The Sweetest Revenge

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When Hazel finally tore her eyes from the washing machine, she went down to the basement to grab her clothes. She made sure she had every item of clothing, whether it was still new or it was dirty. When she came back up, Kane’s eyes burned into her as she walked in front of the tv.

“What are you doing?”


She briskly walked down the hall and dropped her clothes on top of the drier. The comforter would still take some time, she turned her back to it and walked back toward to living room planning on going to the basement.

“Where are you going?”

“The basement.” She rolled her eyes, slightly irritated by his demands and questions.

“Did you just roll your eyes at me?”

Hazel stopped a few feet from the basement door and swallowed hard. She had forgotten his rule of no eye rolling. She slowly turned her head to face him. Her eyes momentarily glazed over his muscled chest.

“Yes.” She mentally kicked herself as the short word left her lips, why was she antagonizing him?

“What’s with the fucking attitude?” He barked back, instantly getting to his feet.

“Sor-ry for not being a ray of sunshine for you.” She rolled her eyes once more, then continued to head for the basement door.

“Get back here, doll face.” His voice dark and commanding.

“No.” She simply said, then reached for the handle.

She had the door about halfway open before it was roughly slammed shut. She stumbled forward slightly, her hand still wrapped around the handle.

“Leave me alone!” Her voice was loud but not quite a yell.

“The hell I will! Did you forget whose house you’re in?”

She turned around to face him, her neck craning up to do so. His shoulders were bent over her, his green eyes staring into hers.

“I didn’t choose to be here!” Her voice rising. “You kidnapped me! You-”

“I don’t care!”

He slammed both of his hands on the door behind her, his body bent down farther to trap her where she stood.

“This is my house. You are my captive.”

“Haven’t you done enough to me? I’m doing what you said to do!” She didn’t back down, her eyes locked on his and her heart slamming in her chest.

“You broke a rule.” He spoke through clenched teeth.

“What, I rolled my eyes at you? What do you expect.” She crossed her arms over her chest and looked away from him.

“Drop the fucking attitude, Hazel.” He slammed his hands against the door once more.

Hazel’s strength broke. This man had her trapped in the middle of no where. He had a closet full of guns and knifes plus the area boobie trapped. She swallowed hard, the adrenaline that once plumped through her was rapidly draining from her body.

“Are you fucking done?” His voice loud, his mouth close to her face.

“Ye-Yes.” Her voice much softer now.

“Good, because I’m not fucking dealing with that.” Anger laced each of his words.

“Then let me go. I just wanted to be alone.”

He was silent for a moment, his eyes staring down at her. He took a step closer, forcing her to back up against the door. He leaned down farther, making sure he was level with her face. She wouldn’t look at him, instead leaving her neck open to him.

He moved closer, his lips pressing against her collar bone. He slowly trailed soft kisses up her neck, making her squirm. She reached out and pressed her hands on his bare chest, tying as hard as she could to push him away.

“Haven’t you had enough?” Her voice breaking, a few tears streaking down her cheeks.

Kane pulled back to look at her. His eyes scanned over her face. He kept her caged between his arms as he spoke.

“I’ll never be done with you. You’re mine now.” He snapped.

“You already took my virginity, isn’t that enough to go against my father?” A few more tears slipping free.

Kane moved his hands away before tightening them into fists and slamming them back into the door. Hazel jumped, frighten that she would be the next thing his fists would crash into.

“Go downstairs and stay there until tomorrow.” He growled at her.

“But my-” She looked up at him, a light quiver in her bottom lip.

“You can do it tomorrow.”

Kane moved away from the door and headed back to the couch. She watched him sit down, then turned and went to the basement. The moment she was back in the small, cold room her tears began again.

She shouldn’t have showed her anger but she couldn’t help it. It wasn’t fair! He was taking everything from her and she wasn’t even the one who did anything to him. She was paying the price for her father’s action.

Now she was stuck in the basement for the rest of the day, no clean clothes or food. She crawled into her bed, trying to snuggle into it despite how stiff it was.

She was able to sleep, but not for very long. She took another shower, forcing herself to stay in as long as possible to waste time. When her stomach growled around 2pm, she wrapped her arms around her waist and flopped back down on the bed.

Another hour past and she thought she heard the front door of the house open. Multiple foot steps could be heard walking across the floor. She sat up, her eyes still on the ceiling. It sounded as if there were two, maybe three, other people in the house now.

She wanted to hope that it was cops, someone searching for her. But as the minutes past by, she could tell they were friends of Kane’s. It was odd. She didn’t think a man who was so secluded would have people over to his house. Especially with her being held here against her will.

She stayed in the bed, half listening and half thinking about home. She was able to drift off to sleep for a few more hours until the people upstairs began getting louder.

She groaned and rubbed her eyes, the clock read 12:38am. The groaned again, her eyes looking up at the ceiling. She could hear two different girly laughs along with heavy foot steps and deeper voices.

A hungry growl ripped through her stomach again, making her wrap her arms around her for some sort of comfort. Maybe, just maybe, she could sneak upstairs and grab something to eat without being noticed by anyone.

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