The Sweetest Revenge

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Hazel rolled out of bed and made her way up the stairs. She pressed her ear to the door, listening to what was going on. She very slowly turned the handle and cracked the door open. She shut one eye to see better through the small opening. She could barely see the people in the living room but on the table she could see beer cans and half full glasses of liquor.

Good, maybe they were drunk enough to not notice her go into the kitchen. She widened the door, squeezed though and tipped toed over to the counter where she found a bowl of fruit. Well, more like two apple in a large bowl. She reached for one, hoping it would hold her over until tomorrow. Her ears prickled as she was about to turn around.

“I’m grabbing a beer!”

She spun around so fast she dropped the apple and watched as it roll away from her. A man with short brown hair and a large bushy beard stepped into the kitchen, stopping when he saw her standing there.

“Who are-”

Hazels mind kept screaming ‘no’ over and over. She highly doubted this man would report his friend which would mean he would help Kane.

“Wait, are you Hazel?”

“Hazel?” Kane’s voice sounded from the living room.

She felt her heart beat pick up, panic taking over. Her breath was caught in her lungs. Kane came stomping around the corner and stood next to the other man.

“What the hell are you doing up here?”

Hazel completely locked up. She couldn’t speak, couldn’t even breathe.

“You didn’t tell me how cute she is.” The unknown man laughed, his hand reaching up to run over his beard.

Kane didn’t respond to him, he began taking steps toward Hazel who was trying to move away from him.

“Joe, block her in.” His voice lethal.

The other man stood at her other exist. If she tried to run back to the basement, one of them was bound to catch her before she even came close.

“I-I was-” She licked her lips, her eyes darting back and forth between the two. “I was hungry.” Her voice soft.

“You don’t feed her?” Joe looked over at Kane.

“Of course I do.” Kane clenched his teeth, his eyes still on Hazel. “She pissed me off earlier so I told her to stay downstairs.”

“Kane? Joe?”

Two woman, both blonde, walked into the kitchen. Hazel’s cheeks flamed with embarrassment as all four sets of eyes stared at her.

“Who’s she?” One of the woman narrowed her eyes.

“She kind of looks familiar.” The one stared at Hazel in deep thought, trying to figure out where she’d see the brunette.

While Hazel was focused on the blondes, Kane stepped closer and grabbed her around the waist. He easily tossed her over his shoulder before she could even resist. She could smell a faint hint of beer on him.

“Joe, take those two home.” He was trying to control his anger in front of the other woman.

“Ladies, my house?” He looked at the two, a grin on his face.

“That fine with me!” The one who had been trying to figure out Hazel forgot about her and turned to smile at Joe.


“Go with Joe.” Kane ordered the angry looking blonde.

“Seriously?” She yelled, glaring at him before giving him the middle finger. “Don’t fucking call me for a hook up again.” She turned her back and left the house before the other two.

“Sorry Joe.” Kane’s voice low.

“Nah, don’t worry about it.” He put his arm around the smiling blonde. “Catch ya later!”

The two followed after the angry blonde, leaving Kane and Hazel by themselves.

“I’m going to have fun punishing you.”

“No! Please don’t Kane!” Hazel whimpered.

“Should have thought of that before disobeying me yet again.”

He carried her out of the kitchen and toward his bedroom. She whined, pounding her small fists on his back.

“Kane, please, I was hungry!”

Instead of saying anything, his free hand came up and smacked her ass hard. She let out a scream, her bottom tingling where his hand had made contact.

“Please Kane!”

“I like when you beg.”

He through open his door, kicking it shut as soon as they were in. He tossed her onto the middle of his bed, his eyes burning with lust.


He crawled onto the bed, keeping her under him. His lips pressed onto hers, his tongue pushing in and giving her a taste of the beer he had been drinking.

“I’m glad you came up.”

She looked at him, confusion filling her. He laid down next to her, his arm casually laying over her. His hand lifted her shirt, his fingers caressing her side.

“I-I thought I was in trouble-”

“Your skin is really soft.” He murmured into her hair, his eyes closing and his hands slowly stopping.

She turned to look at him, more confused than ever. He wanted her to come up? Why would he want that? He had to send his friends home because of her.

When she tried to move his arm, his grip tightened. He pulled her closer to him, a few mumbles passing through his lips. She stayed still, planning on leaving once he was sleeping deeply.

She shut her eyes briefly, his breathing a gentle sound in her ear. When she opened her eyes next the room was bright, the sun shining through his bedroom window.

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