The Sweetest Revenge

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Kane watched Hazel walk from the kitchen to his room. Her ass filling out her soft pants, his hands aching to touch her. He wondered how his belt marks were healing, a desire to see the red marks building inside of him.

He shook his head and opened his laptop. The news of Hazel Bronstan was still front page, her father pushing to have her found. He was offering a larger reward now. The police had no clue who did it or why. At least nothing they were willing to put out to the public. He laughed, they hadn’t even found her phone. His buddy had been able to hold onto it longer then they had planned, but had finally dumped it last night.

Joe, a long time friend, had made it two states over and was heading back to his house now. He had told Kane he would visit after he had a decent nights rest. He loved that Conner would think it’s one step closer to finding Hazel but instead would be leading him farther away.

Kane was on his computer for about an hour or so when he heard something hit the floor and break. He was to his feet in seconds, his laptop on the coffee table. He reached his bedroom door to find a picture frame on the floor, the front glass shattered and Hazel on her knees hastily picking up the pieces.

“I-I’m sorry, I was just trying to dust it.”

He stopped her from picking up the glass, the last thing he needed was her to cut herself and bleed all over. He grabbed the picture and shook off the tiny bits of glass.

“Get a broom.” He grumbled, leaving her to clean up her mess.

He went to the guest bedroom where he kept a box of stuff in the closet. He set the photo down inside, then put the box back. He turned to leave but found Hazel standing in the doorway, the broom in her hand.

“Who is that?”

“My little brother.” He pushed past her, irritation building.

“You think he’d be okay with this?”

“With what?” He turned to glare at her.

“Kidnapping me! Keeping me in the basement! Having me be your maid! Spanking me!”

In a split second, he had her wrists in one hand and pinned above her head. The broom clattered loudly to the floor. His other hand roughly gripped her jaw line, the back of her head hitting the wall rather hard. Her legs began kicking at him, struggling to get away but he smashed her tiny body with his much larger one, restricting all movement.

“He can’t really care if he’s fucking dead!” He growled, his anger taking complete control.

“I-I didn’t know.” Her voice low again.

“Of course you didn’t. Just like you don’t know what your dad does for a living.”
Unconsciously, his grip on her wrists tightened causing her to whimper. “Daddy sells drugs so his little princess has everything. When daddy doesn’t get his money, people get killed.”

His face was only an inch or two from her’s. His eyes were blazing with fury. She whimpered again from his crushing strength, her hands wriggling to get free. She wanted to look away from his intense stare but he forced her to look at him. Tears began spilling from her liquidity blue-green eyes.

“Watch your fuckin’ mouth. You don’t know anything.”

He walked off to his room, getting dressed and heading to the door for his boots. When he was done lacing up his shoes he went outside, he needed to cool off. He didn’t want to talk to her about his brother, but he also knew he shouldn’t have hit her with his belt. He understood why she was mad. He never did things like that to a woman unless they wanted him to. She just made him so angry and most of his reasons didn’t have to do with her, but instead with her father.

He walked around the yard, his feet crunching in the snow and his breath fogging out in front of him. He kicked at the snow, pissed off at how things were going. She was causing trouble in more ways than one. It was nothing he couldn’t handle, he just hadn’t expected it. Although he’s wasn’t really sure what he expected. He did after all kidnap her and is forcing her to be a maid who lives in his basement.

Hazel wasn’t sure what to think of the information she had just heard. He said her father was a drug dealer, one who had killed probably more than once. She knew she didn’t like what he father was doing but this was too much.

It took her a few minutes to recover, it was barely 10am of day 3. When she was finally able to pull herself together, she picked up the broom and went to his room to sweep up the broken glass. She was careful not to step on any and made sure to sweep even if it didn’t look like there was anything there.

After that mess was cleaned she continued to dust and wipe off the rest of the room. Just like the bathroom, it was very plain. It hardly felt lived in. He had very few personal belongings.

As she cleaned, she thought of the man. Of Kane. She was starting to piece together why she was here but she didn’t fully know why he choose to take her. He could have easily killed her, an eye for an eye. Why did she also have to be tormented? Her father had done that already.

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