The Sweetest Revenge

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Kane violently cursed to himself as he climbed the stairs out of the basement. That little vixen had given him a hard on. He clenched his teeth tightly, his control was wearing thin. He needed to focus on something else.

The house he lived in was a two bedroom ranch with a finished basement. He wasn’t much for decorating, leaving everything rather plain and simple. He had enough to be comfortable and that’s all that mattered to him.

He headed straight to his bedroom, he wanted look up the recent news on his precious little captive. He was able to pull up the old article which stated that she went missing during the night. There was a huge reward for her, which he never planned on cashing in.

He smirked, Conner Bronstan was panicking. He was feeling the pain of missing a child. Kane rethought that, she couldn’t really be called a child. Hazel Bronstan was a full figured woman despite how innocent and shy she acted.

His mind replayed how she begged him to stop removing her clothes, how she said she was naked underneath. Once more, he found himself hardening at the thought of her. He growled low, refusing to give into his desires.

He distracted himself by getting up and looking round his room. Everything had a coating of dust on in. It was in that instant that he decided Hazel would be his maid.

It was rather perfect. The daughter of a billionaire cleaning and cooking for a supposed low life. All he had to do was compose an outfit for her. Should he go sexy with it? Or contemporary? He decided on going with sexy, revealing. Degrading. He didn’t want her to be comfortable by any means while she was here.

Tomorrow he would find the sexiest, skimpiest outfit for her. He wanted to make her feel defeated but part of him also wanted to see her as a sexy maid.

He made himself dinner for the night, deciding on starving Hazel so that she was more compliant the following day. He ate quickly, then brushed his teeth and stripped naked as he got into bed.

The next morning, Kane was up at the crack of dawn. He ate, showered, and got ready for the day. He need to go to a few places to find what he wanted for Hazel. He found himself at Lover’s Lane, the lady behind the counter ogling him. He ignored her, it was bad enough that he was at an adult store.

He was able to find what he wanted rather easily. His eyes scanned the store and decided on a few other things. By the time be made it to the counter he had an arm full of items, most of it lingerie.

“Lucky lady.” The woman winked at him, half trying to start a conversation.

Kane gave the lady a brief smile to acknowledge her but didn’t say anything. She scanned each item and placed them in a black bag. He paid the total with a swish of his card and grabbed the bag from her.

“Have fun.” She giggled, looking him up and down one last time.

“Oh, I’m sure I will.” He gave a smirk, a devilish look in his eyes.

He could swear the lady melted where she stood, her eyes never leaving him. He rolled his eyes the moment he had his back to her. That woman had no idea how dark he was, or what he planned to do to the woman locked in his basement.

He paused for a moment before getting into his car. He sounded like a serial killer or something. Shaking his head he climbed into his car and drove home. He decided he didn’t need to go anywhere else. Shopping always annoyed him, he just wanted to be home.

It didn’t take him long to get back to his house, he parked his car in the drive way and headed inside right away. He locked the front door once inside, and headed downstairs.

He found her asleep in the bed he provided her. Her small body curled up and snuggled into the bedding. He pulled the covers off, his eyes trailing over her body, his need building.

His hand reached out to shake her awake, her lips releasing a light moan. His hands curled into tight fists, fighting back the urge to pounce. He bit down on his bottom lip and dropped her outfit next to her. Her eyes gazed up at him, the color looking silvery.

“Put this on.” His voice a deep growl.

She stared up at him, her eyes showing a dazed look. Her lips parted slightly but nothing came out. She didn’t move, her eyes glued to him.

“Move!” He barked out.

She jumped, blinking rapidly at the harsh word. She clutched at the clothing he had given her, her fingers rubbing the material.

“What is this?” She held up the tiny skirt attached to a corset.

“This is what you’ll wear while you clean my house.”

“How can I clean in this?”

“Not my problem.”

“Can I take a shower?” Her eyes still downcast. “Please?”

“Fine, just be quick. You have a lot to do. You’ll make me meals, too. And whatever other chores I can think of.”

She nodded her head, her hands playing with the lace of the skirt. She looked over, seeing the extremely sexy underwear he had given her. He turned around and left her to get ready.

He was really going to enjoy this. Free cooking and cleaning from Conner Bronstan’s daughter. A smirk forming on his mouth as he went up the stairs to relax for the day.

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