The Sweetest Revenge

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Kane left his belt on the bed, his eyes scanning the room to see if she had done anything while he was gone. To him, it looked like she only grabbed a shirt then left. He went to the closet that held his collection of guns and knifes, every item in its correct place. One of his fingers ran over one of the hunting knifes, he hadn’t gone hunting in quiet some time.

Grabbing his favorite gun and the knife he had been admiring, he decided he would see if he could kill anything in the woods today. It always seemed to help relax him when he use to go more often.

As he walked into the kitchen, he locked the door to the basement. Just in case. He didn’t need anymore problems. Police hadn’t found her phone quite yet but he imagined they were close.

He snagged a six pack from the fridge and headed out. Pure white snow still covered most of the land, only the trees disturbing it. He hiked a few miles to the North, two beers already finished off before getting to one of the lookouts he had build over the summer. He easily climbed up the tree and waited.

He didn’t make much noise, just the crack of his beer every now and then. It was peaceful, quiet. The snow sparkling as it reflected the sun. As he gulped down his last beer he told himself he’d stay only 20 more minutes. He’d already been out there 2 hours and it would take him a little while to get back.

Just before he was about to climb down, he saw faint movement. He froze where he was, his eyes waiting to see it again. One minute, two, nothing. Five minutes and he finally saw it move again, it was a deer. Medium size with a healthy coat. Kane positioned his gun and lined up the shot. The deer was down in a matter of seconds, a few birds flying away at the sound of his gun.

He grinned, pleased he was able to get something. He climbed down the tree to retrieve the deer and then brought it back to the cabin where he skinned and gutted it. As he let the body drain of blood in the yard, he went inside to check on Hazel.

His boots were loud on the stairs but when he made his way into the room, she was asleep on top of the covers. Her small body curled up, her hands by her face. He walked to her side, his eyes trailing over her then stopping at her face.

In just two days this girl had already fainted from fatigue and almost froze to death. He wasn’t really expecting that, however he also only planned up to the point of kidnapping her. He started wondering if she could even cook at all, she must have had servants make everything for her.

Unconsciously, his eyes slide down to look at her bottom. He wanted to see the red welts that no doubt covered her skin. He had been very aroused after her punishment, he had no choice but to make her go to the basement.

He forced himself to look away, his eyes moving back to her angelic face. He could see streaks on her cheeks from when she was crying. It oddly made him to feel a slight pang in his chest. For one split second, he felt sorry for her. But that feeling was soon pushed away.

“Wake up.” A hand reached out to shake her awake yet again.

“One more minute.” She voice sounding soft and half asleep.


“Mom, please, just one more minute.”

Kane froze, had she forgotten where she was? And for her to call out for her mom, not her father. He shook his head, he would not feel bad for her.

“Hazel, wake the fuck up.”

She gasped and bolted straight up. Her eyes were wide and panicky as she remembered where she was and why. The second gasp came from the pain of putting weight on her sore bottom. She fell back over to her side, her eyes open and staring at him.

“What do you want?”

“Excuse me? Do you need a refresher on whose the boss?”

“No.” Her blue-green eyes looking away from him.

“Good. Now get up and help me with dinner.”

“I thought you wanted me to cook?”

“You haven’t made one thing since you’ve been here. I also realize you probably don’t know how to cook, given you had servants, and I’m pretty sure you don’t know how to cook a deer.”

“A deer? Where did you get a deer?” She carefully got to her feet and followed him up to the kitchen.

“The woods, I killed it.”

Hazel stopped her questions, she didn’t want to know anymore. It should have been obvious the first time he mentioned the animal.

“Peel potatoes and boil water to cook them in. Can you handle that?”

“Yes.” She rolled her eyes, thinking he couldn’t see her.

“Do that again and you’ll be spanked.”

Her eyes widened, but she gently nodded her head. He didn’t say anything else, just turned and left through the side door. She assumed to work on the deer. She softly shivered, then turned to the potatoes and started peeling them. By the time she finished, he came in with a small amount of meat.

“Where’s the rest of Bambi’s mom?” She glared at him.

“We’re not eating a whole deer.” He glared back at her. “Open a can of green beans and heat it up in the microwave.”

She worked on that as he fried the cuts of meat on a cast iron pan. When the potatoes were done, she drained and mashed them. She had the potatoes and green beans on the table and shortly after he was done with the meat. He filled a plate for himself, grabbed a beer from the fridge, then walked past her to the living room. She could hear the tv a few seconds later.

She made herself a small plate of mashed potatoes and green beans, she was too afraid to try the deer. She stood at the table and quickly ate her food, then put her plate in the sink. Before he could say anything, she went downstairs. The less she had to be around him, the better.

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