Falling For My Neighbor

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Chapter 9 ~Date Night Blues

It’s finally the weekend and I’ve been looking forward to today: date night! After talking to Braxton this week about setting Kate up with one of his friends, I called Kate and told her about us all going on a double date tonight. Her response was to scream into the phone and then ask rapidfire questions about what she should wear, where were we going, have I met the guy, etc.

After hanging up the phone, I turn and go sit at the kitchen table while I watch Braxton make us food. I smell the air and I’m assaulted by spices and warm tortillas. It’s taco night bitches! “Mmm, it smells amazing in here babe. You are a great cook and I will do everything in my power to keep you cooking for me.”

Braxton laughs and says, “Well it’s a good thing that I happen to like cooking for you but I appreciate that. You want anything to drink?” He gestures to the fridge and I think about if I want to pregame a bit before we head out to meet Kate and his friend Oliver. We are going to a blues and jazz club on the other side of town and it’s supposed to be a really popular place so we want to leave the house a bit on the early side.

“I’m just going to have some water since I’m sure we’ll be drinking plenty when we get to the club.” I stand and reach up into the glass cupboard but I’m too short. As I’m about to turn around to ask for help an arm reaches around me and grabs a glass. I take it from Braxton and pretend to swoon and say, “My hero. However can I repay you?”

Just as he opens his mouth to say what I’m assuming is something sexual, I beat him to it. “We don’t have time for any of what you’re thinking Brax. We need to eat and get ready. No time for anything naughty.”

He pouts and I laugh then stretch up to give him a kiss. “I guess I’ll just take the kiss as the first installment of your payment. I can wait until tonight to get the second.” He says this then gives me a wink and pinches my butt before going back to the stove. I wag my finger at him and faux glare as I walk to the fridge to pour myself some water.

After we eat our delicious tacos, I go to my own house to get ready. I’m not sure why I haven’t already, but I’m thinking I may need to start keeping some clothes here. At least some work clothes so I don’t have to wake up a bit earlier and rush over to get dressed.

I hear Braxton knock on the door before opening it and announcing it’s him. I love that he does that because I feel like it shows me he wants me to always feel safe and know when it’s him coming in so I don’t mistake him for some creep or pervert.

I call out to him from the bedroom, “I’ll be out in a minute!” I turn around and look over my outfit in the mirror. I have on an off the shoulder dark blue dress that hugs my body in all the right places. It falls to right below my knees and goes so well with the black heeled booties I have on. I spritz myself with one of my favorite perfumes, Winter Candy Apple from Bath and Body Works. I cannot get enough of this scent and neither can Braxton who has said it makes him want to bite into me because I smell so sweet and yummy. Just because of that I give myself another small spritz before I grab my small clutch I’m using for the night and walk out to meet him in the front room.

I walk into the room and he turns around looking absolutely edible and mouthwatering. I slowly let my eyes wander his body and try to contain my dirty thoughts. A fitted black shirt covers his torso, so snug over his muscles it makes me drool and his dark jeans are fashionably distressed, fraying a little at the knees. Thinking of his knees starts to lead me down a dark path so I jerk my eyes back up and see that he’s been doing a little looking of his own.

Braxton steps towards me until we’re toe to toe and lets his hands brush over my shoulders and down my arms stopping at my hips. “You looking beyond beautiful and I’m the luckiest guy to have you and to be seen with you. I may go a little nuts if some asshole tries anything tonight.” He’s looking into my eyes and his gaze is so intense a shiver runs through me. Mmm. I don’t exactly know why but the thought of him being so alpha male and kicking some guys ass for me kind of turns me on. Ok so not kind of but definitely turns me on.

I lean my chest against his and say, “We better head out before you start something I’m going to insist you finish.” I grab his hand and pull him from the house and to his truck. He’s a gentleman and helps me into the huge thing before going around and climbing in himself. He slides his hand onto my thigh and that’s where it stays the whole time we’re driving.

We pull into the clubs parking lot and I stare at the big blue fluorescent lights showing the name: Midnight Sonata. I get out of the truck and Braxton immediately puts his arm around me and we head to the club. There’s a long line on the sidewalk but Braxton and his friend, Oliver, are buddies with the manager so we get to bypass the line and go right inside. As we pass the bouncer Braxton gives him a manly handshake and thanks him before we slip past the velvet rope.

I told Kate that we would meet her at the bar and I spot her in a dark blue dress with skinny heels. I wave to her and she sees me and waves us over. Braxton leans over to me and whispers in my ear, “Oliver said he’s almost here now so let’s try to get a table and I’ll get you girls drinks once we’re all situated.”

I look at him to nod my head and smile before giving him a quick peck on the lips. He looks at me with lust in his eyes and a dark promise meant for later. I wink at him playfully and we make our way to Kate before finding a table by the stage in front of the club. Kate grasps onto my arm and exclaims over my outfit. “Woman you look gorgeous! I need to make you my personal shopper so I can be looking just as good.”

I shake my head. “Kate you’re crazy! You look amazing. I love that dress on you and I know for a fact that Oliver will too. You’re a knockout. Own it!” I give her a soft shake after saying this because she really did look fantastic and she deserves to feel like how she looks.

After we sit and Braxton is at the bar getting us drinks, a man tries coming up to the table to flirt with Kate and she’s less than impressed with his efforts. Talk about a sloppy drunk, this guy is all over her and not even trying to control himself. right before I get up to push him from Kate, the guy is ripped away and shoved in the other direction.

“You need to learn how to respect women before someone beats your ass. No means no, now get the hell out. You’re banned from the club. Move!” The drunk asshole is running away like the devil is on his heels and we both look to see who’s responsible for helping us out.

The guy is tall like Braxton, maybe 6’2. He has a full beard but it’s trimmed and his hair is also short; cut in a high and tight. The dark dress shirt he has on does nothing to hide what’s going on underneath it. You can tell the guy is ripped, not so bulking like Braxton but leaner.

While we’re still looking at him and kind of shocked from what had just happened the guy moves forward and says, “Hi you must be Hope, Braxton’s girlfriend.” He turns from me to Kate. Looking into her eyes and smiling almost like he’s in on a secret, “And you must be Kate, my beautiful date.”

Well fuck Oliver, what a way to introduce yourself.

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