Slow Dancing

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Just one night

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Chapter 1

Slow Dancing

“I just don’t understand why you feel bad for him; hell the guy has the world by the balls.”

“Yes, he has money, a nice house, but that doesn’t mean he should get cheated on. Mike gives her everything, and then she runs around all over town on him. It isn’t right and you know it Tom.” I answered back.

Mike had been a friend of ours for years. He graduated high school went right into the service and did very well. Now he was retired from the service and working for a military contractor in one of their offices and making good money.

He met Deseree, or Des as we call her, one night in a bar and they hit it off. The problem with Des is she is beautiful and she knows it. She saw Mike as a meal ticket and jumped on. It wasn’t a year after the wedding that the rumors started flying about her being with different people.

Mike wasn’t looking for a hood ornament, he’s a good man, and he honestly fell in love with her. That was why I planned this night out so I could talk to him. He needed to know what was going on.

“Well either way Brit, they are pulling up, and Mike brought the Escalade.” Tom called from the front room.

“Well let’s get this night started.” I called heading right for the door. I was determined that Mike would know what was going on.

“I’m surprised you asked me to dance?” Mike said in a questioning way.

“Why? We have been friends for years.” I asked actually surprised he would ask me that.

“Yeah but you have Tom. Hell I can’t imagine any woman giving up a dance with Tom to dance with me.” Mike said laughing.

“Well it didn’t take her long to grab Tom and rush out here with us, now did it?” I asked trying to bring up the subject that I wanted to approach.

“Well you did kind of leave the door wide open. Are you regretting that now?” He asked genuinely concerned.

I liked that about him he was such a good guy and cared about everyone else. He deserved better than her.

“No, I’m glad she grabbed Tom. At least with Tom I will know what happens, with anyone else I wouldn’t.” I said not thinking to curb my way of thinking.

“So you have heard the rumors?” He asked sheepish.

“I have, and I hate the fact that I believe they are true. I know how much you love her, and it isn’t right. You are wonderful; you deserve someone to love you like you love them.”

“Who could that be? Let’s face it Brit I was lucky to land her. I’m not the best looking guy and if it wasn’t for my money I wouldn’t of got her either.”

He confessed all this while just about breaking down in my arms. She was ruining him. I wouldn’t let her ruin him.

“Mike you are wonderful, caring, and a good looking guy. Any woman in here would trade places with me in an instant to dance with you, but they can’t, because I got you first.” I said trying to set his mind at ease.

“I wish you would have said that in high school.” He whispered but I heard him loud and clear.

“Oh Mike I liked you in high school, but I started dating Tom when we were freshmen, and we just kept going. But just because I wasn’t available didn’t mean no one else wanted you, heck, all my friends wanted you but you seemed so stand offish to them.”

“Well yeah Brit, I wanted you. I wanted the best girl in school, not the second or third best. I didn’t think it was fair to be with one girl and always wonder if it would be better to be with the other. I couldn’t do that in school. Either way it doesn’t matter now. I have Des and you have Tom still, and we all just keep going.”

“Bullshit Mike, she is using you. I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to set her straight.” I fumed.

“No Brit you won’t because I need her. I know you don’t understand but I need her. I don’t just need her for sex, and companionship, I need her for work. I have to have someone to take to the stupid functions and play nice with the other wives. Brit please, I know we are friends, but don’t ruin what I have?”

“Fine, but we both know that it’s crap. You deserve better than her.”

“You’re right, I deserved you, but you were already taken.”

“Well did you tell him his wife is a cheating whore?” Tom asked when we started dancing a few songs later.

“Of course, but it doesn’t matter, he needs her, or at least he thinks he does, and I couldn’t change his mind.” I said.

“Well I will tell you this, she isn’t afraid to make a move, if you know what I mean.”

“No, what do you mean?” I asked curious.

“Well when we danced she made her moves on me.” Tom explained.

“Seriously, that little slut, I am going to kill her.”

“Relax baby, I moved us around to keep her from getting to close, but she definitely isn’t afraid to do it with him in the same room. I actually feel bad for Mike too. I mean we were never really friends in school, but you are right, he does deserve someone to actually care for him.”

“So what kind of move did she make on you?”

“She maneuvered her leg in between the two of mine so every time I moved her leg rubbed my penis. It took a few seconds but I was able to pick up the pace, and get her back on her side.” He said laughing.

I was so glad I had this relationship with Tom. We were more than husband and wife, we were lovers and best friends. That was probably the number one reason we were still together after all this time.

“So did you enjoy it?” I asked.

He laughed. “Of course, when a woman that’s ten years younger than you comes on to you, you enjoy it, but I know better. She is just who she is, and Mike at least knows now, so you don’t have to feel guilty.”

But for some reason I did. I mean Mike and I were only just friends but I did feel bad. Of course after he told me everything he told me, how could I not. “Did you know Mike liked me in school?”

“Oh sweetie, everyone knew that. I just wasn’t giving you up. Why, did he finally tell you?”

“Yeah he did when I told him about Des. He pretty much said that if it couldn’t be me, at least he was able to get her. I don’t know, it just sounds so wrong. I just don’t know what to feel.”

“Oh baby, you are such a good person. The problem is we can’t make everyone happy in this world.”

I knew that. I really did. I just wanted to. “Can I ask you a question without you getting mad?”

“Do you even need to ask?”

No I didn’t. “We never talked about it, but we have been together exclusively since freshmen year. Do you ever wish you had more partners?”

He laughed and I loved that about him. “Of course, but I would never do anything to lose you. Baby I know how good I got it. Why do you?”

“To be honest I never did until tonight. Mike got me thinking, and no, I would never do anything to jeopardize us either, I was just wondering.” I said but I was wondering. I was wondering a lot.

He must have seen it on my face because he smiled at me and then kissed me deep. Damn I loved his kisses. I fell into those kisses so bad that I forgot about the rest of the world while he held me like that.

“No man will ever be able to kiss you like that,” he whispered in my ear and I began melting. He was so getting laid tonight.

Tom was getting drinks and Des went to the bathroom, and no, I did not go with her. I was sitting alone with Mike, but for some reason there was a little more tension than usual. Was it because he told me how he felt in high school?

“I saw you two kissing on the dance floor.” Mike said out of nowhere. “I really do wish I had that with someone.”

“I wish you did too. You are so wonderful; I just wish it wasn’t Des.” I responded.

He laughed. “Brit next to you she is the most beautiful woman in this place. I knew what I was getting into when we got together. She was already known to run around even before we married. I took precautions in case she left me, but we will never have that spark that you and Tom do.”

His honesty was overwhelming. I really liked that about him. Tom was the same way and I valued honesty more than anything. “Tom told me Des made a move on him.”

“I’m not surprised. Hell, look at him Brit, he is still as good looking now as he was in high school. I wouldn’t be surprised if every woman in here tried to take a shot at him.”

“Well they would you too Mike.” I responded.

“That’s sweet but we both know it’s not true. I’m average, and thanks to my years in the military I shaped up well, but I will never be Tom.”

“We have a Tom, we need a Mike too. The world needs you too Mike, and so do all the women in here.”

“Do you?” He asked catching me off guard.

“Of course I do. You are one of my best friends. I wouldn’t know what to do without you.”

“I see, well, here comes Tom now. I think I am going to run to the bathroom. Be back in a second,” he said getting up and walking away.

“Is everything OK baby?” Tom asked.

“I don’t know.” I told him what was said and let him think about it and finally he said “I think Mike still loves you baby.”

Love, what the hell? “I don’t know about that, but he seems like he is lost or something. Shit Tom I think I am making this worse not better.”

“Do you love me baby?”

“With all my heart,” I responded without having to think twice.

“Well here is the problem. Mike loves you, he has since high school, and nothing you can say is going to change that. Des is a pale comparison to you, and everyone knows it, but especially Mike. I’d feel bad for him except it’s my wife he is interested in. I don’t even think sleeping with him would help, he wants you baby and I am not willing to give you up.”

Wow, I never heard Tom talk like that before. He even said something about me and Mike sleeping together. What brought that on? I mean Tom was a man and he understood them better than I did, but that was a little off the cuff. Of course now that he mentioned it, I was thinking about it. Did I want to sleep with Mike? I mean I have always cared about him, but in that way?

“I’m not leaving you Tom, ever. I just feel bad. For some reason I feel like this is my fault, even though I didn’t do anything.”

“It’s not your fault your perfect, it’s just you. I was just not the only one who noticed, and he put you on this pedestal that no other woman will ever be able to reach.”

“Well shit,” I said and Tom just nodded.

“Hey where is Mike,” Des asked coming back to the table. “I want to dance some more.”

“He went to the bathroom,” I said not even smiling at her. I was still lost in the thoughts Tom just gave me.

“Tom come dance with me, this is my favorite song.” Des said beaming.

Of course it was, it was a slow song. She was probably hoping to get him on the dance floor and try to seduce him again.

“Go ahead Tom,” I said out loud and then leaned over and whispered in his ear. “Let her see what she is missing.”

He looked at me and asked “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, have a real good dance.” I said as he just stared at me and then he got up and escorted her back to the dance floor.

It wasn’t even two seconds in and she had her legs between his again and this time he didn’t work to get out of it. I watched for a while until a voice next to me caught me off guard.

“They seem to be getting close.” Mike said sitting down. “Am I going to lose another woman to the great Tom Speed?”

I shook my head and said “I told him to make it good. I want her to see she can’t have every man she wants and treat you like crap. I hate what she does to you. Of course now I hate myself for what you have gone through. I feel responsible.”

“Oh Brit, I never told you those things to make you feel bad. I just needed you to know. I was too shy in school to tell you, and well, we aren’t kids anymore. Tom and you are and always were perfect and that always got to me, because I wasn’t. Don’t feel bad for me; I have the second most beautiful woman, a great job, lots of money, and everything else. I am good. I am just whining.” He said laughing after his long rant.

I just stared at him and watched as he finally took a breath. His dark hair and dark eyes making him seem soft where I knew there was a hard core inside him. When I looked at him though all I saw was the soft side, the side I wanted to see. “Dance with me.”

Where did that come from? I just asked him to dance with me. I mean my husband was dancing with his wife, if what they were doing could be called dancing, and here I was asking him to the floor.

He didn’t question it he just stood up and held out his hand and I slipped into it and he led me out. I slipped into his arms easily and rested my body against his. The song finished quickly but they went right into another slow song so we stayed out.

Tom looked at me and I gave him a signal to keep dancing with Des and he raised an eyebrow at me and I winked back. He smiled and continued to let Des rub herself all over him.

I was in Mike’s arms and I was being held close, real close. My breasts were being pressed into his chest and our legs were touching as we swayed. I don’t know if it was me or him but his legs parted and all of a sudden one of my legs was between his. We were still close, real close, and I could feel him.

He was hard and he was pressed tight against me. I pressed tighter and I could feel him make a moan. I couldn’t stop myself as I rested my head against his shoulder and we stood like that with his erection pressed firmly against me.

The song came to an end and a fast song came on so we needed to break apart. I turned in his arms and pressed my ass into his groin and he moaned again and I wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled him toward the table. I can’t even tell you how many times his penis hit my ass on the walk, but it was a lot and it was having an effect on me. I was flushed as we sat back down and I could see Tom looking at me.

“That was fun; we all should dance some more before the night is over.” Des said finishing her drink.

Tom leaned over and whispered in my ear “Are you alright?”

I nodded and we all talked some more. When the next slow song came up Tom asked me to dance before anyone else could say anything. I smiled and took his hand and followed him out.

“So what’s up baby?” He asked taking me into his arms.

“I don’t know, I really don’t, I seem to be getting caught up into something. I danced with Mike, and when I was out there we were close, and he um got hard.” I said blushing.

“I guessed as much. So what now? Do we call it a night or do you want to keep going?” He asked and I loved the fact he wasn’t condemning me or judging me.

“I don’t know. Shit Tom, I’ve never done that to anyone but you before. I feel so many different things. Maybe it’s better if we leave; my head is so confused right now.”

He seemed to understand but what came next out of his mouth was not what I expected. “We will stay for a while, and no matter what happens we agree to talk about everything as we go?”

“Um ok, but Tom, he got hard.” I said blushing again.

“I know baby, and I also know that he doesn’t get hard for Des like that because she made sure she told me over and over. That’s why she comes on to other men because he doesn’t want her like that. He is fixated on you, and only you.”

“Oh shit,” I said meaning it.

“Yeah that’s what I was thinking. He is possessed by you and if we leave now you will think about it till you do something we both will regret. I say we stay here and figure something out tonight before we leave.”

“Tom I would never do anything with Mike and lose you, never.” I swore.

“I know. But I also know you will feel guilty if we leave now and we need to figure something out because there are just too many questions. I’m not giving you up Brit, not now or ever, but I know how you get when you think. Next dance, dance with Mike again, and I will take Des out. We will just pretend that this is all just fun even though you and I know how deep this really is.”

“I don’t know baby, it just seems like we are playing with fire.” I said.

“I agree.” He said.

Then the song ended and he led me back to the table and my flushed face must have gave something away because everyone was looking at me. I settled myself in and waited ignoring most of the conversation. When another song came up Tom stood and offered his hand to Des and led her out.

I turned to Mike and I knew I was still flushed because he asked “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, do you want to dance again?” I said hurriedly.

“Um, sure” he said getting up and the next thing I knew we were on the floor again right where we left off. I could feel his penis rising as he held me close and I savored that feeling knowing I was the only one that could do that to him, not even his younger wife could do that to him, but I could.

“Are you comfortable?” He asked.

As comfortable as I could be with a man whose erection was pressing hard against me and who wasn’t my husband. “Yes” I said instead of what I was thinking.

He laughed. “Well I guess it’s no secret what I’m feeling, but what are you feeling and what about Tom.”

“Tom and I talked and he thinks we need to talk. I and Tom are together forever, there is no changing that.” I said as a matter of fact. I felt him nod into my head. “He also knows that you like me, as more than friends.”

“So what does that mean?” Mike asked and I just shrugged into his shoulder.

I was having urges. I began rubbing his chest with one of my hands. His heartbeat was fast and his erection was throbbing against me. Oh my god I couldn’t believe the effect I was having on him.

“Brit, do you know what you are doing to me?” Mike asked.

I knew. I could feel it. I could feel all of it. “No, tell me?”

“You are driving me crazy. Brit you are making me harder than I have ever been. Brit I want you so bad.” He said pushing as hard as he could with his erection into me. Damn that felt so good.

“Do you want me Brit?” He asked.

Did I? Or did I just like this power I seemed to have. I wasn’t one to get caught up in power so was it just this feeling or what was it? I didn’t know. I wouldn’t lie to him.

“I don’t know, but I like the way we are right now. Is this enough for us, for you?” I asked seriously beginning to back myself away from him.

He grabbed my ass and pulled me back hard against him. I’d never had a man do that before and it felt good, oh my god it felt good. “Don’t leave. Even if this is all I can ever have from you I will take it. I have never been so hard and so needy.” He said the whole time rubbing my ass with his hand.

I wouldn’t tell him but I was getting wet from his attention. I would tell Tom what happened but not Mike. If I ever told Mike he would think it meant something more than it did, at least that was what I was telling myself as he rubbed my ass and his erection was pushing into me.

“Mike, um, people could be watching, your hand.” I stammered out.

“Damn it, I want you Brit. My god I have never wanted anything more.” He said but he did raise his hand at least to the small of my back. I felt I needed to give him something for listening to my request so I rubbed my hand along his chest again tickling his nipples beneath his shirt. I giggled as he moaned for me.

The song ended and we did like we did before with him pressed hard against my ass as I led the way back to the table and when we got there we could see the seating arrangement had changed. Des was on the outside and Tom was sitting next to her so I sat in next to Tom pulling Mike after me.

“Interesting show,” Tom whispered in my ear and I turned red in an instant. I placed my hand on his leg and he leaned over and said “don’t go up much higher or you’ll run into Des’s hand. It was all I could do to keep her from watching the two of you.”

Shocked I removed my hand and looked at him and he looked back. That meant her hand was on my husband’s penis. I knew what I did with Mike but did it equate to that? I don’t know maybe it did. I decided he told me so he wanted to be honest so I would be with him too. I put my hand back on his thigh closest to me and whispered into his ear. “It got a little carried away. I have to tell you about it.”

“I saw a lot,” he whispered back “But we will talk next time we dance. Talk to Mike so he doesn’t feel left out since his wife is spending all her attention on me.”

I turned to Mike and put my hand on his thigh to get his attention and he sat up sharply and stiff. Shit I was only halfway up his thigh; did he think I was trying to find his penis? Mike turned to me and I could see the fire in his eyes. Oh shit, I went to remove my hand but he placed his on top of mine to hold me on his leg.

I sat in a booth with each hand on a different mans thigh. I knew I should be more excited about this, but I was feeling awkward. Then all of a sudden mike began rubbing his hand over mine. It felt good so I let it go. I squeezed Tom’s thigh to let him know something was going on but he seemed inclined to keep watching the dance floor. Of course Des was probably rubbing him as well and he was probably trying to control himself.

I started rubbing one of my fingers up and down Tom’s thigh to get his attention and when he did look at me I could see the fire in his eyes as well. Holy shit, everyone was horny and ready to burst.

Then while I was looking in Tom’s eyes Mike took my hand that he was rubbing circles on and moved it up and placed it on his erection. I tried to remove my hand but he held his hand over mine firm. I gave Tom a quick kiss and turned to Mike.

“What are you doing?” I asked softly into his ear.

“Probably the same thing my wife is doing to your husband if I had to guess. It’s no secret how she is, but I want you Brit, I always have. I wanted you to feel how bad I want you.”

“I could feel that on the dance floor.” I said embarrassed.

“You could, but this way you can feel me, and I want you to feel me, and touch me. I want to think you want me Brit as much as I want you.” He said squeezing my hand that was still perched on the head of his penis.

“Oh Mike,” I said. I didn’t know what to do. I turned back to Tom and he was still on fire when I looked into his eyes. I leaned toward him and he turned his head so I could whisper into his ear again.

“Mike took my hand and put it on his penis. He’s erect Tom. What do I do?” I begged.

“What do you want to do Brit?” he said in a no-nonsense voice. “No more playing it safe. Do you want him? Brit what do you want?”

What did I want? I wanted Tom and I wouldn’t lose him over something like this. I knew that much, but I did like how much Mike wanted me and seemed to need me. Hell what was I thinking?

“I won’t do anything to ruin us. I love you and we will leave right now if it means I might lose you.” I answered him completely honestly.

“What about next time, or the next time you run into him alone? Will there be temptation to see what you missed and then not tell me? I want and need total honesty Brit, you know that. Tell me what you’re thinking.”

Mike was beginning to shape my hand around his length and holding me tightly to it. He wasn’t giving up, and it was making me hot as hell. Damn it why did it have to be all or nothing?

“I won’t lie Tom,” I began whispering again. “I like how much he wants me, and it is turning me on. You are my husband though and I could go the rest of my life without the touch of another man if it meant I might lose you. I think we should leave.”

There I said it. I made a decision and friendships be damned. I wouldn’t lose Tom over this.

He smiled at me and then he kissed me and his tongue found mine and we danced as my hand continued to hold another man’s erection tight in my hand. We finally broke and I was so damned hot I thought I would burst.

“Tell Mike we are leaving as soon as we all get our shit together and we are going back to their house to have one last drink.” Tom said just like it was no big deal.

It would be though. If we went back to their house something else might happen. There was no might, if went back to their house something would definitely happen. What was he thinking? I thought of asking him but then I saw the look in his eye and stopped. He was as on fire as I was. Oh shit.

I turned to Mike who watched me closely waiting for me to tell him we were done, done being friends and done with this, I could see it on his face. I didn’t tell him that. I told him something completely different.

“Tom wants me to tell you that we all need to stop and get our shit together so we can leave and go back to your place for one last drink.” I said and then I stroked his penis a few strokes.

No I don’t know why I did it, but I did. He looked like he wanted to explode. I enjoyed that look. I caused that look. Me, I did that. I have a man that would do anything I wanted at this point and I just stroked him to let him know that.

He released my hand and then raised both his hands and cupped his beer with both hands. I was still holding his penis. I didn’t want to seem like I was too eager to move my hands because it did feel so good. I stoked him very slowly one last time and then moved both my hands to the top of the table to join the other three sets that were already there.

No one spoke as we all finished our drinks and once we did Tom asked the group in that commanding voice that he had if everyone was ready to leave or if anyone needed a few more minutes.

I knew my nipples were hard from what had happened and what might happen but I didn’t care who saw that through my shirt so I said I was ready. Des just about purred that she was ready. What the hell, was she a cat now? Mike just said “let’s go.”

We got outside and once there Tom took me by the hand and led me to our car and he yelled at the other two we would follow them. We got inside and before I was even done buckling he grabbed my hand and put it on his semi hard penis and put the car in drive.

“What did you do to Mike?” He asked breathlessly.

“A lot of this,” I said rubbing his hard penis through his pants. When It got harder I shaped my hand around the length and began stroking it hard. “This too,” I said stoking again up and down. “Then right before we all put our hands on the table and after his hands were gone I did this.” I said and very slowly I began stroking him very very slowly.

He was shuddering the entire time I was telling him this. My god my husband was turned on by what just happened as much as I was. Well I wanted to know what they did as well. “What about Des, what was she doing?”

“The same thing, it just wasn’t as sexy. She has a need and she was almost being forceful about it.” He said almost complaining.

“Well Mike was a little forceful when he took my hand and put it on his. I mean that was pretty needy.” I said to that.

“Brit, I need to know, how far do you want this to go?”

“I don’t know. I thought we would leave it where we were and just leave. I never thought we would follow them back to their house. How far do you want this to go?” I countered.

“I want to watch you. There I said it. Damn Brit I am turned on just thinking about what you two did. I want to see it for myself. Hell I’m going to lose it just thinking about it.”

Well shit. My husband wanted me to stroke another man. Well, I guess I could do that, since I already had. Of course how much farther would he want me to go? “Um, is that all you want Tom?”

He was on fire again. We were less than a block away and his erection was throbbing through his pants and exciting my hand that I never moved on the entire ride over.

“No Brit, I want more. I want you to do whatever you want. I want to watch whatever you do though. The only thing I want to make sure of is that he doesn’t get to fuck you, I’m alright with anything else, but not that.”

I was shocked. I never expected my husband to even want me to do that much. Did I want to have sex with Mike? Before tonight I had never even given that a thought, I mean not really. Of course now that Tom was telling me I couldn’t do it, now it was fresh on my mind. I did enjoy holding him. I was even attempted to go under his clothes and feel it even more. Oh shit, how far did I want this to go?

We stopped the car on the road instead of pulling in behind them on the driveway. We both looked at each other with my hand still rubbing his erection. His lips found mine and we began the same tug of war with our tongues as we had before. I was hot. He was hot. We both felt like we were ready to explode.

He rubbed one of my nipples and I moaned into his mouth. “Shit Brit, I’m not going to last much longer.”

What he said made me want to rub him harder. I wanted the power of his climax. I wanted that power over his needs. He gripped my hand to stop me and we looked at each other. “Are we ready?”

I just nodded and he got out the driver’s side and walked over to open my door for me. I don’t think he was being gentlemanly, I think he was afraid I would chicken out, and he was totally right, I was right on the edge.

He reached in and took my hand and pulled me from the car and escorted me to the front door that seemed to open on its own. We were inside and the door shut behind us as we followed Des into the living room where Mike was standing in between the two couches they owned that were facing each other.

I didn’t know what I expected. I guess I assumed that Tom would take me to one couch and we would talk for a while, but that isn’t what happened. He led me to a couch and helped me sit down and then he walked across to the other couch and sat across from me so we could see in each other’s eyes.

Holy shit what was he doing. Des had two drinks in her hand and sat down next to Tom and handed him one. He thanked her and she slipped even closer to him so that they were touching hip to hip and they both looked at me. In that instant I looked up to see mike standing with two drinks offering me one.

I reached out and took the drink and he settled down next to me. To hide my fear I took a long pull and watched Tom and Des, as she moved her hand onto his thigh. Oh my god this was really happening. Her hand was inches from his still erect penis and we could all see it straining his pants. I took another drink and then leaned forward and set it down on the coaster of the coffee table that separated us. When I leaned back my back was now leaning into Mike’s chest. When did I move, when did he move. His arm slipped around me and he was holding me.

Tom smiled at me and then raised his arm and Des moved into his chest as well. Once she was nestled in hard against him, her hand drifted to his erect penis and she shaped her hand around the staff and I saw her tighten her grip. Tom sighed as he still watched me.

My eyes were glued on Des’s hand. I was mesmerized by what she was doing to my husband. She was now stroking him and I couldn’t turn my gaze away. I felt a hand on mine and looked down to see Mike had placed his hand in mine and was rubbing me gently in little patterns. Well that was Ok that was pretty innocent, right?

My husband was pretty well endowed and I could see that her grip took him about halfway up his shaft. She was now stroking him up and down and I was mesmerized that it wasn’t my hand doing that for him. How did all of this happen?

My hand moved over to Mike, I think he moved it, I think. Next thing I knew I was resting back against his chest with my hand firmly on the head of his penis. He must have moved it. I was gripping it then letting go, and then repeating as I watched Des stroke Tom. Mike must have been doing it, but I didn’t feel his hand on mine. Did I do all this on my own? Did I want this, I mean all of this?

I dropped my hand down to get a grip on Mike’s shaft through his pants and began stroking him in a nice soft way. I wanted it more erotic than needy and he must have liked it because he was moving with my hand.

Tom’s eyes were on fire and when he saw my hand move on its own I thought he wouldn’t last long. He turned and whispered something in Des’s ear, and for the first time I felt a little spark of jealousy as it wasn’t me he was whispering with.

She smiled and she turned a little and reached with both hands and undid his pants button and pulled down his zipper. Oh my god, the only thing between them now was a pair of lose boxers that were leaving nothing to the imagination.

His boxers had a stain where the tip of his penis met fabric and how I longed for that to be me that did that to him. It wasn’t though, it was Des, or it was Tom watching me. I looked into his eyes and I had my answer. His eyes were glued on my hand stroking Mike. I was doing this to him and he loved it.

Of course I knew how good it felt stroking him through those silky boxers he wore and I knew Des was eating it right up. He was hard and she was going after it. He would have a hard time fighting her off. I looked at him and he raised his eyebrows at me. I knew he wanted me to do more than I was already doing, but I wanted something else. I wanted something different. I smiled at Tom and mouthed “watch this.”

I turned to Mike who was on fire with just my hand stroking him though his pants. I did love that power I had over him, but I was going to give him a little power back, just a little. “Mike, is my nipple hard, would you check for me.” I whispered in his ear and his free hand shot up and the next thing I knew he was cupping my breast and rubbing me through my shirt. Yes my nipple was hard.

Of course both nipples were and my underwear was soaked, but that was another question for another time. I leaned back into him harder and began stroking his erection a little harder as he gave some much needed attention to my breast.

Tom’s eyes were glued to my chest then to my hand. I almost felt like Des was getting the short end of the deal till I saw her get up from the couch and pull Tom to his feet. Then she dropped in front of him and took his pants the rest of the way off. He was standing there in his boxers sporting a huge erection.

Des stood back up and Her hand gripped him around his shaft and began pumping him furiously. Her mouth met his and her tongue entered his mouth and I watched as they made out in front of me the whole while he was getting a hand job.

I would have complained but my nipple was hurting and really needed some love. I sat forward and Mike was awestruck as I pulled the shirt off and over my head leaving me with my bra on. Shit what the hell at this point. I reached around and unfastened my bra and left it blocking my boobs, but I wanted Mike to get the pleasure of unwrapping his present. He didn’t wait long. He reached forward and took my bra and threw it across the room and lowered his lips to the nipple that he had gotten so hard.

Oh my god his wet lips felt so good as he began sucking first one nipple then the other. His hands formed around my breasts and began squeezing as he really let go and went after them. I turned my head long enough to see Tom was naked.

I had no idea where his underwear went but they were gone. They were still making out but now Des had her bare hand wrapped around the hard skin of his erection and she was controlling him now at this point. She pushed him back on the couch where he sat down hard and she dropped in front of him to the floor, and even though I couldn’t see it, I knew she had his penis in her mouth. Her head bobbing up and down was a sure giveaway.

Holy shit we were really doing this. I felt guilty now not paying more attention to Mike but he seemed happy in his own little play zone, and my body was feeling everything he was doing.

I looked down at him as he raised his face to me and he was smiling. Not sure why, but I reached down and kissed him. That was all it took. His tongue was in my mouth and we were dancing a new dance as his hands teased my breast and his tongue teased my mouth. He broke our kiss just long enough to remove his own shirt and then we were back at it.

Somehow during all this I was still holding on to his still erect penis. He kissed me hard and I would stroke him and kiss him back. He removed his mouth again and I could hear him whisper “oh my god it’s just like I imagined” then his lips were on my neck kissing me.

I loved kisses on my neck and my short little moans must have given me away because he was peppering me with kiss after kiss. All of a sudden I heard Tom exclaim “fuck yes,” and both Mike and I stopped to watch his face as I assumed he was climaxing inside Des’s mouth.

Tom’s eyes were glued to me and I smiled at him and he began bucking into her waiting mouth. I knew from experience that it was going to be a lot but she took it and never missed a beat, she was a pro. I finally saw as he calmed down and she got up and chugged the rest of her drink and then settled down next to him and they began making out. Tom was undressing her and I wondered if our one rule was now out the window.

Mike was back on my neck and my wetness was gushing out of me. I was going to need some kind of release tonight rule or no rule. I pushed Mike back hard on the couch and it looked like he thought I was stopping us, but I wasn’t. I tugged ruthlessly on his jeans button to get it to release. I wasn’t thinking clearly, and it must have been obvious because he finally stopped me, and undid the button himself.

He didn’t stop there of course. He stood in front of me but in everyone’s view and slipped his jeans and shorts off and stood perfectly nude in front of me. When I say perfectly, I mean perfectly. When a man shows you the hardness that you created you feel like you yourself are perfect. That was how I felt as his erection pointed at me.

I wasn’t quite ready to drop to my knees; I wasn’t that kind of girl. I pulled him back down on the couch next to me and began kissing him again. This time when I grabbed on to his shaft I felt the heat that was radiating off it, and knew what everyone else in the room must have known sooner, I needed it.

We made out, I stroked him, he kissed and fondled my breast, and he made love to my neck. It would not end like this and I knew it. I was content to make it last a while though, but he wasn’t. I felt his hand sinking between my thighs and rubbing me.

I was soaked down there and I wasn’t sure if he knew it but I did. In the most unladylike fashion I spread my legs so he could rub me. It felt wonderful and hot and full of passion. The next time he broke from our kiss I moved into action.

I pushed him back against his side of the couch leaving his erection pointing straight up at the ceiling and wasting no time I lowered my mouth over it and all the way down. I was on my third or fourth time lowering myself when I heard Tom scream again. I raised my head and turned my face so I could see him. His eyes were staring straight at me and his face was as flushed as I had ever seen.

Des was stroking him hard and he was erupting all over her hand. White shafts of cream were coating her and she was loving every minute of it. That was the second time he had climaxed tonight and I wondered how many more times he could go. Was Des that good, or was watching me do what I was doing really getting him like this?

While his eyes were riveted to me I stuck my tongue out so he could see and I began running it up and down Mike’s hardness so Tom could watch. Oh my god he was shooting even more. I guess that answered my question. Mike began bucking his hips and I knew he was close. Might as well give Tom a show he would never forget.

I replaced my tongue with my hand and grasped him hard and began stroking his fast. “Let it out Mike, I’m going to catch it in my mouth.” I said loud enough for everyone to hear. Mike screamed and it was enough because he was shooting straight up in the air. I missed the first squirt which landed back on my hand but I caught the rest and the next time I turned to Tom I showed him a mouthful of happiness.

“Oh fuck,” Tom squealed and I could swear he was going again but Des’s mouth was over him this time so I wasn’t exactly sure. I swallowed all of it and then licked my hand as Tom continued to watch me. I smiled when I was done and sat back on the couch.

Mike got up from the couch and went into another room and came back with a wet cloth. He wiped himself off of anything I missed and then he handed it to me. I wiped my hands and returned it to him, but he passed it to Des who looked pretty pleased with herself.

No one said anything for a minute so I relaxed back into Mike’s chest and again began teasing his now worn out penis. I knew I would get him hard again, but I wanted him that way, so I was fine with it.

Tom watched me and smiled, and while his erection was non-existent at this point, if he kept watching me, it wouldn’t be. Des must have felt the same way because she began teasing his penis the same way I was teasing Mike’s.

Mike began rubbing my nipples as we all just sat there looking at each other. I was hot, not because I was the only one with any clothes on, but because I was so turned on I needed release as well. What were our rules again? Holy shit did it even matter? Damn his erection was coming back and his hands felt so good.

Tom’s erection was almost back to his usual size and this time Des wasn’t letting him get off. She just stroked him slowly not letting him get enough build up to go again. She had a plan I could see that. Did I have a plan too? I mean I was kind of doing the same thing to Mike.

“The quiet is killing me. I want to get fucked, and fucked hard.” Des said looking at all of us. “I haven’t been fucked tonight and I need it. Now who is going to give it to me, because I want it hard and fast and I want to go many times?”

Well there went subtlety out the window. I looked at Tom and I didn’t know what he was thinking. I mean he said I couldn’t have Mike like that, but if he took Des like that, then why not? Tom must have seen it on my face because he looked nervous all of a sudden.

“Tom, please fuck her.” Mike said looking as needy as hell. “I’ve wanted to be with Brit since high school, hell everybody knew it. I want this Tom, hell, I need this Tom. I’m not trying to take her away from you, I swear. I’ve just always wanted to be with her, Please.”

Mike was just about begging at the end and I didn’t know whether to be flattered or what. I mean he was talking to my husband about fucking me. I mean I was right here, but he was begging my husband. I guess I was lost to as to how I should feel.

“Mike,” Tom began. “We’ve all had a lot of fun, but I’m not sure fucking each other’s wives is a good idea. You said it yourself you have always dreamed of being with Brit. Once would never be enough Mike, trust me.”

“Damn it, I don’t want to. Brit,” he said looking hard at me. “I want you so bad. You are all I have ever wanted. Des knows it, it’s no secret, one night, please just one night to be with you, and I will never ask another thing from you ever, or you Tom.”

He finished by looking at Tom but he was still holding my breast afraid to let go in fear I would get up and leave. I still had his deflating penis in my hand, and I hated knowing that he was deflating because of me, but we had a rule. I was still so hot though. Damn I wasn’t thinking straight.

“Brit,” Tom said getting my attention. “What do you want?”

I didn’t even look at Mike as I answered him. “I won’t lose you, not for anything or anyone.”

“Do you want to fell Mike inside you?” He asked and I could feel Mike hardening again.

“I don’t know, maybe.” I answered as truthfully as I could.

“Can you promise me it’s just one time and it would never happen again? Could you swear it to me?” Tom asked.

I could. I knew I could because there was nothing in the world more important to me than my husband. What about him though? Des was a beautiful woman. Hell she was so exotic and sexy I would do her. “I can and I will. What about you? Would one night with the beautiful Des be enough for you?”

For the first time all night Des actually seemed happy. Did it take us all this long to learn that she was in a tough spot? Her husband wanted his high school crush, and the man she was fooling around with would go home with his own wife. She was like a second choice, and anyone as beautiful as her, should never be a second choice. Hell no woman should ever be a second choice.

Tom caught on quickly and no matter what else he was feeling he knew me enough to not hurt another woman’s feelings. Tom looked at her and began “I have never climaxed as many times as I have tonight, and while I know this has been an erotic situation, I assure you it is just as much to do with you and how damned sexy you are. My reluctance was with a rule me and my wife made, nothing to do with you beautiful, I swear it.”

Des seemed downright giddy after Tom said all that. Good for her, she deserved it. Tom was wowing her with his attention and I knew she was lost for my husband, hell after that I was rethinking just leaving with him.

“I want you,” Des said to Tom. “My husband, he is in love with a fantasy, but I need a man who knows what a woman like me can do for him and what he can do for me. Until he,” she said motioning Mike, “can get her out of his fairy tailed mind, he will never be able to give me what I need.”

Well damn, maybe Des needed this more than all the rest of us. Of course the way Mike was squeezing my breasts again, maybe not. My mind was made up, Des convinced me.

“We all stay here, in this room, and we continue playing. Whatever happens, happens, and at the end of the night me and Tom walk out of here together. No matter what Tom and I will always be together. That is a fact and nothing one night of sex can do will change that. Does everyone agree?”

Mike was shaking beneath me and he was as hard as I had seen him tonight. Des looked thoughtful and she nodded and snuggled back into Tom like he was now hers. Tom looked conflicted, he looked unsure and excited all at the same time. I knew how to fix that.

“One night of fantasy night baby,” I said and his eyes lit with fire.

We had talked about if we could do anything for one night, what would it be, and we ran the gauntlet of possible scenarios. Most of those scenarios made me blush, but I knew it would be what drove him crazy. We would never have another opportunity like we would tonight to live out some of those fantasies.

Hell we would never have another hot couple like this to share those fantasies with, and as desperate as Mike was to have me, I knew he would agree in a heartbeat.

Des noticed the change in Tom immediately. His erection was hard and full and thick. She actually let go of him in surprise. She looked at me and I smiled at her. I probably needed to explain, so I would to her, just assuming Mike would go along with everything.

“Tom and I have talked about some fantasies we have had, and well, it kind of falls in line with what we have already done tonight and what we are going to do. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, but I’m sure we could all have some fun.” I said hoping she would agree.

“What fantasies have you had?” She asked looking at me in a new light.

Now I was the one getting nervous. Could I tell her all of our fantasies? We were all just about naked, wouldn’t be a better time. I continued stroking Mike as I leaned toward her and smiled. “We have talked about everything from sleeping with other people to threesomes to specialty toys and role playing. We’ve had a lot of fantasies.”

“Um, I like fantasies. I’ve had some fantasies myself.” She said leaving the protection of my husband and leaning across the coffee table to me. “Would you like to know one of my fantasies?”

I nodded like a damned bobble head doll. She got closer and closer and I felt myself shifting forward to hear what she was going to say. When we were less than a foot apart she smiled at me, and then she leaned forward the rest of the way, and kissed me.

It caught me off guard but not enough for me not to return the kiss. Our lips touched with a softness that was unbelievable. I always fantasized about kissing another woman, and here I was doing it. This was one hell of a night. My lips parted and her tongue entered my mouth and the tips of our tongues touched and it was magical.

Our tongues caressed each other for a few more minutes and then she backed away breaking our kiss and leaned back into Tom and firmly wrapping her hand around his solid erection. “That was one of my fantasies.” Des stated.

“Mine to,” I replied leaning back into Mike. I had never let go of his erection the entire time of our kiss. I was hot again. He would be chafed with all the stroking I was doing.

“Did you like it,” Des asked beginning to stroke Tom.

“Very much,” I said and I did. I had wondered, and now I was wondering other things. I wondered what she would feel like in my arms. I also pondered having her nipples in my mouth and her rubbing up against me. My god I was on fire from the heat of my thoughts.

“Tonight we explore some more of each others, um, fantasies?” she said but I caught the delay and was again nodding like a fool. “For now though, I have not felt your husband this hard all night. I need him now. If it is alright with you, I want to feel him inside me.”

I again nodded. This was where we were headed from the moment we decided to come back here. We might not have thought so at the time, but it was obvious now looking back.

Des stood up in all her naked glory with her perfect small breast pointing right at me. Her vagina was neat but her small patch of dark hair was not blocking my view of her swelling lips that would soon engulf my husband. She turned her back to me and climbed on the couch holding her above him ready to take him.

She turned her head and looked at me over her shoulder. Tom looked around her body at me as well. He was nervous from the look of him but as large as he was he was excited as well. “Slowly, I want to enjoy this.” I said.

He gulped. She smiled and she turned back around and moved a nipple into his mouth and he began enjoying it in earnest. Then I watched as her dark entrance rested at the tip of his penis. Then oh so slowly she lowered down farther and farther till he was fully buried in her except for maybe the last inch of him.

She let her head fall back and said breathlessly “finally.” She didn’t move for a long time and the only sounds were Tom suckling away on first one nipple then the other. After what seemed ages she moved her body raising herself off of him one inch at a time and then she lowered herself back down again.

I was fascinated by the show I was watching. I was surprised I wasn’t jealous or anything I was more just interested in watching what happened. Des turned her head never stopping her motions and looked at me again. “He fills me,” she said.

I nodded. I let go of Mike and got up and walked over to her. She watched me approach and her eyes never left mine even while continuing her rising and falling motion. I wanted my lips on hers again and I wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

Our lips met and I didn’t care that she was impaled on my husband’s penis while we kissed. Her tongue was hot, and as hot as I was, I was glad we matched. I felt arms wrap around me from behind me and engulf my boobs. The sensation felt wonderful but I never broke my lip lock with Des. Then the hands traveled down my stomach to the top of my pants.

My button came undone and I wanted to stop but her need was increasing and I wanted to be the one she thought of as she had her orgasm. I reached around and cupped her breasts and was rewarded with a giant sigh into my mouth. I never knew the touch of another’s woman’s breasts would be such a turn on, but it was.

My zipper was unzipped now and I could feel my pants sliding down over my ass baring it for the world. I didn’t care anymore. Des was increasing her pace on Tom and I grabbed her boobs harder and flicked her nipple. She began moaning into my mouth and I loved it.

I increased the teasing of both her nipples and she was moaning hard into my mouth and I didn’t even care as first one of my feet was raised and then the other was. I knew all of my clothes were gone now and I was standing here as naked as everyone else but with Des moaning hard into me I didn’t care. I just wanted to bring her pleasure.

She shuddered and she was bucking wildly and I was in heaven knowing I helped cause her state of arousal. It was all about her till I felt the finger that began rubbing my own swelling folds. Oh fuck that felt good. I broke the kiss with Des as she collapsed on Tom and I leaned back into Mike.

Mike was stroking my folds with one of his hands and I turned to kiss him now as he held me in his arms. I’m sure we were putting on quite a show for Tom and Des, but I was loving the feeling he was causing and after everyone else getting what they needed it was my turn.

“Yes,” I moaned as Mike slipped a finger inside me. My wetness was running freely from me and his finger was lost in the wetness till he began rubbing it against my lips again. I kissed him while leaning my head over my shoulder and his other hand held tightly to one of my boobs while he continued to tease my clit with his finger. I was getting hotter by the minute.

Mike’s erection was snuggled into the crook of my ass cheeks and I was having wild thoughts as he continued to tease me and drive me crazy. I wanted more of him so I spread my legs a little farther apart and waited as he slipped two fingers inside me. Yes that was what I wanted. I began moving with the motion of his fingers driving him farther and farther into me.

I opened my eyes to see Des had turned around and was now facing me while lying back against Tom with his erection still buried deep inside her. I could see the exact spot his penis was lodged into her and her puffy lips and enlarged clit was telling me that they were both as excited as I was.

I was about to do something I had never done before. This was way outside my comfort zone, but this was one night fantasy night, wasn’t it? I looked at Tom who was devouring me with his eyes and smiled and said “One night fantasy?”

He nodded and I took that for his acceptance and his want of what I was about to do. I slowly pulled Mike’s fingers from inside my heat. I rubbed my ass hard back into him and then I bent over presenting him with his desire for all these years.

My face was inches, mere inches from my husband’s penis and Des’s enlarged lips. I could smell the sex on them and I was so aroused it was like an aphrodisiac that made me drunk. I stuck my tongue out and licked my husband’s balls.

I licked him again and felt him stiffen beneath my tongue. I ran my tongue up past his balls and at the bottom of his penis I felt for the first time a woman’s soft folds for the first time. Des shuddered as my tongue came in contact with her and they both began squirming around as I decided to continue this dance.

I licked them both several more times before I felt the hardness that was pressing to get close to me. Mike’s erection felt huge as he pushed up against my opening and I wondered as he stopped if he changed his mind. Then he entered me and it was so slow and erotic I think I climaxed a little as he entered the tip inside. “Oh” I moaned as he entered me.

He continued to push inside of me till I felt his waist firmly against my ass. He was buried as deep in me as he could go and I loved it. It was his fantasy for all these years but it felt so good that I thought it might have been mine instead. Then he pulled out and pushed back in.

He continued doing that nice and slowly and after the first couple of thrusts I got the feel for it and went back to do my severe tongue lashing of Tom and Des. Des was bucking again as I was now sucking on her clit and Tom was holding her tightly by her boobs from thrashing around too much. I was just getting ready to try something new to her when Mike picked up the pace.

He was hard and full and getting more so. I could feel the swelling inside me and it felt fucking wonderful. I tightened myself around him and he actually swore as I gripped him hard. He pushed into me even harder making both of us begin to pant harder. He was ramming himself into me now and I couldn’t think straight.

I couldn’t do anything but take his hardness over and over. I felt my need to escape taking over and I pushed back into him as he pushed forward making him grunt each time. He was swelling even more hitting every one of my nerves I screamed just as he exploded inside me. I could feel his release as I continued to scream and drive myself back into each and every thrust he made.

My climax was hard and noisy as I continued to release into him with everything I had and he matched my release with one of his own. It was my first time with another man beside my husband and it was everything I could want. It was hard, exciting and fun.

I collapsed into the waiting legs of Des and Tom and rested my head while Des stroked my hair while I recuperated. I felt Mike fall out of me as his erection subsided and I knew the feeling of his sperm leaking out of me as I continued to rest my head. Damn I couldn’t believe how much was running out of me.

“Brit, are you ok?” Tom asked concerned.

I raised my weary head and looked at him and smiled. He smiled back at me and I dropped my head again into Des’s warm legs. Mike said something but I didn’t hear him, but I heard Des say “get her another damp cloth.”

I was about to get off of Des’s legs as I felt the warm wet cloth beginning to run up and down my legs cleaning me up. It felt so wonderful that it was making me excited again. Even though Des was still cradling my husband’s penis inside her she bento forward far enough to whisper to me.

“I want to lick you like you licked me my little precious. Do you want me too?” Des asked and I wouldn’t nod this time. She deserved more than that.

I kissed her. “Yes, I want you to touch me. I want you to kiss me. I want you to lick me. I want everything you are willing to give me.”

She smiled and she slowly raised herself off my husband’s still erect penis and when she was off he flopped forward hard pointing at me. I was tempted to take it into my mouth and suck off the rest of Des’s flavor but she leaned down and said to me. “Take my spot and ride him and I will lick you while you do.”

I wasn’t about to say no to that. I made my way up to my husband and we kissed fiercely before I turned around and lowered myself very slowly onto his waiting erection. Oh god it felt good. I was just about to start moving to enjoy it more when Des bent over and placed her mouth not an inch from my wet swollen lips.

“I’ve always wanted to do this.” She said as her tongue darted out and ran the length of my lips and Tom’s penis taking us both at the same time.

“Oh fuck,” I sighed as I leaned hard back into Tom giving her free access to whatever she wanted. I just relaxed into her gentle licking. It was heaven feeling full on the inside and being stimulated on the outside. I opened my eyes to tell her how good it felt and saw Mike standing beside the three of us stroking himself.

“I thought you would have had that buried inside Des by now?” I said in a questioning voice. “Yeah right there baby,” I said as her tongue hit just the right spot.

I squirmed a little as it was getting me hot again. “He hasn’t been inside me in so long he probably forgot where the entrance was.”

Des did not sound happy. I looked hard at Mike and he had the decency to at least look guilty. “I can’t believe that,” Tom said playing with my nipples. “You felt amazing when I was in you. No man in his right mind would pass that up.”

Leave it to Tom to challenge Mike on a guy level. “Yeah if I was Mike right now I would be so buried deep in you you’d be screaming my name.” I said just before I began twitching from her lips sucking on my clit.

The next thing I knew Des was licking the length of me hard and I opened my eyes again to see Mike had gone behind her and he was ramming her hard from behind. She was getting it hard but she was still teasing me, damn, what a woman. Mike was a fool. If Des had been mine I would never think I was a better option.

The ramming must have jarred her because her tongue fell away as she took a grasping breath and I used my two hands to clasp her head and make her look at me. I was feeling wild, I mean really wild. “I want you.”

She was now the one nodding like a bobble head. “I, want, you, too.”

“Good, from now on you fuck no one but me. That is my penis inside you right now. This is also my penis,” I said tickling Tom’s balls and bottom that was showing. “You fuck no one but me from now on.” I commanded.

She just nodded. I wasn’t taking that as a good enough reply.

“Fuck her harder Mike.” I commanded. He did and she was getting glassy eyed but I wanted her word. “I said you fuck no one but me or my penis’s, you will swear to it, and if you ever break that promise I will hunt you down and skin you.”

“After tonight you will be gone and he won’t fuck me anymore.” She begged. “I need to be fucked.”

“You will be. You will be fucked whenever I tell them to fuck you. If they don’t I will do it myself. Now damn you swear to me you will only let me fuck you from here on out.” I screamed at her.

Mike was still ramming her hard from behind and she was bucking wildly. She whispered “yes” during one of his thrusts.

“I can’t hear you, what did you say.” I screamed again.

“Yes,” she screamed back.

“Yes what?” I demanded.

She was being driven hard and she was losing it I could see it. It wouldn’t be long and she would blow. “I only fuck you and your penis’s from now on.”

“Good girl,” I said and stroked her hair lovingly. “Harder Mike, I want her to scream my name. I gave you this Orgasm baby, me.”

Mike was thrusting for all he had and he did as I commanded. He kept pumping into her and she started with a small moan and she was getting louder with each thrust. Finally she began screaming “Brit, yes, fuck me Brit, oh fuck.”

Mike was screaming my name too and I knew he was unloading into her. His face was flushed and he looked like he was in pain but he was filling her up just like I wanted. Good I just needed to let them finish.

Des finally collapsed into my legs this time and I brushed her hairs with my fingers relishing the feeling of her dark strands running through them. Finally after a few minutes she raised her head and smiled at me. I kissed her. There was no shyness now in our kisses, it’s like we both were meant to be doing this.

Hell there was no shyness in any of us anymore after tonight was there? I mean hell we had run the gambit. Well, almost the gambit. There was one more thing but I needed everyone to recover a bit. Tom was still buried inside me and even though we didn’t move during their performance he still had me full, and it was a little unsettling removing myself from him and missing that feeling.

Mike had already deflated and was in search of another wet cloth to clean Des with as I got up and took her in my arms and kissed her. I went slow knowing she was still recuperating and when Mike cleaned her off she just let him but she did moan a few times when the cloth rubbed her still swollen folds.

When she was cleaned up I took her by the hand over to the other couch and sat with her. We went back to light kissing and just enjoying each other. The guys looked lost so I broke the kiss long enough to say “go get a beer.”

I didn’t wait for their response as I dove right back into Des. The guys were gone from the room the nest time we parted and she looked at me, I mean really looked at me. “I see now why he fantasized about you. I’m afraid I may now fantasize about you as well.”

“Good, because I will be thinking of you as well. I would like to do one more thing before we all quit for the night if you are up for it?” I asked.

“Anything you want,” she said and her eyes were as honest as I could imagine.

“First I want a threesome with the two guys, and when I orgasm again, then you can have a threesome with them as well. Then I will kiss you goodnight and we can all go in search of beds. That is my last fantasy of the night.”

“Oh,” she said a little disappointed. I wasn’t sure why having a threesome with two incredibly looking men would be a disappointment until she said “I was hoping you wanted to be with me.”

Oh I did. “I do beautiful. Trust me I really do, but I want that full feeling inside me one last time tonight, but if you like I will play with you while both men take you one last time tonight. I really do want this incredible body of your at least one more time tonight.”

She smiled at my words and nodded. Good, she really did have a beautiful body and I was totally into her now. Mike was an idiot. She was so beautiful. “Now I just have to decide who gets which end of me.”

She laughed hard at that. I mean that wasn’t usually something two girls would talk about was it? “Let Mike fuck you again. He will be sad if he doesn’t. Besides, I wouldn’t mind Tom’s big Penis filling me one last time tonight.”

Just like that the matter was settled. I nodded and we went back to kissing as the guys finally came back in and sat on the other couch drinking their beers and watching us make out. I could make out with her all night, we just meshed so well. But I was getting hot now and I knew what I needed.

I broke our kiss and we both leaned back on our couch looking at the guys. Neither one was sporting a big erection, but they were recuperating and that was what I would need soon. “Me and Des decided we needed one more thing before the night was over. We both want a threesome with you two incredible men.”

I let my words sink in as they both had slight increases to their penis size. Guess this wouldn’t take as long as I thought. I smiled at that thought. “I will go first and I want Mike to Fuck me and Tom in my mouth. Then it is Des’s turn and Tom will fuck her hard till she passes out and she will get to lick me off of Mike’s Penis. Any questions gentlemen?”

Yup zero too hard with one idea. Damn I was good. I wasn’t sure but I could see the look of doubt on Tom’s face, but I would tell him why when we left. I knew he would be ok with it after that.

“Of course I expect a little warm up first so when you guys are ready let me know?”

They both jumped to their feet trying to beat the other one up. I smiled and turned and kissed Des one more time and stood up and walked over to stand between them. I faced Des so she could see my full front as well as theirs. Then I turned my head and kissed Tom. Then I turned and kissed Mike. I repeated that about three times before the kisses began to get more needy and both men found the breast closest to them and began playing.

I was getting hot as could be as Tom and I were kissing and Mike was now sucking on my nipple. When I broke my kiss and turned to kiss Mike Tom took my other nipple in his mouth and began sucking on it. My eyes were closed so I don’t know who finally began rubbing my clit and folds but it was intoxicating.

I turned again and began kissing Tom again and I felt two hands down rubbing me now. Oh my god I was gushing. They must have felt it because at least one finger was inside me now while the other hand was circling my clit and driving me crazy. I couldn’t take anymore.

I broke all the kisses and saw both their hands down there and it made me even wetter. I needed a release now. “I need it now,” I said dropping to the floor.

I immediately took Tom’s huge erection in my mouth and began sucking him. Damn he could fill every part of me. Then all of a sudden Mike was behind me and spreading my legs a little as he entered me. I relished the feeling but just sucked on Tom even harder as Mike began to pump into me.

I raised my eyes to see Tom looking at Mike as he was fucking me. I didn’t know what he was thinking, but he would tell me later. I let his penis fall from my mouth and slowly began stroking it with my fluids that were still on his wet hard dick.

He looked down at me and I smiled. “I can’t let you cum baby. Des wanted to feel all of you one more time. What kind of friend would I be if I let you cum?” I said snaking my tongue out to the tip and teasing him again.

“Fuck her harder Mike. I want her juices all over you when I suck your penis.” Des commanded walking over behind him and spanking his ass to make him go in farther.

I felt his pelvic bone as he thrusted all the way into me and it felt wonderful. I took every thrust and met it with my own back at him. I got him as deep as I could and was beginning to feel the beginning of my orgasm.

Raising my head I met Tom’s gaze and as the first orgasm hit me I mouthed the words to Tom “I love you.” He smiled and he bent down and kissed me. He kissed me hard as another man was making me orgasm all over him. I began screaming into Tom’s mouth and he never broke our kiss. Mike climaxed again as I was finishing and it made me go again immediately when I felt the spurts hit inside me. I was such a slut. I smiled at that thought.

Mike held himself tight against my ass as he finished blowing inside me. It was definitely going to run out of me later but for right now I was happy. I knew he didn’t want to but he finally fell out of me and I collapsed on the floor. Tom helped me up and led me to the couch and I fell on it.

Then I just watched as he walked over to Des and positioned her. Tom’s huge erection was dark from the swelling and he needed another release I could tell. Des was never going to forget this. I knew I promised to touch her but I was still collapsed on the couch as Tom entered her.

She screamed “yes” as he did and she ran her tongue all over Mike now flaccid penis licking all of me and him off. Damn she was sexy. It didn’t take long and I knew with Tom’s hard member leading the way it wouldn’t before Des was screaming and writhing beneath his hands. She had one orgasm then another as I watched from the couch.

Tom just kept a steady rhythm giving her what she needed and finally I could see him changing his grip. He gripped her waists on each side and now he was really beginning to thrust into her. He was really plowing hard into her. His face was contorted and I knew he needed his release soon.

Des was screaming and Mike had just flopped back on his backside just watching Tom hammer into his wife. Finally Tom began panting out loud and I knew it wouldn’t be long and it wasn’t. He started screaming himself and Des was screaming louder as he buried deep into her and I was sure that she was taking him deeper than I could and they both screamed loud as Tom erupted.

Des collapsed when he finally let go of her waist. She was murmuring and I could see Tom’s release leak out of her and Tom looked completely spent. Tom was fully satisfied and his penis was shrinking down and I just watched mesmerized as we all just recuperated at our own pace.

Finally we all began stirring and I got myself dressed and Tom did the same. Mike and Des didn’t bother as they were staying here. Tom kissed Des goodbye and shook Mike’s hand and looked at me. “I’ll go start the car baby.”

He was giving me an opportunity to say goodbye and I appreciated that. I hugged Mike tight and kissed him deeply before telling him goodnight. He seemed confused when I waited for him to give me a minute with Des alone.

Mike finally left us and I looked at Des. She looked nervous and sheepish but I wasn’t lying about what we said earlier. I pulled her close to me and kissed her deeply.

“I wasn’t kidding earlier. You only have sex with me and the two boys. No more roaming.” I said.

“What if it goes back where he won’t touch me?” She just about begged.

“Call me. I will take you to bed anytime I can. You won’t be left alone again. I promise. Now keep yours.” I told her in no uncertain terms.

“Alright Brit, no more running. I will save myself for you and our men.” She said smiling and I smiled back.

“Make sure that you do, but next time me and you are having even more time together, so start thinking about that.” I said back smiling.

“I already am. I think I like you very much.”

“Good because I think I like you too baby.” I said kissing her goodbye and leaving.

Just as he promised Tom was in the car and it was somewhat warm when I got there. Once I was buckled he said “well that was interesting.”

“Yes, and we can talk about it all the way home, but let’s get going, I want to get in our bed and feel you hold me the rest of the night.”

“My ladies wish is my command.” Tom said and he pulled away from the curb and took us home.

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