The Sweetest Revenge

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Hazel stared at her so called outfit and the lace thong he left with her. There was no way she could clean properly in this, her butt would be sticking out!

She swallowed hard as she stepped out of bed. She knew how her father was when she disobeyed or took too long, she didn’t want to find out what this man would be like.

The bathroom was limited on space, she had to close to toilet lid to set down her outfit. She turned the the shower to find a generic razor, a bar of soap, and a combination bottle of shampoo and conditioner.

She knew both her hair and skin would parish due to the harsher products, but she told herself that on the bright side the hair wash was wild cherry blossom. It had been her favorite ever since her mother bought body wash in that scent for her years ago.

She turned on the shower and took her pjs off while she waited for the water to warm up. After a couple minutes it was becoming apparent that this shower only had cold water. Taking a deep breath, she stepped into the stall.

She gasped at how cold the water was on her skin. She moved quickly to clean and shave, turning off the shower as soon as she was done. There was a thin beige towel hanging up that she used to dry off.

She found herself staring at the outfit again. It looked like something a stripper or porn star would wear. Sighing, she slipped on the thong then pulled the skirt over her legs. The corset wrapped around her waist, which she was able to pull together and tie so it wouldn’t come undone.

She looked down at her body, her breasts swelled over the top of the corset and she could feel a breeze on her back end. She felt a blush creep across her face. This was going to be terrible.

She did her best to dry her hair and used her fingers to brush though her long locks. The knots were bad, but she was able to get through the worse of them. She stepped out with her pjs folded in her arms. With her pjs laid on the bed, she hesitantly walked over to the other door.

It was unlocked, the air slightly warmer. As she stepped out and walked up the stairs she was careful where she stepped. He hadn’t given her any socks or shoes to wear.

The top door opened into the kitchen, it was rather cute and simple. Nothing gaudy like the huge kitchen at her father’s house. The cabinets were a light brown, the walls a baby blue giving it a kind of country feel. There were pots and pans hanging above the oven and a small island in the middle of the area.

To the left was a door leading outside and to the right was a small square table with four chairs around it. The wooden sitting area matching the kitchen. She closed the door she walked out of and headed to the right. Although she was tempted to run out the side door, she knew the man was waiting for her.

She found him sitting in the living room, tv on and feet on the coffee table. He had his arms stretched across the top of the couch, the moment she stepped into the room his eyes were on her.

She watched as his blazing green eyes trailed up and down, fully taking in her image. He trailed his tongue across his bottom lip, a hunger filling his eyes. Her cheeks burned a dark red. She pulled her hair in front of her to cover her chest, her arms crossing over her body.

“Enjoy your shower?” He smirked, knowing it had been cold.

“Yes.” Was all she replied, denying him the pleasure of her discomfort.

“Really.” His eyes narrowed, giving him a sinister look.

He pulled his feet off the table and stood up, his boots loud against the wooden flooring as he stepped toward her. Her bare feet took a few steps away from him.

“And you like your outfit?” He taunted her.

“Yes, I love it!” She couldn’t believe she had just said that, she was playing a dangerous game.

“Why don’t you twirl for me?” A deadly smirk formed on his lips.

Her breath caught in her throat, her eyes flashing away from him. Her grip tightened on her arms.

“N-No.” She felt like a child again, rebelling against something her father had told her.

“Excuse me?” His voice low, full of warning.

“I-I’m not doing that.”

“I thought you said you liked your outfit. If that’s true, then show it off to me.” He took another step closer.

“I’ll clean and cook for you but I’m not a sex object.” Her voice was small, lacking all confidence despite her words.

He reached out and grabbed a fist full of her damp hair. His grip firm, pulling her to him. He yanked her hair back, forcing her to look up.

“You’re whatever the hell I say you are.” He growled.

His free hand snaked around her, slowly caressing the silky skin under her skirt. He moved up, his fingers fanning over one of her butt cheeks.

“Stop!” She pressed her hands into his chest, her arms pushing as hard as she could.

It was no use, it didn’t even phase him. All it made him do is laugh and squeeze her ass hard. She cried out from shock and pain. His strong grasp causing her hips to collide with him. She could feel tears stinging her eyes.

“Learn quickly, Hazel. I make the rules. I’m in charge. You’ll listen to me and do as I say or there will be consequences.” Unknowingly saying the same words her father had once spoken to her.

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