.

“Want to watch anything else or get some sleep?” Braxton says while looking at the T.V. I look over at the screen to see the ending credits rolling. Just as I was going to suggest another movie, I open my mouth and yawn so hard my jaw cracks. “I guess that answers that huh?”

He gives me a smile before pressing a quick kiss to my forehead and leaning back against the pillows, arms still tight around me. I fall asleep with my head tucked into the crook of his neck with a smile on my face. I feel him brush back some of my hair before resting his hand on my cheek. This was the best day I’ve had in a long time. I can’t wait until tomorrow.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I jerk my head up to my phone alarm going off. Reaching over to the nightstand where I had put it to charge, I tap on the screen to dismiss the alarm. After shutting it up, I lean back against the pillows. 7 am is way too early to be awake, but you gotta pay the bills somehow. Also I’d rather not have to turn to stripping even though, let’s be honest, that shit can get pretty tempting. Feeling beside me, I notice that Braxton isn’t in the bed. I do, however, notice the note on his pillow.

“I have work this morning, sorry for not letting you know beforehand. Feel free to walk around naked until work and help yourself to whatever is in the fridge or cabinets. It was really hard to leave you and not call in sick, but there are lives to save. Second chances to give out. You know how it goes. Have a good day at work. I’ll pick you up at 4 pm. ;)”

He is too cute and the winky face at the end of the note is just one example that. Smiling to myself, I think of how I had woken up during the night to him kissing my shoulder and cuddling me close to his body. Sighing to myself, I throw off the blankets and stretch out my body. I make the bed and realize I don’t have another set of work clothes with me.

Tossing on the shirt Braxton had given me last night along with the shorts he had been wearing, I let out a huge yawn. Grabbing the pizza box off the floor and my cell from the side table, I walk out of his room. Finding my purse, I place my phone inside and put the empty box on the counter by the trash can. I look through his cabinets really quick and find a huge box of cookie dough poptarts. I grabbed two packs (one is for later, don’t judge) and close the cabinet. I walk out his side door, locking it before I shut it.

Walking to my own house, I pull out my keys and open the door. I lock that one too after closing it and head over to the boxes that had my nice work clothes. Pulling out a pencil skirt, nice blouse, push-up bra and a pair of thigh high stockings with a garter belt. To complete the outfit, I grab my most prized pair of heels. I know I’m just a receptionist, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look good. With that in mind, I head for the shower with a feeling of determination. “Let’s make this job my bitch.”

I pull into work in the Uber I called to pick me up this morning. It’s pretty warm outside so I’m thankful I had the foresight to pin up the thick mass that is my hair. I pay the driver and head to the building, hoping like hell Cole isn’t working this morning or at all today.

“Hey Hope! Wait for me!” I turn around to see Kate waving and speed walking towards me.

“Hey, good morning. How are you?” I make small talk after she catches up and we walk into the building together. She looks me over as we enter and whistles.

“Well, don’t you look like someone’s hot secretary mistress today?” Kate says as she pretends to fan herself. I feel my cheeks turn pink as I ask if that’s a compliment or not.

“Girl, you have just become my woman crush Monday. Let’s put it that way.” We both giggle as we walk up and check-in with the security guard who is, thankfully, not Cole. He’s pretty tall though, with brown hair and brown eyes. Eyes that are checking us out as I speak.

He smiles, more like smirks, and nods at us as we put our things on the belt to be scanned. “Ladies, you’re looking ready to break some hearts this morning. I hope one of them isn’t mine.” He says this with a deep southern drawl while giving us a wink. Kate seems to be ignoring him though, keeping her focus on what she’s doing instead. We grab our things and before walking off, he calls out to me, so I stop and turn around.

“Hey Hope, right? The name’s Jack and I hear it’s only your second day here. If you need anything or have any problems, you come and tell me. I’ll help in any way I can, sweetheart.” It would have sounded like a sincere enough gesture if I hadn’t been looking at him. His eyes linger on my tits and I have a feeling that when he says anything, he really means anything.

About to say and do something that would not be received very well and could cost me my job, Kate links my arm with hers, scowls at Jack and says, “If Hope has an issue with anything, I’m sure it won’t be something that I couldn’t help her with. Thanks, but no thanks Jack. Come on Hope, let’s get to our desks.”

She pulls us away from him but not before I hear Jack laugh. “So, what was that about? Something I should know?” I ask her. She seems tense and her lips are pressed into a thin line. She doesn’t say a word until we’re at my desk and then she lets go of my arm to fold hers across her chest and looks down.

“I just want to let you know you should be careful of Jack. He’s a pretty slick guy, but make no mistake, he’s 100% player. We had gotten together a few times before I found him in the service room making copies of the tits of the girl he was banging from behind. It was humiliating and he just looked at me and had the audacity to ask if I wanted to join them! He’s a fucking man whore.”

I feel so bad for her as she tells me this. My heart is heavy and I have to resist the urge to go back to security and beat him to a pulp for how he had treated Kate. She looks like she’s about to cry and I get up to hug her. “I’m so sorry that happened to you. It really happens to the best of us, so maybe in a fucked-up way, you can see this as the universe’s way of telling you that you’re a good person and you deserve better? Way better than that sleazeball. He’s just another asshole in this messed up world.”

She lets out a choked laugh. “Yeah, I guess I’d have to. Although, I almost wish I was a shitty person if it means not having to feel this way.” She hugs me tight before letting go and taking a deep breath. Wiping the tears that had escaped, she gives me a small smile. “Thanks for the hug and for trying to help me feel better. I haven’t had a friend in a long time that seemed worth keeping.”

“You’re welcome Kate. I have a feeling we’re going to become really good friends.” Thinking of Braxton and wondering about his friends. “And maybe I can set you up with someone who isn’t a total cunt muffin.” She giggles and I take that as a sign that she’s feeling a bit better.

“That would be awesome if such a man existed.” She sighs and puts the back of a hand to her forehead like she was about to swoon. We sit down and start to work while we talk.

“Well, I can definitely ask my guy about his friends if you want? I just started seeing him, but he’s been amazing and just so down to earth. He’s like no one I’ve ever known and he’s so fucking sexy, it hurts my ovaries looking at him.” Now I sigh like I’m in danger of swooning.

Kate giggles again as she files some papers away. “Yeah, I don’t know. That doesn’t sound too pleasant. Are you sure that’s a good thing?” I look at her and smile wickedly with an eyebrow arched. “Oh yeah. Good doesn’t begin to describe the effect he has. You’ll see him when he picks me up today.”

She still doesn’t look unconvinced, but she’ll see what I mean soon enough. I know I’m not the only woman that is affected by Braxton and his devastatingly good looks.

After getting lost in the rhythm of work, I look up to see that I only have 10 minutes left before Braxton will be here. I lean back against my chair and stretch my arms above my head.

“Well that’s a sight I can get used to. Why don’t we get a drink after this, darlin’? Lookin’ at you makes me thirsty.” I flinch and jerk my arms down. Looking over, I see Jack leaning against the wall that’s to the side of my desk. I look over at Kate’s desk and realize she isn’t there.

“She walked away to the break room.” He pushes off the wall and steps closer to me until he’s standing right in front of me. I glare at him, but he just gives me a smirk. This bitch dumpster was in my personal bubble and can tell that I’m not liking it.

“You have three seconds to get out of my space before I take this heel off my foot and pop something of value.” I give him my bitchiest look and his smirk grows into a creepy smile with teeth. He takes a step back and raises his hands in mock surrender.

“I like fiery women and you’re feistier than you look. I guess I’ll be seeing you later, darlin’.” He winks and walks off before I can tell him he’ll see me later in the back of an alley with a bat coming across his head. Man, that guy makes me violent and I just met him today. I guess that says something.

“Hope? Babe are you ok?” I turn and see Braxton coming up to the counter. Glancing at the clock, I see it’s 4:10 pm. Crap. I made him wait for me while I dealt with that greasy bastard. I should take him out back and feed him to some rakkens for making me waste time that should’ve been spent with Braxton. Ok, no more Trailer Park Boys. They’re rubbing off on me too much.

“Hey, yeah I’m ok. Just dealing with the asshole security guard.” I shiver from anger, but he misinterprets it for fear. He steps around the counter to stand close to me and takes my hand. “Is it that guy from yesterday? I can talk to him if you need me to. He shouldn’t get away with this treating you that way.”

Putting a hand on his chest, I step closer to him so that my chest is brushing up against his and I see his eyes dilate from the move. His other hand comes up to rest on my waist and I look into his eyes as I speak.

“It’s a different guard, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.” I can see him about to interrupt so I add, “But if it becomes too big for me, I’ll let you know and we can handle it together. Right now, all I want to do is get back to your place and show you the surprise under my clothes.”

His breathing hitches as I whisper that last part in his ear. His hand tightens on my waist and he lets out a sharp exhale. Pulling back, he says, “Clock out and I’ll meet you at the truck. I have something for you too.”

Patting my hip, he steps back and I go about collecting my things and clocking out. While I do this, Kate comes back from the break room and stops in her tracks. Her eyes grow wide and I know she’s spotted Braxton. He is looking pretty hot in his paramedic uniform. With what just happened with Jack, I hadn’t been able to fully appreciate his appearance. I smile and hold up a finger to Braxton before walking over to Kate.

She whispers to me when I get close. “You weren’t kidding about the ovary thing. They feel like they’re trying to escape and ride off into the sunset with him. Holy shit Hope! If any of his friends are as hot as he is pleeeease set me up! You’d be committing a crime against women to refuse me.”

She’s practically panting as she whisper shouts at me. I giggle and say I told you so. “See you tomorrow Kate!” I walk back to Braxton and tell him I’m all set to go. He grabs my hand and kisses the back of it. I smile at him. “I’ll see you in a minute babe. I have to go out the side entrance.”

He nods and lets go, walking out of the customer entrance with a bit of a swing to his shoulders and his chest puffed out more than usual. I think he had heard Kate from before because he looks back at me as he reaches the door and winks. I look back at Kate and see her sigh with a hand to her chest. Laughing out loud, I go to the security desk and completely ignore Jackass, who sits there with a grin on his stupid shitbag face the whole time. When I’m on the other side of the metal detector and have grabbed my things, he whistles a cat call at me and I flip him the bird behind my back. I can hear his laugh as I exit the building. Fucking creeper.

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