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His Favorite Toy

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Aurora was talking to a boy named Alex who she had recently started talking to in one of her classes. They had a project due together and they were talking about who was going to do what part. She was happy he wasn’t afraid to speak to her; However, it was his first year at this school. They had spilt the work down the middle and we’re making plans to join up during the week to put everything together. She felt a smile spread across her face, her mind momentarily forgetting why she hated high school. Before she knew what was happening, she was shoved backwards and Alex’s head was slammed sideways into the lockers. The way his head cracked against the hollow metal made Aurora sick, a scream ripping through her throat. Everyone within ear shot instantly stopped their gossip and turned their attention to what was happening.

Aurora’s hand covered her mouth as her blue eyes shifted to Theo Stone. His pitch-black hair long enough to cover the top of his ears. There was a murderous look in his green eyes as he glanced at her. Her heart skipped a beat and her breath caught in her throat. He turned back to Alex who had fallen to the ground, groaning in pain. Theo crouched over him, one knee on the ground. He grabbed the collar of Alex’s shirt and started punching him in the face. Aurora’s eyes widened, she was stunned at what was happening. A crowd had formed around them, a few people cheering on Theo but no one trying to stop him. Alex tried to struggle from his grip, but he was much smaller than Theo. His face began to swell and his lip split open. When blood began to ooze from Alex’s mouth she screamed again, the dark red color snapping her from her daze.

“Theo, stop it!” She screeched at him. “He hasn’t done anything!”

He grunted a response but otherwise ignored her. She stepped closer, only to be shoved back again. Anger boiled up inside of her. He had no right to attack this kid, he didn’t even know who Theo was.

“I said, stop!”

She threw her body onto his back, her arms reaching for the hand that was curled into a fist. Theo instantly froze, his grip tightening on Alex’s now bloodied shirt and his knuckles turning white.

“Plea-Please stop, Theo.” She was sobbing uncontrollably, her body trembling against his.

“Say you’re mine.” He spoke low, making sure she was the only one to hear him.

“Wha-What?” She didn’t understand, couldn’t even comprehend what he was saying to her.

“Just say you’re mine, Aurora, or I’ll kill this fucking kid.” His voice sounding as dark as his eyes had looked.

“I-I’m yours.” Her voice barely above a whisper, she would agree to anything as long as he stopped.

Theo dropped Alex’s shirt and straighten his back. Aurora slipped back onto her feet. Theo turned to face her, blood on his fist and spattered on the front of his shirt. She craned her neck up to look at him, her body still trembling. She took a step back from him, her arms half up in a feeble attempt to protect herself from him. He easily stopped her by grabbing her upper arm and yanked her back to him. His other hand lightly wrapped around her throat, then he roughly pressed his lips to hers, her eyes widening in shock and her stomach doing a flip flop. Theo Stone, her bully of 10 years, was kissing her in front of the entire crowd that had gathered around them. She heard some gasps and mumbled comments but didn’t know what anyone was saying. She couldn’t even think at the moment.

“Don’t forget your deal.” He whispered to her as he separated their lips.

Her jaw dropped slightly, unable to speak. The only thing she could fully process was that he had stolen her first kiss as her hand slowly lifted to her lips. The last imagine she had of him was three teachers dragging him away from the crowd. She had rushed to Alex’s side the moment Theo was out of sight but she was pushed away. As he spoke, blood dripped from his mouth.

“Sta-Stay away from me, Aurora.” His voice broken and slightly muffled by the swelling.

She felt her eyes tearing up, she hadn’t asked for this. She never wanted anything like this to happen. She was angry and confused, her eyes stinging as tears began to build up. She didn’t say anything to him, only turned and ran in the opposite direction. She had been thankful the crowd let her through.


That night Aurora went home thinking over everything that happened. She didn’t understand why Theo had acted the way he did. Fighting, she understood only because he liked to. But making her say she was his and then kissing her, she didn’t understand at all. Theo had never been truly kind to her, he was always teasing and poking fun at her.

The next day at school, she noticed Theo hadn’t bothered her once. Halfway through the day, she heard rumors that he had been permanently expelled. She hoped they were true, but felt somewhat bad for Caleb. When she arrived home, Caleb had confirmed what she had heard at school. He said Theo was being sent off to live with his father in another state. Aurora contained her excitement, she knew how much this upset Caleb. She held in her smile until she had made it to her room. He was gone. Her bully was finally gone!

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