The Sweetest Revenge

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By the time Hazel had finished cleaning both rooms, it was almost noon. She assumed Kane would be hungry even though he hadn’t come back inside. She put away everything she had taken out to use and quickly washed her hands before looking in the fridge.

Shortly after opening the fridge, she heard the front door open. The loud thumps of boots told her in was Kane. Then again, there was no one else out here. She shut the fridge and walked to the doorway to the living room. He still stood by the door but his eyes were on her.

“I’m sorry about earlier.” She looked down to get away from his intense stare.

“I want you to start wearing you maid’s outfit again.”

His words surprised her, it wasn’t what she was expecting him to say. In fact, she didn’t think he was going to say anything at all.

“Okay.” She paused. “What do you want for lunch?”

“Go change.” He kicked his boots off and sat down on the couch, his arms stretching across the top.

She stood there for a few seconds before turning and going back downstairs. She found the maids outfit crumpled in the corner of the bathroom. With a heavy sigh, she took off her clothes and put on her uniform, as Kane liked to call it. She felt basically naked with her bottom hanging out.

When she returned upstairs, Kane had already made himself lunch. He had his right ankle resting on his left knee. A plate with a partial sandwich and a few chips on his lap. He had a beer in his hand, even though it was only a little after twelve.

“What do you want me to do?”

He looked over at her, raised his beer to his mouth and took a long swig of it. He looked back to his plate and let her awkwardly stand there while he finished his lunch and drank the last of his beer.

“Bring this to the kitchen.”

She silently walked over to him, took the plate and beer can from him, and brought them to the kitchen. She rinsed both, then put the can in recycling and the plate in the dish washer. She headed back to the living room, her lips parting to ask him what was next but the words never came out.

“Sit down.”

She hesitated, feeling nervous about going to him. She went over to the couch anyway, sitting down as far away from him as she could. She rested her hands in her lap and her back rigid. She was afraid her was going to punish her again for her angry outburst earlier.

“Remember, you’re just a maid, doll face. You have no say here.”

“I-I know.” She looked down at her hands.

“Don’t break anything else and watch your fucking mouth or I’ll punish you worse than before.”

Hazel felt like crying, it stung to hear his words. To be treated so poorly even when she had personally never done anything to him. She did find some relief that he wasn’t going to punish her.

“Got that?”

“Yes.” She felt like there was a lump in her throat.

She could feel how angry he was. Apparently going outside hadn’t calmed him down at all. She was stuck in her thoughts when his arm wrapped around her and pulled her next to him, instantly stopping her thoughts.

Confused, she looked up at him but his gaze so heated she had to look away. Her body was pressed against his, his arm tightening around her small frame. He was so much larger and stronger than her, he could easily control her. He cupped her chin and made her look at him.

“You’re hard to resist, you know.” His voice different from before, deeper perhaps.


His lips were on her’s, cutting off all words. Shocked, she pushed him away. Her eyes searching his for why he kissed her. He shoved her to her back and removed his shirt before laying on top of her. He wedged his hips between her legs, his hands grabbed each thigh and bent them up to wrap around him. She could feel his hard on digging into her.

“Wha-What are you doing!?” She blushed deeply, her hands reaching it to push him away.

He easily scooped up her wrists into one hand and pinned them above her head. He crashed his lips against hers once more, this time holding her in place so she couldn’t break his kiss again. His free hand ran down her side, caressing the exposed skin of her thigh. His nails gently scratched at her soft skin.

She let out a soft moan, his tongue taking this chance to push into her mouth the moment she did. Her hands struggling against his, but it was futile. His grip only tightened, making her whimper.

He moved from her lips and began kissing his way down her neck. The hand on her thigh slipping underneath her skirt, easily pushing her panties aside.

“Wa-Wait!” Her breathing was heavy, her heart pounding.

He bit her neck, causing her to softly cry out. His finger entered her, then another. Her breathe caught in her throat, his fingers beginning to pump in and out. His thumb rubbing circles into her clit, making her moan loader than the first time.

“You’re so wet.” He groaned against her skin.

She didn’t understand why she was letting this man touch her this way. Her voice didn’t want to come out and her body didn’t want to stop him. She shut her eyes tightly, embarrassed at what he was doing to her and the sound her was coaxing from her.

He pulled his fingers out of her, grabbing her underwear as he did and yanking them off. She peeked at him through half closed eyes, his strong body hovering over her. He reached into his pants and pulled out his hard, thick cock.

Her eyes widened at the sight, afraid of him not fitting. She’d never been with a man before, was never even allowed to date. She gasped as he rubbed himself against her, his hips moving forward to push inside.

“Wait! Do-Don’t!”

His hand came over her mouth, stopping anymore protests. She tried to struggle but between his hands and body she could barely move. Her eyes begged him to stop. She was scared, she didn’t know how it was going to feel.

“You’re mine. I’ll do what I want.” His voice a growl.

He plunged deep inside of her, forcing her to take in his whole length. Her eyes widened and she let out a scream, but it was muffled by his hand.

“Fuck, you’re tight.” He grunted, slowly pulling out and pushing back in. “Relax you body.”

Pain shot through her, tears slipping from her eyes. It wasn’t until after a few more thrusts that her muscles calmed, pleasure replacing pain. It was better than anything she had imagined. She shut her eyes again, her body giving into him.

Kane picked up his pace when she finally got use to him. He removed his hands from her mouth and wrist, replacing both hands on her hips. He pulled her against him with each thrust.

Hazel felt her pleasure building, becoming more and more intense each time he entered her. She soon found her back arching up, her body pulsing around him and humming with bliss. She bit her bottom lip but it couldn’t stop her third and final moan.

A smirk formed on his lips as he watched her pleasure wash over her face. He finished soon after, pulling out and spilling himself on her leg. He pulled up his pants then grabbed a towel he had sitting on the couch and quickly wiped up his mess.

After she came down from her high, she couldn’t look at him. She felt dirty and weird. He turned her to her side and laid down next to her. His arm resting around her waist as he went back to watching tv. She felt naked, her outfit barely cover anything.

When she shivered, he reached behind the couch and grabbed a throw blanket. It instantly warmed her and she pulled it up to her face to snuggle it. His arm wrapped around her again, pulling her against his body. She felt a blush come across her face, he had taken her and was now cuddling her. She didn’t understand.

Since he wasn’t letting her move from the couch, she let her eyes shut. She was exhausted for some reason, easily slipping into slumber.

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