The Sweetest Revenge

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Warning: This is a dark erotic romance novel. This is not a sweet romance. Mature content, strong language, abuse, and violence; you have been warned! Kane Reinhardt has been turned bitter by the loss of two loved ones. After going on an alcohol fueled bender, he decides to extract revenge. He finds out who is responsible and attacks the man at his weak spot; his daughter.

Erotica / Romance
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There were very few days that stood out in Kane Reinhardt’s memory. The biggest one was the day he found out his little brother had died. Correction, he was murdered. Colin Reinhardt. The Reinhardt that was suppose to be the good one, the one who didn’t get into trouble.

He had gone to Colin’s funeral. His mother wouldn’t stop crying, she was tightly clutched to his father. It was the first and last day he had ever seen a tear fall from his father’s eye. They were devastated. Kane held himself together for them, refusing to cry but inside he felt like he was crumbling.

Colin and Kane had been very close to each other, despite being six years apart in age. Colin always came to Kane for advice or help. His was the goofy Reinhardt, the one who could turn any bad situation into a funny one. But not this time, and not ever again.

Kane’s days had been dark for a long time after that. He drowned himself in booze, drugs, and sometimes even women but nothing seemed to work. He grew darker, meaner, and colder. At times it seemed that he’d forgotten how to smile or laugh.

His mother completely lost herself. She wouldn’t leave her bedroom, refused to shower or change her clothes, and wouldn’t eat anything they brought her. She never left the house and cried herself to sleep every night, quickly becoming the only thing that could put her to sleep. A year after Colin’s death, she overdosed on sleeping pills. A note was left by her night stand, saying that she couldn’t take the pain anymore and that she was going to see Colin.

With the passing of his mother, Kane finally decided something needed to be done. It had been a year since Colin’s death. Now that pain had claimed another, their family was completely demolished. The best part of the family destroyed.

The second day that sticks out to Kane is his mother’s funeral. The day he vowed to find those who had a part in his brother’s death and make sure they suffered before paying with their life.

Over the next year, Kane worked night and day searching for every trace or trail he could find connected to his brother. Apparently his Saint-like brother wasn’t nearly as innocent as everyone thought he was. Regardless, his brother didn’t deserve death.

It took him a couple of months to find the first person, a whore who claimed to have been with his brother. The moment he pulled a gun on her she sobbed miserably. She babbled on and on about how she had loved Colin and that she didn’t know anything.

He warned her that he needed some kind of lead otherwise it wasn’t going to be pretty for her. She had tried to calm down, telling him of how they would do heroin together. Day by day they needed more and more. When Colin wasn’t able to get the money in time, things got ugly.

Kane decided to let the girl go, but not because he believed her about loving his brother. He saw her as a victim, her punishment was having to live with what happened. Besides, he really didn’t like killing woman.

In the beginning of his vendetta, Kane found it rather easy but as he got closer to the one who made the order it was getting harder. There was more protection and less information

It had been close to two years when he finally figured out who had pulled the trigger, a man by the name of Morris. Once located and trapped, Kane tortured the man until he found the name of the man responsible, then ended his annoying sniveling.

Conner Bronstan. The bastard who decided money was more important than a life. Who was living in a mansion sized house, who owned more than ten different sports cars. Big shot owner of a drug cartel, a ruthless man who seemingly had nothing he truly cared about, except for money.

Kane’s family had never been rich, but they lived comfortably. His parents had a modest home, they wanted to teach their boys that they didn’t need millions to be happy. Seeing Conner with so much only further fueled his anger.

Through the money he saved over the years and the connections he had made, Kane was able to hire a man who could dig up any hidden information on the Bronstan family. It took the man another six months, but the results were well worth it.

He received a weekly schedule of where he goes and what he’s doing, whether he is alone or not. There was a blue print of the man’s home, every entrance and window marked. Notes littered the border, telling him what doors where locked and what doors where open at specific times.

“There’s one more thing I found out.” The unnamed man spoke up as Kane poured over the report.

“Hm?” Kane wasn’t really paying attention, he finally had what he wanted.

“He has a daughter.”

“What?” Kane froze, his eyes slowly moving up to the man.

“He keeps her locked up. Even had the medical records wiped. He was married a couple years back. They had a baby, and shortly after that the wife died. This was all prior to selling drugs.”

“Interesting.” A smirk forming on his lips.

“I don’t know what she looks like, but from the records I found she’s 24.” He dropped an extra thin manilla folder on the desk. “Proof, if you don’t believe me.”

Kane paused before picking up the folder, his thumb pushing it open and peering down at the paper inside. Hazel Raine Bronstan. Born to Connor and Elizabeth Bronstan. January 11, 1992.

“Hazel.” He ran a finger over the printing of her name. “Thank you for your service, I’m very pleased.”

Kane tossed a thick envelope to the man, who quickly snatched it up and left. Kane continued to look at the photo copied birth certificate. This changed everything.

Bronstan had already lost his wife, now he would feel the pain of losing a child. His family will be destroyed just as his had. He wouldn’t kill the girl, but Conner will have to live with knowing his daughter would be held captive with no chance of rescue.

She wouldn’t live with the comfort of money. He’d keep her locked away, as if she really was gone. He laughed to himself. Conner Bronstan would suffer the same way his family had.

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