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Magic is all around us and the creatures that are hidden from human. But what happens when they reveal themselves. We dive into their magical erotic stories of inter-species fucking and love making to save a race of creatures. Please, submit ideas in the comments. Thank you.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Witch hunt

He drew the dagger out and close to him. Oh look another. She watched his movements from a nearby tree as he approached her home. The cabin was small and passed down to her.

He looked behind him and showed his face in her direction.

She smiled shamelessly. Well, he's a cute one. She scaled down the tree while remaining hidden. She fixed her hair and tucked her necklace in between her swollen breasts. Ok. Panic. Look panicked.

She screamed loudly like she'd been injured and took off running. Human speed. Human speed. She run gently for her ability and fake fell face first. She labored her breathing and made herself cry. He will love this.

She heard him approach and lift her with his powerful hands. She continued to cry. He picked her up, "It's ok. You're ok. What are you doing out here."

Her light dress clung to her and the thin fabric gave him a faint visual of the body underneath.

She sobbed causing her breasts to tremble, "I don't know. I-I was home then I woke up in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. I-I wanna go home. Please. Please?"

He sighed and held her close, "It will take a few days to get out the forest. We'll have to camp the night." She nodded.

A couple hours passed and he made camp while she pretend to sleep from exhaustion. When she arouse, she peered over at him innocently.

"Thank you for helping me," she looked up at him. She had strategically placed her hand on her skirt so the dress would expose more of her breasts. He looked down at her and caught his breath, "no problem. My name is Samuel. Call me Sam."

.... She smiled sweetly, "Bella." Choosing to hide the second half of her name. He smiled and sat with her. "It is a very fitting name."

"Thank you," she leaned over and kissed him. Sam's lips consented as he leaned into it and his hands ran up her sides. Bella's figure was small a petite with breast of a perky c cup. He cupped the flesh through the sheer fabric and teased her through the threads. His mouth traveled to her neck as she moaned softly.

He pulled the soft strings and the dress let loss, falling around her hip from her shoulders. She quickly removed his shirt and straddled him in the crackling leaves. They felt electricity dance on their skin as their hands moved. She grinded on him gently, feeling the hard wood through the Levi's on her bare sex.

She could feel her wetness building. He picked her up with her ass in each hand and moved on top of her. She heard as unzipping then felt the pressure of his cock on her pussy. Then it pushed and slammed into her core.

He moved quickly in and out. He couldn't contain himself like a wild animal. He kissed and bit her neck as her pussy tightened around him as she cried out. They could feel the earth vibrate with their movements as it felt like the surroundings were levitating. She dug her nails into the ground as she pulsed and came violently.

He moved with two more pumps before exploding white hot liquid into her raw hole. She placed her hands on his body and he began to come alive again making her cum again and again. Unloading into her repeatingly until his body fell into rest again this beautiful woman.

In the morning, she was gone and he looked at his arm at the name. Belladonna. The witch he was hunting. He left with her on his thoughts and she left with her line insured.

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