The Sweetest Revenge

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Hazel looked around the room, she felt a sense of confusion and déjà vu. She noticed a soft red glow next to her and turned toward it to see a clock. It read just after 4am. With a soft sigh, she rolled out of the bed and took a quick shower. The cold water stung and cooled the raw skin of her backend.

She finished quickly and brushed her teeth. She wore the same outfit he had given her yesterday but choose not to where the thong. She felt naked even with the lounge pants and long sleeve shirt on. She headed upstairs, a yawn forcing her eyes to water.

It was still dark out, the sun just barely starting to come up. She wasn’t sure when he would wake up, but wanted to figure out what she was going to make. She looked in the fridge and found everything she would need to make a nice breakfast.

The night before he had made a comment about her not being able to cook however that wasn’t the case. Since her father didn’t let her leave the house she became bored very easily. One of the things she enjoyed to pass the time had been to watch the cooks prepare food. Eventually they started teaching her, covering the basics to more complex foods and meals.

She would do something simple for today, but didn’t start yet. She went into the living room and turned the tv on. She sat down gently, her bottom stinging slightly. She had to lower the volume and prayed the noise hadn’t woken up her captor. She turned the channel to cartoons, it was one of the things she never out grew. Around 7am she heard a door open, heavy foot steps down the hall, and another door shut. When she heard the water in the shower start, she stood up and began making breakfast.

She pulled out bacon, eggs, peppers, an onion, and some cheese. She chopped up the peppers and onion, then started frying them in a cast iron pan she found in the cabinet. When the veggies were finished, she cooked the bacon and chopped it up when it was done. Next, she added some butter and cracked 4 eggs in a different pan. She stared at it while it cooked for a few minutes. Once it started to solidify a little, she added the vegetables, bacon, and 2 slices of cheese before putting the pan in the broiler to cook all the way through.

She looked through the cabinets again to find a plate. When she turned around, she jumped at the sight of the man. He stood by the table, only a pair of black sweat pants riding low on his hips. His well toned chest in plain sight and v lines pointing straight to a large bulge in his pants. She blushed deeply and spun around so her back was to him.

“What are you doing?”

“Making you breakfast.” She rolled her eyes, thankful he couldn’t see her this time.

She grabbed an oven mitt and pulled the pan from the broiler. She easily shifted the pan so that it folded perfectly in half then slide it onto the plate she had grabbed. She turned to face him again but couldn’t actually look at him. She set the plate down on the table.


She quickly turned around so she didn’t have to see his reaction. She began cleaning up, her attention anywhere but on him. As she wiped up the counter, she heard him move. Instead of going to the food, she felt his hands on her hips.

“I need a fork.”

“So get one.”

“You’re standing in front of the drawer.”

She tired to move, but he wouldn’t let her. He leaned into her, his nostrils taking in the scent of her hair. His fingers tightened, digging into her. He grinded his hips into her, his manhood pressing against her back side. She whimpered and struggled to get away from him but it only made him moan softly in her ear.

“I didn’t know you could cook.”

“You don’t know anything about me.” Her voice weak despite how confident she was.

“I guess not.” He let her go and pushed her aside to grab what he needed.

She let out a deep breath she didn’t know she was holding in. She left the kitchen, grabbing an apple as she did, and continued to watch her cartoons. She sat cross-legged, enjoying her crisp red apple. Not even a minute later, the man walked in to the living room with his food. He sat down on the couch with her, one hand holding his plate and the other holding a fork.

“You’re watching cartoons?”

“Yes.” She tossed the remote next to him.

He dug into his omelet, his eyes on the tv as well. It didn’t take him long to finish the food and set the empty plate on the table. He leaned back and watched tv with her.

“What’s your name?” Her eyes still on the tv.

“Kane.” He looked over at her, his eyes admiring her long hair. “How do you know how to cook?”

“My dad didn’t let me leave the house. I had to do something.”

She stood up, grabbed his plate and carried it into the kitchen. After washing it off, she put it in the dish washer. With that done and her apple core in the trash, she headed to the door for the basement.

“Stop, you’re not rushing off again. You have cleaning to do.” He stood up and walked toward her.

Her bare feet took one step, two steps away from him. Her eyes finally meeting his. She had a slight pout on her plump lips.

“Don’t give me that look.” He gently growled at her, backing her into a corner.

“I-I wasn’t-”

His hand palmed her cheek, a thumb running over her bottom lip. She watched as his eyes moved all over her facial features.

“My bedroom and the guest bedroom. No playing around.” He let go of her and left the kitchen.

She watched as he went to his room and came back out a with a laptop. Not sure how bad the two rooms would be, she turned to the closet and pulled out what she would need for the day.

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