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Warning: This is a dark erotic romance novel. This is not a sweet romance. Mature content, strong language, abuse, and violence; you have been warned! For 10 long years, Aurora Fowler is picked on by her older brother's best friend, Theo Stone. No matter what she said or did, he loved to tease her. During her Junior year, he picks a fight with someone and she begs him to stop. He says he will on one condition. She has to be his to which she agrees. However, due to the severity of the fight, Theo gets expelled and moves states, freeing Aurora from their agreement. Eight years later, he's back. And he wants what's his.

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Aurora Fowler was a small, shy girl with long brown hair and bright blue eyes. She was always hiding behind her older brother, Caleb. He shared the same eye and hair color but was about a year and a half older than her. They were close for the first few years of Aurora's life. They always played together and did the same things. Until Caleb met Theo Stone. Then everything changed. Aurora was six, Caleb and Theo were seven. Theo quickly became Caleb's best friend, making them inseparable. The only problem was, Theo was trouble. Call him the kid from the wrong side of the tracks. Besides doing things he shouldn't, he also liked to bully. Aurora being his favorite target. Theo loved making her cry or yell at him. It made him laugh, enjoying every moment of her turmoil.

His teasing started with simple name calling. From something about being a tomboy to about how short she was. Caleb told her to ignore him, so she did. Theo didn't like that. He started pushing her into puddles, tripping her when no one was looking, or smearing mud in her brand-new clothes. He made it harder and harder for Aurora to ignore him. His teasing continued through middle school. Theo loved to snap her bra, tug on her hair, or knock her books out of her hands. Aurora told Caleb yet again, but he shrugged it off. He said Theo was just messing with her and that he would eventually stop.

When she had caught Theo smoking behind the school, she thought she could finally get him out of her life. Her parents would see him as a bad kid he was. She ran off to tell on him, but he tackled her to the ground. He threatened to burn her with the cigarette if she told anyone, even Caleb. She had begged and cried, swearing she wouldn't say a word. He held on to her, listening to her beg and pled for a while before letting her go. She had one year in middle school without him, but he still came over to their house every day to hang out with Caleb. He never missed his chance to bump into her. She started baking as a hobby when she was at home, something to keep her busy and away from Caleb while Theo was over. Every time she made chocolate chip cookies, Theo had some comment to make. Too soft, over baked, not enough chocolate. The list went on and on but it never seemed to stop him from eating the whole plate.

She dreaded the thought of being in high school with him. It scared her more than middle school. Especially because it would be possible for her to be in the same class as Theo. Her first day she was so nervous she could feel her hands trembling and her stomach knotting. She tried to ignore him again but of course he wouldn't allow that. She groaned when she found out they had gym class together. Their uniforms consisted of thin blue shorts and a gray t-shirt. His eyes had trailed up and down her body, a weird look crossing his face. She assumed he thought she was disgusting or something, she wasn't nearly as tall or thin as the preppy girls he was usually seen with.

One of the days in class, he was able to sneak up on her and snap her bra. She had rolled her eyes and asked him if he was still in middle school. She was proud of finally having a comeback, but when he lifted her over his shoulder and smacked her ass, she didn't feel so proud. She screamed and yelled at him to put her down. She struggled and kicked but he wouldn't budge. His friends joined in and asked how he could even lift her. Her body froze and her heart sunk, she felt completely shattered. Her weight had always been an issue for her but it wasn't something she made fun of for. At least not to her face. She had felt tears prickle her eyes, a few slipping down her cheeks and fueling his friends even more. Theo put her down after that, another odd expression on his face. She didn't want to hear what he had to say and ran off. She faintly heard him speaking to the guys calling her names but she blocked it out, afraid it would only hurt her more.

All freshman year Theo somehow always found her in the halls, no matter how much she tried to hide from him. She started to notice she was the only one he teased and would even go out of his way to do it. He had dropped bullying for fighting, punching any guy who bumped into him. Sometimes he didn't even need a reason to hit someone. She could remember the countless times he would come to their house after school with a bloody lip or black eye. It never seemed to bother him, in fact he was usually boasting about it. Caleb told him he need to calm down before he got expelled.

Sophomore year, she managed to build up the courage to confront him. He simply laughed at her and told her it was fun. She pushed the subject more but he only ruffled her hair and walked off. At school, he was the worse. Most likely because Caleb wasn't around, not that he would really do anything to help her. Caleb never saw Theo's darker side or would brush it off as harmless teasing. While it was worse at school, at home had started to get easier. She would make the two of them food and watch them play their video games. At some point, she was able to play with them like she had with Caleb before Theo.

Junior year was the year Aurora decided she wanted a boyfriend. She had been so shy and quiet her first two years of high school that she had no idea where to begin. The only guys she talked to were her brother and Theo. She tried asking Caleb, but Theo jumped in and said she would never have a boyfriend. Instead of letting it hurt her, she yelled at him and said she would definitely get one this year. She pushed herself to talk to a few guys that sat by her in class. A few seemed really nice but after a couple of days they would completely ignore her. She didn't understand what she had done wrong. One claimed it was Theo, that had didn't want to get into a fight with the schools "bad boy." This only confused her more. Theo always had a girlfriend, usually not for long but there was never a shortage of girl want their shot at being with him. And she was definitely not one of those girls, not that he would ever date someone like her.

The last day Aurora saw Theo was the best and worst day of high school for her

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