The Sweetest Revenge

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Kane's hand trailed higher, pushing up the bottom of her shorts. Hazel felt her breath hitch, her heart slamming in her chest. Her head felt blurry, she wanted to resist this man; her kidnapper. Yet her body was begging for more, her core clenching and knotting.

His hand came up over her shorts and gripped her hip, pulling her into his body. She felt the air rush out of her lungs as his erection pressed into her stomach.


His other hand fisted her hair and yanked hard, causing her to whimper. Before she could protest, his lips crashed into hers. His tongue glided across her lips and when she wouldn’t open her mouth to him, he pulled harder on her hair until she did.

The hand on her hip began moving up, under her shirt and cupped her breast. His touch was gently at first, but as his kiss deepened he grew rougher. He pulled away from her lips for a moment, leaving her struggling for air.

“Fuck.” His voice taking on a growl again.

Kane released her hair only to grab her hips and lift her up. He made her wrap her legs around his waist and carried her to his bed room.

“St-Stop!” Hazel was still out of breath, her head spinning.

He dropped her onto the middle of his bed, crawling onto of her the second she was down. He grabbed at her shirt, pulling it off her. He lend down, his mouth taking in one of her already hardened nipples. Her back arched, her lower stomach clenching hard. She let out a soft moan, her small hands grabbing at the comforter.

His hand curled around the top of her shorts, easily ripping them off her. His fingers found her center, causing him to inhale sharply at how wet she was.

“You say stop but your soaking.”

He started kissing down her stomach until he reached between her legs. His hands roughly held her hips, his tongue gently licking her opening. When he plunged his tongue in, she arched her back again.

“Ah! Don’t!”

Unfortunately, her voice came out like a moan. Her protests only caused him to dive deeper. He pushed up her legs, his tongue thrusting in and out of her. Her voice caught in her throat, her mouth opened and released a moan as she climaxed.

Kane looked up at her, a smirk on his face again. She blushed a dark red, her body refusing to obey her. He pushed off his pants and boxers then moved until his hips were between her legs. He pressed his erection against her, his eyes staring down at her.

She turned her face away from him, her arms crossing over her to hide from him. He grabbed her wrists and pinned them to her sides. She dared a peek at him and the moment she did, he slammed into her.

Hazel screamed out, her teeth coming down to bite into her lip. He grunted softly, his pace gradually increasing. She felt her body clenching around his length, the pleasure more intense this time. She let out a loud moan, her breathing was heavy. Kane pounded into her a couple more times before releasing himself on the comforter.

His breathing matched hers, he held on to her for a few seconds then collapsed next to her. His arms wrapped around her, pulling her tight to his body.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Hazel felt her eyes begin to swell with tears.

“Giving you pleasure?”

“No! Holding me against my will, using me-”

“I already told you.” His voice becoming hard again.

“It wasn’t me who killed your brother!” A tear finally spilling from her eye.

“It doesn’t matter.” His hold tightened around her, squeezing her. “Your father has taken more lives than just my brother’s.”

“Then kill me!”

Kane’s hand grabbed her face and forced her to look at him. Her cheeks were being squished between his fingers. Her deep blue-green taking on a liquid look.

“Where’s the fun in that, doll face? I’m getting revenge, I have a free maid and cook, and I get to fuck you. Sounds great to me. Besides, I need you alive so I can taunt your dad.”

“Taunt him?” Her voice taking on a whining sound as more tears fell.

“He won’t get to grieve for you, he won’t even be able to get over the pain of losing you because he will always know that you’re alive and that you’re never coming home.”

Kane finally released her and rolled off the bed. He found his boxers and pants and pulled them back on. Hazel curled her body up, trying to cover what she could.

“Clean up the bed, then come find me. The washer and drier are next to the bathroom down the hall.”

She waited for him to leave then collected her clothes and got dressed. She wrapped her arms around herself. She loved every moment of him touching her but after the high was over everything crashed back down on her. Where she was, who she was with, and why.

She was revenge to him. She was nothing but a servant, and she knew that. Yet every time he touched her, she melted.

Hazel wiped away her tears, they weren’t going to help anyway. She ripped the blanket from the bed and carried it down the hall. After the machine was started she just stared at it. Her mind blank, for once, and her body numb.

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