The Sweetest Revenge

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Hazel adjusted her outfit and picked up her underwear from the floor. Her mind played back the images of Kane’s body; the sounds that she had made and the way he felt as he touched her. She could feel a deep blush creeping across her cheeks.

She had felt every emotion possible in just a matter of minutes. Fear, excitement, pain, pleasure. She felt confused, he had been so forceful. Rough. And in a way she liked it which made her feel extremely guilty.

Then another thought came to her, would he take her again? He had gotten what he wanted, but would he want more? Would she want more? She was afraid to answer her last question.

Before he got out of the shower, she quickly made her way downstairs. She peeled off her outfit and took a shower. She was hoping it would help clear her head but it only made things worse.

She felt a ghost of his hand on her skin. She could still feel some pain, but clearly remembered how wonderful it had felt once she was use to him, the pleasure she felt.

She bit her bottom lip as her lower stomach clenched tightly. Despite being sore, her core craved more. This whole situation was similar to the erotic novels she would sneak into her room and read at night. Something sexy and scandalous. She shook her head to free herself from her thoughts.

She finished rinsing herself, turned off the shower and dressed in the pj pants and loose shirt he had bought for her on his second trip. She wanted to curl up and sleep for the night. She had finished cleaning and figured he could handle dinner himself. She knew she wouldn’t be able to eat tonight, let alone face him.

It took her a while to fall asleep, her thoughts continually replaying the scene from the couch. The way his hands felt on her skin, his strong body on top of her. She wrapped her body tighter into the blanket, finally falling asleep.

The next day her alarm woke her up right at 7am. She stretched her arms and yawned, then swung her legs off the edge of the bed. The twinge between her legs caused another flood of memories.

She sighed softly, getting to her feet and heading to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She was afraid to go upstairs. She wondered if she would be able to make breakfast for Kane and get back downstairs before he woke up.

She kept on her pajamas and quickly ran up the stairs. She briefly looked around the kitchen. She couldn’t hear anything, which could be a good sign but it also meant she couldn’t tell when he got up. Her heart began to speed up, worried that she wouldn’t have enough time.

She stepped over to the fridge and looked inside. There wasn’t much to work with, her mind was going blank trying to figure out what she could get done before he made it to the kitchen.

She grabbed two eggs, then let the door shut on its own. After grabbing a pan, she fried both eggs sunny side up. While they were cooking, she toasted two slices of bread, buttered them, and put them on a plate. When the eggs were finished, she slid them onto the plate, next to the toast, and seasoned it with a little salt and pepper.

She set the plate down on the table with a fork and listened for any sounds from the hall. Silence. She turned back to the cabinet and pulled out a glass for milk. The moment the milk was put away, she heard a door open and close.

A second later, she heard foot steps coming toward the kitchen. Her heart began to slam in her chest. She ran over to the basement door just as Kane was coming around the corner. She had pulled open the door and was about to take the first step when he spoke.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Hazel completely froze. Her head slowly turned to see Kane in just a pair of low hanging plaid lounge pants. His brown hair was pointing it all different directions and the stubble on his face was making his features darker.

“Downstairs, your breakfast is on the table.” Hazel went down about two steps before Kane could speak.

“Get back up here.” His voice a harsh growl.

She felt her stomach drop, her hand tightened around the railing.


“Because I said so.” He snapped, his anger seeping into his words.

She decided not to say anything else. She came back up the stairs and shut the door behind her.

“Sit at the table.” He pointed to the chair opposite of where his food was.

She nodded her head slightly, unable to look at him. She could feel her face heating up. He walked to the other side of the table and instead of eating the food, he pushed it to her side of the table.

“You need to eat.”

“What about you?” She peered up at him, instantly regretting it as his smoldering eyes glazed over her.

“I need more than this. I’ll make it.”

He turned his back to her and went to the fridge. Her mouth was left open slightly, speechless. She looked back down at the plate and took a bite out of the toast.

When she looked back up at him, he was cooking bacon and two more eggs. He also toasted a bagel and when they were done stacked cheese, eggs, bacon, and some chopped onions.

As he bit into his sandwich, Hazel started on her eggs. She could feel his eyes on her, her cheeks heating even more. Her mind started replaying the imagine of him on top of her, holding her down. She swallowed hard and tired to focus on her food.

“Why’s your face turning red?”

She slightly peeked up at him, a faint smirk playing at his lips before he took another bite.

“It’s not.”

“How do you know? You can’t see your face.”

“I just know.” She tried to convey confidence but she was struggling.

“What are you thinking about, Hazel?” His smirk grew, his sandwich almost done.


“It doesn’t seem like nothing.” He laughed lightly, then stood up and put his plate in the sink.

Hazel ate her remaining piece of toast as slowly as possible. She didn’t want to go to the sink with Kane standing right in front of it. His eyes were burrowing into her, making her shift in her seat.

“You going to put your plate in the sink?” His smirk spreading, his arms crossed over his bare chest.

“Yes.” She glared at him, but couldn’t face him for very long.

“Come here.”

She swallowed hard, then picked up her plate and walked over to the sink. Kane didn’t budge a muscle, just stared down at her.

“I can’t put my plate away with you standing there.”

She turned her face away from him, being so close to him was setting her senses on fire. He was radiating heat and filling her nostrils with his scent.

When he didn’t move she attempted to reach around him and place the plate in the sink. The moment she let go of it, his arms uncrossed and wrapped around her small frame.

“Are you going to tell me what you were thinking about now?”

“I told you, it was nothing.”

“Really? Because your turning red again.” He chuckled, his neck craning down to get closer to her. “Are you thinking about me?”

“N-No!” She placed her hands on his chest in attempt to push him away.

“Don’t lie to me, doll face.” He spoke next to her ear, a hand reaching down to caress her thigh.

“Stop!” She pushed harder, but it didn’t faze him at all.

“Are you thinking of how it felt?” He gently bit her earlobe, making her gasp.

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